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Black Rock Shooter episode 4: Descent into AMAZING

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I'm the normal one in this episode?!

Up now is my amazing review of Black Rock Shooter episode 4. Spoilers for Tenchi having fun taking screenies!


Kagari doesn't even brush her hair. OH AND SHE IS INSANE!

Episode Summary: After the worse anime song in the history of anime song openings Yomi introduces a less crazy Kagari to the class. She appears to be shy and then insults the rest of the class. The boys declare this cute and the girls think she is cool. OKAY THEN! Kagari and her new hairdo continue to insult classmates while Maho contemplates changing schools to get away from the crazy people. Or she tells Yomi she did a great job in making Kagari normal. Yuu runs by saying Kohata has returned to school so Mato runs off to see her senior classmate and Yomi becomes a jealous troll. Kohata seems to be doing well and laughs about how she passed out from a lame sprained ankle. After school Kagari tells Yomi she is joining the cooking club with the girls she has insulted the most. Yomi is like alone BUT YOU ARE CRAZY?! Kagari runs off with her new friends while Yomi puts more coal in the fire. All aboard the insane train! Since Yomi hasn’t gotten the memo that Ms. Saya is EVIL she runs over to get a cup of coffee that is probably poisoned. OH HOW THE TIDES HAVE TURNED SAYAS! Ms. Saya tells Yomi that no one really needs her teehee. This makes Yomi all sad like. Sad face here. Yuu looks like she wants to talk and help Yomi but Yomi runs off.

Kagari comes over after school and hasn’t really grasped the concept of Monopoly. Yomi snaps at Kagari but apologizes and let’s her pass go as many times as she wants. The next morning Madoka…err Mato and her late self are running with toast and see Kagari at the corner. They walk to school together but no one sent Yomi that message. Yomi arrives late to school as she was looking for Kagari and asks why Kagari left without her. Kagari’s fan club are quick to point out Yomi is insane. Kagari talks to Mato later, saying that since she has spent the last 7 years of her life torturing Yomi she really should do something nice for the girl. Mato suggests making something in the cooking club and everything will be set straight! Yomi goes to see Kagari at the cooking club but the fan girls are there instead. Yomi is lead into a fight and ends up saying she is HAPPY that Kagari made friends. Kagari hears this and apparently it is the end of the world. Kagari tries going over to Yomi’s house after school but Yomi refuses to see her.


Dude is this chick dying or something?

Mato thinks something might be wrong with Yomi (REALLY?!) so she has Yuu text Yomi to see how she is doing. That goes over as well as one can expect it to. A cellphone is then nearly murdered because Yomi is insane. Kohata is pulled aside by the boy who she confessed to. He tries to apologize but Kohata has no idea what he is talking about much less knows who is he. Sad boy is sad. Kagari has come over with her cookies again and this time Yomis is like MY ONLY FRIEND IN THE WORLD. She barely falls down the stairs in one piece to make it to Kagari and the cookies. Spoiler alert: The cookies do not get eaten. As Yomi goes on and on about how she can always count on Kagari and that Kagari will always be there and blah blah. Kagari says she has given these cookies to Yomi and now they can move on, like nothing ever happened. As in Kagari is having a hard time remembering even if she liked Yomi. This also does not end well for Yomi or the cookies.

And in the other world Strength is seen carrying around dead girls and throwing them off cliffs. Black Saw Gold watches her every movement with her weird random eye. As the episode goes on we see Black Saw Gold nurturing Dead Master. Black Rock Shooter hurries to rescue Dead Master but it is too late. She has grown to a giant size with huge skulls as her body guards. Time to fight. THE END!

MOG folks! Yomi is insane.

And it’s awesome. Kagari who?!

Well I take that back. And it was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think I was going to see Kagari again in this series. She does remind me of someone but her name escape me at the moment. I want to say Pandora Hearts for some reason…Anyway I thought the crazy train had left Kagari behind in normalville but I was wrong. Kagari is all over our screen.

Yomi is officially having the worse life ever. She was being suffocated by Kagari and Mato was able to help free her from that burden. It should have been all cupcakes and rainbows when Kagari was able to go to school and function as a semi normal human being. I say semi normal as most people don’t call their classmates smurfs and it ends well. Oh and her hair is still a hot mess.

But nooooooooo folks. NOOOOOO! I mean deep down I understand and get that while Yomi hated having the responsibliy of taking care of Ex Crazy Kagari it was at least something that was only hers. In some crazy way she liked feeling needed. It was a very unhealthy relationship for both girls but I can see how it comforted them and the sudden ending of said relationship, no matter how beneficially in the long run, was shocking and confusing at first.



However….Yomi is insane. INSANE! I thought Kagari was the crazy one but really she just caught it from Yomi. Then after Ms. Black Rock Shooter cut off her head Kagari gave back the crazy. Only it had grown tenfold and Yomi is a walking disaster. She wants Kagari to go to school…but still wants Kagari to depend on her. But while Yomi wants Kagari to have no other friends but her it is okay for Yomi to be friends with Maho. But Maho can’t be friends with Yuu, someone she has known for years.


