Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 16

It feels like I watched this episode forever ago. Just life has been truly dramatic and I haven’t had a chance to blog my lovely feelings about Guilty Crown. I wish I could go into more detail about what the heck went down at work. I need to get it off my chest but bleh. Just bleh.

Just know folks when someone is getting picked on or yelled at out in the world and you see it…please stand up for people. Yes I know getting involved can be dangerous and we have been taught to mind our own business. But when you know who is in the right and who is in the wrong why would you sit silent when you could help? The person being attacked feels vulnerable and having any backup, useful or not, would make them feel less alone. SO SPEAK UP!


Exactly cake eaters.

So that was that soap box. Onwards to some fake drama in Guilty Crown episode 16. Spoilers for Inori being evil or possessed. Not sure which yet.


This plan will surely work.

Episode Summary: Argo and that big guy I have yet to learn his name have been hired by Arisa’s father to rescue her. Her “fiancée” is none too happy she is in a war zone and wants her rescued before she becomes dog food. Failure to do so will have dire consequences. When Argo lands he sees some of Shu’s people trying to beat/kill some random kids as they have weapons and vaccines. Argo tries to defend the weaker people but is outmatched when everyone is sporting their Voids. He is spared when one of the girls sees the Funeral Parlor mark on him. Argo is like wtf as everyone around him idolizes and submits to Shu. Argo witnesses Shu taking out someone’s Void and declaring them a rank A. Even though she was just fighting with Shu’s people she is delighted with this news and joins the Secret Service (Shu’s head people). Yahiro explains that they are mobilized now to protect against the new Void destroying weapons. Argo is look I just want Arisa and that is meet with a HAHA no. Argo walks with them and sees they are trying to salvage a military ship that has vaccines and such. They are using the sick Rank F students to do this work and if they succeed they will receive more vaccine. Souta is among those working and nearly dies when his oxygen runs out. Shu says Souta needs to fix the problem for himself and Argo saves Souta instead. Shu gets pissed and Argo is locked up. Tsugumi communicates via little robot dude about why Shu is the way he is (see dead Hare).


I can see him being a politician in the future. If he lives.

Eyebrow Kid is seen talking about Shu, about how he is gathering Mana pieces…okay. Then Shu’s mother is seen working again with Segai…..okay. Kanon is crying to dead Hare about how people are changing and life is horrible. Arisa was placed under house arrest to protect her from Argo but she escapes. Vulnerable Shu is talking to Inori about how he has to act this harsh to protect everyone. Inori starts acting CREEPY (aka maybe a Mana takeover) but this moment is cut short when Argo escapes. Secret Service members spread out and Shu ends up finding Argo with Yahiro and the new girl from earlier. Shu gets his butt kicked in a battle with Argo who hates what Shu has become. He is no Gai! While Shu tries explaining he is doing the best he can Yahiro is like back off before I blow your head off. Part of the building was destroyed in the battle and pieces of it fall on the new girl’s Void. Despite the fact that Shu saved HER from being squished she turns into sparkle crystals and poofs. Arisa sees all this and runs away scared. Yahiro confesses he lied about how Hare died as Shu would no longer use Voids had he known the truth. Argo is pretty pissed about this and demands that Shu stop using Voids. Shu enters another WTF state and pulls Argo’s Void out. He contemplates whether or not he should destroy it. When Arisa tries to escape Inori finds her and BAM blood splatters on the mirror. And Shu’s momma is working with the enemy to recreate…Gai?! THE END!

I am actually going to say…that was surprising. I think many people watching this were surprised by the end of this episode.


Yay for moms. Where is Yuno when I need her?

First off let me go X__X. Was it really Shu’s mom that killed Hare? It is implied she is going to do something bad next week with Segai and she was piloting something last week. So was she the one who attacked Hare? She attacked some people obviously but if she attacked Hare that is really X__x as Shu was right there. She might not have understood what the Void was doing but dang she was close to her son in that attack.


Protecting Shu's little mind one lie at a time.

The next X___x is the fact that Yahiro lied about how Hare died. And I actually support this lie. Face it folks it is a dangerous place out there and people are going to die. They have died and will continue to die. Hopefully not by their own hands (as in in-fighting) but yes this is war. And while this is an unconventional way to fight Voids are the best weapons they have. Usually when someone’s weapon is destroyed that person can get up and escape/keep on fighting. But now it is like the people themselves are the weapons instead of using a gun, something that is not a part of the human.


See Shu can't handle the sparkles...I mean the truth.

So Yahiro lying, saying that Hare was killed by a new kind of weapon, makes sense. Shu is the figure head and Yahiro is running the show. He knows they need to use these Void weapons and if they are to have a chance at surviving they need to use them. And face it folks this whole rule about using your own Void is dumb and unexplained. But if it didn’t exist everyone would be pretty screwed as Shu can’t use them all at once. So while people might die because their Voids are destroyed I think many more people would die due to that fact they are unable to protect themselves. Yahiro made the correct choice in lying.


Hello newest recruit!

