Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hiiro no Kakera episode 6

HELLO THERE MY LOVELY READERS! I am not in jail. Any day that I got to work and don’t end up in jail and/or fired is a positive day. I work with the most amazing people that bring out the best in me don’t I?...On the bright side it didn’t rain on me so that makes me happy. Just don’t let it rain on me next week. XD I wants to have fun away from work please.
Misfortune is her entire life sir.
Since nothing else is up and subbed I guess I will have to torture myself again with Hiiro no Kakera episode 6. I have actually watched 6 episodes of this craziness folks! Spoilers for me actually feeling bad for Tamaki.
This is way too much work for breakfast!!!
Episode Summary: The opening scene is so amazing folks. Each one of the guardians is looking so sad and depressed but it is like they are looking at you the viewer. Give me a huge because I suck at everything pout. After that hot mess Tamaki wakes up all cheerful. Mitsuru has made her a victory breakfast. To show her appreciation Tamaki teases Mitsuru about her feelings for Shinji. Tamaki tries to run off to school but that guy who has been creeping in the neighborhood is praying at the temple. He introduces himself as Masataka, Kiyono’s Uncle. He says some things about what he does for a living and tells Tamaki that misfortune might follow her today. At school Kiyono and some horribly drawn friends dismiss what Uncle says and she should believe the opposite. Tamaki brings Mitsuru’s lunch to the boys and they rejoice at the sight of meat. They have to cheer Tamaki up as she feels bad that they have to protect her. Mahiro takes a moment to check out undercover Vier but everyone is too stupid to pick up on that fact. Magically Tamaki sees a little god and everyone praises Tamaki’s Potato Princess powers even though she has no idea what she is doing. After school Fiona Teacher who is NOT Vier tells Tamaki to be careful after school. Mahiro watches this and goes UMMMM. Mahiro is the one to walk Tamaki home and things get a little awkward.
And I know how to use these....?
Tamaki leads a group prayer back at home because they are going to need it. Mitsuru shows up to give Tamaki some magical charms that Granny made. Onward they go and pass a weird frog. Tamaki has a hard time walking in a straight line and Yuuichi keeps falling asleep. Aria shows up and Tamaki still wants to talk it out because she is dumb. Aria is like no and her stylish people show up. It is then battle time and it is so special…that is all I am going to say about that. The guardians start to lose…obviously so Tamaki pulls out all three spells Granny made and uses them in quick succession. She seems to banish the baddies and the guardians were like MOG you could have died! Aria is like…are you all stupid?! Takuma barely pushes Tamaki and O-chan out of the way before all the guardians are blown to manageable bits. Aria is like….so are you going to give me the artifact or am I going to have to cut a bitch? Tamaki is all sad because she doesn’t get mean people. :( But she says they can have the talisman but the rest are HERS! Aria explains that it is written that she will take this power and make it her own. Drie, the only smart baddie, tries to kill Tamaki but Aria gets pissed. She takes her men and go without killing Tamaki. Tamaki cries all over her injured guardians because apparently this is her fault. Granny and Mitsuru talk about how they can’t feel sorry for Tamaki because she needs to man up! Masataka is seen at his favorite payphone squishing the frog that turns out to be…something. I don’t know. THE END!!
Don't you miss opposite day?
I seem to like torturing myself in terms of shows this season don’t I? Bread here, Potato Princess there, and in between a zombie magical boy who is allergic to plot. But since all I watch is reality tv maybe I like watching crazy/crappy things? My tolerance for crap is either high or low. I don’t even know at this point. XD 

I would just like to point out (in case it wasn’t super obvious)…this entire let’s wait to battle thing is stupid. Like very stupid. Maybe Aria wants to play games and this is how she amuses herself but come on. It’s clear Aria’s team is much stronger than Tamaki’s team. So saying we shall battle next time…there was no point. Aria should have taken all the talismans this week and finished off Tamaki and her boys. None of this let me give you a chance to become stronger crap.
MOG MEAT! Everything is amazing!
So with this false confidence and the ability to forget they got their asses kicked last time Tamaki and her boys are going to face the day. As winners. The breakfast and lunch of winners. I didn’t know there was a specific battle meal but Mitsuru knows it. Funny how a special breakfast and lunch are enough to make Tamaki and her crew think that everything will magically change. Maybe I don’t know…TRAINING might have helped? Got your ass kicked, train so it doesn’t happen next time? Oh there is meat in the lunch? Carry on then.
Clearly her powers are emerging and she isn't just drunk or losing her mind.
But maybe these people need no training. Tamaki apparently is receiving her Potato Princess powers by staring at things. Sometimes I stare into space. Maybe I have the potential to be amazing. I am just confused why Shinji was the only one to go off and train when everyone seems to suck. Like train NOW together. Is this all very hard or something to understand?
WTF is that?
The creepy guy who has been seen around town eating crackers has a name. Masataka. And he is Kiyono’s lazy Uncle. He claims to be a police chief. Or a temple chief. I can’t remember his lie. Something nonbelievable of course. It don’t know if it really matters as it is probably a lie. In any event he is lurking in the shadows but is confident enough to make his presence known. Probably because he knows that Tamaki is too stupid to tell all her bodyguards that now TWO men are stalking her. Something bodyguards should really know. 

