Monday, February 27, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 20

XD Our day trip yesterday was pretty fun. I need a better sleep schedule though. As does my cat. Perhaps I should join the rest of the world and sleep when it is dark outside. Amazing concept I know.

But we had a great deal of fun yesterday. We helped to stimulate the economy while having a blast. Pictures to come soon. Apparently I things to catch up on, like chores and work. Oh and blogging.


The real person running the show!

Up now is the wonderful adventure into Mirai Nikki episode 20 land. Spoilers for a surprise proposal and pregnancy! If the pregnant one dies…I will be crushed.


Um....this is a new approach. Making everyone equals and then ruling over them.

Episode Summary: Yuki pushes Yuno out of the way before a bullet is put in her brain. Akise is like no she is a fake Yuno. Yuki points out that after going on a mass killing spree, kidnapping him, and threatening to kill Momma and Dad a little thing like “stolen identity” isn’t going to separate him from Yuno. Or he simply says Yuno is Yuno. Everyone apparently escapes though. Akise is definitely having remorse about not being able to convince Yuki of this important fact. Minene and her naked self are taking a shower and thinking about what Nishijima is going to do. He is in a meeting that is talking about how the mayor needs to be protected at all costs now. In the end Nishijima decides to give Minene the information she needs to find the mayor. 11th has taken 8th to a local college where the 3rd biggest supercomputer in Japan is. He will use 8th’s server to give everyone in the city a Future Diary, his goal all along. To make super humans or something. 8th still has some kids left so 11th is able to use that against her. 8th strips down to her underwear and it is hard to remember what happened after that as I passed out. I am going to assume 11th got the server though. Minene tries to blow up 11th, 8th, and the computer but 11th catches her grenade and throws it back at her.


I'm supposed to be the hero!!!

Minene escapes but at every turn men are able to find her no matter what. Minene thinks this is due to 11th’s Diary. Nishijima shows up before Minene can get caught. He throws everyone off Minene’s trail….and then proposes marriage. After Minene remembers she is like hell no. Nishijima wants to have sex with Minene because she is hot and he wants her to have his baby. Minene is not impressed but if Nishijima can help blow up the computer she will do anything. Minene tries her best to make it back to the computer but she is caught again. She starts having flashbacks of when she was a small girl living in a war zone when Nishijima comes out of nowhere, rescues Minene, and is able to blow up the computer without being stopped. Nishijima tries to collect Minene’s hand in marriage but gets a call from…well all over the place. It turns out that there are three parts to this super computer and some people were issued Apprentice Diaries. This leads to numerous people committing crimes and being weird. MurMur watches this all and declares checkmate against Dues. Murmur comments that Minene can’t win now unless she figures out how 11th’s Diary works. Dues decides to take a nap but really he is going to talk to himself about how MurMur has been controlling the whole game and he needs to change things.


Well this isn't going great is it?

Minene thinks that she is going to meet up with Akise but instead it is Kousaka, Hinata, and Mao. Maybe they add up to one Akise. All of them have Diaries, with varying levels of stupidity. Minene wants everyone to break up into two groups and help blow up the two remaining computer parts. Kousaka decides not to help because Minene killed half of his classmates. Minene decides to leave everyone since she is on a death mission anyway. She even releases her pet chipmunks. But then she discovers her girl chipmunk is pregnant and it is all cute. Nishijima comes back and says he will not leave her…because they are going to get married. Also all the useless people come back to help too. Minene goes to ask Dues for help but he stabs her with something…and that is about it. They go to a mall where the computer is kept it too separate towers. Okay I lied Deus did tell Minene what 11th’s Diary is. It turns out that 11th is the one who came up with the entire game and concept of Future Diaries. Thus he made his ability the ability to see everyone else’s Diaries. Everyone then starts typing in false information to throw him off. This works for a while until 11th starts using his right hand man’s Apprentice Diary to find the right information. This leads to all the stupid kids being kidnapped, Minene’s arm being blown off, and Nishijima being shot in the chest. Minene drags him to safety but Nishijima tells Minene to leave him behind. Minene won’t and when another guard runs down the stairs Nishijima uses his body as a bullet shield. He obviously dies and Minene waits to die as well. Yuki comes down the stairs and kills that guard. Yuki tells Yuno it is game on now. Yuno happily goes around with her machine gun shooting anything that moves. Minene seems rather pissed that Yuki was using her as bait but she follows him anyway. Yuno brings Yuki some civilian hostages as they might prove to be 11th’s weakness. THE END!

Misleading cliffhangers are misleading.


Yuno just happens to be a crazy person though...

Obviously I am referring to Yuki pulling away from Yuno in the last episode. Suddenly in this episode Yuki was pulling Yuno TO him as 11th was trying to gun her down. Oh I see. I SEE. My eyes have deceived me. That clearly was a pull not a push. I SEE.


This is my little crazy!

But in the end the result was the same. I am happy to report that when Yuki got his new clothes he got a brain. Or some balls. Hopefully a brain. While I think Yuki should have asked Yuno LATER what was up him supporting her in that moment was correct. If only because he needed to live. But since Yuno has been protecting Yuki (in sometimes questionable ways) all this time Yuki staying with Yuno was the obvious choice. Sometimes Yuki has problems with the obvious choice though.