And he had to lie mainly because shock number 3….Shu didn’t really go insane. He had a moment last week when he was like GET RID OF THE TRASH and now he is like….yeah…..go get stuff in the ocean Rank-F. I really thought he was going to rule as a tyrant and what we saw was Shu being a slight asshole.


First we care....


And then we try to cover it up.

Yes Shu was a bit…..err….rough on Souta. But when he first got the news it was Souta’s tank that was out of air he was panicked. Then he put his angry/brave face back on and was like he needs to learn for himself. One would think the features of their dive suits (I am sure there are many dive suits in Japan, especially in the ruined city of Tokyo) would be explained to them or obvious when they put them on. But I guess in a moment of panic it could be easy to forget that fact. That all being said yes that was harsh for Shu to do but I think overall that was really the only WTF moment he had during the show. I was really expected a tougher Shu, one that was angry and bitter and crazed.


Well maybe not that impressed....

I am impressed how everyone was mobilized and organized. The Secret Service or whatever they were was a bit overkill for me but it worked for them. Protect the leader and keep everyone else in line. Sure people looked uncomfortable and out of place but after the uprising against Arisa I can see why such measures had to be taken. Now I am of the mind that everyone needs to work for their vaccines and should take turns going diving but I guess this was more of a way to keep all the infected students together and organized. I just hope they get the vaccines first and not everyone else and they get the left over ones.


Look at us being all emo together.

So the real crazy this week turns out to be Inori. Now I was ready to go RARW crazy bitch and die but my mind might be a little clouded due to the cute Inori Nendoroid I spy on the internets. Also it APPEARS Arisa is not dead because I spy in some clips for next week. Oh and the fact that it might not be Inori that is going around being insane.

But if it is Inori running around splatting people and not Mana…dude. Dude. Homegirl is crazy. A few weeks ago some students were trying to hunt down Funeral Parlor members and while it might be perceived as cruel I can understand their desperate actions. Inori could have overpowered them easily but instead we see a giant bloodbath in the hallway. Inori wants to support Shu (God knows why she is so attached to this person after such a short amount of time but she is so whatever) and she could have done so by tying Arisa up. Not making her a blood splatter on the mirror.


Why is Inori connected to Mana again? I get that she is but I don't remember that being explained at the wedding. Unless she is just a fake person or something.

I do see lots of people hating on Inori via the internet. I thought she was more of a fan favorite so that surprises me a bit. So much anger. I do think Inori is a wishy washy type of character. She still has not explained if she was really following Gai’s orders or if she has feelings for Shu. Gai is dead so now it is team Shu? Yeah not very loyal there. But for her recent crazy actions I will wait and make sure she is the one in charge of them before I throw her to the wolves.

I guess the most problematic person in this week’s episode would be….Argo. Dude is looking old right? Anyway this was a foolish plan to start with. Kidnap/rescue one person so we can force her to marry someone so they will either help us or be so kind as to not blow us up. Yeah this was a lovely amazing plan and I am shocked it didn’t work.


And then Argo was a jerk.

Putting aside that Argo’s plan was stupid and going to cause problems even if it had been successful….just wow. Wow to his attitude. He had no idea what was going on inside the barrier and was going on the word of Tsugumi who is a little flipflopper too. He knows that in war some risks have to be taken yet he is still DO NOT USE VOIDS! And he never had any respect for Shu’s leadership, even before he knew what was going down. He was a real negative influence on a group that is already on the edge. Yay Argo.

As I said earlier I don’t know if Arisa is dead or not. But maybe she should have kept her mouth shut instead of panicking. Wasn’t she president at one point too? Why not wait and see what will happen instead of causing chaos later. BE QUIET.


This show isn't going to be explained until the last episode is it?

So there we have it folks. Shu is crazy, Inori is crazy, and Gai is being rebuilt. Oh yes did I skip that part? Yeah apparently we can just glue crystal people back together, aka Shu gather Mana and Momma Shu gathering Gai. Because obviously the only person who can take down Shu is Gai. I am over here rolling my eyes folks. Of course this is a magical world, why should anything make sense. Good news Hare, there might be hope for you!

Probably not though….since you are not as amazing as Gai.


Eternia said...

You forgot to mention how could they have a jail? Yes, every good schools should have one or two jails. :-)
Argo is... a jerk! What's wrong with Shuu and Yahiro are doing? Are you telling them to suck their thumbs and wait for their slaughter? Let there be mass panic? Saving only Arisa? Wait! How are you going to take her out of the isolated area anyway? Is Segai so dumb to let a rat slip out of the moving, massive, iron walls? I don't think so.
I hope Shuu crush his void. Go! Shuu!

Christina said...

Eternia- Well my school did have a lame fence around it. Sorta of anyway. A small dog could probably jump over it or something. So yeah of course schools in Japan have random jail cells. XD

Argo came in there with the biggest attitude in the world. Even if Shu and Yahiro were in the wrong Argo didn't even wait to learn that. He already had it in his mind that Shu isn't capable of being a leader. And as harsh as Shu was being he sorta learned from Arisa how quickly the crowd could turn on a person. Arisa got rescued so all is well.