MOG they went to Japan on the Amazing Race?! JEALOUS! Of course I wouldn’t want to visit any country for the first time at such a fast pace. Still jealous. How did all the teams miss the English option on the metro ticket machine? ALL OF THEM! But still a little jealous. Next time we go to Japan we are going to stay in Osaka too. Maybe just take a day trip to Kyoto to see things we missed.
Just so attractive...hmmmmm.
Oh this is an anime post? Well….anime is made in Japan. Where was I though…..the teacher Ms. Vier…I really don’t think she is that attractive. She gots huge boobies but that is about it. But I suppose when you are a teenage boy that is all that matters. I just like how this show makes a point to show us how Team Tamaki is so stupid they can’t even sense the enemy.
But I'm so cute!!!
O-chan was barely in this episode at all. This makes me very sad. Maybe he got a little jealous because I gave Sorbet so much attention on the Happy Go Lucky Bread kingdom post? But he was like here Tamaki, remember these spells that Mitsuru gave you. That was his contribution to the battle. Woe is me.
Ah yes. It would be silly to actually help Tamaki. No no push that baby bird out of the nest into a magical mess. I am sure it will work out find.
Speaking of Mitsuru and the spells….Granny is making me mad and she is barely in the episode too. She can’t give Tamaki ANY advice on how to be the Potato Princess? Seeing how she was the prior Potato Princess. Of course why aren’t any of the other guardians helping out their children/grandchildren? At least we have seen Granny. Where are the other adults that have been through this crap too? But in any event back to Granny. Why is Mitsuru handing off the seals and not her? Is Mitsuru more important than I think? I thought she was just a housegirl who is someone’s love interest. If she didn’t help make those spells then Granny should have handed them too her. And wished her good luck.
Why can't we be friiiiiends.
Aria and Tamaki facing off. Now normally the small child would be at the serious disadvantage but that is not the case here. Aria is running circles around Tamaki. Or Sybil I should say. It is clarified in this episode that Aria and her people think Tamaki is the descendant of Sybil. At this point if I was Tamaki I might just break down in cry with all this stupid crap coming her way. But yes Tamaki. There is still a chance you can talk this out. I believe this.
Takuma kinda fails in the awesome magic department.
After Aria explains that she does want to release the baddie and harness its power for herself it is battle time! Very poorly done battle time but it is a time for Aria and Tamaki to stand around and watch their people bounce around and look special. I like how everyone just does their attacks and we are supposed to accept it. The baddies I guess we don’t need any explanation but the guardians…It just seems TOO magical to me. Actually now that I think about it we don’t know much about their powers..or who they are. Usually in these types of shows the people are gathered up one by one and we learn how they got their powers or watch them discover their powers. This is not the case with this special show.
Oh no that ALMOST hit me!
Tamaki should not be allowed to have that much power without any official training. Just say a few words and blow some people away? Well she did miss the first two spells. Like these huge giant beams of light and she misses. Of course instead of making fun of Tamaki again maybe we should be making fun of Granny for not giving her own flesh and blood ANY instructions. 

This Tamaki moment of awesome lasted about 5 seconds. Then Aria was like um no you are still pretty lame. And all of her guardians were taken out in one blast. Just BAM and they are all on the ground looking pretty horrible. Now maybe since Tamaki just arrived in town and hasn’t been training her entire life for this…maybe her GUARDIANS could suck a little less.
I can be pouty too!
Of course this is not the case and Tamaki blames herself. HELLO! What else was she supposed to do? Everyone was dying on the ground, she was out of spells, and clearly she was outmatched. She had to give up the second talisman. So while I will make fun of you all day long Potato Princess don’t apologize for this. You did the best you could with the limited information you have.
This was actually a smart move?
Tamaki should though thank her lucky stars that Aria stopped that poor Sebastian look alike from finishing her off. That would have been the smart thing to do. Now some might say that would make for a short anime show but maybe Granny and her guardians (if they are still alive) could have made a shield and prevented that last attack. I don’t know, just seems…odd that the baddies are so strong and rather play with the enemy than finishing them off and winning. Like WOOHOO with all these extra days lets go to Disneyland weeee!
Let's just paint traitor on his forehead.
But this show doesn’t make any sense. As one can tell by the last HEY I am going to talk sexual last scenes. Like wtf is that all about. I will do it as many times as you want. What sniff me? Freak. OH!!!! I almost forgot about Shinji looking on as Vier talked to Tamaki. Because he is a double agent! So obvious! So obvious I forgot about it until now. Sorry. XD


Anonymous said...

Those are some REALLY kind villains, I bet it is going to come bit Aria later. I known this passive retreat was need for plot device, but I really hope Aria is not going to retreat EVERY time. It is just tiring to watch if this get repeative: Tamaki losses, Aria retreat, Tamaki get resolve, Tamaki and her group fight, and get defeated again.....
I'll get bored if this keeps going in circles.

Anonymous said...

Well, just in case if you want to know what O-chan REALLY look like, then here, spoil yourself rotten (you have been warned!!)

Isn't he cute?! 0q0 0/////0

Christina said...

Anonymous- It will get boring each time if Aria is like OH poor pathetic Potato Princess. Let's give her one more chance. Because really Aria could have had all the artifacts by now and on her way back home. Or destroying the world. Giving Tamaki false hope..I mean time to regroup is silly.

Anonymous 2- MOG ADORABLE! He is cuter than random sniffing dude. So cute indeed thanks for the picture!!