Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 17: When secondary characters are more likable than the mains

Behold I am alive! I have not forsaken my readers. I am here and alive!

It has been really busy the last few days at work. I am not used to work in Sundays and I was there the entire day. The Superbowl is serious business. So the last few nights I have just watched anime and wrote a few notes down so I wouldn't forget key issues. Mirai Nikki, Guilty Crown, and Another are all waiting to be finished and posted. So while it looks like I have been a lazy slacker I has just been...well....attempting to pay off my credit card bill faster so I can be a shopping slacker. XD


Happiest moment of the entire episode. Enjoy.

But finally a new post after a few days. Even though I was writing all the episodes at the same time Mirai Nikki somehow got finished first. So here it is, episode 17! Spoilers for Yuki saying something dumb!


Yay for Captain Obvious!

Episode Summary: A journey through flashback land is upon us! A tiny kid Ai was abandoned in the same tower our heroes are currently blowing up. She waited all day for her mom but she never came. Eventually a younger Marco walks up to her and tells her if this is the worse day of her life then she should cheer up because tomorrow will be better. 8th takes Ai into her home for abandoned kids. Ai clings to Marco during their childhood and well into high school even though Marco is older. She spends most of her time with him and seems content. This pisses off random girls in her class and they trick Ai into going to an empty warehouse. Then boys from their class take turns raping Ai. Marco eventually comes to the rescue and ends up killing at least one of the rapists. Ai doesn’t blame Marco for being late and they vow to be together forever. Cut to the present and Yuno has saved Yuki. Amazing. Ai and Marco take Dad hostage and go up to the roof with their parachutes. In the elevator ride up (because elevators work when the building is being BLOWN UP) Ai is like Marco…you should have killed Yuno when you had the chance. As Yuno and Yuki run to the top of the damn tower Yuki acknowledges he sucks at everything Yuno says they will have to use that to their advantage. When Ai and Marco get to the top they only see Yuno. Yuki announces that he is hiding in the control room because he sucks. Marco is pissed and after manhandling Yuno for a bit he takes off to find Yuki.


My son is missing and you were the last one to be seen with him. And you are holding a knife. Surely this is the best time to confront you.

Turns out Yuki was hiding close by and he takes that moment to try and dart Ai’s phone. When he misses Yuno slices Ai’s throat. Yuki takes the time to yell at Yuno for being violent. Yuki’s Dad randomly runs up and steals the parachute. Yuki is like X__X but the building collapses more trapping Yuno, Yuki, and Ai. Marco tries desperately digging them out while Yuno thinks using Ai as a useless meat shield is helpful to their rescue. Marco sorta trashes/speaks the truth about how Yuno and Yuki operate in life. Ai begs Marco to escapes but he doesn’t want to leave her side. Oh and also he has been impaled by a pole and is dying too. Eventually everyone works together to break out of the floor. Marco stays behind with dead Ai while Yuno and Yuki escape. Marco cries as the building collapses saying they can be together forever now. While flying to safety Yuki wants Yuno to work with him to help get his parents back together. Well that is going to be a problem as Random Cop Dude (who left investigate 8th’s place when he heard the tower was collapsing) informs Yuki that momma is dead. Turns out when Dad landed from leaving behind his son Momma hunted him down and tried bringing him to the police. Didn’t end well. THE END!

Yuki is the stupidest person on the face of the planet. I feel bad for defending him all this time. Now I have seen the error of my ways.

I would like to start off with…DAMN FOLKS! I think the staff of Mirai Nikki needs a hug or something. Apparently someone had a really rough childhood or something because thems peoples are messed up in the head.


Considering how special Yuki has been most of the Diary Users have been too NICE to him.

Thinking back most of the Diary Users have not been evil or bad per say. I still don’t know why Minene is a terrorist in Japan. Why not be a terrorist against the people who killed her parents? Unless they are in Japan. And 10th was evil obviously. Maybe. I am not sure what 10th said to Hinata was a lie or not. Was he really trying to become a god to go back and fix his family or was he telling the truth and he wanted nothing to do with Hinata? It is hard to tell since he knew he was going to die and maybe he was trying to make things easier on him. Oh and 3rd. 3rd was evil too. Unless he was running around killing….evil teenagers who…kill kittens or something.


