Friday, February 17, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 17

XO I was overwhelmed with chocolate today. Everyone says I have poor eating habits yet people constantly give me candy and cakes and ice cream. They are enablers. I blame it on everyone else.

As I type this I am eating random cake and drinking Code Red. Such a healthy diet before I go to bed.


This isn't spoilery since it happened last episode. XD

But sugary items give me the energy to blog folks. I need to have a bad diet to keep you guys entertained. You really should be thanking me. XD But up now is Guilty Crown episode 17. Spoilers for me…finding it hard to root for someone?


Be on guard EVERY SECOND. Because you are trained soldiers after all.

Episode Summary: Several students are watching the wall move closer to their school and talk among themselves. Shu and his minions show up to yell at the kids for not taking their guard duty seriously. Shu then arrests the kids to set an example. Yahiro and Shu fight later about Shu going too far with his power. They briefly talk about the attack on Arisa and Inori looks guilty. Inori “woke” up and saw Arisa freaking out with a bloody hand. Elsewhere Arisa is losing her mind. She thinks back to Inori attacking her with a crystal …weapon thing. Arisa gets a random phone call (probably Argo) but her watch guard catches her when she starts talking about broken Voids=dead people. She then gets a crazy look in her eye and tells her guard what she knows about the Voids and in exchange for him telling all the other students she sleeps with him? In any event all the students find out and they freak. Quietly.


So quick these kids change sides.

The rest of the world has decided that Japan is a lost cause and they decide to bomb the place. Yahiro gets wind of the rumor going around about broken Voids=dead you and confronts Arisa. Arisa and her crazy self say haha it is not a rumor and Inori did this to my hand. Shu is off being emo about all the tough decisions he has to make and Inori is like…I think I hurt Arisa? Yahiro appears and is like Inori you hurt Arisa! Super dramatic. Inori says she didn’t mean to do it but Yahiro is pushing for punishment as to not show favoritism. Shu points out that Yahiro is a liar too and is harsh as well. And let’s not forget this Sugar incident. Yahiro tries to calm down Shu while owning up to his mistakes but that lands him in demotion land. Exodus Day has arrived and the troops march on to Tokyo Tower. A major power sources is at Tokyo Tower and if they destroy it the mechas guarding the city will be shut down and they can escape. To make this work everyone needs to battle the working mechas while Shu runs to Tokyo Tower. Everyone is shown being shady and talking about Arisa’s plan.


But that was MY power!

When the time comes everyone does attack and some causalities do occur. Shu goes out of his way to protect student while accomplishing his mission. Shu destroys Tokyo Tower with one Void and it comes tumbling down. The robot mechas are disabled and the Tower itself puts a hole in the wall surrounding the city. Everyone rejoices and they start making their way to freedom where everything will be okay. Shu and Inori are like yes we did it…and Arisa confronts Shu. She rallies all the other students and they all pull guns on him. Satou comes out of nowhere and pushes Shu into a rather large pit. Shu stands there is shock as he realizes everyone has turned on him. Inori goes to protect Shu….and gets randomly voided by someone not named Shu. Arisa turns and thanks Gai for coming to save them? Gai and his slightly different self greets Shu…and cuts off his arm. The magical King power is then transferred to Gai. Gai mocks Shu for assuming he was the King and leaves Shu bleeding on the ground. Inori looks on in horror as everyone leaves them to die. THE END!

HAHAHAHA! I hope everyone that was going WOE IS ARISA and INORI IS THE DEVIL is eating a crow tonight.

Okay just kidding. XD But I do think it is amusing how much can happen in one little episode that will make you change your mind about people.

Not that it matters much as every country in the world is coming to blow up Japan. Maybe something they should have done a long time ago to stop the disease? Oh snap I am in a people killing mood tonight.

Before I go along with the chronological order of this episode let me say how sad I am that Gai didn’t stab Arisa when he went down to ….talk to Shu. She could be all smiles to see him and BAM hand through the chest. Like um no sorry don’t remember you random person.

