Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the dead episode 5

Meh folks. MEH! A year ago on this day my husband and I were traveling to Japan. So full of excitement, even bad airplane food couldn’t get me down. So much time and money went into that amazing trip and here I am…home from work and bleh. Cinco de Mayo indeed. Saving my pennies so we can go on another amazing trip. Just hard to believe it was a whole year ago. It seems like it has been longer but I can remember it so vividly.
A rocking horse...I see.
Le sigh. But I guess I could blog something that I watched like two days ago? XD Where has my blogging spirit gone? XD But in any event here is Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the dead episode 5! I thought I was blogging 4 because I am crazy. Spoilers for fan abuse!
Things are okay. Haruna is in charge.
Episode Summary: Sera, Sara, Yuki, and all the other vampire ninjas in town are being called back to their village for some secret important mission. She seems worried to leave Eucliwood in the house with the nasty Ayumu. Haruna sees Sera out and promises to be a big sister to Eucliwood, protecting her from harm. Throughout the show Sera is seen with the other vampire ninjas…getting their busts measured, being told to go on diets, and bathing naked with each other. Sara talks about how an increase of baddies has taken over the city but maybe Ayumu is all to blame. With Sera gone Ayumu is all sad face….because apparently she did all the chores and the house looks like an instant disaster. J0t wanting to go out and shop he cleans for a while until he joins Eucliwood on the porch. She is picking all the skin off a fruit because it is gross. Haruna is seen riding a vacuum cleaner around the house. Later that day Eucliwood starts feeling ill. This leads Ayumu to almost having to strip her down and Haruna assuming Ayumu is a pervert.
Sera? Back so soon? X__X
Haruna goes off to do her own special thing to help Eucliwood. Ayumu contemplates taking Eucliwood to the hospital when his cold cloth to the helmet doesn’t work. He decides to call Anderson-kun instead for help since he is from the Underworld. Anderson lists a bunch of stuff Ayumu should do to cure Eucliwood. They are all dumb but Ayumu does them anyway. Haruna comes in and declares Ayumu stupid. Anderson then says Eucliwood will be better after a good night’s sleep. Eucliwood ends up wanting to sleep with Ayumu. Ayumu worries that Haruna will kill him…but she ends up snuggling too. Anderson-kun comes over the next day and Eucliwood is still sick. They realize it is because she ate tangerine pith……and come up with more stupid ways to cure her. All of which fail obviously. But after some time Eucliwood seems to heal on her own. Unfortunately Haruna and her….amazing efforts to help Eucliwood is now sick. Ayumu vows to take care of her and attempts to strip Haruna of her clothes. Sera chooses that moment to walk in and of course Ayumu is nearly killed. Yay family. THE END!

