Saturday, May 12, 2012

Accel World episode 6

HELLO THERE! I will pretend work doesn’t exist. It will make life much more easier yes? At least it would make life for my readers easier. Like please shut up about your job already…it is just so hard to though. So very hard when you know nothing you do will be good enough. Woe is Tenchi. She has fallen into the Twilight Zone and there are no maps.
Takumu is in a party mood!!
But at least I still have animes to escape to yes? Come home from work and watch a crazy world of the impossible. Up now is Accel World episode 6. Spoilers for hair changes and more direct linking.
Is everyone in the Accel World in this general area of Japan? All attending the surrounding schools?
Episode Summary: In the Accel World one…Male looking avatar is trying to talk to the Blue King it seems. It seems anyway. He is stopped by two female guards who want to beat the crap out of him. And they basically do. The Blue King eventually comes and says that Male avatar has been given a reprieve for the day. After the Link Out the scene is taken back to Chiyuri who is practicing for what seems to be track. She sees Haruyuki watching her and gets all pissed. Kuroyuki is still in the hospital but she has her friend come over and fix up her hair differently as Haruyuki has expressed an interest in that hair style. It gets a little romantic and awkward as they don’t know how to interact with each other yet. Haruyuki explains how he and Takumu talked to Chiyuri about Brain Burster and all the drama involved with that. Chiyuri handles the news by screaming, crying, and hitting. But Haruyuki is optimistic things will be okay. He goes on to happier news, that despite the fact Takumu basically said he wanted Haruyuki to go away and never come back…they are training. Takumu is trying to get Haruyuki up to level 2. Kuroyuki muses it must be nice to be able to friends and have forgiveness after all that has happened. Haruyuki seems to think it will all be okay and will work hard to mend friendships and reach a higher level. Takumu is seen going to his kendo captain and it is greatly implied he quits the team.
It is was awful. THE POOR BOOKS!
Later on Haruyuki and Takumu have a tag team match. Time runs out during the match but since they inflicted more damage they are the victors. The losers are good natured about it and are just happy to have fought the flying avatar. Haruyuki has enough points to level and BAM levels as Takumu says NOOOOO! Turns out when you have enough points to level you use most of those points. Haruyuki now has 8 points. There is a brief freakout moment and then Takumu suggests they battle each other and he will give Haruyuki half his points. Haruyuki says no, it will take the real meaning out of battle and he rather not do that. Takumu promises to think of another way to get Haruyuki back to a safe level of points. Later Kuroyuki talks about how she is getting out of the hospital soon and if Haruyuki reaches level 2 by then she will take over an empty plot of land to call her own. Haruyuki decides not to tell her about his failure. Chiyuri calls Haruyuki and Takumu over so they can gift her with ice cream. Upon eating all the ice cream she will be able to reach forgiveness. She tries to explain how she has feelings but the boys are like what feelings? She then explains that she doesn’t really get the point to Brain Burst so Takumu demonstrates the true power of the program. She actually gives Takumu a great idea on how to get Haruyuki some more points.
I was expecting the picture to look awful. X___X
In the Accel World there is a level 1 character who acts as a bodyguard to players super low on points. All they have to do is identify themselves to said Bodyguard and they will help. Haruyuki has to go with alone but Takumu wishes he could have been there. Haruyuki makes it to the specified café and finds a shopping bag with a device to take his picture. He does so and gets a message that he will be helped in 10 minutes. He decides to take a potty break but trips all over the place and crashes on a glasses wearing girl. Her purse is knocked all over the place and it reveals that she is Bodyguard. She tries to deny that she isn’t Bodyguard but eventually sits down with Haruyuki. She wants to direct link which causes all the other patrons to gasp. Back at the hospital Kuroyuki has learned that Takumu has quit kendo. For some reason Takumu picks that minute to visit Kuroyuki and it is Burst Link time. THE END!
More like craziness but we will call it nice...
I think I need to learn the definition of summary….:( Sorry for the longness of it all. In fact the summary took so long to type this post got up and blogged the next day. Silly me. But….at least you know every single moment of this show yes?
We are here to do...something...for someone.
I am not sure what the opening scene was all about. I am going to admit I probably was confused on who they were or if I was supposed to know them. I get a little paranoid, that I am not paying attention closed enough attention and everyone is going to say UM TENCHI are you watching the same show we are? I am I swear. It reminds me of watching Transformers the movies (you know, the one with the explosions and the huge lips). I had a hard time keeping track of who the robots were because they were similar looking to me. So I was afraid that was happening with this show.
Or I have no idea what is going on. Yay me.
But then I folded some laundry and figured it out. Clearly it is the kendo captain getting in trouble because someone he recommended (Takumu) jumped ship. Not that it would be fair to punish the kendo captain but I can see how that can happen. You brought me this turncoat SUFFER! So that is what is going on in this opening scene. Pairing socks and folding shirts helped me reach the conclusion. It will be interesting to see if this comes back to bite Takumu in the butt. Revenge anyway? Is he going to come out with Haruyuki and his tiny points? Or upon reviewing the episode for screenies…I am not sure if that avatar was the King OR the Knight Takumu was working for. Either way Takumu is involved.
This hairstyle is so complicated she needed help. Obviously.
