Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fate/Zero Season two episode 6 (sorry for the incorrect episode number)

There is some scary rain out there folks. I mentioned it rained yesterday and that we had some rather special customers but this just sounds awful. Of course our store did lose power for over an hour and a half….so maybe it was worse yesterday and my house needs to have better sound proofing. That is probably it. Still yucky rain. I checked the weather report and it shouldn’t rain on our semi-epic trip next week. So I give the weather permission to rain this week if we are spared next week.
A loving family scene yes?
So while I still have power I will finish blogging Fate/Zero season two episode 7. Started last night but got a bad case of the lazies and link clicking. Spoilers for Emiya explaining why he is so messed up.
Well that would be a waste. So choose your rescues wisely.
Episode Summary: (Done chronologically because that is how I roll). Emiya is still freaked out over losing Shirley and the entire village. Natalia says whether or not Emiya comes with her is up to him and she doesn’t care either way. She says that she works to prevent tragedies like this from happening and that killing a few to save many is something she lives by. Haunted by what he did Emiya follows her. She takes him to home base which seems to be a run down warehouse. Instead it is full of weapons, an amazing fax machine, and a pile of blankets for Emiya to sleep on. Emiya, being a kid and all, isn’t very useful and thus Natalia leaves him at home during missions. Emiya gets frustrated but practices with his gun making and whatever else applies skills. Eventually Natalia takes Emiya on missions and shows him the ropes. They take out dangerous mages and explode things along the way. Emiya suffers a bit of a set back when he witnesses a young boy dying, a boy he thinks he could have saved. Natalia held him back, saying it is better if Emiya lives another day to save many people. Emiya continues to grow and becomes an important partner to Natalia. She eventually gifts him with the lovely experience of having his rib removed and turned into magical bullets. She also gifts him with the lovely habit of chain smoking.
Yay for rib bullets!!!
Natalia eventually gets a job that she thinks will be difficult. Bee Mage is a target she had problems with in the past and she vows to get him this time. Emiya goes on ahead to New York to take out Bee Mage’s friends as Natalia herself travels with Bee Mage. She takes him out rather quickly but soon finds out he kept the bees INSIDE his body and now everyone on board is a dead zombie…..thing. She is able to contact Emiya and makes it to the cockpit unharmed. She thinks she will be able to land the plane by herself but wants Emiya to talk to her and distract her from the maybe impending doom. While talking to Natalia Emiya goes out and purchases a rocket launcher. He sets sail to some large body of water. Natalia talks about how maybe she will retire now and be a real mother to Emiya. Emiya agrees, that Natalia has been his real family….and he blasts the plane out of the sky. As Natalia is set on fire she smiles knowing Emiya is behind this. Emiya is his little boat starts losing his mind, laughing and crying and generally being a hot mess. He starts talking to Shirley, about how he was able to kill his loved one now to save many and isn’t she proud of her?! Truly sad to watch. Emiya eventually pulls himself together and vows to take Natalia’s place, to kill a few to save many. And thus Emiya the Mage Hunter was born. THE END!
X__x Does every episode in this series have to be amazing and mind blowing? Of course now I am wondering if there is enough time to kill the remaining Servants and then I realize I was wondering a morbid thing. So I decided to focus on this episode and how sad and tragic Emiya really is.
Was this Emiya having a sense of humor or him being serious?
Also while I acknowledge that Emiya has used some very…underhanded methods and seems like a cruel person and he KILLED LANCER which can never be forgiven…you have to give the man his dues. And after seeing this harsh past I think I better understand why he is the way he is. Sometimes I get upset when people use the excuse that they had a bad childhood and that is why they are messed up in adulthood but I don’t think this is the case. More like Emiya has to cut off his emotions to get done what needs to get done. So with all that said Emiya is still an asshole and shouldn’t have killed Lancer like that but that is probably me thinking with my heart while Emiya thinks with his head.
But I want to go out and kill people Natalia!!!!!
But it hasn’t always been that way. At some point Emiya had emotions. Shirley died and he was super upset. Killed his dad…but it looked like that was easy for him. Natalia pointed that out, that Emiya learned that lesson in life way fast. Kill one to save many is a tough, TOUGH lesson for anyone to fathom, let alone carry out but Emiya was like BAM bye dad. But even after witnessing such things Emiya still was able to have moments. He wanted to tag along with Natalia like a kid often wants to do with the person they look up to. When he was told no he had a little tantrum. It was little moments like that let you know Emiya was still human. And well the end of the episode.
I haunt all your dreams!
The episode did jump around a bit in terms of chronological order. Like must stay focused. XD But the main issue that kept coming up was Shirley’s death. Something that haunted Emiya throughout his childhood. To me that suggests Emiya is still haunted by Shirley’s death and she was the reason he decided to join the war. But now he is having second thoughts, like Shirley is slowly becoming a memory and his second love Irisviel has become more important in his life. Which is what should happen. Shirley was the reason for his decision to join up with Natalia and Irisviel was the reemergence of his human emotions. As small as those moments are.
And I would be freaking out. THE END!
