Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 18: Instant Forgiveness!

Well hello there folks! It looks like I am going to have a bit of a social life this week! Shocking I know. New Years Eve was the last SOCIAL thing I went to but it was at my house. Does shopping with your Momma count? If not…I need to get out more. I see the light at the end of the tunnel though, with my credit card bill. Never again the poor times….I hope anyway. Always have an emergency fund folks. Be responsible like future me!

And yes Up is still a sad movie. I think I bored people to tears with my WOE IS ME! That movie was seriously sad folks!


Yuno shows us that crazy has many faces.

Moving on to things that are humorous despite the series nature of things…Mirai Nikki episode 18. It just feels like yesterday when Yuno was slashing into our lives. How times passes. Spoilers for crazy suits and Yuki being stupid. That should be my spoiler every single week. XD


I don't think falling in love with someone who looks just like your Mom will change that either.

Episode Summary: ONE YEAR AGO strikes us again. It is shortly after the future papers were issued in school and Yuki promised to marry Yuno. And Yuno is like WOOHOO save me Yuki. A week after this Yuno is still in lalaland when she notices that Yuki is going to give a love note to a girl in their class. This turns Yuno into crazy Yuno. When Yuno is unable to accompany Yuki on a class project (two students have to go buy stuff for a festival) Yuki’s love interest is picked and Yuno is like NOOOOOOOO. She stalks them in the world’s ugliest Bunny Outfit (well besides Special A) and freaks out the citizens of the mall. She stops Yuki from becoming close with the girl and for Yuki going to the bathroom. Eventually the police capture Yuno and Yuki gives the girl the love note. Thankful for the girl she turned Yuki down and she got to live. Yuno goes home, worried about her curfew. But then she remembers OH YEAH I locked Mom and Dad up in a cage one month ago and NEVER FEED THEM. Insert dead bodies here. Yuno’s parents wanted her to be the perfect child so obviously that meant locking her up when she couldn’t follow all the rules and charts. So Yuno drugged them and locked them up in the cage too. Only when she got “better” (AKA NEVER!) they were dead. So sad. But Yuki can save Yuno from her awful life so everything is okay.


While I think it is important to find out who the third person was....I don't think it is "fine" the other two bodies are her parents. Did I miss the part where Yuno WENT TO JAIL?!

Back in the here and now Yuki is sad about dead Momma. Not even a sammich that Yuno made can make Yuki happy. He is shocked that his Dad is suspect number one. He goes to Deus and is like bring my mom back NOW! Deus explains he no longer has powers to affect this timeline and if a winner of this game is not chosen soon everything will end! OH NO! Due to some strange events Dad ends up at Yuki’s house and Yuki gives him first aid (as he was attacked by 11th’s men). Yuki takes this time to accuse Dad of killing Mom and Dad is like HAHA where is your proof?! Due to some….well…amazing detective skills Yuki learns that Dad is going to the pawn shop tomorrow. This will obviously be the clue Yuki needs to prove Dad killed Mom. Yuki manages to track Dad down despite being unable to set an alarm. Turns out the item Dad went to get was the telescope. He wanted to see the stars with Yuki. He has seen the error of his ways and after he serves his jail time for killing Mom he wants to start over with Yuki. Yuki says yes and it is all sparkly…until 11th’s men kill Dad. Yuki is like %_% (yes he grows more eyes!!) and takes out two of the men in a fit of rage. Yuno shows up to kill the last one because Yuki can’t transform into awesome that fast. Yuki starts crying, saying he needs to become the new god of time to wish back his parents and to do so he has to kill everyone…starting with Yuno. Yuno agrees to be killed…so Yuki doesn’t do so. Yuno says she will die at any time for Yuki but still offers up her services as the only one who can actually defeat everyone. THE END!

You know how I said Yuki was the stupidest person on the face of the planet last week? Well this week he totally out did himself in the stupid department. Maybe he should live on the farm with Herschel from The Walking Dead because obviously this kid thinks everything will be okay if you just wish for it.

Yuki started out…I guess okay. Being a little emo in his room but that is understandable. Not sure if I would tack pictures of my dead mother to multiple dart boards but maybe Yuki loves dart boards and his mother equally okay. Yuno left him a little sammich, Yuki asked Deus the God of Plastic Surgery to help, and was basically being upset.


