Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hyouka episode 2

Yawn!!!!!! How can I sleep so much and be so tired? Or have I answered my own question? XD Maybe I should force myself awake so I can be tired at a “normal” person time. HMMM things to ponder. Being awake during normal people hours AND not being tired? I see I see.
He doesn't seem to be a fan of much.
Since I got up late….my blog posts will be late. That and my cat has decided she has never gotten attention ever and keeps demanding pets. That is detrimental to the typing process. But now it is time for Hyouka episode 2 time. Spoilers for the biggest mystery ever!
I don't think I have ever gotten a letter that amazing before.
Episode Summary: Houtarou’s alarm clock goes off and Houtarou’s hair is….special. He goes through the motions of getting ready while his sister’s letter demanding he join the Classic Club is dubbed over. In super cool splashes of swirls. Clearly Houtarou feels pressure to do so even though it means the end of his low energy days. He tries to make the best of it though, going to the club room read while Eru does the same. His quiet afternoon is interrupted when Eru demands they actually do something. Houtarou is like I don’t really want to do anything but you can do whatever you want. Eru explains that she already promised the Club Teacher they would make an anthology so that is what they are going to do! They search the club room but can’t find any past copies. Eru is like time to go to the library. Houtarou thinks it is too far and he doesn’t want to see the volunteer librarian of the day. She is a long time…”friend” named Mayaka who seem to want to bust on Houtarou. Satoshi appears out of nowhere and declares them the best couple ever. Eru wants to know what is going on and Houtarou explains Mayaka likes Satoshi but clearly Satoshi is a jerk. In any event Mayaka explains the real librarian is in a meeting so they will have to wait to ask her questions. So wait they do.
I already promised you would do something so me asking if you wanted to do something was already answered okay?
Satoshi says they should pass the time by solving a mystery that has come Mayaka’s way. Every single Friday a girl from Class 2 will check out a book and return it right after school. There is a two week grace period to borrow books and the book is so huge there is no way it can be read during school. Mayaka and Eru both get sparkly eyed and demand Houtarou solve this highly interesting mystery. Houtarou manages to shut down a few theories and narrow things down, not liking how this is expends all his energy. Eru eventually smells something on the book which leads Houtarou down more paths in his crazy mind. He eventually concludes (with a bit of WALKING on his part) that the Class 2 girls are using this big book in art class as it is pretty and what not. Both Mayaka and Eru are impressed. Eru mumbles to herself that maybe Houtarou can help her with her personal issue. The librarian pops out of nowhere, says she doesn’t have the anthologies, and walks away. On Sunday Eru calls up Houtarou and asks him to meet her somewhere. She ends up being late which makes Houtarou mad. She has a hard time working up the courage to tell Houtarou why she needs his help and why she joined the Classic Club. THE END!
Apparently I forgot to blog the first 5 minutes of the show. They sat in the room and ate snacks. YAY!
I lied about the biggest mystery ever didn’t I? Hope you don’t hate me forever. XD
X___X Hopefully Satoshi isn't that mean...
I thought the introduction of Mayaka was going to be a good thing for the show…but now I am not sure. Satoshi seems to be very cruel to Mayaka. Does he know Mayaka likes him? If so..yeah just cruel. Of course Mayaka seems to be hating on Houtarou too. Probably because he is friends with Satoshi. Just a very dysfunctional group of “friends”. If I were Eru I would be running away from these people. X__X
Mayaka and I will be vest friends yay!!!
That being said I think Eru and Mayaka are going to be great friends despite how….weird everything else is with people. I mean….when in life can you find someone else with huge, crazy eyes at the mere mention of something interesting? XD Great friend indeed. Although I think I will prefer Mayaka in that aspect. She doesn’t seem to be that crazy. And she has a dry piece of humor going on that I might appreciate when she isn’t being bullied by her crush.
Let me make this interesting for the crazy people in the room.
So the mystery….the mystery….do I have to talk about it? I guess I have to since it was most of the show. In the end a bunch of girls in art class were taking turns checking out a book to use in a series of paintings. Not a very interesting conclusion is it? And if we (me and the mouse in my pocket) were to be perfectly honest some of the mystery was lost upon us as we are not Japanese/someone who grew up in Japan. I am not saying that me being unable to figure out the mystery ruins the show for me, just stating something that is going to come up in this series it seems.
