Monday, February 20, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 19

Err…I haven’t gotten much done today. X__X The living room does look a lot cleaner but it was mostly my stuff all over the place so I don’t think that counts. So many manga chapters to blog and my house needs to get cleaned. Bleh. There is always tomorrow right? I will blame Kira. I see her being adorable and I have to spend time playing with her crazy butt.

And I can take pride in the fact that I have gotten off the couch today. XD Let’s just say the husband has gotten into one of his shooting games today and I don’t think food has entered his body. At least I can say I ate today. Boys and their games.


So rejected. Let's be friends on the battlefield YAY!

More anime!!! That takes up a lot of time right? Well and sleeping til noon…But Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 19! My what a mouthful, just like everyone’s names! Spoilers for random transportation devices appearing out of nowhere!


NO! You have not told her the entire truth yet you jerk!!!!

Episode Summary: Kazumi watches in horror as Shana and YujiSnake have a magical fight in the sky. She wishes that their true thoughts could get through to the other and that they didn’t have to fight. YujiSnake explains that Shana needs to back up and that Flame Hazes will never forgive the Baddies. YujiSnake also says that he can’t be with Shana as long as she is a Flame Haze. Those words send Shana over the edge as she screams Yuji is an idiot all over the place while attacking him. Shana then tries to take out the Hecate energy ball with some smooth moves and what not. YujiSnake gasps…but pulls out some smooth moves himself and shows how he has a plan A, B, and C. Elsewhere all the other Flame Hazes that bothered showing up to this party are shown fighting against their respective parties. Well Margery and Khamsin are under the structure but everyone else is fighting including Baddie Scientist dude and those Two Flame Hazes that were picked up last week on a flying dragon.


Shana surely has her priorities straight!

Kazumi watches all of this and decides she needs to use her magical wish making charm to help Shana and YujiSnake not knowing exactly what it does. Shana cuts it off and Kazumi starts to…well turn into random sad stuff. Pheles comes out of nowhere and explains that Kazumi now has the power to use unrestricted spells but it will cost her her life. Only….it won’t be cause Pheles said so. Everyone is like WTF especially Wilhelmina whom apparently wants to bond with Pheles. Pheles then uses Kazumi as bait and pulls…Johan out of YujiSnake. Johan then pulls the Reiji Maigo out of YujiSnake and decides to have a heart to heart with YujiSnake. Apparently Yuji should have told Shana his plan and believed in the power of love a little more. Yuji apparently sucks and Johan is better. But then Johan puts the Reiji Maigo back into YujiSnake. He then hugs Pheles and wait for a FLYING VAN that comes out of the ocean with those 3 random dudes at the farm. They hop on and take off with Khamsin acting as their bodyguard. Oh and they take Kazumi too. Everyone goes…okay at this random craziness. YujiSnake has lost an ability due to Johan leaving but still calls for FINAL ORDER part three to take place. Yay for tuning THE END!

…I feel as if I have been trolled or something? I don’t know this episode feels like it turned into a really bad Sci-Fi movie. I am surprised no one came flying in on a megasupergatorsaur or something.


Can you please cut his hair? He is looking so special.

Shana and YujiSnake fighting in the air for a little while was expected. I did think that Wilhelmina and Sydonay were going to fight off to the side and leave YujiSnake and Shana alone. But I guess in war it makes more sense to fight together. That people aren’t going to wait for their partner to do battle with and no one ever aids anyone else. Like all the other battles… XD


Release the secret weapon!!!!

But it was amusing to see YujiSnake and Shana trying to one up each other. Like oh look at me I am Shana with my magical…whatever it was. YujiSnake pretended to be shocked for half a second and then was like BAM look at how magical I am. Just one upping all the way. But I do appreciated their dramatic soap opera faces. GASP!

I sorta do want to know what all the low level baddies are doing. Can none of them fly? Are they all attacking the Gods of Earth? Not one of them can fly up and help with the battle up there? XD Me thinks this paradise is going to be very empty.


Stupid silly humans. All having ADD and stuff.

So…..a very long time ago Pheles gave something to Kazumi that she didn’t want her to use. Now….hmm yeah. I think if I didn’t want someone to have something I would not give it to them. It just is random and weird. Of course….the best way to make someone USE an item is to tell them not to use it. Like oh snap don’t press the red button PRESS IT NOW!