I might have gone a different way...

He started getting a little iffy when he allowed his dad in the house and patched up his face. Okay maybe he was just trying to lure him into a false sense of security. I was actually hoping it was Yuno who slashed his face but I guess it was 11th. Not sure why, Dad still could have turned on Yuki. Now Yuki needs to work on his spying skills. Instead of flat out asking Dad what was going on trick him. Or pretend you don’t know who killed your Mom. But with this crazy line of questioning Dad was obviously suspicious to you. I am actually surprised that Dad didn’t stab Yuki right there and then.



But then Yuki tried to be all sneaky like Yuno. Like I am going to follow my Dad and expose the obvious truth that he killed Mom. Only Yuki decided that alarms are for losers and was late to his own mission. I am not going to qualify that as a loser moment but more like a…oh you still are a kid and not a cold hearted master planner like Yuno. Still Yuki….if I can’t trust you to set your alarm clock it will be hard to see you in the god of time and space roll.

So Yuki and his master running skills manages to beat his dad to the temple. And then….Yuki becomes the stupidest person in the world again. Dad confesses to killing Mom (basically), says he wants to go to jail, and after he serves his time he wants to see the stars with Yuki with the recently unpawn telescope he just got.

And Yuki says okay to this. Overjoyed with this. Tears coming from eyes over this great big beautiful tomorrow (give or take 25 years).

I was expecting Yuno to come out of the shadows and stab Dad. I was expecting Yuki to go glass eyed over this and thank Yuno. I was expecting Yuki to stab Dad himself. I was expecting Dad to pull out the REAL item in the bag and stab Yuki. SOMEONE NEEDS TO STAB SOMEONE!


And...then we stab him?

Technically Dad did get stabbed. But it was by 11th and his random men. I guess they were tailing Dad to see if he turned on Yuki and when he didn’t they decided to kill Dad instead of the ACTUAL Diary User. But Yuki did not do any stabbing (yet). He actually believed his Dad and forgave him FOR STABBING HIS MOM! And it appeared that Dad was telling the truth and wanted to be forgiven of these sins as 11th took him out.


Yes dad. Just get a 9 to 5 job and I will forget about you killing mom.

SO WHAT IS WRONG WITH YUKI?!?! Like was he dropped on his head as a child?! His Dad killed his Mom FOR NO REASON! He could have easily knocked her unconscious or overpowered her but instead he stabbed her. Given how forgiving everyone else is on the police force Mom could have dragged Dad to the station and all he would have to say was YUNO MADE ME DO IT and he could walk away free. So for Dad to kill Mom and then be forgiven the next day is too stupid for words. For both Yuki and his Dad. And I hate them.


And where is your crazy face Yuki?

I was told that a real switch was going to happen to Yuki in this episode. Well…not really impressed. There was a brief second where Yuki looked slightly badass. His Dad just got killed and his stupid hopes and dreams were in a puddle on the ground. So Yuki did something LOGICAL for once and destroyed his enemies. Well at least some of them. 11th went to LackeysRUs and found some real winners. Maybe Yuki could have killed them all himself but Yuno showing up to share in the moment was fun too.

OR NOT! Yuki turns into a pile of mush the second she comes on the screen. Like WAI I have decided to become the god of time and now you are my enemy. Yuki is NOW getting the fact that both of them can’t survive. It only took him this many episodes to realize that. Of course maybe Deus saying that if there is no winner everything will be destroyed had something to do with his change of heart.


Yuki can't set an alarm but he can overtake Minene, girl second to Yuno in preparation and badassness.

Still though. He should have been suspecting Yuno on day one. Like okay I will use this girl but what if she really is using me as bait until all the other Diary Users are dead? Instead we get Yuki crying in the rain saying he is going to kill Yuno. Yeah let me tell you shaky knife boy how well that was going to go down. Yuno has been killing people like a pro since day one and you think you had a chance to kill her AND Minene AND hunt down 11th. Yeah okay.

So in the end Yuki doesn’t kill Yuno, Yuno says Yuki can kill her whenever he wants, and Deus continues to fall apart. Amazing.