See Yomi this is how you make friends!

Basically in that complicated sentence it says that Yomi wants everyone to be friends with HER but they aren’t allowed to be friends with anyone else. Meaning that she wants to be the center of everyone’s universe and she is the queen of selfishness. Yet she is getting depicted in a poor me kind of mentality, at least where Black Rock Shooter is concerned. Yes I know many teenager girls….well all teenage girls are selfish, self-centered, and jealous of other girls but this takes it to a whole ‘nother level!


Let it be known if someone tortures me for 7 years it will take more than 1 bag of cookies to make it even. That is least a 3 bagger.

I WAS going to call Kagari out on perpetuating the problem with Yomi. I mean it appeared that she was being cold hearted, clinging to Mato and walking to/from school without Yomi. And then the speech at the end with the cookies. Let’s just put this behind us? Yeah I going to get on here and rip her a new one.


HAHA! The boy deserved it too. Snarky Tenchi is pleased.

But then it became a little obvious that Kagari doesn’t remember what happened. Yes she was still being friendly with Yomi at the start of the episode so maybe it could have been stronger in that aspect. But yes apparently when you get your head cut off in the Other World you lose the memories of what made you NEED to go to the Other World. This was made apparently when Kohata was like Um who are you with note boy?

On one hand I do understand this concept. Something hurts you so badly that to move on you must forget it. In a way it does take away your pain (in a super….violent way of course Ms. Black Rock Shooter) because HEY what you can’t remember can’t hurt you.

But on the other hand…this is very unhealthy in the long run. People have to go through painful and unpleasant things to grow. Yes it would be nice to live in Rainbow and Unicorn Lane like all my co-workers do but that is not possible. So since sad things are unavoidable all you can do is learn from them. Take a deep breath, cry a few tears, and become a stronger person in the future. But if the girls forget about these sad and unpleasant things they will never grow as people. Yes I know this is an anime but things have meanings folks!


I am here to rescue you. And by rescue I mean behead you, befriend you, and deal with Yuu becoming jealous.

Maybe that will become an important point later though? How Black Rock Shooter thinks she is helping all these people by taking away their pain but she really can’t protect them in the end. And maybe Ms. Saya is able to keep on doing whatever it is she is doing because the girls don’t grow. They are stuck in the same spot as they were when they first came to school because they don’t learn and move on from mistakes. Instead of cutting off heads/forcing out memories maybe Black Rock Shooter/Mato can help the girls deal with their issues instead.


Good to see the unemployment rate is low in the Other World. Keep up the good work Strength the Garbage girl!

I think it was interesting to see Yuu already in the Other World despite the fact nothing has really happened to her. Perhaps everyone already has a counterpart in this world but they are “okay” until something happens to them in the real world. Or maybe anyone that has a sip of Ms. Saya’s magical coffee is a possible crazy girl. Must water the crazy girls.


A cup for each girl she messes up?

Ms. Saya wasn’t AS dramatic as last episode but since she was 5 seconds from having a nervous breakdown last episode that isn’t saying much. Yomi is already driving the crazy bus so Ms. Saya didn’t have to say or do much. Subtle she isn’t though. NO ONE NEEDS YOU indeed. Also is it normal to have that many mugs at home? Maybe they are special mugs. Or maybe she is like me and that creepy kid from Signs. We need to have a different cup every 6 hours!!

Mato didn’t do much in this episode. She was there to see Kohata return from school but she really didn’t question why she passed out. Mato was pleasant with Kagari but really didn’t get involved despite the fact she saw how upset Yomi was. And she didn’t go and visit Yomi after school like she has been…well painted to be so far. The kind of person who does visit the sick after school. Instead she lets Yuu do the texting.


It's like Mato is GOD or something, knowing all these amazing things.

Of course Mato is a teenage girl too thus she is in the selfish girl department. But she did try. She tried to help Kagari and Yomi in the best way possible. She thought it would help Yomi to show her that Kagari was okay on her own. I can see how she could think that way. And at least she thought of Yomi. Let’s be honest for a second folks. Mato has known Yuu for years and Yomi for weeks. Maybe even days. For her to go this far for someone she just met is pretty amazing for a 13 year old. Cookies for all!

Okay not cookies for Yomi. Because cookies are the devil. I know Yomi is having a lot of emotional issues this episode but her faces were AWESOME!!!

In conclusion this episode was pretty good. Notice what was NOT in it. HINT: THE BIRD BOOK! I leave you with some more amazing screenies of Yomi.


Even YOUR MOM likes Kagari more than you.


Innocent wallflower my butt.




I think this is the most insane face of the entire episode.


What do you mean things don't get better for me next week!??!

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