Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the dead episode 6

Hello there my lovely readers. Here in the United States it is Mother’s Day. If this holiday applies to you in a positive way I hope you celebrate it well, whether you are the mother in the situation or the “kid” battling long lines at restaurants and flower shops. XD While this might sound over dramatic, that I should just wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day, I am trying to be sensitive to everyone’s situations. Most people have mothers or have kids but certainly I will be rolling my eyes at the mere mention of Father’s Day. Thus the over dramaticness. If anything Happy Sunday to everyone.
I actually woke up IN the morning too. GO ME!
While I wait to see what the heck is going on today I guess I can see how much of this anime episode I can get blogged.
Shouldn't you be asking why Haruna is even here?
Episode Summary: Ariel and her naked self are taking a bath. With the now fixed Mystletainn. She calls up Ayumu to tell him the good news and he proceeds to cover the house in FABUlous. He is excited that he can have a normal cultural festival and this is relevant to Haruna’s interests. She decides to use Orito and Yuki to gain access to the school and manages to convince Ayumu’s class that she can lead them to success. Ayumu tries to bring some sanity back to the class by suggesting they do a haunted café. Haruna backs the idea so the class instantly loves it. Haruna keeps on coming to class though to help out and Eucliwood wants Ayumu to let her help. Ayumu can’t say no to the imaginary voices in his head. While walking to school Ayumu happens up a man in a lab coat. Said man keeps throwing up blood when he says cliché type things. He gives Ayumu a ring and says Ayumu will be able to use it when the time is right. Ayumu marches on to school knowing his life is full of freaks. But when he arrives at school everyone listens to him and project make the room look creepy is underway. Haruna spends most of her time building what looks like to be a transformer. During break Ayumu talks to Ms. Fairy. She is spending her time getting drunk and mumbling about things that make no sense. Taeko stays after school to help Ayumu with the directions while blushing all the while. They walk home together and Ayumu starts blushing too when he hears people talking about how cute they look together (even if Ayumu is a cross dresser).
More booze please.
Ayumu arrives home and Mystletainn makes his grand I’ll be back entrance. Ayumu quickly transforms and uses the magical chainsaw to erase everyone’s memories of him cross dressing. He is ready to face the rest of his life a changed person. Only he gets to school and finds out he has to be the bride of Dracula and wear a dress. Everyone…reacts the same way to his magical girl costume. Ayumu hates his life. Haruna takes all the main characters to her booth which is a CD of her and Yuki trying to be idols. It pretty much sucks. She, Sera, and Eucliwood stay behind to sell the awful CD. Yuki takes Ayumu aside and tells him that someone left her a note and that they are going to meet her to confess. She tells Ayumu she is his bride and will reject this new offer. Yuki basically wants Ayumu to confess to her and during a spaz fest a random…pan falls on her head. She starts transforming into her weapon form and Ayumu panics. The coughing up blood man shows up and tells Ayumu to put the ring on her. She recovers and thinks the ring means Ayumu wants to be serious with her. She runs off all embarrassed and Haruna shows up saying a Megalo has shown up. The transform thing she was making is actually something that can hold Eucliwood mana so she (Haruna) can transform. She and Ayumu turn into magical girls and quickly beat the Megalo that is busy asking girls about their bra sizes. Sera, Sara, Yuki, AND Ms. Fairy watch the fight and wonder what is going to happen next. THE END!!!
So much of a hot mess....
Wow. Can we all agree this show is a hot mess? I mean not like a hot mess of a person drunk off their butt or a situation that makes everyone want to cry. But sorta like a 50 year old man dressed up as Pikachu at an anime convention while rockin a beer belly and bald head. You can’t believe your eyes, you don’t know why it is interesting, and all the while you can’t turn away from what you are seeing. This show is exactly like that. Pikachu indeed.
I'm still here remember?
Eucliwood is all better folks. And she seems to no longer be important to the nonexistent plot. I thought she and Ayumu made a serious connection last season but now she is in the background. Holding up her signs and supporting everyone through the crazy they do. I know she can’t talk and obviously isn’t as crazy as the other girls. But I still wish she was more involved and not side dressing. She gets the most action in Ayumu’s crazy dreams.
Wait what are we Swating?
I really was not following why Haruna was allowed into the school and basically took over the festival for Ayumu’s class. Like Yuki is friends with someone and someone is good at making ONE food group? Orito knows her too and somehow impresses the boys? The teachers pay no attention to the crazy person cackling in the corner. Yes this is all meant to torture Ayumu but it felt….beyond crazy to me. Transfer students of important characters to key classrooms…understandable. But random people off the streets being allowed into schools without being a student? Well maybe I can attend a school festival in Japan after all.
I have a great originally idea people!!
In any event Ayumu didn’t really get that pissed that Haruna was there. Maybe because his idea of a haunted café was taken well with the class. I am not sure why he thought it was going to be rejected. There are only a few things that these classes can do in school festivals. It has been documented in many animes so I know this to be true. So it had to be haunted café, maid café, or school play. Haruna’s support probably put the class over the edge but I am sure some people really wanted a maid café so Ayumu could cross dress. HMMM Orito.
Things got serious for 5 seconds...then she drank more.
Ms. Drunk Fairy….well it is clear or has been clear for a while now she is behind all the monsters popping up in town. But we are getting to the halfway point in this series and everything has just been a hot mess. The episodes really don’t relate to each other except the whole everyone knows Ayumu is a cross dresser point. Everything else about the episodes is stand alone. So while I think Ms. Fairy is cute and all…time for more people. Like it is a bit disturbing how Ayumu hasn’t questioned Ms. Fairy AT ALL despite how weird her presence is.
So much annoying!!!
Oh yes Mystletainn is fixed! I am not sure what was up with the annoying phrase. Was he fixed yet that is all he is able to say the rest of his chainsaw life? Or was this a vain attempt to be funny about Terminator? In any event (I say that a lot….) it was funny the first two times. Then it got annoying. Especially when it lasted for over a minute. But Ayumu and his…FABUlous behavior when finding out the good news was special. Love the eye rolls the girls gave him.
Let's glue together YAY!!!
Taeko has decided to step up her game…even if it is late in the game. She has some self realization earlier in the series that she needed to step up her game…and then she didn’t. I guess it isn’t her fault she wasn’t invited to the Maid Café from Hell. Still she is being slightly mousey. Slightly. Or normal as everyone else is insane. I do think it is going to take more than gluing down a few paper bats to get her back in the running. Not that she really has a chance.
Ah the Japanese and their cellphones. Wonder if they take good pics...
While Ayumu was able to erase everyone’s memories….yeah his life apparently sucks forever. This part of the episode felt really lame and forced. And it made no sense. Maybe if Ayumu was the bride of Frankenstein instead. Like if no one has memories of Ayumu cross dressing why would they randomly put him in a dress? We get it, Ayumu wears dresses. Time to kill this point as now it makes no sense. But Kanami taking pictures was funny.
I love how everyone just accepts Ayumu in dresses now.
The whole confession thing to Yuki was weird. Who wrote the note originally? She clearly wasn’t listening to Ayumu and Ayumu probably needs to be a little more firm on the we aren’t really married thing. Her randomly getting hit on the head and turning into a weapon…well maybe Ms. Fairy set the note so Yuki would transform and Ayumu would be busy trying to not die…again.
Are you a zombie too? Because you will be if you keep hacking up all your blood.
I have no idea what was up with throwing up blood man. Maybe it would have been better if he wasn’t throwing up when just walking down the street. Maybe just after a few phrases and situations. Not gallons of blood all over the place. And he randomly shows up with a way to stop Yuki from…doing whatever Yuki does when she is in weapon form. He seems….random. Random just sums him up real well.
AWWW! He is kinda cute!
And then there was a Megalo this episode. Maybe two. Are they are pair? Tell me your boob size indeed. I guess Haruna hasn’t gotten to the chapter in being a Magical Girl about hiding your identity. But when you possess a magical chainsaw that can make people forget what the heck just happened…it is not a big deal. Just lots of randomness going on. The monsters were almost too cute to kill though. Brutal how they got sliced in half though.
Look at us wearing our random capes!
Is that it for this episode? Sera, Sara, and Yuki talking about the monsters coming to town, Ayumu wore more dresses, and Haruna has randomly become part of this school. Yep sounds about right. Next episode I am sure something else weird and random will happen and Ms. Fairy will only be seen for 5 seconds. YAY FOR FUN!


