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Black Rock Shooter episode 3

Once again I apologize for the late blog posts. I got called in early to work yesterday. That sorta dashed my plans to watch and blog Black Rock Shooter before work. But it was good money wise for me as I was going to leave work early to go to a family dinner. Hard to say no to coming in early when I wanted to leave early right? And then the dinner…well let’s just say it was an all-night affair. XD The food was great though.

In other news my husband’s boss gave him an entire cake for Valentine’s Day (due to some weird circumstances) and since it is chocolate…it is all mine!! XD Rejoice the masses as I pig out on cake. How can people like FISH and not chocolate? Weirdos.


Good thing Yomi has learned how NOT to be a crazy creepy friend.

But yes. Anime time. I am going to get a lot accomplished today. Or sit on the couch and play Facebook games. Either way I am sure Kira will sit on the keyboard no matter what. Spoilers for Black Rock Shooter episode 3. Colors and stuff you know.

Episode Summary:



Yomi and Mato walk to school sharing in the fact that they can say each other’s first names now. They talk about how Kagari had a crazy look in her eye last episode but really she just passed out from exhausted. She is doing much better now and is starting to walk. Yuu runs up and tells Mato to haul butt as they are late for a club (basketball) meeting. They leave as Yomi walks slowly and all jealous like. At practice Kohata praises Mato’s abilities and is going to make her a semi regular. Mato stresses about this for a bit but she and Yuu forget about those troubles when they see Kohata confessing to a classmate. Mato starts focusing on their club trip while Yomi becomes more and more jealous. Mato doesn’t seem to notice even when Yomi flat out points out she is not Mato’s best friend. The trip seems to go fine but the older girls on the team point out that Mato is not a team player. Kohata pretends not to notice or doesn’t care as she is fond of Mato. While at camp Mato has dreams of the Other World. Black Saw Gold is busy growing….not phallic looking thing no no no. They turn out to be tons of Mini Kohata’s. As Black Gold Saw is getting ready to take care of them Black Rock Shooter arrives and proceeds to tear the place up. When one Mini Kohata is still alive Black Rock Shooter goes to take her hand.


Time to find a new teacher...

Back in the real world the basketball team returns home and Mato gives Yomi a gift. She still acts jealous of Yuu and is sought out by Ms. Saya who seems to have a creepy book with all the students in it. Some boys get a hold of the love letter Kohata gave to her crush and post it in the hallways. Kohata finds out but pretends to be tough about the situation. Yuu and Mato end up crying for their friend while Yomi again is jealous. Ms. Saya tries to pull Kohata aside to talk about her problems. Kohata seems to be taking the high road and acting like things are okay. Ms. Saya has a breakdown and basically proceeds to have a meltdown all over her. Kohata flees from the crazy person and heads on over to practice. Kohata gets hurt accidentally during a drill and Mato takes her to the clinic. Mato offers to get a teacher or Ms. Saya to help Kohata but Kohata insists she is fine. Mato leaves thinking how strong Kohata is. Yomi has gone to see Ms. Saya who makes her poison coffee again. Both Mato and Ms. Saya get a sinking feeling as Black Rock Shooter cuts off a KohataWeed’s head. Mato runs back to the clinic only to find Kohata passed out on the floor THE END!

Peace out Kagari! You got put on the insane bus and shipped out to sea. Because in Tenchi Land buses go on the sea and not boats.


WEEE! No more crazy friend!

Well maybe not. She could pop up in later episodes as being okay and normal. But her arc is clearly over. I am a little disappointed she didn’t turn all crazy because her counterpart Other World self was beheaded. But I guess that would be pretty horrible for all the Real People wouldn’t it? Maybe I should say I am more disappointed in the dramatic ending of episode 2 and how it was merely Kagari falling asleep.

But I do think they should show her later, being all normal and not so insane. That would be poor storytelling if they focused so much on her and POOF she is all better according to Yomi. Yes this is a short series but I still think it is important to show. Otherwise Yomi would be a bad friend. XD Yes a bad friend to a crazy person.


