Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another episode 7

So….my husband was randomly playing his shooting game on the TV when suddenly it stopped working. Husband tried to fix it but nopers. It just randomly stopped working. Shouldn’t things give you a bit of warning before breaking? Like slowly start dying over time? Just rarw.

But I guess I should be happy it wasn’t my laptop. XD As much as I love my TV I can still watch stuff on the internets. Still the husband is still pretty ticked and rightfully so as this piece o equipment was expensive and he cannot kill people probably without it. That being said I am sure it will get fixed so much faster now. Had it been something of mine maybe…it would get fixed…at a semi fast speed. XD


Yes. Censor it NOW and not the first 3 minutes of his...dance. XD

So while I watch old and new reality shows via the internets let’s get some blogging done! The house is so quiet. X__X Up now is Another episode 7. Spoilers for blood and guts and more information!

After typing ALL OF THIS the internet decided to die too. Because I am a bad Tenchi or something. Everything is up and running down. Silly technology. Carry on.


Really? I thought things were going great.

Episode Summary: Mr. Teacher dramatically takes out the knife and in the most dramatic way possible stabs himself in the neck over and over again. Blood splatters on each student in the classroom as they watch in horror. Finally teacher dude dies and everyone minus Mei and Kouichi run out of the room screaming. Chibiki enters the scene and makes sure Mei and Kouichi are okay. AUNT REIKO looks like she is about to die herself and the rest of the class stares at the ignored ones. Apparently right before school started Mr. Homeroom teacher TOLD Chibiki he was opting out and Chibiki did nothing. The police go to Homeroom Teacher’s house and they find his mother dead from neglect. On the roof Mei and Kouichi rejoice in the fact that people are talking to them now. Izumi warns that while she doesn’t hold Kouichi responsible for the curse other people will. Mei also takes this time to joke around with Teshigawara about who the dead person might be. Kouichi and Mei decide to visit Chibiki again to squeeze more information out of him. In Kouichi’s Aunt year the curse stopped after they visited a local shrine on a class trip. None of the surviving students can remember what happened but two students did die on that trip in August while Kouichi’s mother died in July. Chibiki also says that due to the fact that the curse stopped midyear they never figured out who the dead person was. Aunt Reiko announces that they will be going to the same spot on a class trip for those still remaining in town. Kouichi has a creepy dream where everyone melts into ooze and Mei accuses him of being the dead one.


I thought she would be the one driving the van over Kouichi. XD

Kouichi wakes up all X_X and it is Daddy phone call time. There is less static this time but Dad still doesn’t give us much to work with. Only that the “ghost photo” is in the house somewhere. Instead of looking for the picture Kouichi goes to lunch with his “friends” when summoned. Izumi is there first and acts like a normal human being for once. But then she turns on the creep factor when she gives a scenario that Kouichi is the ghost because his mom died before giving birth to him. She laughs it off but Kouichi is clearly disturbed. Yuuya and Teshigawara show up and the reason for the meeting is discussed. Yuuya told his sister what was going on and being a former Class 3 person she understands. She works at the restaurant and one of her regulars is a surviving from Aunt Reiko’s class. When he gets drunks (and apparently that is often) he often spills the beans about things. He can't remember exactly what happened but he thinks he stopped the curse. So all the kids think finding this dude is priority number one as their class trip is in a week. Kouichi goes to tell Mei this news but her parents are going out of town for a week. She promises to be back for the class trip. She talks a little about how the creepy doll in the room isn’t meant to look like her but a still born sister that died when Mei was 3. Also Mei wants to see the ghost picture when Kouichi finds it. Mei also tells Kouichi, with her green eye, that Kouichi is not the dead one. THE END!

The amount blood that can come out of the human neck is AMAZING!

But yes. All of that blood in the previews was just the teacher. Everyone else was spared his crazy wrath. Me thinks that the curse was really in control of him though. That or he wanted to be overly dramatic with the knife. Did you see him dancing with that thing? He was either trying to stop his arm or…he wanted to go out with a bang.


Just cut it off!

I do want to know how homeslice teacher was able to stand though after the first stabbing. He basically decapitated himself in the slowest way possible. All these super hero crazy people in animes.


No actually I am scarred for life but thanks for asking.

I am not sure what I would have done if I saw someone, especially my teacher, kill themselves. Add in the fact that he was supposed to help and protect us and he decided to opt out WHILE covering me in blood. I don’t think I would ever stop screaming. Or running. Down the hall, out to the streets, and under my bed. Never to return to school again.

That leads me to a super important question. Maybe an obvious one. If Class 3 is cursed, because once upon a time they invited death into their classroom, why not get rid of Class 3? Like Have Class 1, 2, 4, and 5 and just have more students in those classrooms. Look up the actual room and no one speak of it EVER AGAIN! Am I missing the reason why that hasn’t happened yet?


Tells us everything you know ALL AT ONCE!

Chibiki is proving once again to be an important character. Of course maybe he could just say all the information he knows AT ONCE instead of slowing revealing things over time. Like oh come back next week when another important detail is revealed. I would be like no dude tell me every single piece of information you know right now.

While he is slowly leaking like a gas line Chibiki is answering questions and helping out more than any other character. Like HMMMMMM the curse magically stopped half through 15 years ago? The year that Kouichi’s mother died and he was born? And there is no record of how it stopped or who the dead student actually is? Very interesting stuff. I am not sure I am totally understanding things right but I thought the ghost disappears after the school year and the records are changed back, making it obvious who the dead person was. So…if the curse stopped half through the year does that mean the dead person never disappeared? That they still are alive?