Can we talk about Kuroyuki and her hair? I swear we will get to how she is slowly turning into an adorable blushing mess in a minute. I mean…I don’t know if someone should change their appearance PERMANENTLY for a man. Or do something she (he) is against for their partner. But if Kuroyuki likes the cute outcome then I see nothing wrong with changing up your hair style slightly. One might argue that someone with long hair should have already tried that kind of style but I have long hair and I tend to wear it two different ways all the time. So I can relate to that. Maybe it is because I have long hair that I like how she changed it up and looked like a totally different person.
Look at me trying to impress the boy I like tee hee!!
But yes a horrible pile of blushing mess. Maybe that is what happens when someone gets hit by a car and recovers at the speed of fast. Unless this is all taking place over weeks and not days like I think it is. DAYS FOLKS! Yay technology. Since Kuroyuki has confessed she has had a lot of angry/adorable moments involving Haruyuki. Where is my tough and planned out girl? Oh she is still there and people aren’t one dimensional? Point taken. Still not understanding how this romance came out of nowhere but since the romance is going along at a strange pace I guess it is okay. What was I trying to say? Oh complain about Kuroyuki showing another side to her personality instead of being type casted. By bad.
It makes up for nothing. The end.
I guess it would be easier to argue the change in Takumu and Haruyuki. Haruyuki did some questionable things and said a few hurtful words to Takumu but Takumu….I don’t know how you recover from that. I would hate to think that Haruyuki is going back to a “friend” because his options are limited. Or because Takumu can help him reach a higher level (aka use him). That would be sad. But Takumu…I don’t know why he didn’t throw himself off a bridge. That is probably what he should do. Or bribe people with game levels and ice cream. He said some really AWFUL things to Haruyuki and it could take years to get over such things. Or it would for me. And yes both of these people are boys but Takumu basically said he and Chiyuri pitied Haruyuki and he wanted him to disappear. I am not sure how someone comes back from that but it is friends as usual. APPARENTLY anyway.
So much ice cream....
Chiyuri seemed to be more upset about all this crap and she didn’t even have a real understanding of what Brain Burst was at the time of her anger. And she also seemed to be equally upset at both boys. I think she should have just been mad at Haruyuki for logging into her history. Takumu basically is a fraud, was trying to take out Haruyuki’s…friend, and said all these horrible things about Haruyuki while at the same time blaming her. Again not seeing how we can come back from this. Seeing a break up in the future. But never underestimate the power of ice cream. So much ice cream indeed! I wonder how expensive that was.
Throwing pillows explains everything to the crazy cat lady.
Why didn’t the boys do a better job explaining to Chiyuri what Brain Burst was? Because that would have been off screen and we need to see books being thrown at Takumu’s head. I still don’t think that was a good definition and it was almost like they were trying (the writers anyway) to make Chiyuri seem like a silly girl. Like oh that online game? What is that all about? Of course there are other gamer girls in this show so I don’t need to get up in arms about the situation. Just that is how Chiyuri is coming across to me. And yay for ice cream.
Thanks for that 5 second warning.
I think Kuroyuki and Takumu did a poor job explaining things to Haruyuki. When I level on games I tend to do it right away. Like WOOHOO time to spend all my points because I had my particular skills in mind since the last time I leveled. So if the main goal was to level Haruyuki up maybe they should have said HEY don’t get too excited and use all your points up at once. It could be argued that Haruyuki did see the screen and clicked yes too fast. But when you are excited you tend to spend points without realizing and pop up screens are just annoying. So…bad on you two for not being better teachers.
Photobucket up your points for me? After I destroyed your back door? This is all so..porny. XD
That was….”nice” of Takumu to offer up half of his points though. As it was his fault. But I can see how Haruyuki has to play man and not take the offer. He has to earn things on his own. You know, by double battling with Takumu to level faster. Of course Haruyuki is special with his ability to fly…..At least Takumu offered and there wasn’t a great deal of blame placed. Probably called for ice cream though.
Speaking of lucky and magical...anime rules state if a guy falls on a girl he lands on her boobies. Every time.
Takumu was a little slow to figure out the solution though right? OH YEAH there is a person who specializes in helping poor level 1 and 2’s. Just so lucky and magical. XD
Even the cross walks in Japan are better...sorry complaining again. XD Why yes the Bodyguard does sound interesting.
I think the concept of the Bodyguard is interesting though. She probably has tons of points despite being a level 1. Like she never levels but has 43942384 points from countless battles. So people probably underestimate her even though she has a high skill set. Or a highest skill set as a level 1 can possibly have. I wonder why she requires knowing who you are before doing business. Blackmail for later? It appears she would say yes to anyone so she isn’t trying to tell if they are a good person or not.
Haruyuki is so skanky, direct linking with everyone!
So I wonder that. Because Haruyuki wasn’t supposed to find out who Ms. Bodyguard was. Him and his random trips to the bathroom that takes out half a table. So clumsy. And since Ms. Bodyguard seems okay with helping Haruyuki despite him knowing who she is now…it can be for blackmail right? Just wonder what this is all about but I guess I will find out more next time.
I will beat you for quitting things you earned by cheating!
Long post has gotten long. Next week we will see why Kuroyuki is challenging Takumu and what Ms. Bodyguard really wants. Also we will see if Chiyuri has gained a million pounds by eating all that ice cream. Thank goodness for small Japanese portion sizes!!


