Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fate/Zero Season Two episode 8

YAWN!!!! Such a lazy day lounging around the house. XD Just chillin and not doing much of anything. Surly more will be accomplished tomorrow. Unless there is more scary rain tomorrow. Then maybe there will be more blogging tomorrow? HAHA so silly.
Anyone else worried about Waver?
Okay. Let’s start this week off right with using the CORRECT episode numbers. Up now is Fate Zero Season Two episode 8!!! 8?! Where has the anime season gone? I need to do previews soon!! But after I catch up on the animes I am watching now of course. Spoilers for Kariya having the worst life ever!!!
Emiya gently getting information out of someone.
Episode Summary: Emiya has brushed aside his tears as he prepares to leave Maiya on the floor. He examines the bullets left on the ground, trying to make sense of what has happened. Suddenly something…disappears. Like a piece of cloth. He puts everything together and makes his way to Zoken’s house to bash in some Kariya skulls. Only the person he tries to get information out of has no idea where Kariya is. Saber in the meantime is chasing down who she thinks is Rider carrying Irisviel. She does so by nearly causing a million car accidents. She temporarily loses him but poof she spots him in the sky. With his chariot….and Waver. She chases him and Rider notices her on the ground. He was coming after her anyway so he decides to turn this into a race. They go up and down the highway as he takes to the ground and attempts to cause avalanches. Saber changes her motorcycle to catch up with the dup and is confused when she doesn’t see Irisviel. She quickly ends the battle using her ultimate spell while Rider underestimates how quickly she can power up. She leaves without saying a word and Rider and Waver are stuck in a tree with no way home.
Slightly misleading of course.
On top of some huge building Kirei and his new minion Kariya watch this all go down. Kariya had to use a few command seals on Berserker to get him to change his appearance and kidnap Irisviel. But Kirei replaces those seals and promises more as long as Kariya sticks with him. Kariya seems to think that Kirei is only a church official and seems to believe him. Kirei promises that Kariya can have his revenge on Tokiomi, if he goes to the church at midnight. Kariya goes on his way, thinking his days are numbered anyway. Kirei then addresses the person in the shadows who ends up being Zoken. He is AMUSED at all the suffering Kariya is going through and doesn’t know if he wants to win the war if that means ending Kariya’s suffering. Kariya has finally made it to the church only to find Tokiomi dead. He starts to cry over how unfair his life is when Aoi walks in. She thinks that Kariya has killed Tokiomi and goes off on him, saying that the man has never loved anyone ever. In a fit of rage he strangles Aoi while thinking of all he has done for her. Kirei and Archer watch this PLAY, enjoying the view. THE END!
Dads are amazing aren't they?
Oh my lord. People were right when they said Kariya wasn’t done suffering yet. Clearly I have forgotten every single detail of Fate/Stay Night and everything is new and exciting for me. Now excuse me while I got set up a fund to shoot Kariya in the head to end his suffering.
WOOHOO the person I can trust the most is here. Let me kill her!!!
First things first. Yay for Rider not kidnapping Irisviel. I didn’t notice that he was jumping/flying with no chariot but I took note of the time of day when the kidnapping took place and the fact that Maiya was dead on the floor. I assumed in my little brain that it had to be Berserker by power of elimination and behold I was right! I did have a 33 percent chance of being right though.
Can I have Saberized car please?
I do think it was a little silly (see special) that the real Rider happened to walk on by so it would throw Saber off. Like really? REALLY!? Kirei was probably laughing as he put his pants back on. Archer and his post sex hair would be amused that things were going unexpectedly in their favor. I wonder how things would have gone down had Saber caught up.
Why don't you ask him?!
I am a bit surprised that Saber didn’t talk to Rider at all during their fight…race? Like HEY where is Irisviel?! But maybe Saber didn’t want to show her hand? I would have formed a super temporary alliance to get Irisviel back. If she had figured out Rider hadn’t kidnapped her Master then she could still count on his to fight fair. So that is what I would have done.
Did they Burst Link too?
In Saber’s mind it was time to bring out the big guns, destroy half of the mountain side highway, and leave Rider hanging in a tree. Because that makes sense. At least he won’t be chasing her, which is maybe what she was worried about? Being ganged up on when she actually did find Irisviel and the kidnapper. Goober Saber. I think she passed up on an easier way to save Irisviel. Maybe that goes back to a pride thing.
Just a minor set back.....