Natalia was a strong character. Or at least role model. She wasn’t a total badass but she didn’t fall apart when things went bad. She didn’t have to TRY and be cool. She just was if that makes sense? It would have been nice to see her wearing different clothes though. Not complaining about her being “sexy”, just I think different situations would require different types of clothes. If you are going to this location blend in with the crowd. But of course Emiya is fond of wearing the same clothes all the time. Wonder who he picked that up from…..
Look at that cool person, drinking her coffee and smoking her cigarettes.
What was I saying? That Natalia was a cool character. And it is easy to see why Emiya looked up to her. Didn’t answer to no one but money, saved people by killing a few “bad” ones, and saved Emiya himself. I think Emiya put aside that Natalia considered this a job while Emiya focused more on the helping people out part. Probably a good move on his part. But then Natalia revealed a vulnerable side. She was facing a near death situation and opened up a bit. It came across as natural, not insane and out of character like Accel World. Like these are normal human emotions and while Natalia was a killer and treated Emiya more like a worker bee than her own kid it didn’t seem like too far of a stretch that she considered them “family” or that she was having a moment of panic. Not forced indeed.
Hello there blurry man.
I do wish there was more focus on the targets. There was the Bee Mage at the end but in between it was shoot and kill. Running and shooting. But I guess that is how the job is done. Don’t get emotionally involved, do the job in the most effective way possible, and leave as quickly as possible. I did like the fax machine though. XD That made me smile.
Emiya learning the hard way he has to pick and choose his battles.
And although the scene was short I did like how the man and kid were taken out before Emiya’s eyes and he is once again faced with the fact he can’t save everyone. It is unclear if that was a father/son team or a professional killer/apprentice like Emiya and Natalia were. Probably more like a father/son team as they ran off like amateurs and Emiya felt the need to protect them. But while their scene was short it was important to see Emiya get that upset. Natalia was right, that Emiya can save many people in his lifetime or he could die saving one person. It is all a numbers game and it can appear cruel at times. But if those two people were going to die anyway Emiya throwing away his life when he could rescue so many more people in the future.
I thought Bee Mage was gross. How many people run around making zombies of people while practicing magic? And why are they using bugs? I just am thankful there have been no caterpillars so far. Although Caster Monster came close…I have watched exactly 5 minutes of Naruto and I am aware there is a character who has bugs in their body. That really has nothing and everything to do with this paragraph. Clearly the Japanese think that housing BUGS somewhere in/on their bodies is a good way to gain power, make zombies, and have a little extra fun after death. Just say no to bugs!
BRAINS! Bees need BRAINS!!
That last paragraph makes my skin crawl. And makes me want to find a copy of REC 2 since I haven’t seen it yet. But I think Bee Mage was taken out a little too easily. No counter spells or anything? Just BAM one little spell and he is dead. But Natalia got off pretty easy. Had she killed him in either airport it would have been disastrous. Maybe Bee Mage thought if his opponents knew he had the killer bees IN his body it would prevent them from attacking? Natalia did not get that info obviously.
The conversation between Natalia and Emiya was heartbreaking. You knew he was putting together a rocket launcher from the start. I almost wanted him to say he had communication issues and not talk to her. Just blow her out of the sky. I don’t think Natalia had any idea it was coming at all. The way she smiled in that split second let the audience know that she agreed with Emiya’s thinking and there was no hard feelings.
Natalia was dreaming about staying home and breaking cakes with files in them for her little boy.
Still folks….heartbreaking! Natalia starts talking about regrets and tells Emiya how she really feels about him. I am happy it was more of a son/mother (father?) relationship though than a romantic one. But sadness! Maybe people are happy that Natalia had a few final moments to tell Emiya how she felt but then it just made him feel guiltier. It’s not like he got to see that smile. Just sadness. I don’t think I can convey in words how sad it was. Maybe it was because I could sense the rocket launcher and these were Natalia’s last words. So in affect Emiya killed his father and mother.
Life has been exceptionally unfair to Emiya.
I thought Emiya was just going to turn the boat around and continue on with life. But he done LOST HIS MIND! As he should have. Some of Natalia’s last words were that Emiya came across as a robot. He blew that out of the water didn’t he? Insane laughter to his dead girlfriend and then sobbing all over the place. I am sure he was traumatized by Natalia’s confession she was tired of this life and wanted to be a real mother to him. Like why did you wait until the rocket launcher was in my hands?! So Emiya is not a cold hearted monster. Or if he is he still has emotions and hates making these tough but necessary kills.
Emiya: A man full of emotions.
So in conclusion….X__X. The only thing that bothered me about this episode was how weird Emiya looked. I know we are all awkward looking teenagers but it was like he didn’t belong in the scene. They were really focused on making him look exactly the same only younger they didn’t really complete him as a person. But other than that this episode evoked many emotions in me. Emiya came across as so cruel to me but now it is starting to make more sense. Natalia showed us being cool doesn’t mean being devoid of emotions. And rocket launchers…rocket launchers folks. :( Yay for next week?
At least the fax machine survived...


