Sunday, May 20, 2012

Accel World episode SEVEN! X__X

Hello my lovely readers. Does today end in y? Then yes I still hate my job and it sucked today. XD Maybe one day I can write MOG today was awesome and amazing and I have the best co-workers. But until then I am stuck with customers screaming that we put collard greens on their pizzas (WTF?! X__X) and co-workers who think I am stupid because they don’t know what kind of dressing automatically comes with Caesar salads. If you answer ranch…well you might be my co-worker! But I doubt it because then you would spend more of your shifts talking about banging hoes in parks and malls and I doubt that kind of person reads my blog…or do they XO
I wish we had a bonus payment at work. Applied to rude customers and problem people.
So in between doing hoes on park benches and serving eggplant on pizzas enjoy my new blog post. Accel World episode 7 woohoo! Spoilers for an avatar not made of metal! Also many apologizes for getting so many episode numbers wrong this week! What was my brain thinking?!
But I made a victory snack!
Episode Summary: Chiyuri shows up to cheer Takumu on at his kendo tournament only to find out he quit. SHOCKING! Of course Takumu is going through some shocking stuff at the moment too. He asks Kuroyuki why she is challenging him to a duel and she basically tells him…because. And elsewhere Haruyuki is shockingly not beat up for touching someone’s boobies. The bouncer introduces herself as Aqua Current. She determines that Haruyuki didn’t mean to discover her identity and will help him earn enough points to be safe (over 50 is the safe point to her). She doesn’t seem concern with the boob touching and immediately registers them for a battle with higher level characters. Haruyuki panics as they are much higher than they are but Aqua Current explains that because of the level difference they will be safer if they do lose the points (IE not as many points it any are lost). Haruyuki seems impressed and wonders if that is one of the reasons Aqua Current stays at level 1. She says there is another reason that maybe she will tell him later. But for now it is morphin time!
Typin in the air!
They end up in some toxic swamp map and Aqua Current is….a clear water person avatar thing. As they ready for battle Takumu is trying to ask Kuroyuki why she is battling him. She tells him that she found out he quit the kendo club and she wants to know why. He says because he did wrong. Kuroyuki gets pissed off because she thinks Takumu is going to uninstall Brain Burst the second he gets Haruyuki to a high enough level. Back at the main battle Aqua Current explains they are fighting a sand and nickel team. Haruyuki doesn’t do so hot as Silver is a great conductor of electricity. While Aqua Current watches Haruyuki get beat up Takumu is not having much luck with Kuroyuki. She says that Kuroyuki feels so much guilt about what he has done and that he is not perfect that is why he wants to punish himself. But since he has never fought together with people he doesn’t understand how wonderful Brain Burst can be. She leaves Takumu to think about what she has said.
In Haruyuki’s battle he is down most of his HP and the Nickel avatar taunts their teamwork. Haruyuki says he trusts Aqua Current…but then nearly get taken out. At the last possible second and with a crash (remembrance) course in chemistry Aqua Current is able to beat both opponents with Haruyuki’s help. Aqua Current is able to get Haruyuki up to over 50 points and he is so happy he wants to meet up again. Suddenly Aqua Current makes them Duel again, this time claiming she is going to take his points as that is her true payment. Haruyuki decides not to fight, that he meant it when he said he trusted her. Aqua Current sorta smiles…and erases his memories of her. Haruyuki opens his eyes…and wonders why he is sitting in a booth for two and why there is an empty tea cup. But his points are back up over 50 so who cares right? Haruyuki is greeted warmly by Chiyuri the next morning and while things are slightly awkward things seem positive. Suddenly Takumu and his glasses wearing self walks by wearing their school uniform. Clearly he told his mother about the cheating and quit his Smarty school. After going to the teacher’s office he passes Kuroyuki who seems happy that Takumu has made the right decision. It is picture perfect with everyone happy THE END!
Wai I want to go there now! :(
This episode had no ice cream in it. Therefore it was made of complete fail. But maybe after eating all that deliciousness….Chiyuri threw up everything she has ever eaten and has vowed never to eat ice cream even though she joked around with Haruyuki. Poor ice cream.
Good thing she announced that. I was almost confused.
Takumu and Kuroyuki…it wasn’t that interesting of a battle. It couldn’t have been interesting. If it had been interesting it wouldn’t have been believable. Because Kuroyuki is level 9 and Takumu is not. If she had lost then this whole show would make no sense. Even if Takumu was trying and fighting back Kuroyuki should have beat him in five seconds and called it a day. So this battle wasn’t really a battle. More like a lecture with a few slaps and kicks. I guess it is good I wasn’t expecting much from this battle. A caterpillar verses a bird indeed.
I can get behind this answer.
I…think I am okay with Takumu quitting kendo. He should have been more articulate with Kuroyuki. He should have said I really didn’t earn kendo with my true ability. I want to be proud of myself and earn things on my own ability. That would have made sense. Very relatable. So I am a bit sad he didn’t convey that to Kuroyuki.
See forgiveness is better when it happens at a slower pace. Better for everyone.
With that said Kuroyuki….maybe she is a bit like me. Says things that are true but in a harsh way. Like oh okay Takumu you quit kendo…BECAUSE YOU SUCK! Okay maybe I am harshier than Kuroyuki. But she was like um no, you are just trying to make yourself feel better because you felt as if you haven’t suffered enough. Haruyuki and Chiyuri forgiving Takumu is just too much for him to bear…which is understandable. They did forgive him very fast. He probably needed to suffer at their hands a little more so he wouldn’t punish himself. Now I don’t know if it was necessary to Kuroyuki to do this in battle but meh. She was just in the hospital. Maybe punching Takumu would have hurt her.
Yeah she brought back all your kendo stuff that you should have been wearing at your match today but I will question nothing.
In the end Chiyuri was not happy to find out that Takumu quit kendo and dug around in the trash to find his stuff. At least I think it was in the trash. What a waste anyway, should have donated it to the club or something. I do find it odd that the kendo person Chiyuri was talking to was rather calm. But I am not going to assume that was the captain that got him involved with Brain Burst because last time I assumed and was terribly wrong. I just find Chiyuri to be amazing and mom to be….special. Like why was your stuff thrown away anyway? Oh wait she didn’t ask that. I see.
I kinda wish she oozed on people. :(
Haruyuki and the Bouncer. Aqua Current. Real names are for crazy people right Kuroyuki? I kinda like her name actually. Anyway I am glad she decided to help Haruyuki out. Of course she only did so because she decided he was clumsy. Haruyuki was able to figure out how Aqua Current was able to maintain her level 1 status for so long. As long as she fought people two or three levels higher to herself she wouldn’t lose that many points but could gain a ton.
Distracted by cute!
But for what reason is she doing this? And don’t answer because I ignored the little SPOILER button on her MyAnimeList link. She said there was two reasons and since she lied about wanting to steal Haruyuki’s points….why then? Is she trying to help lower level players that she thinks will help her favorite faction one day? Does she regret losing her friends in the game and wants to help people who were just as passionate as her? Don’t know. And now that Haruyuki has forgotten her it might be a while before we find out those reasons. Just slightly interested in why she is doing this all. Seems so lonely. And sad not being able to level…if her reason is sad.
A little help here please?
But homegirl was a pretty dang useless bodyguard. She gave him a few tips and did ONE move at the end of the battle but other than that? Haruyuki was a punching bag. Maybe that is the point of her service though? To only help out the ones that really deserve it? Haruyuki had to prove himself and she would aid him in the event he was going to lose? In any event I thought it was going to be more like leveling up a mule. Let Haruyuki sit there and she would battle tons of opponents for him. Then in the final level up battle he would end up joining in, saying he couldn’t just stand by and not earn his own points.
Ah yes......X__X
I am going to pretend that I actually graduated from high school and college and remember basic chemistry. I AM FOLKS! Because the alternative is sad :(. But it seems that one needs a knowledge of gaming terms AND high school 101 to understand Brain Burst. These avatars are complicated.
And then...wait where are you going!?
I really thought the Aqua Current saga was going to last a lot longer. Way longer. Then when she was going to take Haruyuki’s points I was like WTF…but no. She was just….well I don’t know what she was thinking. She gave a few details about herself then POOF she was erased from his memories. HMMMM I hope we see her again.
It was really Kuroyuki's hair that saved the day folks.
For the record Kuroyuki thinks it is bad for Takumu to quit kendo to punish himself but going to a lower level school is okay? I SEE FOLKS! But now everyone is together and it is all magical. YAY FUN! March towards a bright and happy future!
Haruyuki can never catch a break.


