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Another episode 6

XO I watched this episode on Monday and I am now just blogging in? For shame Tenchi for shame.

Better late than never though right? I have all these grand plans to get things done on my days off and at the end of the day I am grateful if half of those things are done. XD Imagine if I still worked on Wednesdays….would even less get done?! X__X


Why is she a suspect too?

But here is the post finally! Most of it was blogged on Monday night so I wonder if it makes any sense or if I feel the same way. But yes episode 6. Spoilers for everyone living this episode!


Every single phone call ends with static...very interesting. Is Dad even alive?

Episode Summary: At the beginning of the school year homeroom teacher told Mei that she has been selected to be “that” student who would be ignored for the good of the class. She shows slight resistance and is told she has a choice not to be participate but she does so anyway. Sometime after the opening ceremony the kids talk about how Kouichi will join their class (now thinking back he was supposed to start with them…making the numbers wrong from the start). The “mains” talk about if the curse can start after the start of the school year. Not wanting to take chances they start to ignore Mei and she is placed in the corner of the classroom. It is also discussed that Kouichi sorta passed the “is not dead” test yet they will still press on. Kouichi asks a few more questions but Mei’s mother walks in. Things are super informal and Mei takes Kouichi outside. They talk more about the curse and how the other classmates couldn’t tell Kouichi everything after the fact since he already talked to Mei. So their last ditch effort was to ignore Kouichi too. Mei also explains that she lost her eye when she was 4 and her mother created her fake eye. Kouichi talks to his father tonight and asks questions about when Mom was in Class 3. Dad asks Kouichi how it feels to be back in this town after 1.5 years of being gone. Kouichi said he wasn’t there a few years ago and the phone gets all staticy. Kouichi daydreams about dancing with Mei during class but in reality they are just being boring. They spend a lot of time together, talking about their interests and eating lunch together.


This curse is hard core and plans well in advance!

Mei is in the art club and takes Kouichi there. The younger students are excited to see Mei. Yuuya arrives at the club and ushers all the other students out, probably to tell them the status of Mei and Kouichi. They ignore them and Mei shows Kouichi a painting she was working on before she left the club. Mei and Kouichi go to the annex library where Kouichi shows her pictures of her mom. The Librarian dude shows up and says he was the homeroom teacher for the first Class 3, when this all started and that is how he knows Kouichi’s mom. He also says the first Misaki was a boy who died with his whole family in a house fire. Librarian Dude also explains that records and memories are changed so it is difficult to tell who the actual dead student is at the time but once the school year is over the dead student will be revealed by school records. He reports that the success rate for this ignoring one student is about 50 percent, mainly because people crack under the pressure. Kouichi reveals that his mom came back to town to give birth to him and asks if the curse happened at year. At home Kouichi’s Aunt and Grandparents open up about the curse but they can’t seem to remember much of anything. At school the next day Mr. Man Homeroom teacher comes to class and says despite trying to protect everyone the curse has arrived. And he can’t just handle it. SO HE PULLS OUT HIS KNIFE!!! The end!

The information was flowing today folks! Everyone is coming out of the wood works to tell us viewers what the heck is going on.


I think I would have been kicking and screaming. But I am not Japanese and I don't function as a group.

It is explained to us that Mei was only recently ignored. When Kouichi was placed in their class that made the numbers off. Mei was picked to be the ignored one. She did voice some concern over it but went along with their plan to keep everyone safe. So it wasn’t like Mei had been ignored forever. It sounds like Mei was doing okay in school with the art club and not in her first two years and at the beginning of the 3rd she decided to take on the burden. Like she wanted to protect everyone. So while this is cruel it sounds like everyone is suffering on both sides.

This of course makes me wonder what the curse actually is. Because obviously there is not going to be enough seats if there is a random transfer student in their class. Even if it was on the first day of school it is understandable that there was not going to be enough seats. But if the curse was trying to force itself on this class it would make sense why the random transfer student was place into their class. But yeah it sounds like they thought they were going to have 22 students (or whatever number it was) and they got a KNOWN 23rd. Seems a bit iffy to me but I will roll with it.


I think by ignoring two students twice as many people will die WEEEE~

Besides the fact that the countermeasures are iffy at best (either because of human nature or the fact they don’t know WHY it is happening) it is obvious that ignoring Kouichi is not going to work at all. When you are dealing with something supernatural it is hard to apply logic to the situation. So to start ignoring two people probably won’t change anything. The cycle has already started and they think cutting off the cancer (as they think Kouichi “started” everything) is a last ditch effort that won’t work at all. Nice try though.


I am just going to stand here and be awkward.