Anonymous said...

Natalia did spotted-on on Kiritsuku's talent, the ability to leave behind his emotion while squeezing that trigger. This mean that he had great potential to become an efficient assassin. However, this talent of his definitely did NOT bring him happiness.

Also, Tenchi, She implanted his family magic crest on him, not just give him the special bullets.

That moment of Good-Bye was very touching, we see the harsh face killer melt into the soft smile of a mother.
Oh MAN!! My tears just can not stop flowing in this ep.;_; May be it was aired during Mother's Day weekend, still,this is just so heartbreaking.

Me:Kiritsugu what did you get for on Mother's Day?
Kiritsugu: a FIM-92 Stinger Missile from the States. Cost me a lot too.
Me: Did she likes it?
Kiritsugu: Yeah, she had a smile on her face when I gave it to her.

Happy Mother's Day, RIP Natalia Kaminski, you will be missed dearly.

Gatx375 said...

It's odd they decided to split the interlude into two episodes. I guess they kind of had to since there was a good bit of information they had to squeeze in while keeping the important emotional parts of the novel.

I lol'd when it was the same cigarettes from Kara no Kyoukai. The "crappy tasting ones" Aozaki Touko had. Speaking of Kara no Kyoukai, Tenchi, I have to highly highly recommend it if you haven't seen the movies or read the light novel series yet.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Are you telling me that Rin is going to have to have this surgery too? That ALL mages have to do that? How did they do that in the old days before surgery and a 99 percent success rate? X_____X Being a mage sucks.

Emiya is beyond happiness at this point. Maybe he should have blown up in that plane instead.

Is Mother's Day celebrated in Japan? If so the airing of this episode is especially sad. :(

Gatx375- I thought it was odd last week when someone said that Emiya was going to get two episodes dedicated to his back story. But unlike the Rin random episode all of this seems necessary to explain why Emiya comes across as an asshole at times. At this point maybe being an asshole is the best he can do given what he has to work with.

Is that series related to Fate/Zero and Stay? Like in the same universe? I have a huge list of things I always mean to watch during season breaks but never get too. :( Wasting way too much time on the internets with silly things.

Gatx375 said...

Well after about five hundred years your family no longer needs outside means to assist in transplanting your family's magic crest. Kiritsugu's father was dead so transplanting his crest is a lot harder, It took like six months to get Tokiomi's crest transplanted to Rin. It's also explained that modern magecraft is far inferior to what it was in the past, so they probably could pass it down without all the crap modern mages have to go through, or they might not have needed a magic crest. Perhaps they had other means to pass their spells down.

Kara no Kyoukai is a part of the Nasuverse, but story wise, aside from magic, it has almost nothing to do with the Fate series. According to the Type-Moon wiki: The series is regarded as being set in an alternate parallel universe to TYPE-MOON's other series, Tsukihime and Fate/stay night, which make references to Kara no Kyoukai (notably Fate/Stay Night's Heavens Feel route). Also Ufotable did the animation for the movie series, which follows the light novels extremely well =D

Christina said...

Gatx375- That would make more sense if mages in the past had different ways of doing things and now in modern times they have forgotten them. Because I doubt most people survived broken bones without being disfigured let alone being cut open. XD

So much information is left on the cutting room floor with this series. So glad I have readers to help fill in the blanks. 6 months to implant a crest? Craziness.