Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fate Zero episode 4: Enter the bromance?

I think I had something important to say in my little beginning paragraph. But my mind has been BLOWN from the movie that is The Cabin in the Woods. I can't tell if it was a horrible movie or will go down like Scream. Can't decide can't decide. XD Hopefully the Alien Prequel movie will have me feeling more....concrete emotions.
Don't you wish that you were married to someone so caring and close like Tokiomi?
And now for the post you have been waiting for...Fate/Zero episode 4! Good thing I got this blogged before episode 5 came out right? Spoilers for someone giving the worse/best present ever.
This would be Emiya, hard at work not being involved!
Episode Summary: Kirei has returned to the church to find his dad in a pile of blood. Tears do not flow from his face. Kirei informs Tokiomi of Dead Dad status and it is weird how Tokiomi takes it. Archer and his strangely not sexy self keep popping up during the episode to taunt Kirei, to ask if Kirei wanted to kill the dad himself. As Emiya leaves the scene of the crime (Poor Lancer!!!) Irisviel collapses and Saber uses her magic to heal Irisviel. Irisviel says she is okay and Saber accepts this lie. Once they return back to base Maiya greets them with a message from Tokiomi. He wants to form an alliance with Irisviel to take out the other Servants. Saber takes this as a sign that Tokiomi thinks they are the weakest and is like um no. Maiya explains the only one who can take out Emiya in this war is Kirei despite the fact he no longer has a Servant. And if Tokiomi has some sort of power over Kirei they should take this into consideration. Tokiomi has gone to see his family to have a formal conversation with his wife and her nasty evil womb that pops out too many babies. Tokiomi then talks with Rin who is not picking up on the fact this is a goodbye conversation. Probably because she is 5 and is more excited she has been gifted an important book.
Yeah. Kirei is the crazy one! Duh.
Kirei, Tokiomi, Irisviel, and Maiya all meet at the church with Saber and Archer hanging around in the background. Tokiomi explains that they should at least take out Rider so one of the 3 head families wins the Grail War. While Irisviel does not want an alliance she will agree to not kill Archer/Tokiomi until the other two are gone. With two conditions. One is to give up any information Tokiomi has on Waver/Rider. The second is that Kirei must be dismissed from the War entirely as Enforcers (what Kirei is) and her family have had some pretty patchy past. Saber and her new random motorcycle leave the church first, to make sure the roads are safe, while Irisviel and Maiya follow in the car. Immediately Irisviel collapses but begs Maiya to keep driving. Irisviel explains to Maiya she is a fake human made for this War and soon she won’t be able to function. The only reason she can walk right now is because of Saber’s scabbard. Irisviel talks about not being real but that is okay and Maiya will accept her for who she is. Maiya promises to die protecting Irisviel as long as Irisviel dies for Emiya’s dream.
Maiya needs to know all of this for some reason.
So now that the suicide pact is in order lets get back to Kirei. Tokiomi is sending him away and out of the War because of his involvement with Irisviel’s family. Archer is not pleased that Kirei is packing up his knives and going home. Kirei and Archer proceed to almost have a porn moment of understanding and bonding. Kirei talks about how he has been searching for SOMETHING his entire life and he thinks if he does find it…he will die. Then he proceeds to tell Archer that the War exists so one of the three main mage families can open a passage to Root and that ALL of the Servants will die. Archer smirks at his betrayal and he and Kirei act like they want to start dating, aka be Servant and Master. Despite planning out this entire war Tokiomi and his oblivious self want to see Kirei off. He even gifts Kirei a knife and gives him full rights to raise Rin if anything does go wrong. Kirei is so touched by this gesture he stabs Tokiomi in the back. Tokiomi dies and Archer is like…well that was boring. Kirei and Archer consummate their marri…I mean Servant/Master relationship and Kirei promises to end it all. So…THE END!
I think I might have forgotten to blog about how the entire purpose of the War was said in about 3 sentences....
X______X I love how there was no official battle this episode yet everything was drama, drama, drama. And please note that I don’t REALLY think Kirei and Archer want to get it on. Just their dialogue and longing looks makes it easy to tease them. I am the snarking Queen after all. XD Get a room you two!
Screw Lancer I got a new ride!! Everything is better now!
Can I start off by saying…HELLO?! No moment for Lancer at all?! Daddy Kirei got a moment why not my Lancer?! Didn’t Saber have the closest connection to him? No wistful glance in his sparkly direction? I mean I know everything is happening at such a fast pace but still. No mention at all that he and Kayneth got taken out. It cuts deep folks.
Oh....dead dad alert?
But Kirei and his dad. I am beginning to think this man was raised without emotions. I am beginning to feel like I barely know anything about this man. Especially when Irisviel talked about having a past with Kirei. Why the heck is this man so creepy? Why does he not express and understand human emotions? Your dad is dead. But I guess since you wanted to kill him yourself it could explain the lack of tears.
But what of my plans?!
