Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hyouka episode 3

XO I meant to have another post up today but it was pretty rainy and the lightening was bad in my house. Lightening? Why is that important? Because something came in the mail the other day that needs pictures of. XD But since my pictures are already special I can’t be taking them in the gloomy dark. So maybe if the weather cooperates or if some magical elves come in my house and give me better lightening there might be a nendoroid post tomorrow? Maybe? XD
Someone is ready for the Hunger Games! Fabulous!!!!
But for now it is Hyouka episode 3 time. Such an amazing mystery show….In any event spoilers for illegal behavior!
Does Houtarou own a time machine?
Episode Summary: Houtarou tries his best not to be bored as Eru works up the courage to tell him her problem. She blurts out that she needs Houtarou to help her remember something her Uncle said. Houtarou is like…..check please? Eru then promises to explain. It turns out that Eru has always been…..annoying? Special? She used to ask her Uncle questions all the time and he always humored her. Like Houtarou only nicer. But once when Eru brought up the Classic Club that he was a part of things got tense. Something happened. Whatever the Uncle’s answer was about the Classic Club caused Eru to freak out. She was so traumatized by the experience she forgot what her Uncle said. And she can’t ask her Uncle now what he said as he went overseas 7 years ago and he has been missing ever since. Eru wants to find out now as her family is planning on having a symbolic funeral for her Uncle as he has been missing for far too long now. Houtarou listens to this story and thinks to himself he doesn’t really care…and he won’t be able to solve it. But Eru looks sad and says her efforts to ask staff about things that happened 45 years ago have not gone too well. Imagine that. Houtarou basically says he won’t go out of his way to help her but will keep an eye out for anything that might help her. Eru is overjoyed and they continue to drink their overpriced drinks. 

Over the next couple weeks there aren’t any club activities as they have midterms. Houtarou and his energy suffer greatly. After exams Houtarou gets a letter from his sister who informs him where the anthologies are kept. Houtarou tells Eru and Mayaka that the books are kept in the medical cabinet in the old club room. So they make their way to that particular room but are stopped by an upperclassmen. He is immediately shady and goes on and on about how they can’t come in and the books aren’t there. He seems very scared of Eru but glares at Houtarou. Houtarou tries to leave but Mayaka makes him stay. They eventually make it into the room but can’t find the books. Houtarou figures out what the guy is hiding and says he is going to bring their club supervisor by later. 5 minutes later the books are in the current club house. Houtarou explains to the girls that the guy was smoking and was afraid his parents were going to find out via Eru’s important family. After Satoshi and his costume wearing self burst in they look over the books. Eru discovers in volume 2 the underclassmen talk about how her Uncle did SOMETHING amazing the previous year but it is not mentioned what it is. Panicked Eru goes to find book one but OH SNAP it is the only book not in the stack. THE END! 