Me thinks it will be super sad when she dies. :(

But the other Diary Users….not so bad really. I am putting aside the fact that all of them have to kill 11 people to make this game work because obviously that is a BAD thing to do. 12th was crazy that is for sure. His sense of justice swayed in the breeze so he is more like an in the middle type character. But it is hard to hate a girl who gets rapped all the time. A 4 year old boy with neglectful and abusive dead parents? A cop trying to fight bad guys AND save his dying kid at the same time? Minene was at least going to protect the dying kid.

So overall most of the Diary Users are understandable and not crazy murdering fools (except 3rd). And I think that applies to 7th. Their background is HORRIBLE folks. Apparently it is different in the manga but since I am not reading the manga that does not apply to me at this moment. Going by what I have seen 7th was on team Good Guy…probably way better than Team Main Character.


Is this entire town full of assholes? Except for most of the Diary Users?

Ai being left alone in that tower was horrible. I guess it was special how Marco and 8th were lurking around the corner to rescue her but meh. But I like how we saw Ai and Marco through the years and how one should not judge people by their appearances alone.


So Ai deserves to be rapped because she doesn't want to be friends with these bitches? X___X

Can I just say a lot of people in this show are assholes? Ai spends all her time texting (who, Mr. Apprentice 3?) and being with Marco and that means the girls in her class set her up to be rapped? OH OKAY! And the boys were like yeah that girl DOES text too much let’s go rape her and if we get caught just say we are underage and all will be fine YAY! What the hell is wrong with these people? Also I hope Marco killed ALL the boys and not just the one.


I am thinking Marco does not feel as positive about this day that "brought them closet together".

I do think it is sad that Ai probably looks back on this event, just like her mother abandoning her, as positive as in the end it got her with Marco. That is a messed up way of thinking and I doubt Marco feels the same way (actually I thought their wish was going to be to go back to that day and erase the event) but I do believe Ai is okay with the situation. If only because it got her Marco and she is already a damaged girl.


Wait he should have killed Yuno first, not Yuki!!!

I am also happy that Ai took a moment to tell Marco that “playing” with Yuno and Yuki was a very bad idea. In the end it is all about a man’s ego. He wanted to teach Yuki a lesson apparently. Not sure why as Yuki and Yuno would both have to die for him and his woman to live. Like see Yuki EARN YOUR LOVE…and then die.


Yuno is quick on her feet though, I will give her that.

I think for the most part Yuno’s plan was tame except the part where she used the fake phones against 7th. She might be bleeding from the side with a useless meat bag as a partner but girl has ideas folks. Lots and lots of plans.

So why is Yuki the biggest pain in the butt? Because he is STILL constantly question everything Yuno does. Now….I would too…but then I wouldn’t let her protect me. If Yuki is going to let Yuno get her hands dirty and be his knight then he needs to let her do what she needs to do. Within reason obviously. There was no reason to threaten mom. So while Yuno’s methods might be drastic and over the top they have worked thus far right?


Gosh Yuno I was going to kill Ai IN A NICE WAY! Why you so crazy?!

So why was Yuki getting on Yuno’s case for how she chose to dispose of Ai? Yuki tried to kill Ai too and MISSED. And during the second Yuno took the only opportunity to kill Ai. Was it violent? Yes. Unnecessary? No. This is a game where it is killed or be killed. It was not like Yuno cut off some limbs, poured salt in the wounds, and peed on her face. It is not Yuno’s fault it took Ai like 5 hours to bleed out. So…keep your mouth shut Yuki. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK!


Yuno on the other hand was just insane.

I do like how Marco and Ai handled the death scenes. Ai wanted Marco to go on with his life and win (maybe even wish her back) and Marco wanted to die with Ai. I am not sure if Marco could have survived his wounds but the fact that he wanted to stay behind with his woman was commendable. While I don’t think it was…feasible to compare his relationship to Yuki’s (because face it Yuno is insane) a lot of what Marco did say was true. Yuno’s version of love is do what I say and want and things will be fine. Yuki hasn’t really tried to improve on his skills or attempt to help Yuno.


Me thinks Yuno is going to either get a happy ending like this or none at all.

