Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the dead episode 7

………….Is it Sunday yet? Dear Lord. Just way too much special today. Just let it be known I spelled someone’s name wrong by one letter and that was a big deal but I was given a delivery slip with no address on it and I was supposed to figure it out on my own. That is the insanity I live in. I promise when I win the lottery and open up my own Sanrio franchise I will be the best boss ever. Follow the rules and you will be handsomely rewarded! I will make going to work fun but of course being surrounded by all that Hello Kitty would probably put people in a good mood.
I'm sexy and I know it.
With my Code Red in hand it is time to blog. Sugar makes blogging easier. Or crazier. One of the two. Up now is Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the dead Zombie episode 7. Spoilers for PLOT!!!
Ayumu always makes sense. Except when he is delusional fantasies.
Episode Summary: Haruna and Eucliwood have set up a very complicated math problem of some sort to explain something important to Sera and Ayumu. Eucliwood starts talking and Haruna writes out her answers. What is this?! They explain that Haruna went to work at the festival solely because she needed the tools to make a mana container/ Eucliwood donated some of her mana and as a result is now armorless and can talk. Haruna can transform…but can no longer speech without experiencing pain. Ayumu sees this all as a sign his life is going to get better. He even is super happy that Eucliwood is able to wish him off to school using her voice. Haruna gets jealous of all this attention and it is hard to convey her emotions via pads of paper. Ayumu goes to school where he doesn’t have to wear the crazy wedding dress. Even Yuki showing up with that ring glued to her finger isn’t enough to damper his mood. Ayumu does think he needs to get on to telling Yuki what the ring really means but his classmates focus on the LOVE aspect of the ring.
Goodbye Ms. Fairy. Ayumu will always have dissected man though.
Eucliwood and Haruna show up and show different degrees of jealousness in regards to Yuki’s ring. Eucliwood also is concerned as Ayumu hasn’t had a pervert fantasy about her yet today. Ayumu is shocked as well so he gets to having his special vision. Haruna gets jealous so Ayumu feels obligated to have a vision about Haruna. It is pretty scary. Haruna gets pissed and throws her mana sucking device outside the window. Sara is busy at the festival putting on a concert but she takes the time to tell Sera to dress more like an innocent school girl. This translates into her looking special. After having fun talking and wearing normal clothes Eucliwood and company meet up with Ayumu. Yuki’s ring is taken away by Ayumu’s teacher because accessories are not allowed in school. Yuki has a melt down and Ayumu goes to find Ms. Fairy. But she is no longer in the science room which leads Ayumu to believe his life is back to normal and he no longer needs imaginary friends.
Can't you feel the love toniiiiiiiight.
Ayumu is looking on at the bonfire at the end of the night and decides to take part. Only when he looks up he is holding his teacher Mr. Takeshi hand. Ayumu freaks out and Mr. Takeshi is hurt that Ayumu doesn’t want to dance with him. Mr. Takeshi warns Ayumu to not judge others by their outer appearance, that beauty is found within. But Ayumu still turns the old woman away…I mean his teacher. Suddenly Mr. Takeshi turns into….Ms. Fairy?! Ayumu is momentarily distracted when Haruna and Eucliwood run up. They are brought down to the ground and the mana transfer no longer works. Ms. Fairy explains that her name is Chris, a powerful magical girl who got in massive trouble over a failed government overthrow. Since then Chris has lived as a middle aged man teaching high school. Chris tears up on how she has been treated all these years and everyone judged her on her outwardly appearance. But eventually by drinking herself silly, stealing Haruna’s mana booster thingy, and using Yuki’s ring that she/he confiscated early she was able to get her body back. She decides it is time to pay. She summons up some rocket launching school desks and blasts all the students into the air because of heart ache. Sera is summoned in a weird pose to blast Orito. Soon it is only Ayumu left. Chris wants Ayumu to join her but he frees himself and tries fighting Chris, stating he wants to help his friends instead. Chris smiles and tells Ayumu if he ever changes his mind to call her. Haruna and Eucliwood are still on the ground, the classmates are returned, and Sera looks like she is taking a dump on everyone. Ariel decides her bath time is over as things just got serious. She goes and sees Kyoko who says she knows Chris’ weak point. THE END!
Ayumu has interesting facial expressions too.
X_____X I think that is my favorite little expression on this blog. In real life when I watch weird/stupid/interesting things I am sure I make ugly faces because I don’t have the AMAZING Tyra to teach me how to be pretty ugly. I probably just look weird ugly. In any event….X___X.
Eucliwood...talking?! XO
Where to begin?! Oh the beginning you say? When Eucliwood started talking I almost fell out of my chair. And I was sitting down in bed! So it was that magical. I didn’t expect…well any of that. I thought Haruna borrowed a little bit of mana, enough to transform. I actually was expecting her to break her transformer talisman in the near future and lose her ability to morph into a magical killer.
That looked totally safe.....
