Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tenchi the Packrat!

So in the great cleaning event that was last month I came across many items that have outlived their use. Many were donated either to the trashcan or a consignment shop. I can’t believe we moved twice with all this extra…STUFF!


Of house has never looked this bad...

But before some things went to their final resting place (either the trash or in a small box in the closet, just ONE now) I took some time to go through all these lovelies. A walk down memory lane. Or crazy newbie anime lane as it were. Also we must take a moment of silence to remember all the ink cartilages I killed over the years.

-Every single note I had ever received in junior and high school. EVERY SINGLE ONE! And the writer and I would use the longest names ever.
- Tenchi, love of Piccolo, owner of Quatre, love of Nuriko, Sailor Mercury, Batman

-Every single email/posts from one of the first anime websites I joined. All FIVE of those folders are covered in anime pictures.

-Every single planner/weekly journal given out at schools. All are covered in anime stickers and pictures with very little space left for assignments.

-My senior project which was on different manga drawing styles and what different things symbolized. I found a few spelling mistakes (I know, ME catching a spelling mistake) my teacher missed.

-One of my government papers which was supposed to be about Democrats and Republicans. I instead wrote about The Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth. I got an A.

-Quite a few Chinese type dresses/shirts that I thought were amazing and..well Japanese. Thanks for trying mom.

-Very dead Tamagotchis.

-20 hotel keys from various anime conventions I have attended.

-Two or more copies of every single anime convention guide. This is after I cut up and use one copy for scrapbooking.

-Every single journal I have ever kept. Apparently I was going to marry Nick Carter!

-A spoon and napkin baby. And the thing is…my now husband was the father of these children! Good thing we stayed together 12 years after they were created.

-Pay stubs from my first job. Woohoo for affording a camera and DVD player.

-About 40 military uniforms!

-100 Neopet plushies from McDonalds.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. I had shells, plastic shovels, pens from hotels, and every piece of paper every shoved at me at anime conventions. Clothes that I wore 10 years ago and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Video games all over the place. PHEW! My house feels more organized now. Like a burden I didn't know has been lifted off my chest. I can focus now and I feel as if I can use my free time to do "fun things" and not feel guilty about huge messes that are lurking around every corner.

Clean your house folks! Your mental health and maybe your wallet (if you can sell the stuff) will thank you. If anything else you will have more room for new lovely things!


Eternia said...

Most of the useless stuff in my house belongs to my mom! I envy you for being able to throw things away. :-)

Christina said...

Eternia- Well it took me quite a while to throw them away but I did it. Got a little inspired by Danny Choo and his early spring cleaning post.

I think when it comes to moms they either cling to things that have a high retail value thus can't really part with them as easily or they cling to every single piece of noodle art their kids made as a child. XD I know in my kitchen cabinet I have several appliances we never use but I can't get rid of because I know they were expensive. XD