Tokiomi I am sure was crying because this somehow ruins his game for the War. Everything is planned to a T with this man. Of course isn’t the War invalid now? Doesn’t it need an overseer, to make things fair and all? Yes folks FAIR. Because the overseer that is currently dead was far and not favoring anyone at all. XD I won’t comment on Archer’s lack of tears. He is just bored and wants to stir the pot. Like yep you wanted to kill your dad!
Irisviel passing out? Psht more bromance please!
Irisviel passing out…yeah not sure what her people were thinking with making her. They obviously didn’t do a very good job. She was supposed to last the entire war right? With Saber and her magical powers she wouldn’t be moving…or alive at this point. So….maybe next time they create a fake human to torture and force to do horrible things they could make sure she doesn’t fall apart. Or he. Or whoever. Because the whole War would be pointless if the fake human melted away before all the Servants were dead. Maybe they should have forced the Servants to move along a little faster in battle. I don’t know.
LOVE ME DADDY! I need attention. Wait you only care about me carrying on the mage traditions...:(
Tokiomi and his goodbye talks to his family was laughable. Sakura of course doesn’t get a goodbye because she isn’t a part of the family. Tokiomi is pretty emotionless most of the time too. So maybe that is why he thought he was closer with Kirei than he was. Kids are usually pretty receptive to crap like that aren’t they? Maybe she was so happy to be getting attention she didn’t question the weird nature of this conversation.
And this came out of nowhere....
But Tokiomi wanting to have an alliance with Saber is kinda weird. Maybe if we saw Tokiomi looking worried about Saber and Irisviel (as Emiya is still in the shadows) taking out Lancer it would make more sense. Saber assumes they want an alliance because they think she is the weakest. But she did take out Caster in one blast and helped cause Lancer to die (as far as Tokiomi knows). I wouldn’t have an alliance with anyone and in the end they didn’t either. Too much distrust at this point. But maybe Tokiomi was worried that Rider and Saber would team up and it was a preemptive strike.
Nope, don't know anything about you.
Like I said earlier I don’t know much about Kirei and why he has no emotions. So I don’t know what is going on with him and Irisviel’s family. Was something mentioned before and I missed it? Or is it another detail that wasn’t THAT important to be included in the anime. Either way it was nice to see a surprised Tokiomi face. Like oh something I DIDN’T know about? Amusing. Of course given that I knew what would happen to Tokiomi eventually I am surprised it took this long for the nail to hit the coffin.
Because you love my husband just as much as me?
Maiya and Irisviel having a heart to heart in the car….mixed feelings. Mixed feelings indeed. I don’t really know the extent to Emiya’s cheating or how seriously Irisviel takes this marriage. Just Irisviel had a limited lifespan and maybe Emiya could have been more faithful know…she poofed. Of course maybe Emiya was using Maiya for the Grail as well, so he needed to string her along as well. Maybe he does really love Irisviel and he had to do HORRIBLE things with Maiya just to make her death worthwhile. I guess…in the end…while I don’t support home wreckers maybe Maiya is different. I am assuming Irisviel doesn’t know. IN ANY EVENT I think Irisviel just needed to talk out her problems with someone. And since Emiya isn’t around and Maiya knows Emiya so well…I don’t know. Two mistresses bonding I guess. I do feel bad for Irisviel. Her entire life sucks :(
Let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear now...
Now it is time for the bromance. Like from minute one of this War Archer has been looking for a new partner. Now maybe it was because Archer didn’t have any contact with the other Masters and Kirei just looked better than Tokiomi. Maybe because Kirei is just so interesting and Archer is bored with life. Like look a more messed up person than me! Tokiomi is pretty easy to read after all.
Man I wish I had a better Master...a handsome Master....a Master who loves pretending to be Wolverine....
But dang folks. “Well maybe I just need a new Master”. “Well I am a Master without a Servant”. INSERT THE ROMANTIC MUSIC HERE! I was going to write about the random bible verse but since that didn’t make any sense we will focus on how the lighting made both Archer and Kirei look scary. Trying to create a romantic mood but it made Archer look like he had bags under his eyes. But in any event it work. Yay for love…I mean new leadership.
I love you my dear student.
I almost…almost felt bad for Tokiomi. Almost I said. Then I remembered Sakura and I was like eff you buddy. But in his crazy little mind he actually thought him and Kirei were friends. Buddies. That he really was his teacher and not a manipulator. Like…he basically gave Rin to him to raise. Well he does give his kids away…stupid wife with her stupid uterus. But damn. He is like raise my kid, have access to her funds, and have this nifty sword as a parting gift. Almost like he was sending Kirei off to be safe while he was staying behind in battle.
Giving you a nice shiny knife was a BAD idea?
The stabbing and death of Tokiomi wasn’t very interesting though. I have to agree with Archer. Bad show. No Tokiomi with the shocked eyes of betrayal and his life flashing before his eyes. I mean…Archer should have just kicked him or something that is how BLEH it was. But I guess Archer and Kirei were ready to become ONE. XD
I can't even make this stuff up folks!
So….yeah. This episode was interesting. I am kinda worried for Waver though. Hope he lives. X__X. I mean clearly Irisviel isn’t so I got to root for someone right?