YAWN!!! Am I going to fall asleep before I finish typing this? Do I need booze to get through this? What? I don’t believe in wasting money on booze? Dang. How about ice cream? XD
Houtarou vision! Enter the purple.
Sometimes I feel like Houtarou has too much pent up energy and thus sometimes his vision is trippy. Like he is on drugs only it is his own energy. Like when someone loses one of their 5 senses but the other 4 become stronger. So since Houtarou bottles up his energy is able to think a little faster…and see the world via Alice in Wonderland type glasses. Case in point was the first minute of this show.
Scandalous indeed.
Eru says she is not the kind of girl who goes around talking about her past. Which I can respect. Sometimes people want to be private. Especially in the Japanese culture. However…..I am not quite sure I would apply this…story to that kind of privacy. Once my Uncle said something to me and it was weird. Please let me keep this private as it is personal and embarrassing. I mean…not that telling her girlfriends would make the mystery be solved any faster. Just I am not feeling how Houtarou was the only one who could know this deep dark secret.
The truth is the Classic Club was actually an escort business back then. THERE! I said it!
As for the mystery itself….I see. Uncle answers questions, doesn’t want to talk about Classic Club, and the truth was so horrible Eru had to block it out. And whatever happened in the Classic Club took place 45 years ago. Must be an older Uncle indeed. X__X Even if Houtarou was the nicest person in the world I think the answer to this request should still be no. Yes I know how it can feel to dwell on a though and wonder the what ifs…but Houtarou is not a miracle worker. He seems to do well in current situations when he can observe the factors and how people are reacting. But a mystery that is 45 years old and has basically no facts…yeah Eru is wishing for too much.
Well given the fact that you were a young girl and young girls cry all the time...I am going to assume your Uncle ran over a dog.
So what do I think the mystery is going to end up being? Probably something lame. It won’t be a death or a pregnancy. Although what if Uncle has been missing all these years because of this one incident. That Eru and her questioning sent him over the edge and he had to go into hiding. If that was the case it won’t be mentioned even in passing by the following year’s students right? So I guess I am flip flopping. I don’t have a real serious answer for now…so I will pick that Uncle fell in love with a Teacher and he has been living with her ever since. Let’s go with that and I will update my guess with more serious answers. Or maybe even sillier ones.
I think the only fun life in a Japanese person's life is between the ages of 19 to 24. All these animes about fun high school lives are a LIE!
It seems rather early to be having midterms. Is this series going to cover their entire time in high school? I don’t think so as Eru wants the mystery solved before the “funeral”. But episode 3 and midterms? Maybe I am misunderstanding the word midterms. In any event it felt like a cope out, time that Houtarou didn’t have spend trying to solve Eru’s mystery.
Why don't you ask Mayaka for help in digging those holes...I mean solving the mystery?
Mayaka joined the Classics Club. News to me. But since I don’t even know what the Classics Club even is I guess it doesn’t matter. I mean I can guess what the Classics Club is all about…just not sure why anyone would want to join it. But yeah Mayaka probably likes books since she volunteers at the library and she has found a fellow sparkle buddy in Eru. Just BAM she has joined the club. Which helps out when Satoshi is at one of his other clubs.
I wish I had a magical sibling...but I am the oldest. :(
Houtarou has a magical sister who helps the plot along. Oh hi are you going to write an anthology for your school festival? This is where all the old ones are in case you were wondering XOXOXOXOXO! Yes a special moment to keep the plot moving. Eru and Mayaka were having a meltdown at the possibility of not finding the silly books. Like wtf do they not know what the Classics Club either? In any event Houtarou and his lazy self have already worked out where the anthologies are. Medical cabinet indeed.
This is life and death Mr. Not Wearing a Uniform!!!!
I am not going to bother with the upper classmen’s name. He was creepy though. Way over the top. I did think his reaction to Eru was a bit over the top. But since he was trying to hide something and Eru’s family is slightly important…I don’t know. It just seemed over the top. Well the entire scenario was over the top but I am having a hard time buying these powerful family thing.
You would think he was making bombs in there or something!!!
But moving on…DEAR LORD! How desperate is this kid?! Got basically laser beams in the hall, smokes hiding in a medical cabinet, fan set up to the open window, not letting anyone in the room, and all that other craziness. They are cigarettes! It wasn’t a dead hooker, a 7 year old boy/girl, or a dead body. IT WILL BE OKAY! I mean….I guess in a country where people are being arrest for downloading anime illegally it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that underage smoking is bad. Really bad. Horribly bad.
The worse thing EVER!!!!
Again I am not seeing how Houtarou is amazing. I HATE the smell of cigarettes. I had an amazing time in Japan a year ago (…….a year ago…. :( ) and one of the things I can remember and wasn’t fond of was the smoking going on in the restaurants. Some of the streets were designated nonsmoking zones. So I am just going to assume that everyone knows what cigarette smoke smells like. Even if you put Frebreeze on yourself you are still going to smell like cigarettes…and Frebreeze. But I am the girl at work who thinks EVERYTHING smells and am the first person to notice said smells. So….maybe I am above average!!! Woohoo cookies for me!
Look at his insane face!! X___X
Overall maybe if Upperclassman hadn’t been SO insane about covering up his actions no one would have found out. I thought it was funny how angry he was getting at Houtarou and he tried to throw around the upper classmen/under classmen rules. Yet he was in the wrong so what could he really say? But I guess it was amusing how Houtarou handled things under…pressure I guess.
Not sure why Eru thinks that now...but since this series is 21 episodes long I doubt she drops it. XD
So once they got the dang books there was still over dramatic crap. Well when they couldn’t find the first volume. That part was over dramatic. But Eru went a little X__X. Read this Houtarou! It is a clue. Actually this was a good thing….45 years ago I am surprised these little books are still around. So in the 2nd anthology talks about how the Classic Club recently said goodbye to their senior member, who is Eru’s Uncle. SOMETHING happened but there was no great detail given. Very vague. Uncle did something epic, left a legend, but it was something that shouldn’t be remembered. Just a tiny bit of information but Eru and her sparkle eyes were ready for Houtarou to solve everything!
I was never afraid jerk!
But never fear Houtarou is here! Even though those clues are very…sketchy at best. And his best friend is wearing a cool costume. Surely they can figure this mystery out… will just take 18 more weeks. Yay……poor Houtarou’s reserved energy. It shall be used up this year won’t it?


Eternia said...

SNOOZE. SNOOZE. Thanks god this is just 20 minutes show, or I may fall asleep halfway. Can't he just lock the door, and smoke near the window? And put the cigarettes in his trouser's pocket? Also, Mr. Energy Conservation sure doesn't have eyes for women, huh.

-Being curious of every little things.
-Eyes go sparkly on daily basis.
-Asking questions non stop.
Those things are cute when you are only five years old, but as a teenager? No way.

Why bother with something which happened 45 years ago? Any sort of criminal act would be past the expiry date already! And nobody cares about an heroic act performed by a middle school half a century ago!

Christina said...

Eternia- I want to like this show so bad...but you can't like something just because of past shows from the same makers. Just doesn't make sense even if I am trying to do it. XD

The smoking mystery was so much to do about nothing. Smoking dude made things so much more complicated than they needed to be. Find some empty spot on the way home and smoke if you are that afraid of getting caught. Infrared detectors and secret places all over the place? Insane.

You are so right! She would be cute...if she was 5. Now she is boarding on having a development problem. Very slow indeed.

I can't imagine the mystery involving the Uncle can be THAT serious or it wouldn't have been in the anthology. If someone died or got knocked up one would not mention it in front of teachers. And Eru seems...emotionally crazy at times so maybe her Uncle told her something small and she lost her mind. Who knows at this point.