Monday, May 7, 2012

Accel World episode 5

XO Sorry for such the late posting. Was trying to spend some quality time with the husband. Too often we get caught up in our own personal interests we don’t spend enough time with each other. Did a little shopping, had a nice dinner, and watched a movie when the rain threatened our mini golf plans. XD Such a relaxing day, especially after a hard weekend at work.
Ready for a roller coaster of emotions?
OKAY! Blogging anime time. Up now..let’s see. Oh Accel World episode 5 was up before Fate/Zero so it goes first! Spoilers for Haruyuki being a delicate flower.
Shortest coma ever?
Episode Summary: After challenging Takumu AKA Cyan Pile Haruyuki and Takumu proceed to…have a manly discussion. Takumu is pissed that Haruyuki direct linked with Chiyuri with the shortest cord ever and Haruyuki points out it is all Takumu’s fault for planting the back door. A lot of back door talk this episode…Takumu is pissed that Chiyuri is always thinking and worrying about Haruyuki despite being HIS boyfriend and Haruyuki is like well all your “positive” qualities are based on Burst Linking. Haruyuki talks about how he knows Chiyuri better than Takumu so that goes over well. Takumu takes the time to explain that his kendo captain told him about Brain Burst so he could be a knight for the Blue King. Haruyuki decides he will test out Takumu’s powers…and proceeds to get his arm blown off in one hit. Haruyuki runs up into the elevator and reaches the top of the roof. He sees that Takumu has called a bunch of other people to watch the fight. Takumu reaches the surface and Haruyuki thinks he can use his speed to his advantage. He starts pounding away and dodging attacks. But while Haruyuki is going on and on about Chiyuri it was just giving Takumu time to power up and OPPIES Haruyuki loses a leg.
Haruyuki didn't know he HAD the wings but can use them after 3 seconds. I see.
Takumu starts talking about how Chiyuri worries and Takumu worries and Haruyuki makes him feel like a bad person and it would just be better if Haruyuki disappears. Takumu does another amazing move and sends Haruyuki crashing to the basement with one health bar left. Takumu decides to let the time run out instead of finishing Haruyuki off. Haruyuki lays there thinking about how he failed Kuroyuki and woe is him and then he looks up to see her. He crawls over to her and starts crying again, that her dream is now over. But Haruyuki thinks back to Kuoryuki’s positive words and it gives him strength. Suddenly….he grows wings on his back…and after 2 seconds can control them. He flies out of the hole and sees the entire world from up in the sky, like a bird. All the other avatars are like X___X this is the first flying avatar ever! Takumu is like X__X but tries attacking anyway. Haruyuki is so fast he dodges the attack and picks him up, high into the sky. Takumu begs Haruyuki not to drop him because if he loses this match he will have no more points. He also seems to be in hot water with his faction for using his points for personal gain. Haruyuki starts talking about Kuroyuki again and Takumu is like okay you are right. Drop me and take away Brain Burst. Takumu tries to drop himself but Haruyuki catches him. Cue the dramatic music.
Someone has a wing fetish...X__X
Haruyuki decides that he wants Takumu to join with Kuroyuki and all will be right with the world. Well after Haruyuki demands to be told he is better at Accel World than Takumu is. They promise to tell Chiyuri everything and all will be forgiven. Then POOF Kuroyuki is there. She heard Haruyuki talking and woke up from her slumber. She then decides she is done running and will fight Takumu if he still wants to. She transforms her normal avatar to her Accel World avatar…and it just looks like a purple version of Haruyuki’s. Sorta anyway. She then tells Haruyuki to take her into the sky. There she tells the audience she is back and ready to fight, to call off this false truce between the other Kings. In the real world Kuroyuki has recovered and turned into Homura. There is some embarrassment and exchanging of flowers. Before they get down to business Kuroyuki decides she will tell Haruyuki her real name as they are….CLOSE now. Her real name is…THE END!
So many feelings!!!!
I see many people have lots of emotions about this episode. I thought I felt one way after viewing this episode but after reading some comments maybe my opinion has changed. So now I don’t know if I should seek out other opinions before my blog post is up and explained. Or will it make my post more informative and not full of RARW Tenchiness?
Lots of personal baggage in this fight.
In any event Takumu is Cyan Pile. I think that name is rather stupid. Putting that aside I think Haruyuki might have taken things a bit too personally that Takumu was there to fighting Kuroyuki. Like MOG you are here to destroy her hopes and dreams. Shouldn’t Haruyuki have figured out that Takumu was just a lackey? That he didn’t know Kuoryuki’s real reason for turning on the other kings? And even if he did….let’s be real. Kuroyuki was trying to take out all the other top players for her own benefit while the others were okay with a fragile alliance. In that sense Kuroyuki was trying to ruin the game for a bunch of people so it makes sense that not everyone is on her side. Or anyone for that matter.
The cable is the real person to blame! I see it all now!
I guess in the long run it doesn’t matter that I see that Haruyuki was being unreasonable. Because Takumu went all emotional and brought up personal things that had nothing to do with the battle at hand. He could have said LOOK it is my job to take out Black Locus and if you are her Protector I have to take you out too. None of these harsh and low blows. Just keep it professional.
Then talk to Chiyuri about it!
But since Takumu is actually a person, a teenage person, and not a robot in my mind that is not how it went down. Maybe because Haruyuki made it personal first. I still think Takumu has some anger issues. And some of these anger issues I do understand. His girlfriend is constantly thinking of another dude. And this said dude…is short, overweight, and is only good at video games. Takumu uses Brain Burst to become an awesome person and yet he is still cast aside because of this person who he thinks is in need of pity, beneath him.
I think Chiyuri would have still gone with Takumu too. More confidence next time please.
But most of this issues are Chiyuri’s fault. Not Haruyuki. I am just thinking that Haruyuki doesn’t like all the negative things about himself. Haruyuki has actually said he doesn’t want pity or extra attention. And while he likes Chiyuri (or liked?) he wanted her to be with Takumu because it made more sense to him. He thought it would make them happy and he wanted his friends to be happy. But maybe that further pissed Takumu off. Like he knows he has no reason to be mad at Haruyuki as he isn’t trying to actively steal his girlfriend and can’t help how he looks. This inability to blame Haruyuki pisses Takumu off even more and being mad at the girlfriend is silly and out of the question.
Way too hateful. X___X
Both boys said things that were very hurtful and untrue. Why would Haruyuki presume to know more about Chiyuri than Takumu? Yes Chiyuri had a sob with Haruyuki and hopefully she doesn’t tell Takumu…those things. I mean that would be cruel. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t close with Takumu in other ways. So that was really a mean thing of Haruyuki to say. But then Takumu just wants Haruyuki to disappear so his life can be easier? He can ride off into the sunset with his woman and everything is fine? Well then do that now but don’t wish someone to disappear. That will just make Haruyuki feel even worse about himself. If Chiyuri and Takumu feel the need to protect Haruyuki that is their issue. Not Haruyuki’s fault and unfair to blame him for feelings those two have. Cruel cruel cruel. Negative points for both boys.