Me thinks we are not going to get an explanation on Big Head either.

As it was pointed out last episode though…everyone was stupid in not trying to take out the other Diary Users. It became apparent later in this episode why 11th kept 8th alive but everyone else. As one of my commentators points out last week…throw a grenade Minene. Kill them all! 11th only had one bullet to aim at Yuno? These crazy people.


Maybe the scenes where Minene acts cute would make more sense....

Everyone via the internet who has read the manga said this episode went by fast and because of that some stuff got cut. I am thinking that some of that stuff would be Nishijima’s interactions with Minene and Minene’s back story. Now that Nishijima is dead I am thinking that maybe his past won’t be explained. Just a feeling. We might still have time for a bit of Minene’s back story but at this point I am not expecting much.


I am sure this lovely little....romance would make more sense in the manga too.

Not that it will end bad. I know that in mangas there is much more time to talk out boring but necessary plot points. While I am sure there is some filler stuff the anime has added that could have been taken out to put in more information…I can’t really if that is a weakness or not. I haven’t read the manga so I can’t say what should and should not be taken out. Just as an anime only watcher I think things went a little faced and felt forced.


Is this atop the tower of fail too?


No cake for me please.

Was Nishijima crazy though? Minene tried to kill him right at the beginning of this game. I am going to assume (as I have not read the manga) that is when they first met. So…what exactly did Nishijima like about Minene? Was he serious that he only wanted to marry Minene because of her body? Because….that might be the only thing positive that Nishijima knows about Minene. Maybe he does know her past and why she goes around blowing up buildings. And maybe he knows what her wish is, that no matter how many people she kills once she is god everything will be okay. Because otherwise all he knows is she is a slightly less crazy person that Yuno with a huge rack.


Cheater face!!!!

I think that Deus is a giant cheater. MurMur obviously is a sneaky little demon thing but we all know that yes? She has been running the show from the start. And everyone has been boo hoo Deus. He might have picked Yuki to be the winner but he basically made Yuki the biggest target! How is that favoritism?! But now folks…now…he is a cheater. And has been the entire time.


And you did this....why?


Call me crazy but this seems....a little unfair.

Why would Deus approach 11th first? And go with his ideas that obviously favor HIM for a game that will decide the rest of the universe/future of Earth? I thought that Yuki was the only one that Deus was in contact with but OBVIOUSLY was not the case. Deus acted like it was Yuki’s idea for a game but 11th was the one with the rules and a plan to win all ready to submit to Deus. Is there a reason behind this blatant favoritism? If Dues is worried about MurMur’s plan working why wouldn’t he give others a heads up before now? This is all becoming insane. But maybe Deus really, really, REALLY doesn’t want Yuno to win that badly….


Never ask questions. Questions are the enemy.

I am not even going to pretend to know what that stabbing Minene was all about. Maybe it was to give her armor to protect her from bullets. Because yes folks I will question the use of human meat shields. Whatever Dues did he didn’t do it to her arm….XD


Thanks for sending them Akise.

I might be a little slow but how were Minene and Yuki’s crew able to confuse 11th? By writing new updates that would override the old ones? I guess I really don’t know these type of phones work. I am still X__x that Yuki was writing a Diary on his phone to begin with. I can text pretty fast but where the heck would I store such blog entries. Maybe I should be more confused with the fact that Yuki’s people are willing to help Minene. Akise asked them to do so but for what reason? How does helping Minene help Yuki? Maybe Akise couldn’t find Yuki so he was doing the best he could to take out 11th without knowing what Yuki was doing. Can’t help but notice Akise sent Minene so useless people. XD


Thanks for the rescue...

Now….Akise wasn’t there helping because he was doing something else. But it turns out that Yuki and Yuno were watching/following Minene the entire time. So what was Akise doing? Trying to find out who Yuno really was? That was not mentioned at during this episode. I am hoping that episode 21 will start off where 19 left off, with Yuki and Yuno running away and Yuno telling Yuki ANYTHING to calm his natural fears. I don’t know if she would tell him the truth or not but I do think she needs to tell him something, that we need to see what Yuki and Yuno were doing during that time frame.


Nishijima picked the wrong side...

Did Yuki allow Nishijima to die? It is questionable on whether Yuki or Minene has the mentality that they are going to wish back all the people who died in this process but still. If Yuki and Yuno were in the building the entire time were they just waiting for the smartest cop to die before stepping in? Nishijima’s allegiance is obviously in Minene’s corner which means he would be a super threat in the future. Now logically that means that Yuki should have allowed Minene to die (especially with such a serious injury) but maybe he is keeping her around for fire power. Well I mean Yuno is keeping her around but you know what I mean.


Of course...she has to go up against Yuno. Who has both arms and eyes and has killed everyone who looked at her side ways....

I do think that Minene will go after Yuki and Yuno with full force. Minene was protesting too much in regards to Nishijima but deep down she probably liked him. Or found him tolerable. And being tolerable in Minene’s world means you are awesome. And Minene doesn’t seem the kind of person to be forgiven over something like this. She might also think that Yuki should have come to the rescue sooner. Minene doesn’t need an arm to get her revenge although she might run out of body parts to take out Yuki and Yuno.


