Friday, February 10, 2012

Tenchi verses the Oven!

Going by the title this will probably not end well right? XD


Psht you are lucky I had no Hello Kitty stickers at work. Otherwise my wound would look FABulous!

Oven 2 Tenchi 1

I guess given how long I have worked at this pizza places two "OWWWW" burns isn't that bad. Probably overdo for a burn. It is the oven's way of teaching me a lesson and learning to respect its great power. Fear the oven, become overly cautious.

The actually burn is in the very gross bubble up and ooze phase. The butterfly is better yes?

The downside is that blogging is going pretty slow as I usually rest my wrists on the laptop. I am coming Black Rock Shooter and Guilty Crown!

Oh and if this DOES leave a scar (my last one is barely noticeable) I am probably going to get a lot of looks. Yeah right there on my wrist folks. Le sigh.

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