Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 19: What Dead Parents?!


WEEE! Yuno is lovely as always.

Err…since my post is already over 2,000 words maybe I will skip the intro. START READING! Mirai Nikki episode 19, crazy times for everyone!


Yeah Yuki is as badass as Minene and Yuno....

Episode Summary: Council members of Yuki’s town are outraged that a orphanage (8th’s) is being shut down. Mr. Mayor aka 11th starts crying and says that all the children in the town are like his but he is just trying to protect everyone (as 8th has been accused of harboring criminals). Minene, 8th, and 11th are having a meeting with Deus. 11th is pissed that Yuki and Yuno have not attending a meeting in 5 days and thinks they should be thrown out of the game. You know because Deus is going to die soon and what not. Deus almost rules in 11th’s favor but Yuki and Yuno show up at the last minute, wearing amazing threads and acting more like 7th. Yuki is like oh I know who you are MAYOR CRYBABY! Minene laughs and Deus looks amused. Yuki explains how he spent the last 5 days reading every screen at City Hall until something lead him to info on 11th. Everyone is revealed and Deus is like GAME ON! Back in their hideout (AKA a karaoke room) Yuki is like YAY WE DID IT!!!! He has been taking hardcore lessons from Yuno on how to talk and act and Yuno is oh so pleased. Yuno also has a super duper plan to team up with 8th. See once 11th closes down the orphanage he will gain access to her server thus she is dead and 11th will be super powerful. So Yuno and her handy dandy notebook will lead them to victory. She changes in front of Yuki and some fanservice takes place.


So THIS is why Yuno is amazing. She has fun battle plans! I see now.

Off to the side Minene has a meeting with Nishijima whom just got resigned to guard 11th. Minene laughs but Nishijima talks about how Akise is off trying to find who the 3rd corpse was in Yuno’s backyard. Also a super fun fact is that Yuno was adopted by the super amazing parents. Fast forward and 8th has taken Yuki up on his alliance offer. Some of the kids are suspicious of this new found friendship but Ms. Bighead seems okay with things as Yuki has given complete access of his Diary to one of the kids. Orin (whom was at CultRUs with Ai?!) is on her guard a bit with Yuki but still shares some treats with him. She talks about how it is the kids that want 8th to be god because they love her so much. Soon it is battle time and everyone attacks 11th’s caravan. Only 11th is like um if Yuki has studied me for 5 days he should know this is a crap plan. 11th then is able to disable 8th’s signal to her server. All seems lost!


Yeah because shooting 8th directly in the head would make too much sense.

Yuno and Yuki then turn…and kill all of 8th’s kids. 8th is like NOOOOOOO MY KIDS! This was Yuno’s plan all along oh snap. Despite being this badass though 8th, the biggest target and the most out of shape, manages to escape into 11th’s car. And he doesn’t kill her on sight. Instead they take off at the speed of light. No matter though as Yuki can now drive a stick shift and takes off after them. Yuno is in charge of both their Diaries at this time and sees that Akise is going to arrive soon and announce who the 3rd body is. She panics and tries taking out 11th with gunshots but his Diary operates better than Yuki’s. Eventually Yuki crashes both cars into a cement wall and they tumble below. Yuno rushes out and goes to kill 11th and 8th when 11th says he has something important to say. So Yuno stops to listen. Akise and Minene come in on a motorcycle with the verdict on who the dead body is. Yuno tries to remind Yuki he JUST promised to never leave her again and to not listen to the person who tells the truth. Akise is like yeah let me just tell you the third body belongs to….Yuno. Yuki is like X___X THE END!

Did…did I miss an episode or two? In 5 days Yuki became the most amazing person ever? Did I blink? Is Yuki under the influence of drugs? X__X


AWWWW life is so hard for 11th!

Can I just say that 11th…sorry Mr. Mayor is a big crybaby? Yuki and Yuno don’t show up to a “meeting” for 5 days and he wants them thrown out of the game? I won’t even write your name down 11th. That is so stupid. I am pretty sure Yuki was tied to a chair for a week and Yuno was busy holding the pee cup. I am doubt that either made it to a meeting then. So why the complaints now? Oh and might I add that meetings took place without Yuki there before and it was detrimental to him, missing that information. So cry me a river 11th, man up.


I think it is time for an impeachment!