Eternia said...

I forgot some of the novels' contents already, but:
-Saber doesn't have healing power. That magic circle was already drawn by Irisviel before the duel with Lancer took place. Before the appearance of Caster monster too. I think it's when they visit Emiya household for the first time.
-Irisviel won't melt away. She's the vessel of Holy Grail. She's just transforming into a mere object and becoming less and less human-like.
-I remember how I was really happy to get a new motorbike too. So yeah, screw Lancer. LOL.
-Tohsaka's crying because he has known the priest for a long time? Remember the flashback on episode 1.
-He bid farewell to Rin and has written his will, because the priest's death makes he only realizes it now that his own head is not safe too in this war. LOL. Funny thing is, being evil as he is, Kirei did fulfilled his last wish.
-That sheath is called Avalon. It grants regeneration, youth, and longetivity, Later, Kiritsugu makes full use of it to compensate his Time Accel hurting his own body.
-Kirei is definitely the strongest Master in this game. While Gil is the strongest Servant. The strongest pair was born~
-Looks like next episode is about Kiritsugu's childhood. I am delighted.

Anonymous said...

There are some errors in your post...
Rin DID pick up on the fact this is a goodbye conversation. It stated clearly in Fate/Stay Night.
Tokiomi was upset because he did not receive that one extra common seal, which was a deal b/w him and the Kirei's dad remember?
> "Kirei was raised without emotions".

I have to disagree. Kirei was never a master of anything, as Kiritsgu said in ep1. Kirei was never in control of his own destiny/life, because so far both his dad and Tokiomi keep giving orders and instructions to him/let him follow them unconditionly. Never ONCE did any of them ask what he really want and what are his opinions are.....
Gil on the other hand, although a ancient king (3/4 god), just give him suggestions/opinions, and let Kirei decided his action at the end. THIS give rise to Kirei's self-value/drive in his life. "He is his own master of his life" as one could say.
You said you do not know why Kirei and Irisviel’s family does not get along...

Do you remember he stabbed her X-man style in ep4? If I was stabbed like that I won't have a good impression w/him either.

