Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 18: Making sense is overrated

X___X Apparently I am supposed to be in bed already. We has an early day tomorrow and yet time has gotten away from me. Silly Tenchi.


Look at me sorta being alive and creepy.

So since I need to go to sleep here is my post! XD Guilty Crown episode 18. Spoilers for things making absolutely no sense.


Good thing we turned on Shu to trust in a guy we never met!

Episode Summary: Shu continues to yell in pain as his arm just got cut off. His best friends forever…look away and proceed not to care. Argo, Tsugumi, and Ayase are like GAI?! Daryl is the only one on the “Baddie” side that is not happy to see Gai 2.0. According to Daryl Gai is the reason all the bad things in the world happened to him. The other countries have reached Japan and decide the first place to bomb is right where all the main characters are. The investigators among the students tell Gai 2.0 to do something…and Gai takes out his glowing triangle to randomly extract three Voids from said trouble making students and take out all the missiles. Once done the Voids break and the students die. Another student is murdered when she tries to defend her fallen comrades. Gai 2.0 tells Ayase and Tsugumi they are either going to follow him or die. Daryl is not pleased that Gai 2.0 threatened Tsugumi and opens fire on Gai 2.0. AntiBodies then attacks Daryl but he manages to survive. More missiles are fired and Gai 2.0 takes them out. Inori uses the confusion to escape with Shu. Gai 2.0 announces to the world if Japan is attacked he will attack back. He wants Japan to handle this…”virus” problem themselves and for outsiders to stay out of his. Oh and Shu’s mom takes a sad little shower saying that she is glad Shu is freed from the power of the kings (AKA she wanted his arm to be cut off).


Wha?! Is anything going to be explained at this point?

Arisa’s grandfather is talking to some people about the situation and about an ancient organization. But nothing is really explained and he leaves someone else in charge of his empire as he has SOMETHING to do. Inori has been nursing Shu back to health, avoiding Antibodies, and getting them food. Shu has been laying on the floor a lot and feeling sorry for himself. It has been shown that Arisa was talking to Gai 2.0 before the mutiny and wants to serve him afterwards. However she is not happy with her new position as lackey, being sent to find Inori. Daryl is injured and Saiga wants to know what the heck is going on with Gai 2.0. Inori is located by Antibodies but before Arisa and her team can capture her Arisa’s Grandfather appears and goes ninja warrior on their asses. He attempts to take out Arisa as she is an embarrassment to the family but Arisa shoots him. Inori watches this all and then is almost attacked by a bunch of random men.


Yeah. Remember that everyone else hates you. But me. The Thundercat.

When Inori “wakes up” all the men are laying on the ground and she is covered in blood. She runs back to Shu all upset. Then Mana takes over Inori’s body and attempts to give Shu a blow job. Shu freaks out for some reason and Inori wakes up to cry some more. Inori then has a dream…or something where Mana is talking about how Inori is a monster and should come back to Mana. Shu seeks out Inori who is singing her one song still. She tells Shu no matter what she will believe in Shu, even if no one else does. She then uses her magical powers to put Shu to sleep as she will face Antibodies alone. Inori then morphs into a crazy looking cat creature to fight all the Antibodies alone, talking about how even though she is a fake person Shu helped make her real. Only Gai 2.0 is able to stop her, disgusted that Inori would help a human. Shu wakes up and sees that Inori has left him. THE END!

MOG folks. This has been the best couple of weeks in anime EVER. We got a crazy time traveling Yuno slicing down Diary Users, a class full of innocent students set to die at any moment, Yomi from Black Rock Shooter (enough said), and now we have Guilty Crown spitting in the face of their own logic and character development. It is all truly amazing!



Oh and Inori is a Thundercat.


Oppies. Team Shu is looking better now isn't it?

You know those students that were plotting and scheming against Shu because he “withheld” information about their Voids? Gai 2.0 killed them. And I loved it. LOVED IT! Watch to watch it all day long. Oh Shu was keeping a secret from us let’s trust in the girl we overthrew a few weeks ago. HOW DID THAT WORK OUT?! Oh what’s that? You can’t answer me? Oh that’s right because you’re dead.


WEE no one is safe now!!

Sadly Gai 2.0 did not kill Arisa. I thought she was going to be toast burgers but she used her own Void to protect Gai 2.0. Her boyfriend. Of negative seconds. Now…walk with me people, talk with me. Arisa saw Gai for about 3 minutes on the cruise ship de almost blown up. She was a bit rude to him but later was probably masturbating to table at the thought of him. Okay I get it, silly girl crush. But I am just ASSUMING that Inori and Shu told the Main Cast that Gai 2.0 was killed in the tower battle. So…..why wasn’t Arisa all X___X when Gai 2.0 contacted her? Maybe Arisa was too far gone in crazy town? Maybe.

But I think it is stupid that all the character development in Arisa has been destroyed. She started off as the aloof student council president who protected other students from being bullied. Then we saw the family pressures she was under and how she had a lot on her little shoulders. It was a bit touching to see what her Void was. She tried to keep her cool after Lost Christmas Part but allowed Shu to take over when it was clear he had the power to protect them. And she also was on team Void Ranking. She had no problem keeping vaccines and such from students to protect the majority.


You mean sleeping with a random kid at school DIDN'T please Gai 2.0?!