I don’t think it would be fair to call Haruyuki a coward in battle. He has barely begun his career being a Brain Burster and a lot was on the line for him. So I think it was safe for him to run away and forumate a plan. Let his enemy attack and figure out said enemies weaknesses and strength. Of course running away after 5 seconds of fighting because your arm got blown off is a good reason too.
Okay now you say something....
I wish if there was going to be a crowd they would have said more. I know after Haruyuki had his transformation moment there was some talk but during the fighting, where Haruyuki was getting his butt kicked, they really said nothing. Not that I want Haruyuki to get trash talked and further hurt. Just saying it would have made more sense than everyone sitting there in utter silence. Some oohs and ahhs maybe?
Yeah I was thinking that too....
Everyone is saying that the one sided battle with Takumu winning the majority of it felt pretty….well familiar. Especially when Haruyuki and his tiny health bar managed to fly from the ashes and beat him pretty bad. Very convenient is a phrase being used. I guess this does happen quite a bit…in everyone shounen anime/manga ever. XD So if this happens all the time in so many animes it is hard to blame Accel World for going this route.
X__X You have only known her for a few days. And her dream is a bit...special. XD Controversial to say the least.
My take on it….while it was nice that Kuroyuki was there to give Haruyuki strength I wish it was explained more about the wings. They did seem to come out of nowhere. I wasn’t really taking into consideration Haruyuki’s avatars name nor did I think he would be the first one to fly there. XD Given how interesting everyone else looks I just assumed lots of people could fly. I guess I am okay with Haruyuki mastering his wings at the speed of fast is understandable…if he is super good at games. But his avatar had the ability to fly one would think Haruyuki would have figured it out before then. Don’t they have stat lists and such?
Weren't they just fighting?!
So after Haruyuki took to the sky and impressed everyone he took Takumu on a magic carpet ride. Takumu thought he was on a roller coaster and went up and down with all his emotions. Don’t drop me, drop me. Wait be your ally? Sure that sounds like a swell idea. Seriously things happened so fast it was hard…well to take seriously. Haruyuki and Takumu were SUPER pissed at each other and now everything is okay? Just like that? And what if Kuroyuki doesn’t agree to this plan?
All better now folks! Also I am here to kill all your Kings!
OH WAIT we will just ask her. Because her goodbye speech meant nothing. If she was going to be seriously injured I wouldn’t expect her walking around 12 hours later. Or however long it was. But tada Kuroyuki has arrived and has decided to stop hiding. Up into the sky now to give your amazing speech. But it did sound like she was rallying up an army against Frankenstein or something.
Well...yes the butterfly is cute but it is basically her wearing wings. So...what was the problem?
OH YES! We got to see Kuoryuki’s avatar. I am not sure why she was going on and on about it being ugly. It looked like everyone else’s, all robot like. Yes hands would probably be a good thing but overall nothing she needed to be embarrassed or ashamed about. But she seems happy that Haruyuki has wings and that he thinks she is hot.
Too much adorable for me to handle!
After all that nonsense with the battle and Takumu was said and done Kuroyuki woke up and is able to see visitors. Haruyuki is still feeling weird because she did basically confess to him before the car hit. Oh and because she looks adorable with her braids in. There is something about Kuroyuki’s name that SEEMS to be a big deal. But according to the internets her name is never said in the manga or light novel. XD YAY SPOILERS?!

