Saturday, February 18, 2012

An important fact about the anime Another. Or Tenchi misses the obvious

I love the internet. Well as much as one can love something that technically is just a bunch of codes and really doesn’t exist. A very healthy love yes.

Back in the day, when dinosaurs and the Back Street Boys roamed the Earth, the internets were not used much by anime fans. Well maybe they were in Japan but not here in the U.S. Most of the sites I found were mainly picture galleries or facts about shows that had been out for years in Japan. None of this hey this just aired in Japan today and we all get to watch it later subbed stuff. It was truly hard to spoil yourself on anything as we were a million years behind.

But now with the internets information about new animes and mangas are everywhere. No need to wait anymore. And as a blogger (also possible via the internet) I really need to the internet to stay current on things. What is new, the correct spelling of people’s names, or just to find fans of the shows that I love or love to hate. The internet should be important to anyone interested in anime.

For the show Another I mainly go to MyAnimeList to make sure I am getting everything spelled right. In case it hasn’t been obvious so far my spelling is less than stellar. And that goes double for Japanese names. On occasion I do go to the threads that talk about the current episode to see what everyone else thinks of the show. Sometimes I stay away as I am trying to be careful about spoilers. So far I have not been spoiled in regards to Mirai Nikki and Another so I am pretty happy about that.

But last night on MyAnimeList I decided to read all the pages about episode 6 and learned something SHOCKING. And apparently obvious!

Are you ready to experience the special that is Tenchi?! Be prepared!

Kouichi’s Aunt and Art Teacher are the same person.


So if you aren’t doing the Tenchi is so stupid dance you might be shocked yourself!

In my special SPECIAL defense I never click on the names of anyone on MyAnimeList anymore. One show I spoiled myself on a character death so I avoid clicking the names. I just make sure I am spelling everything right and truck on. And if you look on MyAnimeList it lists Reiko the Aunt and Mikami the teacher SEPARATELY! Usually when people are listed separately that means they are separate people!

And come on folks. Do these two people even look alike?


Clark Kent.


And Superman! Maybe even a better disguise! These are the same people!?

See what I mean? Reiko has some impressive boobies going on here while Mikami is APPARENTLY hiding everything under that jacket. The hair colors don’t even look similar! Why wouldn’t you wear your glasses AT SCHOOL?! In a genre of media that often has very similar looking characters I would have never guessed these two were the same people unless someone told me. And still I had to check.

Was this made perfectly clear in any of the episodes? Did I miss something obvious?! Because my best friend is watching this series too and had no idea. Are we last name challenged or something? I just feel….so special.

Oh and now people are saying that Reiko is the ghost. Yeah not sure how that is supposed to work if someone IN THE CLASS has to be IN the seats for it to be the wrong number. But I like the theory that Dad would not be affected by the curse so far away so him calling Kouichi means he is alive….if he is the one calling of course.

But Aunt and the Teacher are the same person. Still shocked folks. Not sure at what but shocked.


Anonymous said...

There's a reason for her to be two people.....wait for it.... not gonna spoil....

Christina said...

Anonymous- I just hope other people felt the same way I did. Or didn't realize it or anything. But yes no spoils please. XD The main reason why I don't click on the names, just check the spelling.

Anonymous said...

It has to relate with the "rules", thus why he call/treat her as different people in different settings. You will see in the future, but I am not goana tell you which rule it is.... no spoilers...

Eternia said...

All right, she has her own reason.
But still, she's a great con-artist because those two don't look similar in the least. I am SHOCKED too!

Christina said...

Anonymous- This curse seems to have so many rules. X__X I hope it does get explained why the kids can't tell their parents what is going on. Which shouldn't really matter in a town this small, everyone should know at this point what is going on. But yes this is a mystery show and I will enjoy the ride while speculating along the way.

With that being said...come join me Eternia!!!! I don't know about you but I already wear glasses yet I didn't see that coming! XD Glad I was able to spread the news yet hopefully I didn't spoil anything. I don't think I did but apparently we needed to pick up on the SMALLEST THINGS to get this. Con-artist indeed!