Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 17

Hello there my lovely readers. Today was filled with cleaning. Amazing how much mess two people and a crazy cat can create. Our stove looks like it belongs in a restaurant with all the abuse we put it through. And I finally cleaned out my “maybe” jeans drawer. I have accepted the fact that no, those pants will never fit so go away! XD

Also I had a mini little photo shoot with a nendoroid that arrived last week. As of now the entire Madoka cast is either in my house or preordered which makes me a happy Tenchi. XD Yay for pieces of colored plastic.


A vote for YujiSnake is a vote for change!

But for now it is anime blogging time. A show that I apparently was ignoring to the very last minute. Shakugan no Shana episode 17 to be exact! Spoilers for….well talking.


Yeah! Now no one can leave Japan. Not even the innocent humans. GOOD JOB!

Episode Summary: Airports in Japan are being attacked by what appear to be Flame Hazes. They don’t want the baddies to escape and clearly all baddies use airplanes. Nonetheless Shana and Chiara are going to take plane to New York. At headquarters humans and Flame Hazes are arguing over how massively horrible the last battle went. But despite all that Granny Panties gets to keep her job. Chiara is worried she won’t be able to bond with Shana but soon the love of fruit brings the girls together. Soon they pick up two of the three surviving Gods of Earth who think Shana has a magical plan to save them all. Margery and Sale are doing something with a magical ball of something…but it is never really explained. I think I forgot what it was and I am too lazy to back through and see what it is. But in any event all the Gods of Earth and Shana’s people come together to have a talk about how awesome their names are. And that Shana has a magical plan to save the world. The plan is never said as the remaining Gods of Earth trust in their dead comrades’ trust in Shana.


Um obviously it didn't work too well. But rehire back the person who is the cause of the loss.

The high school kids go and visit with Yuji’s parents despite the fact that 80 percent of them don’t remember who Yuji is. YujiSnake shows up and wants to take Kazumi somewhere as she is important to his GRAND ORDER! Eita is not down with that so YujiSnake suggests going on a walk. After many, many, MANY words YujiSnake explains he is one with the Snake and that the Snake wants to bring happiness to his people. That despite what it looks like the new cloned world will not be one where humans die, but where humans and baddies can live side by side drinking coffee and searching the internets for animes to watch. That he has made preparations to ensure the safety of everyone in town and that he is trying his very best to protect everyone. Eita and Kazumi realize what YujiSnake is trying to do and question why the heck he is not telling Shana this. Apparently YujiSnake doesn’t think Shana will believe in this awesome plan. Eita and YujiSnake have a bro moment and then YujiSnake takes Kazumi to the roof top where all the main baddies are. THE END!

Obviously I think the world of this series if I am blogging this episode 1 week after it came out….

To keep things short there was no battle this week. At all. Unless you count the war on airports a battle. I don’t but there was 3824783 weeks of one single battle so I guess that can be excused.

We also did not see any of Pheles. Remember last episode she went and visited three random “people’s” house? Yeah we did not see the outcome of that or got any hint on what she was doing.


80 percent of your forces are dead? Have some fruit weeee!

What we did see was Shana eating fruit! FRUIT PEOPLE! Fruit is very expensive in Japan so maybe Shana hasn’t eaten those kinds of foods in a while. Chiara was kind enough to share her noms with Shana. Even though the world (one world anyway) is in danger there is always time for noms.


So much faith in a person you just met.

Shana and the rest of her gang go and meet up with the Important Gods. The 4….err 3 Gods of the Earth. Despite all being Native American I noticed one was trying to be a pirate. ARG! Not sure why the girl God was being treated as a celebrity but whatever.


Shana would make a great politician. WHAT IS THE PLAN?!

I love LOVE that Shana still has not explained her plan yet but everyone agrees it is a good one and that they will follow her no matter what. How amazing is that? Shana said a million words and not one of them described her plan. There was a lot of name dropping though. I need to start thinking on my own. Since I did throw away all those high school notes recently I can vouch for the fact that I do have many nicknames as well.


Don't hold your breath there dude.

So yes folks. Shana has a plan to stop YujiSnake and it will be amazing. People are in love with this plan without even hearing it. Because two really strong Flame Hazes died to make her plan possible it must be good. Even though she admits this plan goes against what said Dead Flame Hazes. HMMm folks. I think this plan will be…FIGHT THE BADDIES!


Who is the lady in mourning? Is she randomly important now too?

Oh and speaking of amazing plans…Granny Panties did not get yelled at and fired. Well maybe she got yelled at but I guess everyone figured that the plan was made of fail no matter who was in charge. Just would have liked to see Granny Panties go down with the ship. She was a lazy fighter in the battle and her WALK out of the battlefield was weird.


Wait why do we know each other again?

Can someone explain to me why Kazumi and the gang were at Yuji’s house? If most people have no memories of Yuji why would these people have anything in common? Yes Kazumi and Eita know who Yuji is but no one else does. So why would this young couple invite these high school kids over? Guess it goes hand and hand with them not questioning why Shana is hanging around them.


I am going to protect her with my....jacket! So there!

YujiSnake pays a visit to Kazumi and Eita. It was nice seeing Eita in a protective mode. A safe protective mode. Obviously he couldn’t really do anything if YujiSnake DID decide to attack but the idea that he would at least try and protect Kazumi made me happy. Be a man with all the force of a great typhoon!


So many words! Just say what you mean!

In what was the most roundabout conversation YujiSnake FINALLY explains his entire plan. I think. Yes he is going to use his hometown to start creating his random new universe. But no one will get hurt if he has anything to do with it. Mr. Festival Snake is really looked upon as a kind god who tries to make all his subjects happy. And the real important issue being….this new world will not consume humans. Or at least that is what I think YujiSnake said. That they are going to basically clone this world and live side by side WITH humans. Not using humans as yummy energy snack bars.


What an excellent question. Yes YujiSnake please explain that to us!

Now if this is true this sounds like a pretty big and important fact. Maybe the most important fact in YujiSnake’s entire plan. And he doesn’t want Shana to know or for anyone to tell her. Because it won’t matter to her. Um…I am not sure about that. Everyone who is still conscious in the Flame Haze world is worried about protecting the next world, the cloned people there. So maybe they wouldn’t be all attacking you and your people YujiSnake if they knew everyone will be okay!

But if that happened the show would end right now so nope. Time for there to be more miscommunications and to take Kazumi to crazyland. Or “kidnapped” as I am sure it will be portrayed. Not sure what she can do for YujiSnake but I doubt it will end in her death.

And that is about it. So much talking and not much being done. Action is overrated anyway folks!


Eternia said...

Here all I thought that all previous Flame Hazes have such a very long name, but how I am wrong, these so called gods have even longer names. How crazy & ridiculous! Why would you go through the trouble to remember all the nicknames that people gave you? I would just remember my original human name, like what Yuji did!

This kind of set up is pretty depressing, with Yuji doesn't bother explaining everything to Shana. (But that's probably because the Trinity are present at that time) Thankfully spoiler people said that it will be a happy ending. :-)

Christina said...

Eternia- I barely know people's last names! I can't imagine knowing people AND Baddies real names and various titles. Just no. Way too much information for my head. Plus it makes conversation about 3 times longer than they need to be.

YujiSnake not even TRYING to explain anything to Shana is bleh. I mean...I guess he has a point, it is hard to believe what he is trying to do given Mr. Snake's history. Yay for people being so self sacrificing!