Oh so the beginning of the episode? Pure crap.



I see a lot of people WOOHOO cute Yuno and bunnysuit. I was like um no. I thought MAYBE it was going to be exciting to see Yuno hunt and kill this girl who Yuki liked. I was like YES that is the other body in the hole. But no…most of it was just Yuno running around in a bunny suit acting weird. And the girl didn’t like Yuki back. I doubt Yuno killed her or Yuki would have mentioned it earlier, when other people started to die around him.


No future Yuno killing her parents here. :( Unless there are MORE flashbacks to come!

But it had potential. When Yuno was talking in that other voice I was like WHOA THERE. But then my dreams were shattered when we saw how Yuno’s parents died. :( I thought Yuno came from the future after winning another game and killed her parents and her younger self to cover her tracks. I guess that could still all be true but it is looking less and less likely now. Yuno was the one asking for Yuki’s help while in the cage in episode 1 but…..no one attacked her from the cage. Hmm maybe the Yuno future killer is still possible. Still I was expecting more about the Mom and Dad drama. And I was expecting Yuno to love Yuki for more than that I will marry you in the future comment.


This entire game was set up to kill Yuki I sense it.

So..Yuki is a loser. And I hope Minene becomes god of time and makes it so everyone is alive except Yuki. YAY! XD Is there a reason why Yuno isn’t in jail? I mean besides the obvious answer that she would just break out.

As a new side note I have rewatched the beginning of episode 1, where I thought a possible back in time moment was happening and what not. After rewatching that again I see how it is possible that Yuno killed her parents AND Yuno killed herself. Hope if still alive for time travel folks! Only she isn't as cute as Homura while doing so. XD


Eternia said...

I actually like the stupid flash back scenes. Probably because I watched another stupid joke anime that is "Kill Me Baby"
This episode's plot holes:
-why did the police need more than one year to find out that Yuno' parents are dead? Won't people around them (work mates, relatives, friends, neighbors) question where did this couple disappear to? Oh wait, even at present time, THEY NEED AKISE TO TELL THEM.
-Yuno should be the main suspect for Mom and Dad's death. I mean, who else could have killed them? Nishijima should put her behind the slammer before questioning her? Oh wait, I forgot that he is an incompetent/stupid/crazy people tolerant cop.
-How an already shattering powerless God can grant a mere human to become the next God (who has God's power)
-The baddies should have thrown the first dagger at Yuki's chest. But of course, he is the protagonist. SO he mustn't die. That's why 7th also never destroyed his cellphone. Haha.

Because the spoiler I read is in tiny bits, I also thought that time traveller Yuno stabbed Mom, Dad and Yuno. How disappointing. Those former two simply died of starvation.

Anonymous said...

yea whole yuki & mom-obsession even trying to letter a female look like his mom?

anyone thinking mother-son incest on it even on a lookalike?!

Anonymous said...

There is a reason why they stabbed Yuki's dad instead of Yuki. 11th's henchmen had no idea about the whole future diary battle. The only one they were aiming for was Yuki's Dad because of his insane debt. I understand about 7th not destroying his cell but the police weren't aiming for Yuki. Yuki's dad failed in two things. 1. Paying the debt and 2. Destroying Yuki's cellphone. Since he didn't do either of the things 11th had him killed, and then possibly told the henchmen to just kill Yuki after. And. Yes. Yukiteru switched from " I HATE YOU" to "Oh. You're sorry. I FORGIVE YOU." But. We honestly don't know how we would act in that situation. I mean. Right now you may be saying like, "If I was Yuki I would still be pissed" but, for all you know. You may be just like Yuki and forgive the dad just to get the whole situation off your mind or something.

Eternia said...

Doesn't point (2) show that killing Yuki has higher priority? First dagger should still fly to Yuki. Daddy is later to be dealt with. How are you going milk money out of someone who's in debt to you if he's dead? You can at least sell his organs if he were alive.

Awet M said...

The blogger needs to watch the first episode again. Specifically, the scene with Yuno observing the cage.

While this is probably the least favorite of all the blogs on Mirai Nikki, it seems closer to the paradoxical possibility than most.

Christina said...