But starting over from the beginning….well I guess we didn’t get to see what happened with Argo did we. I thought I saw Shu holding his Void last week and threatening to break it. Then POOF Argo is gone. Obviously Shu just let him go but it would be nice to see that. With Yahiro looking on in his disapproving way.


Tokyo Tower died though. So sad. :(

Arisa is not dead. She might be an alien though. I have never been stabbed in the hand before (well anywhere but you know). But I am just going out on a limb and going to say that maybe….giant pools of blood don’t instantly appear when you are stabbed in the hand. Then again I don’t think blood splatters all over the mirror when a wound like that is made. But Arisa is not dead folks.

Just Inori has a huge crystal sword coming out of her arm and Arisa has given up on life. Or switched personalities.


Where is the strong Arisa we saw at the beginning of this series?!

Seriously Arisa was crazy this episode. Did she not tell anymore what happened when she was screaming down the halls? I find it odd she has to sleep with someone to get this information out. Very odd indeed. It painted a bad picture of Arisa. If she was going to take over it should have been on her terms, not having to sleep her way to power. She was a leader before and she could lead again. Why sleep with someone when she had the power (knowledge)? It just felt contrived, to make the audience feel sorry for the broken bird. Change of voice, crazy/dull eyes, and using extreme measures to get what she wanted.


So much trauma!

Maybe I am being too hard on Arisa but I think I wanted to like her. She started off as a strong girl, confident and ready to lead. She let everyone overrule her and threw her support in for Shu. Arisa supported the Void system until she found out the “lie”. But she was in the room when Shu found out so why blame Shu? Why allow others to hurt Shu when that is what she is trying to stop?


Let me tell you something that Inori is about to admit to. See how important I am?

Well…I guess Arisa was not at the best vantage point to see and hear Shu’s reaction. And maybe Shu could have stopped this all had he gone to Arisa after the fact. Inori KNOWS Shu is struggling and trying hard to keep it together. Arisa and the others (well maybe Yahiro) don’t. So after Arisa was attacked by Shu’s right hand girl he should have tried to fix it. Tried to bring Arisa back into the fold.


Where the heck are they? This has seriously been bothering me for a while.

Shu is blinded by love thought. A love Inori really…hasn’t earned. I guess I haven’t forgiven her over the whole I was using you because Gai told me to thing. But Inori has been the only one to support Shu and say yes to him the entire time. It is hard to expect Shu to be fair about EVERYTHING in life. Yes he should treat all his troops fairly. He had no problems putting Arisa in her place, treating Satou like a Rank F, and ….basically throwing Yahiro away. But he is a boy in love and a person thrown into the leadership position so I can accept that he made a stupid decision because of a girl.


Me thinks Shu and Yahiro should have worked things out privately...and still supported each other. But I don't recall seeing Yahiro in the overthrow so maybe there is still hope for them?

I think….both boys were right in the fight. I think it should have gone differently…like not in front of Inori but things had to be said. Yahiro, who has been…harsher than Shu, was pointing out that Shu was going too far and was burning bridges. And Shu was right. Yahiro has treated Shu really poorly. If Yahiro had done that crap to me I wouldn’t be trusting him either. Turning him into the AntiBodies could have gotten him killed. His brother died and he blamed it on Shu. Yahiro even said they weren’t friends. So for Yahiro to step up as Shu’s right hand man…yeah it comes across as self serving.

But I think throwing Yahiro all the way down the ranks was stupid. Yes Yahiro did lie to Shu but Inori messed up worse (well in hindsight) and Yahiro is practically banished. Guess an example was set but …yeah. I think it was a stupid move. At least Yahiro was trying to be a right hand man, even if his earlier actions were questionable.


We are ready to fight sir! Even though we hate you and have no battle experience.

I did find the battle slightly pointless. When Shu is in pissed off mode he is pretty strong. Shu could have handed people with the strongest Voids (IE the main people) their weapons and fought with Inori’s. Everyone else could have hid somewhere safe. Not sure where safe is but I think the battle was just there to show a few causalities and make Shu even more determined to protect as many people as possible. I don’t know. I guess it could have earned Shu nonexistent brownie points by protecting everyone but maybe these ungrateful fools need to fight and protect themselves.

