Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 18

I don’t think I have mentioned this enough but I have the most adorable cat ever. She is a whiny little crybaby but she is super cute. And that is all that matters folks. She can just roll over and bat those huge eyes of hers and all is well.

If I had it my way there would be 10 more adorable cats in this house but apparently the husband is worried about being married to a potential cat lady. PSHT!


Err you are supposed to be one of the strong people....

Since the husband is currently snoring on the couch adorable and I are watching Survivor and blogging anime. Kira is helpful in the fact she likes to lay on the keyboard and stop all work from happening. YAY KIRA! Up now is Shakugan no Shana Final Season episode 18. Spoilers for….well not much.


Well at least it won't turn you into sparkle crystals....

Episode Summary: All the humans in the city look up and see….Castle de YujiSnake. Insert screaming here. Kazumi and YujiSnake are greeted by all the “main” baddies. He reassures her about 3943874 times that no one will hurt her. Very reassuring yes? YujiSnake shows her to the special summoning spot and explains what is going to happen. He is going to undo the “fixes” she did the city when it was under attack. He will use those temporary holes to send huge energy to DrugInducedLand and begin to make their new world. Kazumi’s part in all of this is to….stand and talk to Lamis as he explains things to her. Hecate shows up and uses a triangle spell to make YujiSnake able to talk to all his baddie peoples. Hecate then gets all glowly and floats up to the sky where Mr. Snake’s body is. It is explained that it is her role to die so that Mr. Snake can grant the wish of the masses. While she is always reincarnated she is always born with that role, to serve and die for Mr. Snake. Kazumi is like NOOOOOO! The Flame Hazes start arriving, with the Gods of Earth showing off their respective powers. Shana flies up to meet YujiSnake while everyone else is tied up with another “main” baddie. Kazumi seems horrified that Shana and YujiSnake are going to fight each other when really they are just trying to protect the other. THE END!

A week late? Episode 19 is almost out? Well let’s get to blogging already.


Why am I here again?

Once again very little happened in this episode. I think I would enjoy this season better had it been 12 condensed and action packed episodes rather than 24 drawn out and rather boring episodes.


So I stand here

According to YujiSnake he needed Kazumi’s help with his Grand Order plan. Maybe I am super slow but I didn’t see Kazumi actually….helping. Granted I have forgotten a lot from the past two seasons. I didn’t even remember about the city falling apart and Kazumi helping to put it back together. But even still…what did Kazumi do? She stood on a glass version of the city and talked to Lamis who apparently isn’t dead.


I often feel very safe when I am on fire. Silly girl.

So yeah. Not sure why it was so important for Kazumi to be there. Obviously I know why she is going to be there LATER but it terms of Grand Orderness not really feeling it. Is her task to help put the city back together once the Grand Order is finished? But YujiSnake said the damage being done isn’t real so…I don’t know. She didn’t seem important in that aspect.


By respected they mean she can do what she wants and no one can stop her. XD

But she was there to see Hecate die. She was supposed to be all emotional and going NOOOOO. But then she thought about it and probably admired Hecate for her dedication for the cause and how she was sacrificing herself for the good of everyone. How sad it was to be Hecate and that every time she is reborn it signifies something good for everyone else and death for her. Seeing that will cause Kazumi to think about her own ability to DIE for other people. Like oh I want to save both Shana and Yuji let be turn on my dead stick and die for them.


Almost as awesome as the Mexican God WEEE!

….Did anything else happen in this episode? All the AMAZING Flame Hazes showed up and there were brief battles shown. More like let’s kill some nonimportant baddies so everyone can go face to face with a “Main” baddie later. I was surprised that one of the Gods of Earth was such a wimp. But I guess you can’t pick to be powerful. You could be born powerful and still be all WE SHOULDN’T BE FIGHTING AT ALL.


Well end in 7 episodes you mean.

YujiSnake and Shana go face to face and Kazumi comments how sad it is…and that is it folks. A rather simple episode right? Me thinks this is the FINAL battle….and it is going to last forever. Lord help me.


Eternia said...

The author of this series failed to make use of the foreshadowing that he created himself. In season 1's ending, we saw Hecate conversed with Yuji. He told her that her feelings are fake and she should make memories herself. In season 2's ending, Hecate is thinking of the pigeon she once fed, and she failed to stop Shana from destroying the machinery.
In early episode, she showed jealously towards Shana, even trying to kill her. Now. The author removed her just like that?! Bleh! I expected her to stay with our main cast until the end. But no, she is out of the game until the end.

Christina said...

Eternia- I do think that was a weak point in this episode. Just everyone on the "baddie" team was like peace out. No tears or anything.

But yes. Hecate was hinted having more of a personality. She didn't view herself merely as a tool to bring back Mr. Snake's powers. She had hopes and dreams too.

Then it all poofed. I know there was a reason for it to poof but I would have liked to see some lingering feelings. Like her looking at YujiSnake and smiling that she is doing this for the person she cares about or something. And given how LITTLE seems to be happening I don't know why more focus couldn't be on Hecate. Just thrown away. :(