I think Rider is having the time of his life. I bet he has never felt like this before. He was apparently looking for Saber so he could pound some sense into her delicate female mind. And instead of a battle he was going to solve all their problems with a race. Yes Saber will see the error of her ways if you beat her in a race. Ah such joy in his little heart. It is like he understands how messed up this War really is…but is still going to play his way. But now he is stuck in a tree. With a positive attitude of course. Like oppies byebye chariot? Can that not regenerate? Of course he is saving his super spell for Archer but he can’t use that if he is dead. Being dead will affect the “winning” process. I was scared that Waver was going to meet his end but then I remembered Saber was the attacker so all should be well. Now they have to walk home. Killing people, bad. Destroying major highways okay.
Watch out for motorcycles indeed.
OH! I almost forgot to talk about Saber’s motorcycle. I am not a vehicle kind of girl. When asked what my dream car is I tell people blue. I really don’t care about them. Last Anime Weekend Atlanta we played a game called Educate Tenchi on Car Models and if you asked me to recall that information I would fail miserably. With all that said….even I could see how amazing that motorcycle was! Like hot damn! The Rider class needs to take a spin in my car and instantly pimp my ride. So shiny. So many figurine opportunities now. Because there wasn’t before right?
So amazing it took Kariya two command seals to pull it off? SO AMAZING!
So Berserker is the kidnapper and his class DOES have a transformation ability. And it all makes sense now. I am a special little Tenchi. If no one can tell who Berserker is that must be because he is hiding his identity as we speak. Duh Tenchi duh. I guess I just assumed that it was a cloaking device, not that he could keep changing appearance. But I wonder why it cost two command seals to use? One to change into Rider and one to kidnap Saber? Berserker is the worst Servant ever.
Is this for real?! X__X
Kirei is the most evil person ever. I know you all keep telling me it is Emiya I should hate but MOG! He is sitting there acting like he is going to help Kariya win when in reality…look what he is doing?! Oh hi have some more seals so you can stay long enough for me to torture you more! I really can’t blame Kariya for being confused and believing in this crazy person because he is barely functional at this point. Does everyone even met the Church official before the War starts? So yes it is understandable Kariya is all confused.
Have I mentioned I hate bugs?
Oh and wtf is up with Zoken?! I understand he is a messed up vampire like immortal worm god but DAMN!!!! He is making his son suffer for fun?! He is willing to lose the war because it might be more amusing to watch how many tiny pieces his son can break into?! How much sense does that make? He doesn’t know there is going to be a redo in a few years so basically he is like psht maybe in the next 60 years? This is all insane to me. Yes Kariya left the family and basically left them with no heir. But he came back and there is a back up Sakura? So why the delight?! Insanity?!
Oh it is just your life blowing up before your eyes. That's what.
But Zoken missed the main act. Kariya thought he was going to get revenge on Tokiomi. Which by the way deserved a punch in the face. Threw his daughter to a crazy family because growing up as a human would be horrible. Now for the sake of Rin I don’t think Kariya would and should have killed Tokiomi. And if Aoi wanted to marry that guy…well it is hard to blame Tokiomi. If she was forced into that marriage then Kariya could be pissed.
What did you do to deserve all this?!
Kariya gets nothing though. Tokiomi is already dead. No revenge for him. I was hoping that Kirei was going to set it up so Kariya could think he killed Tokiomi but no. Clearly this was all a set up so Kirei could get custody of Rin. Back up plan kids! I don’t know if he thought Kariya was going to kill Aoi but he was counting on her losing her mind and breaking Kariya at the same time. Either way no one would be left to take care of Rin besides Kirei. Did Kirei steal Emiya’s ultimate plan book on thinking ahead?
Um....yeah. Uncalled for. And your husband is at fault with Sakura, not Kariya.
While Aoi didn’t deserve to die…she was a bitch. BITCH! You have never loved anyone before baloney? I am going to forgive her for not noticing that Tokiomi was stiff as a board and Kariya probably didn’t kill her husband. But DAMN FOLKS! Didn’t Kariya rescue Rin? Didn’t he promise to help out Sakura? DOES HE LOOK IN GOOD SHAPE RIGHT NOW?! Notice how he left the family and only came back to help you. I understand you are grieving and you don’t understand what he has been through…but yeah. Harsh words. Just slather on the hate for Kariya.
Pushed over the edge into crazyland.
Kariya strangling Aoi. Yeah that was uncalled for. In most circumstances I would blame the person for not handling their emotions better. That adults are responsible for how they handle things and temporary insanity is not acceptable in most circumstances. However…it is almost like Kariya is a pawn in Kirei’s game. Or as Archer says a play. A tragic character that will experience every hardship ever. It’s almost like he isn’t real at this point. So while usually I would be like OH SNAP he did that it is almost expected at this point.
Ah young love. Bonding over the tragedy that is Romeo and Juliet.
Kirei and Archer end the episode with their enjoying the wine and the show Kariya put on. Kirei wants to see more suffering. Probably because he is an insane person who likes the suffering of others. These last few episodes have been so emotionally charged. How much more can these characters suffer? Oh wait Saber doesn’t know who Berserker really is? Oh I see…:(