And now she is a crazy jealous bitch that randomly had sex with an asshole to make sure Shu got his arm cut off? Oh and she killed her Grandfather. Who was trying to kill her but you know….maybe he didn’t like what she had become. Obviously the writers hate women or are insane. Yes Inori randomly attacking her was horrible but was that enough for Arisa to sleep with random assholes to overthrow Shu? No. Stop being crazy.


Time to light them all on fire.

Oh and did I mention not one damn person because Inori the Thundercat cared that Shu got his arm cut off? Kill them all. Well Gai 2.0 accomplished some of that but really folks. Whether or not Shu should have told people is besides the point. He said he was going to get them out of the city and for most of them that happened. Most of the students that died were due to bullets going into their bodies NOT their Voids being destroyed. Especially main cast people. They knew the conflicts going on in Shu’s heart and none of them do anything? Just look a little sad? Yes I look a little sad when my ice cream cone falls on the ground folks.

I don’t think I am going to question why Shu is still alive and looking well after getting his arm cut off. These kids were having a hard time finding enough vaccines for everyone but now there is enough medical stuff laying around for an inexperienced Inori to make Shu…functional. I did appreciate the fact that Shu was still trying to use his stump. He isn’t used to having a missing limb and it was real. Of course I appreciate it more because I didn’t have to see it.


All hail Sir Gai 2.0.

I think it is safe to say that Gai 2.0 doesn’t really care about Inori. Maybe the small part of him that is hidden and still Gai does but in the grand scheme of things Gai either wants her weapon or Mana. The crazy rapist inside of her body. So stop being jealous Arisa. Crazy girls.


No one cares about my arm :(

Shu didn’t do much in this episode. Which I think worked for him. Life has not been good to Shu lately. Every other minute something awful happens to and around Shu and he is blamed despite the fact he is doing the best he can. So while it might not be the best time to be sitting down and having an emo attack…I can see where he is coming from.


Shu wants to die a virgin folks.

We shall not talk about Inori/Mana attempting to relieve Shu of his pants.


Why did someone give Arisa a gun? Did I miss the part where she became a trained soldier in 3 days?

Nor shall we talk about Arisa’s Grandfather bringing a sword to a gun fight. I would like to talk about that secret organization he was talking about…but that was basically it. Him saying there was a secret organization.


Rescuing my son would take too much time and effort. No no better to just cut off his arm and make him useless.

Mom has pretty much sealed her own fate by supporting the HEY My son doesn’t need 2 arms plan. Yes I guess in the long run it could be seen as a protection thing. But if she believes for a second that Antibodies was going to leave Shu alone or he was going to survive without Inori…well momma is stupid.


And what exactly IS you?

Inori leaving because she was putting Shu in danger…good idea. I was following that. But then Inori morphed into a Thundercat. It took this show to a new level of WTF. It might have created a new category of WTF. Before it was just um okay…sure we will go with that. But not one damn issue has been explained this entire series and with 5 episodes left they are making new plot points with NOTHING to back them up with.


Damn human. Be more amazing like us!

I have always thought in the back of my mind this might be alien technology at work. A random rock from space landed on Earth and scientists in Japan tried to unlock its secrets and KABOOM instant death. But this is going too far. Now Inori and Gai BOTH aren’t human? Since when was that hinted at? Of course it could just be that Gai 2.0 was being over dramatic. But somehow I think Gai and Inori were either fused with Crystal Rock or created from it. That is the story as the writers see fit NOW though. Nothing has even remotely hinted at this before. We saw Gai being sick and was very humanly killed a few episodes back. And Inori has not been totally unstoppable in battle. So where all this crazy crap is coming from is anyone’s guess.

This show is just like The River. Only The River has a Spanish teenager who knows all the answers and explains everything to the Whites and Token Black. This show can’t have a Spanish teenager though because the writers are making this stuff up as they go along but it would have been nice, to have someone explain stuff to us.


So much caring for Shu and his arm.

In conclusion this show is made of insane. Wonder who Shu is going to meet to make him a new arm. Oh wait maybe he is an alien in disguise too.


Eternia said...

She didn't turn into a trained soldier IMO...
She's just randomly shot at grandpa's direction. Grandpa should have won, it's just that he can't bring himself to cut down his granddaughter, no matter what kind of bitch she has become.
That's why his last sentence was "Damn, I have turned soft..."

But yeah, Arisa is the biggest flaw/logic fail out of these two recent episodes. As long as I can remember, she's still a fine girl 3 episodes ago. Until they forbid Argo to take her away and Inori stabbed her palm.
Voila! She's instantly turned into bitch in heat. Why does she like Neo-gai that much? When did he seduce her? Didn't Neo-Gai just come out of a test tube?? Oh yeah, the reason she can have sex with some nameless character is probably because she fantasizing about Gai while letting him screwed her. LOL.
I hope next week won't be showing Tsugumi and Ayase have a threesome with Gai. The author really need a facepalm in that case.

Christina said...

Eternia- Oh no doubt Arisa is NOT a trained soldier. I just want to know why Antibodies gave her a job in the first place, especially given who her grandfather is and the small fact she is a nobody high school student who has no combat experience. Like wtf is going on here. Is Arisa sleeping with everyone to gain positions in life?

Arisa's random descent into crazyland in a few days/hours is upsetting and shows really poor character development. Maybe if there were hints of mental instability throughout the show it would make more sense. But this...just no.

I think it serves Tsugumi and Ayase right to be stuck with homicidal Gai 2.0. Shu isn't looking too bad now is he?