Friday, February 3, 2012

Kobato Epilogue Chapter!

I am a little tired from work. Thursdays and Fridays are my long days at work. I know people work longer hours than I do but for me it is just stressful and bleh on these days. So much so when I come home from work I don’t feel like doing much.

So for now I am just going to blog whatever I can on Thursdays and Fridays. If I can get an episode post out so be it. But if I can’t then I can’t. I can always catch up later right? Blogging should be fun. XD For the record I have watched Black Rock Shooter episode 1 and I have MANY feelings about the episode.


Always such beautiful art!!!

Before I put my tired self to bed I will try to get some up and blogged. Last night I went through all my blog comments and responded. One of the comments was to inform me there was an epilogue to the manga Kobato! I got excited and raced off to read it before I passed out. Here are my feelings on that final chapter.


Kobato is lively every day!

Now when I saw the word epilogue I went a little nuts. Lots of excitement. Thoughts of getting more closure filled my mind, especially after the disaster that was XXXholics and the X___X that was Tsubasa. At least Kobato had an ending right?

Well folks….I wouldn’t really call this an epilogue. More like what happened to Fujimoto and Kobato a few days later….is there a word for that?


Always the happy plushie!

Not that I am ungrateful for more Kobato pages. I do love the art and just looking at Kobato’s fun hair makes me happy. I just in my mind thought…it would be in the future. When Kobato is reborn AGAIN without the angel and Angel Kobato and Ioryogi finally found their happiness. That we would get to see the other characters that made up the Kobato universe. Instead we just saw Kobato, Fujimoto, and Ioryogi’s people. The same characters we saw in the last chapter.


This is how men talk! Real manly men!

Much of the chapter is devoted to Ioryogi, Genko, and Ginsei “talking”. Or fighting. Ginsei is the reason why Fujimoto regained his memories of Kobato thus he is a plushie. Sounds like everyone likes making fun of Ginsei now. Boys have a hard time accepting the fact when they do something nice.

Fujimoto likes sweets. I am shocked.


I think I like anime filler Kohaku better though.

It turns out Kohaku was very important in the whole Kobato getting a happy ending. I had a feeling Ginsei felt closer to her (?) rather than Kobato. I think I was blending the anime and manga together because I thought Kohaku had already met Kobato. Silly me, the lines are all blur. But it would have made more sense to have Kohaku be Kobato’s friend in the manga so this wish would make more sense.


It is magical because we both know the words to a song we just started singing!

Kobato wants to thank Ginsei for helping give Fujimoto back his memories. He again acts like a boy and doesn’t want a thank you. Instead he wants Kohaku and Kobato to sing a song. And despite “just meeting” the girls bond and sing a beautiful song. AWW!


And then CLAMP went back and fixed XXXholic WEEEEE!

The manga ends with Fujimoto and his high school robbing self escorting Kobato home. She says she is happy with her life as she walks hand in hand with Kobato. More AWWW!

And that is about it folks. Nothing earth shattering but it was sweet. Which is what Kobato was all about right? A sweet story about an innocent girl who wanted to help heal hearts and herself. Now I would have liked to see…more. More of the other characters, more of the future, and more pages. But since I wasn’t expecting anything at all this was a nice little bonus. A sweet way to end a sweet series. And look CLAMP it ended on a satisfying note. Rejoice the world!!!

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