Eternia- I think Yuno scares Random Cop or has some major dirt on her. She is CLEARLY unstable yet she can have bodies in the back yard, 6 dead SWAT members under her belt, and has kidnapped someone (oh the horrors of the pee cup). Yet she is walking around free as a bird. Someone needs to ship her to America and slip some weed into her pocket. Then she will be arrested instantly!

Anonymous- I was so confused at first! Like MOG Yuki has a sister? His mom has a younger sister? Oh wait no...love interest...Yeah that was just gross. XD

Anonymous 2- That is a good point, if the henchmen were just used to kill people who hadn't paid off their debts. Thus they would aim for what usually is the bigger threat IE not the kid with a Future Diary cellphone. It is also possible that with all Yuki has witnessed he is also insane and was able to forgive his Dad instantly given he has NOTHING else in this world. Still it looked like Yuki was more pissed at Yuno for kidnapping him than at his Dad stabbing and killing him mom. Yay insane Yuki.

Christina said...

Awet M- So I have reviewed the first 30 seconds of episode 1 again. And I have come to the conclusion that the person Yuki knows is Future Yuno.

Both her and Yuki played the game before and he decided to kill himself because he actually loved her. Yuno goes insane and travels back in time to the point where Past Yuno "realizes" that Mom and Dad are dead. Future Yuno kills Past Yuno and Past Yuno calls out Yuki's name, as a week ago he promised to save her from her horrible life.

However I still stand by my confusion in regards to thinking Past Yuno was in the cage. Well I guess not STAND by it as I was clearly wrong but I don't think I am a total moron. It was dark, the scene was rather quick, and Past Yuno was acting pretty pathetic. It is easier to see now with all the facts that Yuno is NOT in the cage but at the time I thought she was being tortured by something and calling out for help.

Of course now I am curious to see how Game 1 Yuki did or was he just as pathetic as he is now. Also since I am a woman I invoke the right to change my mind at any moment and to declare this Future Yuno business crazy talk. But for now it appears to be the right answer.

Christina said...

Awet M- I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am actually happy with this renewed WOOHOO that it could be a time traveling Yuno. I really thought I knew what I saw at the beginning of episode 1 so I don't know if I would have thought to rewatch that episode. So thank you for that.

Awet M said...

Tossing cold water on that hypothesis:

Then again, the time-travelling Yuno (that ED is kinda spoiler-ish, isn't it?) would have some amount of foreknowledge but clearly, she doesn't seem to use it in advance in any of the episodes. Although someone from the future would seem prescient, and Yuno has appeared shrewd at key moments....

Perhaps by being in the past she changed a lot of things, like a butterfly effect, and that caused a lot of uncertainty in the current timeline, mooting all that foreknowledge? `

Christina said...

Awet M- I had assumed before it was only Yuno who had played the game before. But now that I think a version of Yuki also played that game it changes things a bit. That could mean EVERYONE in this cycle has played before and Yuno is simply repeating the events. As in she could be pulling a Homura and has done this multiple times.

So that should mean Yuno knows who everyone is and should be able to take everyone out rather quickly. Yet she hasn't done so. Perhaps she is trying to force Yuki into a certain outcome, to make HIM the winner. That should be easy as long as she kills everyone and then herself but apparently it never pans out. So maybe she is allowing Yuki to go through all these crazy things so he becomes the person she wants him to be.

Of course that is when the butterfly affect could come into play. That she has known who the other players were but by her KNOWING the game Dues picks better and better players in an attempt to kill her. Or it could be as simple as Future Yuno doing things a little different than Past Yuno so people are not where they need to be at the time. She and Yuki do look like a power couple and that attracts all the other Diary users. Before maybe they laid low meaning everyone else laid low.

So if Yuki finds this all out, that Yuno is a time traveling crazy person sent to save him, that will probably send the roller coaster back to LOVE status. And he will kill himself to show his devotion to Yuno which will start everything again or destroy the world when Yuno refuses to be god. YAY FOR FUN!

Andrej Litvin said...

Hey everyone, that was a really awesome episode, but there's one thing that keeps troubling me, I can't find out how that soundtrack is called, it starts playing when yuuki deals with 11th's men, when his dad died