Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 15

See folks? I am trying to catch up and stay busy today. Went to the bank, did some grocery shopping, and have been blogging up a storm. XD Maybe my plan to do nothing on my long work days and do everything on my days off is working? Of course until I actually spend time with my friends and family.

Or maybe it is because I am motivating myself with ice cream. I was trying to save money by cutting out sweets but I find them to be a great TREAT and reward. Plus ice cream is like a major food group to me. Like I can have ice cream once I do this, this, and this. XD Yay for noms, I am a 5 year old child.


Time to break the cutie....or the hero in this case.

Up now is Guilty Crown episode 15! Spoilers for the breaking point being reached and then some!


Gai who?!

Episode Summary: Yahiro is explaining his amazing idea, the Void Ranking system. Shu does not thinking this is a great idea but has a hard time expressing his feelings. Hare shows off her new found powers by healing everyone and everything in sight. This might make some lower rank Void people sad and jealous. Shu tries to tell the people with less powerful Voids it doesn’t matter, just work hard and help people and it will be appreciated. Despite that people are still subjected to Void testing. Souta is shown being depressed with his can opener Void and the red line is moving closer to the school every day. Yahiro is really pushing the Ranking System as he thinks it will make people work harder but Shu thinks that will create too much drama. Hare tries getting some information out of Ayase and Tsugumi while they bond naked but nothing really is said about Shu and Inori. Hare also shows some concern that Shu might use the Ranking System. Satou and Shu go to the top of the school where Shu promises again not to use the Ranking System. Shu and Satou then shout out to the sky their deep secrets to bond and deepen their friendship. Shu confesses he doesn’t feel like he is a good leader. Later Shu finds Arisa, Yahiro, and Kanon discussing how they are running out of vaccine and should use the Ranking system to save the strongest people, Shu being the most important. Shu again is against this and the F-Rank Void people get a hold of the list. Souta leads the F-Ranks to ask Shu what he is going to do. They also ask Shu to pull out their Voids so they can practice and become stronger. There is a scene with Daryl getting yelled at for not shooting at Tsugumi last week and one with Shibungi trying to win a game of chess to see Shu again.


And what is the outside world doing this entire time?! What about their parents?!

Shu has gone off to his secret place to think about what a loser he is at being a leader. Hare finds him and basically confesses while saying how kind Shu is and that he is doing his best. They get a call from Kanon saying that Satou and the F-Ranks have left the school. They ran off to get more vaccine and to prove their worth. Shu and Hare take the one of the cars to rescue them but Antibodies finds them first. In the chaos Hare does her best to heal the injured and the car so they can escape. Shu barely makes it Hare in time but both are still blown up by some Mechas. Inori and her people take the other car to rescue Shu but it might be too late. Hare wakes up to see a very injured Shu. She is slowly bleeding to death but uses the last of her powers to heal Shu all the while telling him she knows he will become a kind king. Antibodies comes by and blasts her Void to pieces. She instantly gets the Sparkle Disease and dies. Shu wakes up to see Hare fall into rock pieces and he loses his mind. He makes it to the Inori group and he “forces” her Void out to kick Antibodies Asses in the blink of an eye. The group goes to confront Shu after he saves them but he cries and beats in Satou’s face blaming him for Hare’s death. After Shu cries he then gets a dead look on his face. He decides to implement the Void Ranking system and get rid of the trash as his first order as King. THE END!

Hare is dead and the entire internet exploded. Well I guess the part of the internet that wasn’t interested in the Super Bowl anyway.

I know some people were really against the Void Ranking system. I think IN THEORY it might have been a good idea. IN THEORY. Sorta like well the world is going to end and we only have a few spots in this amazing cave underground. Let’s keep out the old people who can’t rebuild the population or maybe the people from the Jersey Shore. Decisions have to be made in life and death situations.


Would you rather everyone die equally?