So…this has taken forever to post yes? Silly me. Having a life and all. Now it is time to conquer my emails and get to comments! Has a good…day? Night? Whatever applies. XD


Anonymous said...

Same as you, my mind was NOT ready to face her “twin-tail” image. It really knock me over.

So, ya,what’s her real name? Will we know that before the series end, or next ep?

Her real avatar is REALLY cool, it is not unsightly at all. It looks really powerful and no less…
I guess she hates it because there are no frills or unnecessary aspects, or flowers, etc. Well, she is a girl after all.......

Eternia said...

The first time I read this part of the story, I was shocked up too.
It has the same ridiculousness as how Kuroyuki fell for him.
How could they make up so easily?!
It's a hatred which has been accumulated over years.
He hated Haruyuki because Chiyu cared for him more than her BF.
And she keeps thinking about Haruyuki even when they are together.
He went as far as cheating in exams and kendo matches to prove that he's superior human being.
He claimed he's going to shatter Haruyuki's last pride, that is his gaming skill.
Now they have become totally buddies.
Next week is probably the appearance of the bespectacled "girl"

Christina said...

Anonymous- I was so busy rolling my eyes that she was okay after being creamed by the bus I wasn't prepared for the hair. X__X Too much adorable.

According to light novel/manga readers her name is NEVER mentioned. Or hasn't been mentioned yet. Which....why would it matter? Usually people's names are mentioned unless it is spoilery. Like oh snap you might figure out who I am related to...but they know her last name. SO yeah. Not understanding this name thing.

Eternia- I think Haruyuki and Takumu have so much emotional would be hard to just move on. Chiyuri is the main culprit of course but I don't see how they could make up so fast. I just assumed they would never be friends again. Like Shu and Yahiro were never "close" again (well maybe by last episode after the time skip) and there was always an underlining tension between the two of them. AS IT SHOULD BE!

Maybe the real world is the Accel World too. Kuroyuki accelerated in love and Haruyuki and Takumu settled a life long unsaid argument in the span of one battle.

I would still be pissed and would think every single day on how to get back at the person but that is just me. XD

Anonymous said...

His wing is a nice touch to his character, he really want to soaring, like his name said,"silver crow".

Christina said...

Anonymous- It does make his name have a nice ring to it. I just didn't think he was going to grow wings. Or he would be the first winged avatar character. Also Haruyuki needed something going for him. While they look slightly out of place he needed something or else his avatar just looked boring.