Hopefully they live!

So in conclusion Nishijima is dead, Yuno’s….”past” has yet to be explained, and 11th is a giant cheater. Oh and did I mention the most amazing thing of all. Pregnant chipmunks! WEEE for everyone!


Oh snap now everyone is a badass.


dene323 said...

Just have to say this: 11th's plan is stupid beyond words. The Watcher can be powerful - when you are hiding in the shadow and reading about your 11 oppponents' diaries. But when you have thousands of diary holders, that stupid tab interface on your cellphone turns the whole thing into a handicap... How can you track multiple targets in real time? 6th's scroll was in fact much easier to read for this purpose.

Not to mention when thousands of people become diary holders, their futures interact to such a degree that all screens would be constantly updating... a nightmare to track.

Eternia said...

indeed, dene-san, as someone who only watch the anime, the first thing which came to my mind after 11th announced his plan is:
How does "giving every citizen in a the city future diaries would make them superior race"? This gadget is only useful when YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS IT. Let's imagine : what would happen in episode 1 if every kids in class also have future diaries. They would be back to square one!

And the biggest plot hole is, why did mr. god let mr. politician dictate him?
Policitian : "Let's make a superior race!"
God : "Aye, aye."
Politician : "You see, I have thought of diaries which can tell future. I have designed the basic concept and everything. You only need to imbue your power."
God : "Interesting!"
Politician : "Your successor can be chosen by a game of future diaries, then. By the way, I will be a participant too, and I have decided on what kind of future diary that I want."
God : "As you wish."

Anonymous said...

I think, Deus feel he is at advantage when He start the game w/ 11th.
You see, to Him, 11th is just a human, while He Himself is a God.

His goal is to release his boredom and pick a "heir", He could pick anyone and enjoy the shown till the last man standing, regardless who it is.

When people have an overwhelming advantage, they become arrogant.
In order to show off their predominance to the losers, they purposely burden themselves with a tiny amount of risk. Moderate risk makes victory all the more sweeter.
That's why He is still stick w/His choice: the 1st will win his game, regardless what power 11th has and whatever his (11th) plans are. And we all saw how Yukki develops through out the game...... so..... yea....

There is nothing more boring than victory without risk.

dene323 said...

11th knew everyone’s identity from the start, and yet how did he utilize such critical information? He knew at least 8 diary holders were present at the cult incident, he knew 4th was under his command, he also knew Yuno kidnapped Yuki in an abondaned hotel for 10 days. In the end, the only thing he did in the past 4 months was to blackmail Yuki’s dad... that went really well eh?

Eternia said...

Stupidity is contagious, bro...
It would be interesting if Nishijima can't cover Minene properly and she were to die on this episode.
She would be lamenting in hell,
"Why didn't I kill 1st an 2nd when I found them unconscious?"
"Why did I help them when they are cornered by Keigo?"
"Why did I train him to be more manly only to get bitten back in the face?"
"Why didn't I throw the grenade?"
and more~

Eternia said...

Sorry for double posting, but I just realized another major stupidity of 11th after reading dene's 2nd comment.

Why did he tell Yukiteru's father to find and destroy his son's future diary? He can check the entries 1st, 2nd, and 7th's diary to know that the future diary was at the erotic couple's hands.

Note : as the initiator, he should already own his diary before anyone else.

Christina said...

Holy crap I thought I commented on this episode when everyone was talking. WTF happened to my post!

Dene323- 11th is stupid beyond words. Perhaps it was his big head that caused him to hide in the shadows. That he thought he created this game and it was fun watching the pawns fight it out while he could wait and take out the few that were left over. Too bad his Diary wasn't able to predict how crazy Yuno would become.

And yes it is hard to be an evil mastermind if you give everyone the same exact powers as you. Okay so one dude has a Secretary Diary for you. Who is to say he won't turn on you one day too?

However this would have been a really short show had 11th just went in with a huge bomb and destroyed the cult. Silly baddies, this is why you never win. Because you think appearing all smart at the end is worth it.

Christina said...

Eternia- Deus must be losing his mind as well as his body parts. Of course we don't know why he created this game instead of just picking a successor. Maybe he was really, really bored and said MEH I am dying anyway so why not just make this interesting and let this crazy dude have all the power and watch him lose in the end.

Or maybe Dues is trying to combat a time traveling Yuno and picked someone amazing this time around to defeat her.

Poor Minene though. It appeared as if she had a brain out of this bunch yet she got caught up in playing with people too. Should have taken out Yuki and Yuno when she had the chance.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I think you might be right about Deus being bored. Of course it would be interesting to see how 11th came into contact with Deus to begin with. Yuki just thought he had an imaginary friend. How did this crybaby find out about Deus? Maybe it doesn't matter but I guess if you are a god and you are dying you want to go out with a bang. Or maybe 11th cut off Deus in traffic and this is his way of getting back at him.

In any event I don't think Deus has much regard for the future based on the candidates he selected for the game. XD