Yes this sounds really, really harsh but if they could save 75 percent of the school by denying the vaccine to 25 percent of them that is what has to be done. Of course they all could take a reduction in dose and hope for the best. Which is what a “good” person should do. But I can see how a leader has to put aside “good” and focus on "practical" when dealing with this kind of situation.


Proof that Shu was never going to really use the Ranking System...well before Hare anyway...

That all being said I don’t think Shu was going to go with Void Ranking system. I think he was trying to appear agreeable to Yahiro because he appreciated his efforts. It is almost like Shu was the figure head but Yahiro was the brains behind everything. Of course if Yahiro had the Void Pulling Power things might have gone drastically different. Actually maybe Shu wasn’t a figure head. Just together Yahiro and Shu could balance each other out. Yahiro has Wind, Fire, Earth, and Water and Shu had Heart!

Okay this ALL BEING SAID…where was Arisa’s grandfather and never ending supplies? They seem to be doing well on food so what gives with the meds? Actually what does give with the meds? How many vaccines do these kids need to take? A vaccine typically protects the receiver for life…or at least a very long time. This vaccine only protects people for a few days? Doesn’t sound like a vaccine to me. Sounds like an over the counter cold medication that has a 100 percent success rate…as long as you take it FOREVER!


Maybe if Shu only had the knowledge things would have ended differently...

I think IF this ranking system was going to work it would have been better had everyone not known what their Voids were. And quite frankly I like that way better too. I don’t like that people can walk around doing whatever they want with their own Voids. Especially since Shu’s new power was never explained. But if Shu only had access to their Voids and people were not free to see what their Voids looked like I think things might have gone better. Of course…things also would have gone slower since it would be Shu doing all the work with an unconscious person in tow.

While some people are on Shu’s butt for being an indecisive leader…I think I rather like him. I find him refreshing. Not as pathetic as Yuki from Mirai Nikki but not AMAZING like other ordinary boys thrust into magical danger. I find him very realistic. He didn’t take Gai’s coat (well mainly because it was destroyed…) and go WOOHOO I am now the leader. He is a confused kid trying to figure out what his role needs to be in all of this and is making mistakes all the way.


There is nothing wrong with wanting people to like you or being uncomfortable in a position of power. Hugs for everyone.

So while some people were saying Shu was two faced…I really see him as being a people pleaser. That he hasn’t found what a leader really means to him. He saw the outcome of Gai’s hard work but he didn’t see how he went about achieving that success and following. So to Shu trying to please everyone and protect all his friends makes sense. It obviously did not work too well but I can really see why Shu did the things he did and said the things he said.


Well that didn't work too well.

That being said (quick take a drink every time I say that in this post!) I can also see why Satou and the other….F-List Voiders did what they did. If they were perceived as weak they needed to prove themselves to the others that they were worth giving the whole vaccine to. Or just steal vaccines for themselves. I think Yahiro is lucky that this is the worst thing that happened after his list was left out in the open. He saw how quickly the other kids turned on Arisa so why risk it? So I am not blaming the F-List for anything they did.


....Satou was trying to protect Shu too. So how is it his fault that Hare died? Everyone has been SHU FIRST!

So Hare. She is dead. And I really don’t blame anyone but Antibodies. She is the one who chose to come along with Shu and she does have the power to fix cars. So….it kinda makes sense why she was there and why she got hurt. She made decisions to help the group in a time of “war” and she died. The people to blame are the ones with the bullets.


If Hare had the can opener power she would have lived.

Everyone is screaming Code Geass with the death of Hare. I am not sure if I would go that far. I really don’t remember Shirley being that helpful to our Lelouch. But Hare has been supportive of Shu the entire series. She was going to confess and knew she had to make a move. Even though she was jealous of Inori she was never cruel to the girl. And Hare was actually USEFUL! We can’t really count Shu as he is the one who controls the power. And I think Shu is the one who powers up Inori’s weapon so we can’t really say how he would be with another sword like void.


In this moment she decided to save Shu while sacrificing herself for everyone else. Hare is the true compassionate King.