But Marco and Ai dying in each other’s arms was touching. While they were over the top with their way of dressing and showing affection they were a pretty nice couple. Their back story makes sense although for this plan to work they would eventually have to kill 8th. I can see why Marco was getting pissed at Yuki and they weren’t overly mean/hateful with their actions. They will be missed.

Back to Yuki being a moron. I was really giving Dad the benefit of the doubt last week. He didn’t know the cellphone would kill Yuki, maybe he was protecting mom from the loan shark/whoever person, and Yuki’s mom didn’t do a very good job making sure Yuki was protected. So maybe just maybe…he was an okay parent.

HAHAHAHA folks. Yeah right what the heck was I smoking?! First Dad steals the parachute that Yuno worked so hard to get. I don’t even know where dad came from. I know Marco and Ai kidnapped him but where was he during the last epic fight? Putting that aside….he stole the parachute so he could live and his son/girlfriend would die as a result. I know I have stated about 29328 times I am not a parent so it is hard for me to think like one. But In this instance….WTF is wrong with this Dad? Aren’t you supposed to give up your life for your offspring?! Not take away the only safety device and think NOTHING for your son. Seriously folks.


Just a few problems folks. Everything can be overcome if you love your parents enough!

And yet despite this…during his own escape Yuki wants Yuno to forgive his father. Like help me Yuno make my parents get back together. Yuno might have been wrong about Yuki’s fathers intentions (which were only selfish money reasons and not…let’s kill Yuki reasons) but he just tried to kill them NOW! Why the hell does Yuki still believe in his Dad? I can see being in denial or shock but he was all 5 seconds later let’s get the family back together. I don’t think Yuno was believing that was going to happen but might have gone along with it just to keep Yuki liking her.


Maybe Yuki's Mom should have ignored him like she did the other times. Then she would be alive.

And we all know how this ends folks. With Yuki being an orphan. Dad is truly evil. He was out for himself, got in debt to have a fabulous life, and left behind his family because of his greedy ways. Now I have not really been a fan of Mom so far in this series. But maybe I can understand keeping this a secret from Yuki. Moms usually don’t want kids to know that their Fathers are greedy dead beats.

So Dad kills Mom so he can get away with the fact he just “killed” his son. Now maybe Momma was a bit dumb. She thinks he left Yuki behind AND he was holding a knife. Just maybe….she should have gotten the cops involved. Maybe folks.

This is where we stand. Yuno has dead parents, Yuki has one dead parent and one murderer for a Dad, the only Diary Users left are Minene, 8th, and 11th. And we are only on episode 17. X___X Are there more amazing twists to come, like Yuno being a time traveling and KILLING HERSELF? Probably. But hopefully the next person to die is Dad because I think 8th might be a really nice person.


Eternia said...

I wonder why people keep treating 8th as normal, lol. If only the street is full of abnormal proportion people, we could say that it's normal occurences in Mirai Nikki's world. But that's not the case, isn't it? Mr. random cop should have arrested 8th under suspicion of being alien. :-)
To be exact, there are still 9 episodes left. I don't have interest to continue reading the manga, but I heard that Yuki is going to be an asshole and betrays his friends. Yeah, what a jerk.
He should just die. And 7th should just be made into the protagonist.

Christina said...

Eternia- It seems to be one of those weird things that no one mentions. I am surprised 8th's head hasn't given me nightmares yet! And now on top of that it appears this woman doesn't age? Arrest her indeed.

If Yuki betrays his friends...that might be fine with me. Well except Akise whom has at least tried to help Yuki. The rest have thrown Yuki to the wolves one time or another so they can die. XD But yes bring back 7th! A real couple trying to survive after some harsh things.

If Yuki betrays Yuno though...that would be such a badass move. X__X

Anonymous said...

Minene targets is an atheiest terrorist. She targets religious events.

Christina said...

Anonymous- While Minene has been around all this time, since episode 2, we haven't really learned about her intentions with this game. So I really didn't know she was a religious terrorist. I actually haven't seen her do much terroristy things actually. Sure she bombed the school but she was trying to kill Yuki and Yuno. But that is nice to know, wish there was more focus on Minene. Maybe that will come later after Yuno takes out 8th and 11th.