Um she has only known you for a hot minute. Chill/

Yomi being jealous over Yuu….well we knew it was coming. I just didn’t expect her to be so dramatic about it. Or for her to be so vocal about it so soon. I am not saying that I don’t remember what it is like to be a young teenage girl. I know I got jealous when my friend would spend time with someone else. But when you are a new friend with someone and you just put them through crazy time with YOUR friend maybe you shouldn’t be jealous over a 6 year friendship. Just earn your own spot and work on your own relationship. Oh and don’t say things like Well I am not YOUR best friend after knowing someone for a few months.

People who have different eyebrows than the rest of the entire cast scare me. The exception to this rule is Mugi from K-On!


Maybe you should listen to your old teammates on this matter?

While it is nice that Kohata is willing to give a newbie like Mato a chance on the team I am not sure she deserves it. The other older girls didn’t appear to be jealous when they are voicing their concerns about Mato so I am going to assume that they are right. Mato might be a bit of a ball hog. And it a team sport it is important to be a good individual and a good team player. If Mato is only good at scoring points she won’t be much help to her team in the long run.


No one ever pays me in gum...I mean writes me love letters!

Also while I think this show is still immature it regards to this One Fish Blue Bird craziness I am going to give props to Kohata. And all young girls in Japan. I would have never had the guts to confess to a boy…EVER when I was their age. Especially not in such an exposing way. So you go girls! Even if it ends in horrible ways!

Speaking of that…Dude. It looked like the guy in question really didn’t want to do that, post the letter. Granted he still could have ripped it down but it looks like his friends found the letter and wanted to tease Kohata. Had the boy removed the letter he might have been mocked too and at that age I can understand just standing there…and being embarrassed too. So I am mainly blaming the other boys.


I would have run out of there crying and my friend would have kicked their butts.

While this was pretty embarrassing and it felt like the end of the world for Kohata I again have to give her props for not crying. She wanted to but she laughed it off to save what was left of her dignity. Plus she had two of her friends come to her aid and Yuu and Mato were obviously in her corner. I think Kohata didn’t feel alone at that moment and that is what helped make her strong.

But DAMN folks. DAMN! Ms. Saya is Black Saw Gold. Was that supposed to be obvious to everyone or is it coming as a shock to you? I really thought it was going to be another young girl (well maybe slightly older) at the school that Mato had yet to meet. But no. I guess it the Other World you persona can be anything you/it wants to be.


Um...who are you talking to? No one else is in the room...

Still this is slightly disturbing. I guess one could say that Ms. Saya also has a lot of hurt, listening to all the problems of young girls. No one likes to hear sad stuff all the time. But that is the job she signed up for! And given that she is an older person she should know in the grand scheme of things life will get better after junior high. It might seem like the end of the world NOW but in 5 years no one is going to care that a love letter got posted on a wall or whatever. So for her to take all this PAIN in and have to rely on the Other World is a bit…immature.


Who hired this unstable person?!

Oh and given the fact that she is ACTIVELY trying to drive girls insane or make them go to the Other World (via their pain) is a bit concerning too. Kohata was going through something rough but it appeared that she was going to be okay. Maybe. But then Ms. Saya was like this is SO AWFUL and don’t you feel terrible…what the heck is wrong with her?! I am sure it will be explained later but for now she is one disturbed individual and should not be near young students.


Assume when Yomi says she is okay she ISN'T!

I think Mato could have been more perceptive towards Yomi’s feelings this week. I only say that because she was so perceptive last week I expect that from her now. But I can see how she doesn’t think anything is out of the ordinary. She is friends with Yuu and friends with Yomi. She is trying to balance both and her club. I guess she is doing the best she can but I would have followed up with Yomi’s crazy comment in the hallway.



Dead Master was not seen in this episode today despite the fact that Black Saw Gold kidnapped her and Black Rock Shooter was trying to rescue her. Instead it focused on Dead Master growing….err…Kohata…WEEDS (because they looked so…weed like in the beginning) and Black Rock Shooter destroying all the weeds. Then trying to save one…while cutting of it’s head. I think that is how Black Rock Shooter knows how to heal people, by chopping off their heads. I see now.



What else what else? The club trip was interesting, Kohata being perspective of Ms. Saya’s insaneness was nice, and Kohata’s mature outlook on was mature. But now she has collapsed and Ms. Saya seems to be the cause. Of course since Kohata’s other self just got BEHEADED in the Other World maybe she just got healed. I doubt it as Kohata didn’t have a breakthrough in real life but who knows. We shall find out next week when Yomi is jealous of the ice cream man!

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