I will however accept two ghosts.

All very interesting questions in my mind. But I still will be disappointed if the dead person is not an actual classmate but someone else in the school or city. Of course it is hard to guess who the dead one is based on the information given to us now. Just as I understand the rules it should be someone IN the classroom not someone connected in a different way. Ghosts all over the place!

Which leads me to another point. It has been said that students are not allowed to talk about this event outside of the classroom/school. But obviously other students have heard the rumors. Oh and the stacks of bodies that seem to pile up from ONE CLASSROOM. So how is it that so many people in town are unaware of what is happening? There has to be a great deal of survivors from all 26 years of curseness. Yuuya couldn’t have ruined the curse as his sister already survived and went through it. Just like Reiko (OR MIKAMI!) should have been able to tell Kouichi about the curse. Surviving Class 3 people should be able to talk about it with other Class 3 people. Especially after it has started. Like once the first student dies it is time for everyone to pack their bags and leave town. Really I am not understanding all these stupid adults.


Could this school be any creepier?

The phone call with Daddy this week wasn’t as revealing or staticy as it has been in the past. But most of the conversation was about Mom and not Kouichi. If I was Dad though I would wonder why my son is asking all these questions now. Also it might seem romantic but loving a dead person for 15 years is a bit creepy. Unless…you know…mom really didn’t die. XD Crazy thoughts about Reiko being Kouichi’s mom.

I think Izumi had a bit of a personality change this week. I would expect her to be a little more…well sad and reserved after all that has happened. But it turns out she is not a cold person at all. She seems to be pretty…normal. I guess her talking to Kouichi and Mei like a normal person threw me for a loop. Drinking coffee, pretending to hate Teshigawara, and cracking a joke with Kouichi? Nonsense Izumi is the serious girl with no time for antics. Especially antics that involve a beach scene next week.


So very believable to me!

However I was like X__X when Izumi had that theory about Kouichi never being born. Although I do believe in the actually having to be in Class 3 to be a dead person theory it sounded really, really good to me. Then she said JUST KIDDING. Did Izumi really just spoil the end for us but passed it off as a joke? Will that be the OH SNAP moment in episode 12?


He looks so happy about it too!

Thank goodness Yuuya has a big mouth. But as I said earlier once Yuuya was put in Class 3 his sister should have told him what was up. Oh wells. But yes. Big mouths and booze. Since we have not come across many survivors yet I can only assume that once the dead student is revealed things go back to normal. Just that in Reiko’s year something really ODD happened that threw everything off. I may be wrong though and memories are always thrown off. Yet I think I am correct. The dead person was never revealed thus their memories are still off. Yet Mr. Drunk dude still thinks something is really off and thinks he is responsible for…something happening. A lot of somethings and happenings.

The point being some of the students in Class 3 actually have survival instincts kicking in and want to find a way to survive. So if that is hunting down drunk guilty men or taking a class trip to the beach so be it. Or they could all leave town and survive…..you know…whatever would be easier.

Oh and how about Kouichi get moving and find that picture in his house? A very important piece of evidence is in his house and he is busy talking on the phone and painting his fingernails.


Oh.....well that is a rather anticlimactic answer.

The stuff involving Mei was rather tame this week. I do think it was kinda misleading that they implied the doll was based on Mei or her “twin”. Not really feeling the fact it was her dead sister born three years later. That doesn’t really make it 50 percent you crazy pants. Well…not in the way people were thinking anyway. I was expecting more but Mei and her existing self are going out of town for a week. If I was her I would go forever but she seems to WANT to be in this town for this to all go down.


That is reassuring. XD Thanks creepy girl.

I wonder how much drunk man hunting there will be next week. Since all I see are insane happy scenes at the beach (WTF you are all on Death’s List and you are swimming in the ocean!!!!) it is hard to tell how much investigating will go on. But hey Mei and Kouichi exist now. Fellow classmates might try to kill them out of punishment and Aunt Reiko is 5 seconds away from a nervous breakdown but things are okay in Kouichi land! Izumi trusts his “familiar” hand and as long as a few people in class are talking to him he is okay.

Or Kouichi is the ghost. Silly mommas.


Eternia said...

I thought about it too, how his hand still move around after the knife went straight through his neck. But on a second thought, didn't his hand become out of control earlier? So we can assume it continues to move by itself even though mr. homeroom teacher has died. FREAKY.

"why not get rid of Class 3? Like Have Class 1, 2, 4, and 5 and just have more students in those classrooms."
As long as I can remember, Mei has explained that these tricks don't work. Maybe class 4 will get the curse instead if class 3 is skipped. Using other classroom / swapping the room / emptying the room doesn't work either.

The reason that not many people know about this calamity is probably because.. they don't really believe in supernatural? Hehe.

One thing that I really want to know right now is, can Mei's green eye really see supernatural stuff? Or is she just being delusional and crazy? This is really important, to determine if Kouichi is really an 'another' or not.

Anonymous said...


thank me later ;)

Christina said...

Anonymous- I must investigate this link later. Right now I need to investigate how two people can accumulate so much laundry and dirty dishes. X__X I might need to bring some scientific minds in on this.

Eternia- That hand was acting crazy. He made this huge speech that he wants to kill himself but then it looks like he is fighting with the demon hand. But I guess the curse is nice enough to not let him suffer. How sweet that it was helping Mr. Teacher stab himself more as to not bleed out slowly.

This town needs a wake-up call. One would think this school would be empty anyway, with no teachers willing to risk being selected to teach this class. Just blow the whole school up at this point.