Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Accel World episode 8: Hailstorm Domination!

XO Rain?! On my Memorial Day? For some reason it was decided we were closed at the pizza place today. So this is the second Monday in forever that the husband and I have had off together. And it is raining. Le sigh. But I did ask for it not to rain last week on our official vacation so I can’t be too greedy. So basically I asked for the rain to wait for a major vacation week for most people. I sacrificed many to save myself WOOHOO!!
New favorite character maybe?!
So since it is raining the husband is downloading movies. Will probably post this after watching said movies. I think they might be old animated movies that I haven’t seen yet (why yes I haven’t seen either Cars movies). Will snuggle with my new Brave plushie and send the afternoon with the husband. In an attempt to get some blogging done today..here is Accel World episode 8! Eight this time! Spoilers for Haruyuki not receiving proper training.
Kicking so much butt by herself. XD
Episode Summary: Haruyuki, Takumu, and Kuroyuki are trying to expand her territory during the…expand your territory day/event. Things are going well on Kuroyuki and Takumu’s part but Haruyuki turns into a one trick pony which other players quickly catch and use to their advantage. The result is Kuroyuki not gaining any new territory at all. Haruyuki feels responsible and downloads an illegal app to make him train faster. Or get shot in the head. Takumu and Haruyuki talk about Brain Burst on the way home from school. Chiyuri feels a little left out and the punishment for that is more ice cream! Haruyuki arrives home only to find a happy young girl claiming to be his second cousin. Haruyuki is skeptical she is even real let alone his cousin Tomoko. Still she makes him cookies and smiles a whole lot so he doesn’t throw her out. After blushing over the cuteness of his cousin Haruyuki takes a bath and realizes this is all too good to be true. After looking through family photos and finding the real Tomoko he starts to doubt this all. Tomoko comes in to take a bath with him and Haruyuki calls her out on her lies. Tomoko quickly turns into a crazy person threatening to kill Haruyuki and what not. But it is hard to fear someone who trips and falls in the bath tub. Haruyuki of course catches her by her boobies or where her boobies would be if she wasn’t 11 which gives her more reason to hate him.
I would hope you would remember having a little sister. Either that or you have a really deceptive parent.
Instead of freaking out Haruyuki calls Kuroyuki who is taking a bath. She admonishes him about not learning all the names in Accel World and says the person he is talking about is the Red King. Upon that being announced Tomoko and her clothes run in and it is battle time! Red King has a tiny avatar but it morphs to have a huge piece of battle armor surround her tiny frame. Haruyuki tries attacking at first but then tries to force Red King to destroy herself. Her armor proves to be that tough and it leaves Haruyuki dodging missiles. He attempts to take down her huge machine but she sheds it and moves one step to avoid his attack. As Haruyuki lays defeated Red King tells Haruyuki to give his Master a message. At school the next day Haruyuki informs Kuroyuki of what has happened. She seems a bit upset that Haruyuki doesn’t know everything about the game but forgives him. Kuroyuki brushes aside the fact that people want her out of the game after what she has done. But she gets sad thinking about the previous Red King, the one she took out. Apparently she liked him. Haruyuki apologizes and says he will never turn on her. Friends first, game second. Haruyuki thinks that Kuroyuki had to endure that before, Master and Servant turning on each other and vows that it won’t happen again. THE END!
WEEE! This show is chugging rolling right along. Are we all around for the ride? Buckle up and prepare for a game whose rules aren’t all going to be explained to you.
This looks like the BORED NOW face.
I think the boys need to be careful with their Brain Burster talk. One reason would be…they are just talking about it in the open. Do boys not direct link with each other as it would be perceived as being a couple? Either way keep your private conversations private. But another reason they need to keep their talks indoors is because of Chiyuri. She isn’t part of this exclusive club….yet and she is feeling left out. And it is an understandable jealously. Would you want your boyfriend going on and on about a game with someone else when he should be spending time with you? Didn’t think so. But since Chiyuri will probably join at some point maybe this is just planting the seeds.
Poor Haruyuki though. He is trying so hard but this abilities in this game are like a roller coaster. One week he is on top and the next week he crashes and burns. Although I am not sure how much land three whole characters should be allowed to control. Guess I thought those legions should be bigger. But if you are king you are king! It really helps out that they can’t be totally outnumbered but they are still out level. Sad that Haruyuki thinks he is at fault and he is taking bullets to the brain to improve his abilities.
Must be hard being lectured by a bird looking thing.
However….he really does need to change it up. Sometimes amazing but predictable moves do work…when your opponent is the computer. But when your opponents are real life human beings who can change their strategies to match yours…flying in the air is only going to get you so far. Sure no one has really seen a flying avatar before. But they got long ranged weapons. You are not that special Mr. Piggy.
HAHAHA...and no.
Is Japan really a nation of not knowing your distant relatives? If someone was in my house saying they were my second cousin…I would call the police and let them work it out. I find this all hard to believe since the Japanese tend to have smaller families anyway. Not this herd of Uncles and Aunts I have which resulted in cousins that I have never even met. Yes folks I have not met some of my cousins and I find this scenario unbelievable. I would be like oh you are related to me…PAPERWORK! Because that is how I roll.
WTF is this happy and perverted face?!
That being said Haruyuki was pretty gross. His cousin “Tomoko”….she looks pretty young. He even commented that she looked like she was in 5th grade. So what was with the blushy face?! Doesn’t he have a hot girlfriend or at least age appropriate person who has a crush on him? So what is the gross face when thinking of his cousin? EWWW!
Such a large and scary head. X__X
I was almost buying the innocent grade school act. Almost. Of course I was super impressed at “Tomoko” using the oven. Of course I hate making any kind of food so maybe my mom sensed this and kept me away from the oven. Or maybe the Japanese teach their kids how to make meals early on because by the time they are 15 they will be abandoned in most animes. But I thought it was weird when she said she didn’t like the link thing. It would have made more sense for her to be wearing it and not having it on. But then she wanted to take a bath with her male cousin? Yep out the door with believability.
A smart person would have been able to remember their relatives.
I love how Haruyuki had to look up family pictures to confirm that “Tomoko” wasn’t his cousin. I would have been looking up other things, not family pictures where people might be absent. I found this so amusing I might put aside the fact that there was another boob grabbing scene. MIGHT! Didn’t we have one a few weeks ago? Is this how Haruyuki says hi to everyone?
Clearly everything is your fault forever!
However…I am not really feeling how Haruyuki is supposed to know everything about this game. Like he is supposed to memorize all the avatar names in this world? And they have second names? That there are hints to their names? Kuroyuki was a little harsh with him. Also maybe she should have picked up on the fight he was in deep trouble when he was asking her questions.
So much insanity I LOVE IT!
Upon learning that his not cousin “Tomoko” (whose real name is Yuniko) is the Red King…Haruyuki stayed and battled. That was pretty brave. Haruyuki figured out what was going on pretty fast. A little too fast, you are after my Master?! But I sorta enjoyed crazy Yuniko. I wish there were more scenes of her rather than Haruyuki getting his butt kicked by a non moving avatar. Insanity at its best.
Why are you picking on the poor level 4? :(
I am not sure how Haruyuki could have done better in the battle. He had no time to prepare or research his opponent. She is 5 levels higher than him and has been playing the game a lot longer. And during that time she put all her bonuses into one skill that would help her take down a type like Haruyuki. He was going to be splatted no matter what. So don’t feel bad Haruyuki, you did your best.
Look at innocent little me!
Again with the nonlinking. Kuroyuki and Haruyuki just talking out in the open. I am glad she wasn’t too hard on Haruyuki as most of this stuff is never his fault. I was slightly disappointed she wasn’t in a wheelchair or something. Just totally glossing over the fact that she was nearly killed by a car aren’t they?
You should have taken him out last then?
Kuroyuki seems to be taking it in stride that the Red King wants her dead. Like oh okay someone hates me, this is okay. But then Kuroyuki started walking down memory lane and got emotional. FEELING! I have to confess I had a little eye rolling moment during this part. They were just told of the rule that to reach level 10 you had to take out other level 9ers. So what does Kuroyuki do? Take out the person she has a crush on? I believe this. Totally believe. Whatever happened to making alliances? Saving that person for last? Nope Kuroyuki is like I have feelings for you so CHOP! Wouldn’t it have made more sense to take out his girlfriend first? Or are we dealing with the girlfriend right now? There are a lot of questions in this paragraph.
Just don't level up to 9 and that couldn't be a problem.
So in conclusion take pictures of all your relatives, hide your cute avatar in a fortress of English attacks, and Haruyuki will find a way to touch your boobies. Believe that. Next week….more butt kicking? Hopefully.