This ep sets up lots and I mean LOTS clues for F/SN...
The magic circle in the garage, the book (family grimoire) being given to Rin, that Azoth Dagger.....So many tie in this to F/SN....I can’t help to think most of the events that will happen in F/SN is Tokiomi’s fault…
Yep all his fault…
He made Kirei his apprentice, and he gave Sakura to the Matou… That's 2 if not all 3 routes caused by his actions…

Well, giving her the family grimoire was the declaration that the storehouse you saw in episode 10 will be her den and she will be finding a lot more than just books there.......
Quote from Bio D and rasone0104--
Et tu, Brutu? anyone?
But the foreshadow is all over the place for that one....
1. Writes a WILL, which he gives to Kirei
2. Gives a literal dagger to Kirei
3. Turns his back on Kirei after doing 1. and 2.
That’s not a murder, that’s suicide by proxy.
Quote from Leland--
I’m glad Gilgamesh and Kirei finally took the plunge and exchanged vows. How sweet. I wish a bright and bloody future for them both.

RIP Tokiomi. You left quite a mess on the carpet. ~ XD

THAT dagger!! I can not say how much irony of it in Fate/Stay Night. Not to mention it was Kirei who give it to Rin as a gift.

Anonymous said...

Gil is 2/3 God not 3/4.

Also, it is interesting that Kirei persuade Gil and Gil just accept that Kotomei will betray him w/ no evidence shown what-so-ever. I guess he must be REALLY bored w/him.....

Anonymous said...

Gilgamesh, the oldest troll in human history ...........and a Magnificent Bast*rd on top of that!!!
Now, Kirei’s descent in to evil is finally complete.

Gatx375 said...

The only thing I have to say is that kiritsugu isn't cheating on Irisviel. If you go back and watch episode two you'll notice that he didn't move when Maiya was kissing him. He didn't embrace her, and he didn't continue. That scene in episode two is there really just to show how Maiya cares for Kiritsugu. In the book it states that he has no attraction to her and sees her as just tool for helping him win the war.

Christina said...

Eternia- That would be pretty cool (well not cool..maybe weird) if Irisviel turned into the "cup" and Saber carried her around. XD Okay maybe the word I am looking for is sad.

But yeah EFF LANCER! Time for a cool new bike wee!

Tokiomi is a butthead though. Crying over some old dude who was probably 3 feet in the grave but gives away his daughter to a rival family. And doesn't bother to check in on her to make sure she isn't being consumed by bugs.

Also he is a turd for making such a will and apparently forgetting that Rin HAS a mother. Oh that is only count if they are all magical and what not. Also the mom sucks because of her FRUITFUL WOMB!

Kirei is still creepy.

Anonymous- Rin to me seemed just happy to see her dad and that she got a cool gift. Maybe in retrospect she can say YEAH that was a goodbye meeting. But maybe if she shed a few tears or at least...didn't smile I would have had a better feeling of that. And hey MOM you can cry too you know.

I will say it makes more sense for Tokiomi to cry over not getting the extra seal rather than his FRIEND dying. That sounds more like him. Like RARW my poor plan!

Maybe Kirei is more like an empty shell and for the first time he is being filled with facts and information. Still I think he is at least odd. Like there is no reason why he should have problems understanding Kariya's reasons for being in this war and yet it seems beyond him to get it. But I can see how Archer could plant seeds in such a....should I say empty person? Easily swayed?

When Irisviel said there was bad blood between them and Irisviel it made it sound like something previous, not the Wolverine attack. Like the Enforcers in general do not get along with her family.

I find the whole thing with Tokiomi and the dagger special. I guess he was so arrogant he never believed that his puppet would turn on him. But Archer and Kirei exchanging vows over his dead body is probably what he deserves if only because of Sakura.

Christina said...

Anonymous 2- I think when Archer was summoned he was bored. Just like oh....this guy has weird facial hair NEXT! XD I mean obviously Saber and Emiya were a bad match but Archer never even tried.

Or it was a bromance. XD

Anonymous 3- It is pretty amazing how Archer was able to do all this manipulating and Tokiomi saw nothing. He was too busy planning all the other details he never considered that Archer was a real person (well as real as a ghost can be) and his feelings would be hard to plan out.

Gatx375- Well that makes me better. Well not that Emiya thinks people are TOOLS but that there is no cheating. Sometimes when I get a thought in my head it is hard to overcome it. Like how I still side eye Rider. XD

But yes. Emiya has moved up one notch on the ladder. Which means he is the first step. XD Of course that just means I hate Maiya more. XD I mean sorry you love the dude but wait until the sad wife dies first GOSH! But I guess it was just a thinks that Emiya will end up with no ladies instead of two very soon though.