Anonymous said...

Tenchi, that "Man" in the beginning is Taku's avatar, in other word, Cyan Pile.
I think it is the translations, but I still do not understand why the Blue Knight just let Taku off, I mean, didn’t he know Taku works for the Black King now? Is Taku going to be a “double” agent?

I won't blame Chiyuri, if I were in her position and have my private memories hacked, I will be MAD too, and may be more dramatic than Chiyri. I was really having a "Awww~" moment when she forgive them and continue to be friends w/ them.

Oh, by the way, this bouncer MAY not be a "she" like this person seems........
Also, those ice creams have the weirdest names.....nevertheless, I LOVE ice-cream!!!! I should get some now, see you ~

Christina said...

Anonymous- I thought Takumu's avatar was much bigger. Guess it will be Transformers all over again, with all the characters looking the same. Thanks for helping me figure that out. But unless it is a double agent deal (which....would make Takumu real scum) I am not sure why Takumu got a stay of execution.

I think I also would have been angrier than Chiyuri. But most of my anger would have been directed at Takumu. But since she has no real connection to Brain Burster it makes sense she is equally mad at both of them. And they ice cream would have had to keep on coming. With nendoroids. And mangas. And trips to Disney. Because apparently my forgiveness can be bought. XD

But yeah she seems to be....sweet even if she isn't aware of other things going on. And would have probably forgiven them eventually but wanted to do something symbolic to make that come about. And ice cream is amazing.

Eternia said...

Oh, no. Chiyu should forgive Haru, but she should have never forgiven Taku. It's this week's ridiculous-ness. (we have one each week, eh)
Do you remember when Chiyu looked at the news about Kuroyukihime, Cyan Pile can see the same scenery? What does this mean? Well, he can also see when:
-she's undressing and choosing panties to wear
-she's bathing
-she's in toilet
and many more!

Anonymous said...

Also, continue my previous post,if Chyiru did not get fat after THAT many cups of ice-cream, then there is NO justice in the world! Thank goodness, Japan serves them in mini-size cups .........still, that' a LOT ice-cram!

Anonymous said...

@the Anonymous above me....
I think she will remain skinny since in the anime world, girls just have that HIGH of matabolism.....sad/unfair right? -_-

Christina said...

Eternia- For some reason it didn't dawn on me that Takumu had THAT much access into Chiyuri's life. Now I never want that technology to exist. I thought I had enough to worry about with my husband seeing some of my internet history...although I think he has accepted his yaoi loving wife.

Anonymous 1- Some of those ice cream servings in Japan are very.....small. Sad maybe. Or healthy. Like in the United States we have these containers of Ben and Jerry's that I consider small and in Japan they were half that size!

But yes even with those mini cups that probably cost a fortune...she should have gained some weight. But since she lives in a nation with few cars and MANY stairs she will burn them off the next time she goes to a temple. XD

Anonymous 2- And even though they all magically stay slender some need to go on and on about diets. Ah anime, where girls can have Barbie size portions and still function. XD But she is an athlete so let's chalk that up to why she won't gain a million pounds from all the loveliness.