But Hare had the BEST Void. She can heal people and machines. And none of this seems to hurt her. Well except when she herself was dying. But how powerful is that? Oppies broke the car. No problem Hare is here. Crap someone got shot! Well Hare is here everything is okay. So killing Hare off ensured that this series could have a high body count and a limited supply of weapons if that is what the writers decided to do.


Nothing funny to say, this was just sad.

Some people are saying that the death of the childhood friend had to happen to get Shu to change. I guess that is true, seeing a wishy washy Shu for a few more episodes might have been annoying. But maybe I am just tired of seeing the girl who likes the boy forever lose. And Hare lost in a big way. Why can’t the childhood friend get the guy? Why does she always get snuffed out because someone with odd colored hair rolls into town?

But I don’t think Hare made Shu snap. I just think she was the final nail in the coffin. The boy had been put to the edge for a long time. So much so he had to forget about his incest loving maybe sister and his best friend Gai. He killed his friend’s little brother and watches his sister die all over again. Shu was already unstable. Watching someone “innocent” die for him was the last straw and off into crazyland he went.


No Shu NO! I rather die in the streets than have you take my useful weapon out of my chest! NOOOO!

I see that much of the internet is calling what Shu did to Inori Void rape. I also am going to assume most of the people saying that are men. It reminds me of some crazy crap I read on a random anime convention forum. It was like Fanime or Anime Expo 2011(because I read up on conventions that I have never attended yay!). This dude was told to leave the convention center because he violated some rules about impersonating military service members. In any event this guy went on the forums and talked about how he was anally raped, that there was no lube used, and that he was bent over and taken by force for the entire convention to see. Because he was asked to leave because of an outfit he was wearing. That is how I think the internet is acting to Inori having a magical weapon taken out of her chest without Shu saying please.

I would also like to point out that Inori was not acting like her normal butt kicking self. She was running like ME through the streets with that gun. If someone came up to me and was able to save us all by pulling something magical out of my chest I would not say no.


Way harsh but understandable given what just happened.

Shu becoming a crazy tyrant….a little over the top but expected after going through so much. Calling his friends trash was a bit much for me but I will forgive him due to the fact he has been push to the edge. Watching someone die is one thing but to have them break off into tiny little pieces in your arm is another. So out with the kind Shu and in with the hard ass.


Err...sure. Or your death will send him into crazy land. You know, either way.

Which is really sad as that is what Hare loved about Shu. I like how she told the story about the kind king and how she felt sorry for him when his people turned on him. You can never make everyone happy but the ones who are scrutinized the most are the ones in power. I think she really supported Shu and knew how torn he was with this leadership role. Maybe she saw these things because she was in love with him thus was more observant. Just I find it sad that she died trying to save the kind person Shu is but in reality her death “created” the angry Shu.

So….yay Ranking System. That went well. According to the internet Yahiro is going to have to put down the crazy Shu. Psht. Don’t see that happening but I guess anything is possible in sparkle land right?


Eternia said...

How is it rape when "Shuu tried to pull something out of her"?
I would call it rape if "Shuu tried to put something inside her".

Anyway, this set up is cliche, so I don't have anything to said about it, even Mirai Nikki uses it, at the same week!

Christina said...

Eternia- That is actually a REALLY good point. I swear it is mostly young men screaming it was rape anyway. People are saying Shu looked possessed and he scared Inori. Well to me he looked drunk or out of it. And people were trying to kill them. So what is with all the NOOOOOS.

The thing with Guilty Crown verses Mirai Nikki is people actually care about Hare. She was rather useful where Mom...well she was never going to win mom of the year was she?

Eternia said...

A failed parenting...
But the protagonist cared a lot about her, so, it's the same in a way. And both women died because of the protagonists' incompetence. :-)
And both of them snapped now, turning into a crazy and an evil person.

Christina said...

Eternia- This season seems to have a very high body count. Maybe I just watch too many fluffy shows or something but dang. Dead people all over the place. Will Momma Shu live to see the end of this series? It isn't looking good for Moms. XD