Instead we got a complete turnaround! Haruna can’t talk and has to wear all the armor? Eucliwood is able to communicate via her voice and not a pad of paper? Sera…well she just sat there looking confused so I guess she doesn’t count. I guess it wouldn’t be that much fun if one could predict EVERYTHING that would happen in a show. I just feel that Eucliwood got the better end of the deal. Like look at me, I have so much power by you taking half I am still amazing and now YOU suffer. Haruna got the crap end that was dipped in spinach and delivered by my stupid coworker which means she would either never get it or the toppings would be all over the box. Although Eucliwood doesn’t talk because it can kill people. Haruna experienced pain while talking. Dude poor Haruna. :(
Perfect sense folks!
Clearly all of this makes sense. A local high school has all the necessary tools for making magical girl batteries. Not the stores that the school buys the supplies at. No no just the schools themselves. Haruna being at school all makes sense now!!! I have seen the light. So Ayumu takes this all in…and goes on his way to school. I am sure in his mind this is the best news ever. Thought there would be more dancing over his happy lot in life. But he just nodded his head and went on to school where he DIDN’T have to wear a dress. Life is amazing.
What do they actually do as husband and wife? Yuki seems confused.
Yuki….yeah. A bit delusional that girl. Sweet but delusional. I was expecting Haruna to get slightly more upset about the ring but you know. Yuki’s eyes are so big it is hard to be mad at her. Although maybe Ayumu should tell her the added bonus (or the entire reason) behind the ring. That she will no longer turn into the monster from The Cabin in the Woods. Also Orito is becoming more insane all the time. Just thought I throw that in there.
Everything is so sparkly in Ayumu's life.
X___X Eucliwood knew about the crazy fantasies all along?! Was she not freaked out? Is it because she has magical powers or is Ayumu that obvious? One would think the other girls would have mentioned it by now. Sometimes I wonder if Eucliwood thinks of Ayumu as a pet as well as a servant. Like aw isn’t that cute, have a fantasy about me now. What a good boy!!!
It cannot be unseen!
Ayumu’s fantasy about Haruna….probably correct. I don’t know if she is that money hungry though. I think they could have focused on other things. Either way it was a nightmare and not the sweet vision that Eucliwood congers up. Poor Haruna. Also she needs to be coordinate that armor now.
Wait what?
Ms. Fairy is the teacher?! I know I asked for plot but I wasn’t expecting…THIS?! I assumed she was behind a lot of the drama going on but I didn’t know she was giant nobody Mr. Takeshi. Were there clues that I just missed or was this thrown at us with no explanation? That is how it feels to me anyway. Like lalala you know that drunk girl who is super cute? She actually is a middle aged man. Well that is the other way around but still. Still folks. Episode 7 and we are getting the plot thrown at us and there was no build up. X__X.
Not the toilet paper!!
The things Ayumu claims she is responsible for…hilarious. After Ayumu recovered from his MS FAIRY!!! moment he was like oh snap you evil?! You summoned the crazy enemies? You hurt Haruna and Eucliwood? You shot JR? You ate the last of the cereal and put the empty box back in the cabinet? WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT?! You are like yes I am going to have this for breakfast and when you pick it up it weighs nothing and it ruins your entire morning because someone decided to put the box back in the cabinet when it would take less energy to just throw it away! SEE! Chris IS evil!
Photobucket is that our fault?
What was the point of blasting off all the students like Team Rocket? I mean…no it isn’t nice to judge people by their appearances. I am sure some people have looked at that middle aged man and laughed. Especially in the youth crazed Japan. However….there has to be a certain level of disconnect between students and teachers. A line where they don’t want to have anything to do with them and vice versa. I don’t know, I guess I never was really SUPER close to any teachers so I would never go out of my way to be friends with them. Just….yeah. While it is not a great feeling for people to make fun of your appearance it makes sense that the people Chris really looked like ignored her. That is how it should be. So why were the students punished? X__x
I thought there was going to be an epic showdown between Chris and Ayumu. But then I guess the series would be over and it is short enough as it is right? I am surprised that Chris even remembers Ayumu from her crazy drunken states. But I guess she is lonely and she got good attention from him. And Ayumu is a chick magnet. I just wish Ayumu had MORE of a reason to be this upset. XD
I'm sure you do...clothes please!!!
So now it is now to Ariel letting Kyoko out as she knows Chris’ deep dark secret. I am not sure how Kyoko would have access to this information as she is a student and Chris being her teacher…doesn’t seem possible. But since I don’t know how old anyone is in this series I guess anything is possible. Like how the “bad guy” of season one has information on season two’s enemy. Now if it was me I would just get Chris drunk and take her out that way. Or deprive her of booze. Why is the rum always gone?! I did get my wish though. Plot. Plot all over the place. And Sera taking a dump I think. Eucliwood talking was a tiny bonus. XD Maybe Kyoko is going to get hooked up with some clothes soon because she is a bit creepy right now.


