Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tenchi’s Lazy Sunday

Because I am such an amazing and interesting person. XD

Nah. XD I was just thinking about different post ideas to do today but none of them seemed long enough to justify an entire post. So I decided to just combine them all into one post.

The original title to this post was going to be WAIIII Tenchi is emotional. XD So many feelings today!

I usually spend a lot of my free time on the internets. Tokyo Wonder Festival2012 Winter is underway in Japan. Obviously I am stuck in Florida as I have not won the lottery. So I decided to waste many minutes looking at and wanting lovely little pieces of plastic. Given how limited some of these items are going to be I am not counting on owning the “event only” pieces but it is fun to dream.

Here are the ones I found LOVELY and WANT worthy:


Me thinks this will be a special buy a certain limited edition magazine type deal.


Something....not nendoroids?! I am shocked. The husband has the Yi-Gi-OH version of these.


Because I need all the Mikus in the world.


I WANT! Why must you be so expensive. Want all the extra pieces, especially the wings.


Ah you crazy pants. Inori is so cute I will forget the fact she is pretty annoying.

Pictures from all over the internets. In other words NOT MINE!

After all that I was like…guess I should blog Guilty Crown. In order to do so I visted MyAnimeList as I am the world’s worse speller. There I saw just how ANGRY people were at Inori. I only read the first couple of pages but I was surprised no one mentioned that it looked like Inori was….well not herself. Everyone was on the hate train and I found that surprising as I thought all the guys loved Inori.

Soon it was time to do some work catch-up. Since I was not AT WORK during the drama and everyone was very upset when I got there it was hard to get the whole story. Today it was time to put the pieces together. Much anger and disappointment took place. Le sigh.


SO SAD!!!! :(

The husband decided that we were going to watch the movie Up before The Walking Dead came on. I have seen only posters and knew it was about some house tied with balloons and a kid with merit badges. So I wasn’t really that interested in the movie until after the first few minutes, when the younger version of the old dude sneaks into the club house.

MOG FOLKS! This movie was SO SAD!!!! SPOILER ALERT! The wife is unable to have kids, she dies before she can fulfill her dream, and the city is looking for any excuse to kick an old man out his beloved house. The little boy wants his father to love him and HE NEVER DOES! Not even at the end of the movie. The old man has to give up everything in his house to save his new companions and he flies away thinking he DIDN’T fulfill his wife’s wish. Just… this really a kid’s movie? I was so sad after the fact guys!


Because Carol wasn't pathetic enough with an abusive dead husband.

Then I watched The Walking Dead. Dear lord people. Rick is off…acting like Shane killing people. Daryl was only on screen for a few minutes which is the real tragedy. And Lori isn’t dead. This all made me really sad and more emotional than I already was. I really thought they were going to find Sophia. Add in the fact that Carl is acting like a miniShane and the fact that Hershel REALLY thought you could cure a zombie (a zombie missing VITAL ORGANS)…just so very sad.

Then I decided to watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Usually this show is about rich or pretending to be rich women having adventures and screaming at each other. Which they did. Over rather stupid things. Also one of the ladies thinks when you go to South Africa to see the bush you can tell the hotel staff to do your hair and make-up. But at the end of the episode the woman go and buy tons of supplies for schools and an orphanage. OH LORD FOLKS! All those poor kids smiling and singing to the ladies. Seeing how very little they had but were able to smile anyway. Just BAWL! And I generally hate kids. X__X What is with me tonight?!

Then while I was writing this I got news that Kanye West won at the Grammy Awards. How many more tears do I need to shed today folks?!?!

In between all of that I caught up on the latest chapters of Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice And Drug and Drop. Drug and Drop was okay but Kazumi? DEAR LORD! There should be a blood bath soon. Very soon. And it will be marvelous.

So that has been the majority of my day. No work and most of it was spent on the couch. Ah such a lazy Sunday.

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