Mei’s mom was creepy. I guess her role was to be creepy as Mei has turned adorable. I am still wondering if her Mom has something to do with the original curse. Maybe the dolls and the crazy shop keeper are more red herrings. I do think that the dead people end up as dolls in the store though. For now there is very little known about Mom. We know Mei doesn’t have a close relationship with her and Mei is treated like a doll. Mei seems okay with it all though.


I almost had second hand embarrassment.

The random dance scene…was random. People just started to ignore Kouichi so him getting cabin fever is a bit soon. I think after I while I would play jokes and do random things too. Just not on the first day. I would take a few days to go :( and such.


Such great detective work!

I like how annex Librarian has become super important to the story. Kouichi’s mom was in the original class and now this dude is the original homeroom teacher. He feels responsible for what happened and stays close to the school because of that. Must be nice that he somehow has immunity. But he added some facts to the story, like the original victim was a boy when everyone has been saying it has been a girl. He also added in the details that even if someone is ignored the success rate for that class is only about 50 percent. He might have added more but due the fact anytime Kouichi is ALMOST told everything something weird happens maybe it is good Librarian dude just said enough.


Err where did my art club screenie go....

I am not sure why it was necessary to tell the younger/different classmates in the art class not to talk to Mei. If this only affects Class 3 students, teachers, and family members they all should be safe (unless they are family members).

And…..shouldn’t they already know anyway? Yes everything is supposed to be a secret but if every other year the plan doesn’t work and people are dying shouldn’t everyone in town know about the curse? Sanae didn’t seem to know anything so I guess it is possible. Still I thought it was cruel that Mei had a second of happiness and it got taken from her. Like LOOK people are talking to me.


Of course Mei's home life is weird too.....

Kouichi’s home life is a bit weird. Okay a lot weird. Let’s wait until there are numerous deaths around Kouichi before we tell him the truth. And then we won’t tell him the truth. But it appears that no matter what something is keeping the truth from Kouichi. Like hi I am your dad but when I say something important the phone cuts off. Or I am your Aunt and I am so close to the situation yet can’t remember anything. HMMM memory switching?


I really didn't think that was a question....

So let me try to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The first death was actually a BOY and not a GIRL like the story has been told thus far. Kouichi’s mother was killed by the curse as Reiko was in Class 3 at the time she gave birth. Kouichi was in town 2 years ago but has no memories of it and when asked to explain the phone did the creepy WHOOOSH thing and suddenly Dad was like oh yeah you are right.

With all of this it appears all evidence points to Kouichi being the ghost. Wouldn’t that be too obvious though? I am not sure. Kouichi did have a life threatening condition recently. And it would explain why he is in town. If Kouichi’s father REALLY LOVED HIM he would have kept his son out of that city. But if he was the ghost then it would change everyone’s memories enough for this to make sense. I do notice how the Grandfather doesn’t really pay attention to Kouichi. And the bird is weird.

At this point we are only halfway through the series so it might be too soon to assume what is going on. It is possible all of this is a red herring for the real ghost. I don’t remember them mentioning if the ghost could be killed or not. That would be interesting, if the ghost got taken out and yet the class was still scared. But that is unlikely the case. As it stands now though Kouichi is looking like the logical choice despite passing the WARM HAND test. Of course this does open up the question why was Kouichi in town 2 years ago? Another business trip and the kid had to go to school where his family was? That could explain gaps in everyone’s memory and what not. It is funny trying to put all the pieces together though.


Is this Mary Poppin's bag or something?

Now I am not an expert at pulling knives out of bag but homeslice…err homeroom teacher was certainly stalling for time. I thought he was putting together a gun or something. But nope just a knife people. Of course it would have been much more of a blood bath had it been a gun but guns are hard to come by in Japan. He should have pulled out the Classroom Ugly from Blood-C. WEEE no more curse because you would all be dead.


So much caring for his students. It was totally necessary to kill himself in front of all his student. So helpful.

But like dude. I wonder if this has ever happened before, a teacher snapping. I guess I am good at giving the silent treatment so that wouldn’t be too hard for me. But to constantly worry if I am going to be the next one to die….yeah. I think I might snap too. Maybe it would have made more sense had he just snapped. His little speech beforehand did nothing for me as he didn’t seem to care about the students at all. Like he already had died inside and wasn’t even trying. Not seeing what he did to help the students conquer the curse.

While this episode had no deaths it looks like we will get at least one next week. Not sure if teacher is going to Opt Out or take a few out with him. I am going with Opt Out alone as he was saying goodbye and I couldn’t protect you and blah blah. Will we get any more exciting deaths week? Guess we will find out soon.

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