Eternia said...

It's really a sudden time skip, because Haruyuki is Lv. 4 now. And I believe you can assign skill points when you level up. However, what kind of new skill that Haruyuki obtained? He looks totally the same to me. Don't tell he forgot to use them? But he's supposed to be really good at games. Or it's just Takumu being too weak for always loses to him.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Chiryu want Ice-Cram AGAIN! Gee, I still think it is UN-fair that she never get fat, still, again?!

Himei is really open about her love, ne? I mean, you can see that especially during her and Haru's morning talk. I do not known if anyone in real life is that open about their feelings. That is call courage!

Still, did you see her hand/fist? She was Oh-So-Definitely angry! I think she is more upside to know he and the loli are in a bath than him knowing more rules. A jealous type?

Also, there seems to be a relationship, I am not sure it is “like/love”, because it did not mention it so, b/w the 1st Red King and Himei, I am curious about the kings' past relationships now.

Christina said...

Eternia- That timeskip must have been when Kuroyuki got all better. Usually one does not get creamed by a car and is okay at school a few weeks later. Of course their technology is better. Still..time skips. Bleh. I wish his skill set would have been explained. Like yes put points into your armor as you are constantly losing body parts!

Anonymous- Ice cream is amazing. Maybe when she hits her 30's her metabolism will crap out. Of course...I am a few years shy of 30 and I don't want to stop eating ice cream....Go Chiyuri!!!

Kuroyuki really does have some anger issues. She came across so mature in the first few episodes it is interesting to see her upset moments.

I am interested in this Red King/Kuroyuki relationship. Because I usually don't go around cutting off the heads of the people I like. Not at first anyway. Maybe I save them for last. XD Something else must have happened....