And did you see how he had all the sick students safe in the (many?!) trucks. Not really seeing such a cruel dictator after all.

Also….where are all the adults? I know the school got caught up in the danger zone but if the damn Diet Building got squished that means they were in an area where office workers were. Tokyo Tower and the Diet Building aren’t exactly side by side. So where are all the people that were working that day? All got turned into sparkle crystals?


Everything will be okay now WEEEE!

But the plan goes pretty well considering it was a special plan. A few deaths, Shu turns off the death machines, and MAGICALLY Antibodies doesn’t send anyone else after them. Marching off into the promised land, all will be okay.


A big F U?

Or not. Arisa and EVERYONE (well it seems like everyone) turn on Shu. Like thanks Shu and now we hate you. Obviously these people are stupid. Unless Arisa’s grandfather is out there with a plane big enough to whisk all these people to safety they still need Shu. I don’t know, I thought maybe some of the kids would rethink overthrowing Shu. While some of his methods were harsh he did get the most people to safety. He warned them the battle was going to be dangerous but he ended up delivering what he promised. Now since everyone turned on Arisa in a matter of hours maybe I should not be so surprised that the sheeps followed a new leader.

But behold. Gai is here. Not to kill Arisa but to cut off Shu’s arm. WEEE! Censors are for crazy people.


Me thinks when Gai regains control he will be all like NO SHU I AM SORRY!

Is this Gai? Last time I checked Gai couldn’t pull out Voids but he got out Inori’s. And while Gai wanted that power for himself he didn’t take it from Shu. So I am just saying….maybe…just maybe this is not Gai. He is being controlled SHOCKER! Just a tool for Antibodies. Poor Gai being brought back from the dead. Not sure how Gai could say any of those things to Shu as he was not there to see what went down with the school but you know. It was hate on Shu day.

This is coming along pretty interesting. I hope that Antibodies get what is coming to them. Now that everyone else in the world is the enemy I hate for them to come out smelling like roses. But we got EyeBrow Kid, Antibodies, the rest of the world, and everyone Shu knows against Shu. But as Walking Dead has shown me losing your arm means nothing. Fight against everyone Shu. Surely they deserve your love and protection!


Josef said...

Haha that episode made me confused O.o

Christina said...

Josef- I think at this point everyone is confused. That tends to happen in a show where anything can happen. Gai dies early in the series? Well if we pick up Gai crystals (because you can just TELL which crystals came from each person) we can just glue him back together. Everyone can hold their own Voids? A special new power Shu got when we blinked. Inori has crystal spears for arms? Because...JUST BECAUSE!

Apparently we are not supposed to ask questions. Just enjoy being confused.

xition said...

Personally I think Shu is not cut out for leader, he is just a kid and the death of a love one really affects him. A true leader is someone who is not that easily influenced and Shu got over his head when his friends died. BUT he did the best he could and the students were just ungrateful backstabbing useless cunts...
Except Satou, I kinda feel sorry for him.

Christina said...

xition- I truly think that Shu is doing the best he can. He was a relatively normal life (given that he forgot about incest maybe stepsister action) and he was thrust into a crazy world. He had a power forced upon him, Gai basically forced him to join Funeral Parlor, and he ended up leading the students when he was the only one that could protect him.

This has gained him one less arm, a possible homicidal mom, and only one friend. Being a leader is AWESOME!

I could see SOME of the students still following through with the overthrow Shu plan but what about the ones he went out of his way to protect? Ungrateful losers. I predict they will walk outside the gate and be killed on sight. Or really that is what SHOULD happen in reality land.

But since Satou has giant rocks growing on his head it is hard to depend on reality land too much. XD

DOMO-nation said...