Or…you know…since the first scene containing 11th had him crying like a baby maybe he can’t. While it think it is important to have leaders of your community be compassionate and what not maybe…just maybe one should question him crying like that. People that are in positions of power are still people yet…they need to be strong for the rest of the citizens. Time to invoke that Star Trek rule, about being emotional compromised or something. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the movie.


Um...are those magic clothes or something? Is that really Yuki?

But Yuki does show up. And apparently his is James Bond now. Or someone who usually has a hot babe on his arm. Like look at us, we are big and bad and dressed to kill. And Yuki really did have something to back it up. Even Minene looked impressed. As impressed as her smirky smile can get. Now…Yuki did just sit in a room for 5 days and read…but given how useless Yuki has been thus far in this series it is baby steps. Babysteps.

Yuno has really learned her lesson. They are not hiding in a broken down hotel. No no now they are hiding in a karaoke room. Which is probably good for them, they can get all the amenities they need and be isolated at the same time. Thanks for being sane this time around Yuno.


Yes! Now you get a cookie! GOOD BOY!

I am not quite sure what to make of this new Yuki. It is almost like he had a personality transplant with Yuno and it only halfway finished. Yuno is confident and has credentials to back it up. Yuki is basically following her script and things are working out well. He would cheer after plans succeeded but he gradually became comfortable in his new role. Yuno slashes her victims with a smile on her face while Yuki pulls the trigger and says sorry. But he does so while promising to wish them back. That makes him a good guy YAY!


Well I thought you spent at least a few of those days crying...

Although I wish we could have seen more of a sad Yuki. He did just lose both of his parents. But he probably lost his mind along the way and it is hard to cry when you need to focus on not dying. Maybe he got all his crying out in the rain with Yuno and now he is all better. Or he is insane. I felt as if this episode really speed up on action so these things got left on the wayside which is understandable.


Look at us being trustworthy and such.

The entire alliance and backstabbing of 8th was pretty amazing. Yuki and Yuno had to do things just right as they had to prove themselves to 8th. Having one kid have another Yuki Diary meant that Yuki was constantly being watched too. Basically they had to formulate a plan that sounded amazing but would inevitable fail as Yuki knew 11th’s Diary (or thought he knew) pretty well. Now is most of this Yuno’s doing or has Yuki stepped up to the plate?


Good thing Yuno didn't hear you. But if Orin did try to escape Yuno would have hunted her down, gutted her, and made a necklace out of her ears. Because Yuno's nickname is Daryl.

Still it was rather sad to see those innocent kids die. Well as innocent as a bunch of sword wielding kids can be. Pieces of old Yuki were shining through when he talked to Orin. Whom I noticed at Tsubaki’s crazy cult but not Ai. Pay more attention Tenchi! But yes Yuki talking to Orin. She made her people a rice ball and tried to trust Yuki. She talks about how it is the kids that want 8th to be a god and how she has just tried to protect them all. It is unclear if Yuki was being sincere with Orin when he told her to run or if that was part of his plan but….you know. Either way she still could have listened and she might have lived. If crazy Yuno didn’t hunt her down.


I think anyone as awesome as Yuno is an alien so DUH she is adopted.

Nishijima is dumb. If I was Minene I would have laughed in his face too. 11th must think that Yuki would not shoot at Nishijima thus hired him as a body guard. Because Nishijima has a free schedule obviously. Not being head of police or anything. This calculated move might come to backfire on him as I don’t think Nishijima will shoot to kill Yuki. Yuno yes but I think Nishijima would die to protect Yuki and kill to protect him. So it will be interesting to see how this will turn out.


Can he even reach the pedals?

I did enjoy the backstabbing of 8th but after that things got a bit messy and WTFness. 11th Diary becomes too amazing words, Yuki can now suddenly drive a car, vehicles are being pushed through cement walls and landing with minimum damage, and Minene is best friends with Akise driving down the road. Like WTF how is this all happening?! I would have liked to see Yuki approaching 8th with this compromise but I guess in the long run it wasn’t necessary. But all of THAT was a bit unbelievable to me. Yuki couldn’t set an alarm clock last week but now he can drive a stick shift. I SEE!


Err.....why aren't they trying to kill each other?

Um now the internets are saying Yuki had plenty of time in 5 days to learn to drive a car. Um didn’t he say he spent all that time in City Hall? Yuno could have been learning how to drive while Yuki was doing the very important task of reading. I am not questioning that Yuno could steal a car and manage to teach Yuki something she herself can’t do but yeah folks. Not seeing when Yuki had time to do this.