Eternia said...

We know it, the author loves to torture his characters, just like what he did in Madoka. Their sufferings are too cruel, unimaginable and unreal; so that I simply sighs and shrugs them off.
While I cried gallons of tears while watching Clannad After Story.
However, F/Z still got 10 on my animelist, because the godly studio UFOtable has created godly CGI on all the battle scenes. Compare Scarlet Rain's missiles with Berserker's missiles and Gate of Babylon's strikes, they are earth and heaven apart. Saber is super cool in driving, so that I might go yuri on her. It's only nice to be watched, though. I know I will faint if I were sitting on the back.
4 more servants to go, 4 masters remaining + 1 Irisviel. ONLY 4 more episode to go. I read the novel long ago, but there should still three, no, four more major battles to happen. The remaining episode should be action packed, full of over-dramatic scenes (lol), and (hopefully) more godly CGI battles. I can't wait for Saturday!

Anonymous said...

That was a Very nice chase scene, and I have no idea that Invisible Air can do that! Image what it will be look like if a car gets that kind fashion.

Rider is such a bro. His love for modern vertical and its competition are just awesome. He also sacrificed his Chariot to save Waver, or else Waver would not be able to protect himself when charged into Excalibur’s attack. Gee, why are you so awesome Rider, you will make me cry a river when you are gone!!!
Kariya, what a sh**ty life you lived, the moment you ask Kirei for help is what seals your fate. Well, actually the moment you asked Zouken for help is. Anyway, you are screwed man. Urobochi must have a LOT emotion for you to give you such a fate.

The animation scene that leads to Aoi’s death was very well done. Especially the confront b/w Aoi and Kariya in that church---she walks toward her dead husband’s body, and he was petrified and dumbstruck looked at her as she walks in in that eerily long silent. There are so much dark emotions: cry, anger, hate, jealousy, sadness and regret. Well done Ufotable, well done!

Gatx375 said...

Zouken's not a Dead Apostle or True Ancestor. Kariya in the first episode called Zouken a vampire to insult him because of the way Zouken is prolonging his life.

Ufotable did change the Aoi scene a little. In the Light Novel as soon as Kariya realized he was strangling Aoi he released her.

I wish Ufotable did the animation for the Fate/Stay Night anime. Ufotable's cgi's = win. They've adapted Fate/Zero and Kara no Kyoukai very well. It would've been nice to see Fate/Stay Night adapted better.