I know its late to comment but I just finish watching guilty crown. I agree with your thoughts about Arisa. I felt like I liked her. She was a strong figure and all (plus she was a beauty). But once she started sleeping with four-eyes my image of her just got toured apart. Like come on. The first time she slept with four-eyes was because she wanted him to spread the "lie". But all she had to do was tell him about the "lie" and four-eyes would have spread the news. The second time she slept with four-eyes was because she wanted the "info." She could have easily taken the info from shu since she was one of the leaders before and shu trusted her to an extent. But I think I understand why she had to use her body...maybe she needed four-eyes to be loyal to her and for her to become the leader again. If she didn't sleep with him I guess four-eyes would have just taken the leadership for himself. Maybe I am tormented by the thought of her prostituting herself because I strongly liked (sounds weird since its anime but somehow my feelings mix in lol sorry)..well just wanted to let you know my thoughts

Christina said...

DOMO-nation - In general I try not to judge what other woman do with their bodies. While I might not do it I can see how someone woman feel like they have no other way to move up in the world without using their bodies. Since things are unfair in life I can see how some woman might need to resort to tactics like that, even if continues to make life unfair for the rest of the world.

I say that...and still think Arisa is a moron. Because she DID have other options. She wasn't pinned against a wall with no other choices. Her character just took some crazy turn into INSANEVILLE and suddenly sleeping with someone (who overturned HER) was the only way to get ahead? Arisa probably had THE MOST resources out of all the kids in the school and had she just used one fraction of them she could have...turned on Shu without randomly sleeping with people. Shu wasn't beloved by all, Arisa was pretty smart, and their school was full of gossips. I don't he would have let Arisa be leader again, that he would just overthrow her. But in Arisa's mind maybe she didn't think this far ahead.

Still....I thought Arisa was a pretty strong person and to fall apart so quickly and then it turns out she did this all for a MAN she knew for about 5 minutes...I felt beyond disappointment. I don't know if it was lazy writing or crazy writing but maybe they should have added hints of the "true" Arisa all along if it was going to turn out this way.

DOMO-nation said...

Christina: Yes, I agree 99.9% with you statements. I'm assuming you are a girl and would understand a girl's point of view better than me. Arisa did all this for a man she met for 5minutes right?? We can agree with that...but I think that she would have done everything in her power (besides using her body) such as intelligence(which she did have) resources (she knew many people, she had a cell phone available, she could have called her grandfather) to be able to come up with a pretty concrete stragedy and take leadership again or at least escape to other side of the wall. So my question is that we can say she was in love Gai but wouldnt you think she would like to serve gai or be besides gai but a "pure" and still "innocent" girl to extent instead of being a dirty bitch (dont know any other way to express it sorry)?

Christina said...

DOMO-nation - I think in normal circumstances Arisa would have tried harder to be the "pure" girl. Of course I am not saying everyone needs to be a virgin (because that would be crazy talk) but the way she "lost" her virginity was less than pure if that makes sense? Her body, her right but if her goal was to be reunited with the man she loved I would think she would want to do everything in power possible in making him her first. Not oh lala losing my virginity is plan A, not plan G.

It just frustrates me. Or confuses me. A girl with more resources than most acted like a 15 year old runaway on the streets, where there aren't many options outside of selling your body. But given the fact she was doing ALL OF THIS for a man she met for 5 minutes maybe her previous persona was all a lie and she was crazy all along.

DOMO-nation said...

Christina (sorry for the late reply) I agree with you now..that makes so much sense the way what other animes do you watch?? i would like to keep having discussions with you! if you dont mind that is...

Christina said...

DOMO-nation- I am a late replyer too but I am trying to get better! So no worries on that part.

This season it looks like I am definitely going to watch Accel World, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead, and Fate/Zero. I think funny discussions will happen on Kore wa Zombie and more X__X WTF discussions will happen on Fate/Zero. I welcome and love having discussions with my readers. It really helps open up the way you see animes and how you might have missed things and what not. Also people are helpful and help explain the more complex topics that are barely touched up in the animes verses the light novels/mangas. Just jump on in and ask questions or comment on things, no worries!