Anonymous said...

Since Aqua Current can erases others memories, does that mean all others can as well? Some amazing backdoor system anyone?

Also, if I ate that many ice-cream I could get a VERY painful stomach ache.......

Anonymous said...

Continue my last post, Tenchi, shouldn't this be Accel World episode 7, no 6?
You posted ep 6 already.....

Eternia said...

Say what? This fighting game is super IMBALANCED. She's immune to electric shock because she's made of pure water? What's next? Seeing how she slided down the tree in a shape of water drop, won't she immune to bullets and swords as well? Because they slice through the water? At this rate, even Lv 1 can beat Lv 9.

In real life, this is like mixing up Tekken and Dead or Alive, with Street Fighters and King of Fighters. No matter how good you play Jin Kazama or Kasumi; you can't win against a newbie who play Gouki; with his Hadou-ken, Shoryu-ken, Shinkuu Hadou-ken, Shoryu Hadou Reppa and Raging Demon.

So messed up.

Christina said...

I apologize for leaving the wrong episode number for so long in the title. X__X Apparently I had some brain issues last week as I did it with TWO posts. So sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous- I think it is everyone's dream as a little kid to eat that much ice cream. But then reality sets in. Something so yummy can't be that great in large doses. Such a waste if you end up with a stomach ache.

I wish to know more about this erasing memories business. Seems way too powerful for a level 1 person to have. Unless this whole Global Link thing opens up other abilities in humans....

Anonymous- :( I have no idea what happened with me last week. I feel really bad I was MIA and didn't catch these mistakes earlier. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and sorry for the last response. :(

Eternia- After viewing episode 8 I do think this game system is a little hard to understand and it seems like a lot to digest. Very complicated for an underground game in any event. Usually people read guides online to get strategies and what not but does this game even have something like that or is it that underground? In any event it is hard to keep up with all the rules. Everything has a meaning but it appears that Haruyuki was assigned this avatar, not picked. If you wanted to make a certain avatar with certain abilities that would be one thing. But to be assigned one is a bit...unfair.

If we see any pokemon attacks come up we can know for sure this game is unfair. XD