Anonymous said...

Gaia wouldn’t let that one stand. You will NEVER escaping the crossdressing, Ayumu! Mahahahaaaaa~
Oh, and yes Ayumu, she still thinks that your legs are pretty.

Also, That was definitely one of the most contrived ways I’ve seen to get a male character to slap a ring on a girl.

Now, Finally, some plot, let's see how this goes, I am sooooooo ready!

Anonymous said...

Did you notice,this quote/credit goes to SPIRAL and CSW Blog for picking up on this:

If you reverse the chant Aiwaka says to transform, you’ll get “Raburi de Chamigu Dakedo Watashi(w)a shi o yobu mono!” which translates to.....

“I am lovely and charming but I am the one who calls upon death!”
Interesting isn’t it?

Christina said...

Anonymous- The god of this world is the ultimate troll. XD Just sitting up there torturing Ayumu. Maybe spins a wheel and picks new tortures everyday.

Most romantic proposal ever. But since they are already "married" its okay that she didn't pick out the ring...or that he didn't ask...or someone coughing up a gallon of blood actually came up with the ring.

Hopefully there is plot soon. Real soon as this series is short. But lets not get our hopes up yet. This show is special.

Anonymous 2- X__X I am always so amazed at the tiny details that I miss (or the big ones that I should have picked up on). Nope I did not notice this interesting fact. I was wondering what this chant meant as it sounded....odd to say the least. I thought maybe it meant something in Japanese or it was just a bunch of silly nonsense.

But the chant makes sense now. Given how...interesting the magical girls are in this series it fits perfectly. Like look how cute I am but I am here to chop your heads off! Not all that random English that usually takes place during transformations.

Thanks for the info, it is fun knowing more and more about series. XD

Eternia said...

@anon: Interesting information!
I should have browsed the internet more, but there's no time for that.
Oh yeah, why is it anime characters only do haunted house and cafe every time there's a school festival? Can't they do something like, a comedy show or PSP game tournament?

Christina said...

Eternia- I think with some of these slice of life shows they tend to all blend together because that is what Japanese Otaku seem to like. Familiarity. So maybe that is why the cultural fairs end up being similar (well with crazy exceptions like Haruhi and her crazy movie). Or maybe since these shows are semi based on real life (although with a whole lot less boobage) they are going on what students are allowed/capable of doing.

Still puts to shame what my class would/could have done. XD But how big can a cafe be with tons of themeing and room for visiting students? MORE SPACE!