Am I seeing this? Is this for real?!

Let me see if I have this plan straight though. Kazumi was going to use her magical device to be able to use spells like Flame Hazes. This translates into her getting a wish and POOF Pheles shows up. And POOF this means that Johan is freed from YujiSnake’s body and he is taking the Reiji Maigo with him. But then he decides not to do that and instead takes unconscious Kazumi with him and he jumps in a flying van with Pheles and those random three people a few episodes ago. They then drive into the middle of battle.
Did I cover it all? Does any of that make sense?!


YujiSnake and Johan look awfully close...talking about love...

It appears that Johan appeared just to lecture YujiSnake. Johan has been watching Sailor Moon or something in his off time. Because plans and strategies in the world mean nothing if you don’t have the power of love behind you. LOVE FOLKS! What is it good for? Apparently everything. Here Mr. Snake and Yuki have been working together/using each other all this time for the greater good and all they needed to do was talk to Johan. He has all the answers.


Looks like things are working out to me!

Maybe since Johan has so much to say he can answer a few questions for me. Pheles was acting like what she had to do was a big deal and she didn’t want to do it. That it was Johan’s will. But….I am not really seeing any downside to what happened this episode. Kazumi was warned that this would kill her or separate her from YujiSnake and she is still alive. Johan is moving OUTSIDE the Reiji Maigo. They all entered the war zone and are leaving on the magic school bus with an escort. So…what was Pheles acting so concerned about? Everything seems to be going okay. I actually thought she and Johan were going to die together so Shana and Yuji could have a chance at a life together. Maybe that will happen at the end of the series but for now…not seeing the downside.


Very important to the plan I see!!

Also I am not really seeing why Kazumi needed to be there. The second the….err….whatever that building/structure was (the world maker or whatever) was in danger Sydonay threw his giant spear and it nearly killed Kazumi. She couldn’t be that important if she could be taken out to protect the building. Then homegirl gets kidnapped and no one really goes after her. So…why is she there again?

I find it highly interesting that Shana still does not know the truth and doesn’t really want to know. In fact she turns into the “typical” woman. That is what my husband says when I take things out of context. I try to explain to him sometimes he doesn’t understand that words have meanings outside of what is means for them to be but that just turns into a special conversation.


Women are hard to understand, moreso when they have magical powers.

But in this case I think it applies. YujiSnake clearly says he does not want to be with Shana AS a Flame Haze. But Shana heard “I don’t love you anymore, I never loved you, and the time we spent together was a lie”. And she reacted accordingly. But losing her mind and using her amazing powers to make YujiSnake sweat. Because she didn’t get that fired up when 80 percent of the Flame Hazes died in battle. The idea that another world might get created with more humans to get nommed didn’t set her ablaze. But the second YujiSnake says….well…IMPLIES to Shana that he doesn’t honor the time they spent together Shana turned into the jilted lover. It was like she found out he cheated on her and she tore up the house and slashed his tires kind of crazy. And Sydonay is like dude…this is insane let’s get out of here.

So in conclusion we got a magical flying van, a Flame Haze on the war path because she thinks she just gotten broken up with, and Wilhelmina crying in the corner because Pheles didn’t tell her about this plan that makes no sense. It is like a soap opera but everyone has super powers.


Eternia said...

Once again, the author forgot about a setting he has made himself. Johan shouldn't be able to come out like that? As long as I can remember, he has already lost his body/form! What's left is his conscience which is stored inside Reiji Maigo. He's one with that frigging' thing. He would just disappear *poof* when he's separated with that damn thing. Or.. am I remembering things wrong?
Did Pheles create a new body for him? Oh yeah, even Gai got brand new body from the Antibodies, lol!

Christina said...

Eternia- I really thought that was the case with Johan but since I have forgotten so much with the series I didn't want to say one way or another. But yeah it makes sense because otherwise Johan could have been freed so much sooner! Like what the point of the entire thing?! Maybe you have a good point, Pheles ran over and picked up crystals from Guilty Crown and everything is okay.

That and Kazumi being all powerful with her "wish"?! What the heck was that all for if she didn't die? RARW!