I am not sure what this show reminds me of. It is so…special you can’t expect much. And while some moments are eyeball rolling worthy it never totally crosses the line into waste of time. Apparently I think they are positive traits. XD
See? Very important mission.
First off…what the heck were Sera and Sara doing? X__X Important meeting indeed? Measurement? A room full of size 2’s with double D’s need to go on a diet? I see I SEE! But I guess since Sara was talking about the increase of baddies in the area it wasn’t a complete waste of time.
...Slightly pathetic yes?
I think it is sorta sad that Sera was gone for 5 minutes and the house looked like a tornado hit it. And they ran out of food. Now I think all of the people in the house should do their fair share of work…maybe the freeloaders even more. They all got jobs don’t they? Buy some food or something. XD
Just nomming on things that make me sick. There is nothing else in the world to eat after all.
Eucliwood getting sick…well I guess she was so magical I didn’t think that was possible. I suppose the fact that she got “food poisoning” makes more sense. Well as much sense as someone actively eating the poisonous food can make. XD Warning this product might contain something you are actually allergic too. But Eucliwood was a pretty good patient. I hate making people feel worried about me when I am sick too. But….sometimes I like the attention I think.
Unhand that fan!!!
A moment of silence….Fan-kun. :( Wait is the fan a boy? Maybe Fan-chan would be better since fans don’t run around declaring their genders. Of course what if this fan is not Japanese and is like um no honorifics please?! XO So confusing and so much ice cream making me hyper. But yes….poor Fan. Best character in the show and it was horribly maimed. And unlike Talking Magical Chainsaws….it does not get an IV. :( Just a giant bow.
How was I to know?!
So Ayumu….while I think the other girls are haters…you are dumb. How one confuses a fan for body armor is beyond me and I am the one trying to name the fan! So note to self when Ayumu is blindfolded he can no longer distinguish between obvious objects. He doesn’t even deserve the fan!
Good thing the helmet is cooled off now.
Should I mention the fact that Ayumu kept putting the cold cloth on her helmet thing? Because those usually work when in direct contact with the skin just saying. Maybe those amazing ice packs in Japan can work through metal…or maybe the armor is THAT magical. Whatever the case may be it made me smile. XD
Haruna and Anderson-kun have a lot in common.
I guess I have to stop calling him American-kun. He has a name. Anderson-kun. Time to start this paragraph off right. Anderson-kun…. is a jerk? Question mark? of the dead? Because….would I be a jerk if I told someone to eat cat litter and dance naked in the street and set their house on fire to win a million dollars? No. It should make me unfunny as all of that is stupid. It just makes Ayumu a moron for believing all of that crap.
Right before it got was funny.
I mean…I guess some of what Ayumu did was funny. Like the dance in the doorway. It got weird at the end but overall Ayumu shows himself to be pretty sensible in this crazy world. Maybe it would have been better had Anderson-kun said a long series of complex cures that would waste Ayumu’s time. But then again this show has Ayumu wearing a dress half the time. In any event Ayumu talking around Anderson-kun is weird and I wish to know more about this….new resident of the Underworld.
....Why would you say yes to this?
I can’t really fault Ayumu for being a moron if Eucliwood tried to the stupid cures too right? I mean I was on board with the stupid sickness. I think I am anyway. If you are highly….allergic to the skin of the fruit I would not eat it. But okay maybe this makes sense. But I don’t think I would subject myself to such….things if I was feeling under the weather. Although now I am going to wonder what did end up curing her…
Clearly I am sick, I helped someone else!
I do worry for the health of Japanese anime characters. They seem to get sick quite often. Like I wasn’t feeling well the other night and my husband took care of me. He didn’t magically work himself sick. Even if Haruna was super lazy I don’t know how she expended that much energy. But since this seems to be a running theme in many animes, people getting ill after small mundane tasks I will just assume that taking care of a sick person means you will get sick yourself so take care of no one!
My guess is on the Ms. Fairy?
Man it is taking me long and longer to get things blogged and posted. Maybe I am trying to do too many shows at once. Or maybe I am wasting too much time on the internet doing random things. I should really be more focused….I would probably be shocked at how much time I waste. But in any event there is your episode. No Drunk Fairy and Sara was trying to make there be some sort of plot? The outline of plot anyway. In conclusion Ayumu is pretty dumb and I mourn for the poor fan. XD


Anonymous said...

Anderson is such a troll…………but LOL Ayumu! My Man, you dance soooooo WELL XDDDDDD
....and I did not think you read my comment on ep4, so here we go...

Did anyone else catch the joke about Ander-so-n (アンダーソン君)? His commentator name was Shimomura (下村). The first character is 下 (した)which means “below” or “under”. The second character is 村(むら)which means “village” but can also be read as そん(SO-N). LOL.

As for that vacuum cleaner, I want to ride one of those SO BAD NOW!! By the way, did anyone known where do I get one of that? It could really help me a LOT in my house.....
Also, about the fan, is it me, or it is even more sad than that time when Mami (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) died?

Eternia said...

This show falls into the category:
"It's very bad so that it's good."
If it's a 'normal bad' show, I would have dropped it.
But no, the way Ayumu dance in the hallway is really... special. And he performed well too when he taught the girls how to dance last episode. He should have entered the show business. And the crazy scene of imaginary Eucliwoods interact with each other in the end are also special on their own.

Christina said...

Anonymous- :( I am a bad responder...recommmenter. Whatever. So I will read it....but not in chronological order.

I hate that I miss so much because animes are made for a Japanese audience. But I do love that there are hidden meanings to name and what not. If I was watching an American cartoon and the character was named Ashley I would be like...oh okay. XD Not OHHHH that is some sneaky stuff you did there.

That vacuum cleaner is pretty cool! I wonder if my cat would be scared of it everything else in life.

One could argue that Mami at least had a fighting chance while the fan was defenseless. Oh and no one really seemed to care in the show when it died. So it might be more tragic in that sense.

Eternia- I try to explain that to the husband all the time. That me and my friend watch bad horror movies because they are amazing. But I won't watch movies that look BAD but are trying because that would be a waste of time. Like Cold Creek Manor....bad and boring movie. But Mega Piranha? AMAZING!

But dang Ayumu can dance. X__X I mean before he started blowing in her face and shaking his butt it was pretty amazing. Maybe if Sara stopped staring at his butt he could work for her, for her idol dancing in concerts. XD

Eternia said...

He can become the star in man striptease show.

Christina said...

Eternia- He needs to get some better underwear but I can totally see that. He is pretty attractive when he is not shriveled up and being abused.