Anonymous said...

What I am really surprised in this ep, same as you, is that Eucliwood KNEW about Ayumu's fantasy! Like, WOW, she knew about them ALL those time! I was..... speechless......
Oh, and by the way, when those rocket launching school desks appeared, did anyone thought of Angle Beat?
Ayumu just can’t catch a break…
Still, best ep yet!!

Eternia said...

Do you means Angel Beats?
But they are luckier for being outdoor. It will be really cruel for weak girl such Taeko to hit the ceiling.
Ayumu's imagination is so strong so that Haruna can see it too just like a movie? Cool! Eucliwood is super cute in this episode's imagination.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I mean Angel Beats, sorry for the misspelling :p
I am glad we finally got plot, and Ayumu's imagination on Haruna was kinda realistic, except I did not known she was so money-hungry. xD

Christina said...

Anonymous- Now that you mention it Angel Beats indeed! Schools in Japan might still use floppy disks but they have rockets for chairs! Beware the crazy girls trying to blast you into things!

Eucliwood knowing about the fantasies is creepy. Unless he is actually acting them out in real life and all the girls know. I would think Sera would have mentioned it by now. She must really like him to put up with such creepy behavior. Or maybe she has been alive for so long she is willing to put up with this small about of creepy knowing what else is out there.

And I was expecting Haruna to be more violent in his dreams, not counting dolla bills. XD

Eternia- But if they are outdoors they could keep on flying forever!

I am just sad that Eucliwood is back to being silent. :( Such a brief time of her being cute in normal clothes.

Anonymous said...

The money in her dream was probably due to her CD's unfortunate sells XD

Christina said...

Anonymous- She probably lost a buttload of money. People are coming back after their investments.

Of course it is hard to be harsh on Haruna. Everyone dreams about having tons of money....buying the pizza place they work at to get back at horrible customers. Totally normal stuff!