But putting all that aside I guess everything up to now is believable. Or at least believable in this crazy universe. Things start getting really stupid though. Like Yuno has a gun on 11th and is ready to shoot…but waits until Minene and Akise roll up to…well do nothing. Why did she bother giving him a chance to talk? Pop a cap in 11th and 8th and take Minene out when she rolls into town. Pop a cap in her head and BAM the series is done in 5 seconds. People are saying guns were drawn on Yuno…but when has that stopped Yuno before? Yuki winning was her goal anyway folks.


Maybe Yuki was pulling back to throw that GROSS BOX at Akise's head.

And then things really fly to outer space and back. Who the hell keeps a 14 year old umbilical cord? I guess some creepy and gross parents would. Somewhere in a box with nail clips and old socks or something. But I am just thinking that when one is running an orphanage that person doesn’t keep every little bit of skin that falls off a kid during their life because one day they might need it as evidence in a murderous game. Just saying folks. JUST SAYING! I am sure there could have been other ways to prove who the dead person was without making it so unbelievable.

So Akise announces who the other dead person is. Yuno is too busy crying to Yuki she doesn’t do the normal (the normal Yuno thing I should say) thing and shoot Akise in the head. He is able to tell everyone that it was Momma, Daddy, and Yuno in that hole. That’s right folks. Yuno is dead.


Now Yuno has killed people (including little kids), kidnapped Yuki, and was willing to kill his parents. I think the little fact she is not "really" Yuno is something they can get over.

Now I have been supporting the theory of the Yuno on screen being a future Yuno for some time now. So this isn’t shocking news to me. While Yuno is acting all over dramatic now the words REAL Yuno mean nothing to me. This is obviously just done to make Yuki doubt Yuno yet again and maybe it is not the right time for Yuno to be explaining that she is from the future. The target on her back is big enough already.

But Yuki better be pulling back from Yuno to reach for his gun. He better not be flipfloppin again. At this point unless Yuno is a Yukinator sent to destroy him and John Conner WHO CARES! Yuno has kept secrets this entire time but hasn’t stabbed Yuki in the back or the face despite the fact she has had plenty of opportunities to do so. I will hold judgment until next episode because Yuki could just be reaching for his gun or knife or something.


Or you would have IF YOU FIRED THE DAMN GUN!

But if he is not on team Yuno by now Yuno needs to just shoot him and everyone in the head and start this game all over again. Crazy people.


dene323 said...

Yuno not pulling the trigger was one thing. I was practically screaming "throw that damn grenade" at Minene :P

Eternia said...

Full of plot holes as always, huh...
But I still like it better than Guilty Crown.

I wonder if they are going to show Deus' surprised face next week. Because supposedly, only MuruMuru knows about Yuno's time travel. Yeah, Deus is a failure of a god. Haha.

Awet M said...

I gather that Deus is not some omniscient god of theism, but a powerful being closer to the gods of polytheism like Zeus or Odin. The God of theism is all knowing and controls the future, while the gods of polytheism are only powerful to a certain extent but do not control the future.

Deus' powers are probably limited to his reign, due to the mechanism of the space-time construct he resides in, and do not apply to the Future Diary contest. Probably a stipulation of his office.

Eternia said...

Un, if Minene throw a grenade at them, she should be able to kill all 4 remaining rivals in one shot. I can only conclude that she doesn't value her life and she has never intended to win.

Christina said...

dene323- X____X I really didn't think about that. Maybe she was worried about killing her Cop Romance? Doubtful as she tried to kill him before. Wow I didn't even think about that. :( Poor Minene, the stupidity is contagious.

Eternia- Guilty Crown takes plot holes to a whole different planet. Maybe the moon that is full of swiss cheese holes. XD

Maybe since Deus is falling apart he doesn't have the powers he used to. He seemed to think Yuki finding dead Mr and Mrs Yuno as a deal changer but didn't notice the other body in the room. It also looked like Mur was calling the shots anyway.

Awet M- While he did call the rules useless in this episode I don't think he meant them. I do believe he has to follow them precisely as part of his position, that he can't influence the outcome of the game (well except in the event he starts falling apart). I think that will be an interest twist though, finding out how little power Deus has and that everyone has been had just so the universe doesn't fall apart.