Yes. Books in a pile. I see.
But…yeah. People checking out a book all the time for less than a day might be interesting. Something you might share with your co-workers or friends. But I am not sure if it worthy of a mission. Or crazy eyes. Super crazy eyes. At least Eru played a part in solving the mystery this time. And maybe it is just a bunch of kids having fun that doesn’t involve future diaries or dead bodies. I don’t know, just much to do about a book. Did I mention those art kids paint slow?
However boring the mystery was Houtarou at least tried to make things interesting. When Houtarou was debating whether or not to lie to Eru…I think I started a slow clap. Alone in my bedroom. Well not alone as Kira the Whiny Cat is with me always. I do think these mysterious are rather….easy to solve but Houtarou seems a little quicker in figuring out things, eliminating wrong theories to focus on correct ones, and trying to think of logic solutions instead of thinking of supernatural weird answers. Oh yes and then he thought of how he could lie and think of something maybe true to pacify Eru. His laziness might bother me but maybe saving all this energy makes his brain work faster or something.
I think I only took mean screenies of Satoshi.
I think being friends with Houtarou makes Satoshi bored. He seems to be the one who is suggesting all of these mysterious, trying to set things up. One wonders why Satoshi would want to be friend with such a….low key person. XD So did anyone else feel as if the real mystery was the librarian not even looking to see if she had what Eru wanted?
Nope. Wait what was the question? Okay no.
I mean….maybe the school doesn’t keep past festival anthologies… Like a parent doesn’t necessarily keep every piece of noddle art their kid makes. XD But just something about how fast the librarian said no. Maybe I am looking for mystery now, in an effort to find something super interesting. XD
See how much better Eru looks!
XO I did like Eru’s hair at the end of the episode though. It was much cuter than her normal hairstyle. I vote she wears it like that all the time. I am not sure why I am against her hair being down. She just looks…dumb? How can someone look dumb with a hairstyle though? XD I don’t know, it gives her a clueless and messy look. I don’t know.
Houtarou has no energy to waste of Eru being deep and secretive.
But I am glad that Eru is going to tell Houtarou what her secret is. Her whispering to herself over and over again might drive me crazy. Best to tell Houtarou her personal reasons for joining the AMAZING Classic Club now so he can start working on her mystery. Because that will probably be the MAIN mystery from now on, with other…amazing mysteries popping up as time goes on. But isn’t Houtarou so lucky he passed Eru’s test, that he can help her run the club AND solve a personal problem? Good thing he rocks.
So in conclusion….books and painting. I am amazed folks. XD I know I should be appreciating this slice of life show for what it is….but it almost seems TOO slow. Like them going to a café and eating cookies, talking about nonsense stuff would be more enjoyable than discussing very simple MEH mysteries. Yes they are normal kids and these are mysteries that easier to solve and make the audience feel smart that HAHA I thought that too….but…I don’t know. I feel as if NOTHING comes from the mysteries.
Where are Mugi cakes? :(
I feel as if I am not making sense…as usual. XD I know that in life sometimes I need to find out something or it will drive me crazy. Granted my eyes don’t get all @___@ but yes I do want to figure out some mundane things just because. And maybe I might ask someone I know to get involve in some silly fun. But I am not sure if that would make a good show. But maybe I am no fun and this is a cute little series that I am picking on. :( I’m so mean.


Eternia said...

It's hard to admire Oreki as a genius, when there is no such thing combined class in all my schools.
I hope Chitanda really has something serious to talk about. Knowing that girl, it's possible to be another stupid curiosity.

Christina said...

Eternia- He might be observant, quick on his feet, and has good deducting skills...wait that makes him smarter than all my co-workers combined! Genius he is!

No seriously he seems to just notice things more and over analyzes things like a crazy person. XD And his friends are easily impressed.

That girl is such a nut I am scared to find out her mystery. Scared it might really be lame. :(