Yuri for Saber? Yays =D If I was a female I'd probably go yuri for Stay Night's Rider. More importantly though, the last few episodes are going to be absolutely amazing. I'm so looking forward to the final battles.

Anonymous said...

Quote form gandalf8
> Saber used Invisible Air to create a cocoon of air around herself and her bike to reduce air friction and thus letting her bike move at its maximum potential <
This explains the speed part.

And that guy who Kiritsugu shot out of anser from, I think he is Shinji's dad.

It is funny to see Rider and Waver had to walk back hom/town.
Can you imagining Rider trying to hail a cab.......

.........and then promptly demanding that the driver move over so he can take it for a spin.

Anonymous said...

I think Aoi blamed Kariya because the Matou family wouldn’t have needed Sakura if he had stayed/trained.

Also, she was not in a right state of mind when she saw her husband dead. Although Kariya should have explained the situation, but that’s overestimating his rational thinking, and he DID intend to kill Tokiomi. I suppose he was too shocked to respond when he sees Aoi appeared.

Below is a spoiler for Aoi, I do not known if it really is a spoiler, but I got the feeling we won't seeing her anymore so......
You have been warned! Tenchi, could you add a spoiler button in the future?

If I remembered correctly, I think in the book it mentioned Aoi didn’t die, she did however suffered brain damage from the suffocation.

they did make it look like she died though in this episode.


However the icing on the sh*t cake for Kariya is that the one he loved never even realised that he loved them, I think that is true tragedy, but then again, for him, the word, "tragedy" is an understatement.

Saber!!! Your are just so H.O.T. And not to mention she had to wield a sword while riding it at full speed.

No spoiling, but judging through the preview, in the next ep, Kiritsugu will be tested in the most Urobuchi way possible.

Christina said...

So many comments! Just proves how popular this show is XD

Eternia- He must be either a very talented person....or had a rough childhood. Such torture for his characters. But I guess it is successful because we keep on watching.

The show is animated so well but in the back of my mind I keep thinking how much the Blu-Rays are going to cost. Amazingness has a price after all. I do wonder what it would look like on a TV verses my tiny computer screen. The attention to every single detail is amazing. I don't even want to think how long it takes to make those battle scenes.

So many battles, so little time. So why am I slacking on the episodes? Trying to make it last longer?

Anonymous- That motorcycle scene was so amazing and I don't particularly like cars/motorcycles. XD Although it is a bit cheatery that Saber gets such powers as it would make more sense that Rider would have more command of vehicles.

Rider has harsh moments and sometimes I roll my eyes at what he has to say about Saber. But he really does care about Waver. I hope that Waver (well lives) looks back on what Rider has done and taught him. You know, not turn into a crazy mage.

Everything about Kariya is horrible and sad. Obviously people shouldn't put their hands on each other in anger but at this point Kariya is the walking dead, a zombie. Everything that is horrible in this world. Le sigh.

Gatx375- Vampires should look hot. Or at least look how they looked when they turned. Not...some hollowed out skull man. GROSS!

At this point it might be better if Aoi is dead. Maybe Rin turns out better if she is away from her crazy parents.

Christina said...

Anonymous 2- The thought of Rider hailing a cab is hilarious. Everyone will pass them by in a panic and Rider will look all confused.

Anonymous 3- Aoi needs to be blaming her FRUITFUL WOMB. Okay that was pretty stupid of him to say but Aoi married into this family on purpose, knowing what could happen. So after Rin was born, time to tie the tubes, get snipped, take birth control, and have a stair case as a back up plan. Blaming Kariya for wanting to leave his crazy ass family is...well crazy.

It does look like Aoi dies in this episode. But if she lives and has brain damage it will probably be the same for Kariya. He would never get the one person he was working so hard for. Obviously I am not saying handicapped people are better off dead but her husband is gone, her daughter Sakura has been taken away, and Rin will be taken away because she can't care for her.

I think that spoiler is acceptable, as it looks like she dies so you are just saying how things are different. XD Either way Kariya is messed up for the rest of his brief sad life.