Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another episode 4

I am so tired. X____X

My husband…I love him dearly…but he has kept every single uniform the military has ever issued. EVER. Do you know how many uniforms that is? Dear Lord. So tired. But now my closet is o so clean! Today has been a productive day.


HAHA! Too bad for you!

So I meant to blog this earlier but I got caught up in throwing everything away in the house. Now it is time to eat ice cream and blog. Up now is Another episode 4. Spoilers for DEATH!


Guess that means Kouichi's dad needs to watch out!

Episode Summary: Students from other classrooms are talking about Yukari and her untimely death. Turns out her mother had just been killed in a car accident as well. They whisper about whether or not this was the curse and how it can affect family members and friends as well. Once the curse starts one person will die per month so they decide to keep their distance from Class 3. Kouichi is absent from school as he had a doctor’s appointment. His new lung is doing well so that is positive. He meets with Nurse Sanae after her shift. She mentions she has a brother in Kouichi’s class but she is not close to him. She promises to ask her brother about the curse and Mei as she is not familiar with that. But she adds her two cents in about the deaths and Mei, saying that while Mei might be creepy the death might not be connected to her. On the way home Kouichi meets up with a RANDOM classmate. He has to be reminded who Izumi is but recognizes this actor girl. While talking a piece of glass nearly kills them both and the girl freaks out all over the place.


You said the word of the night! Take a drink!

So after that creepy event Kouichi decides to visit the doll shop to calm down. The lady behind the counter says the EXACT same speech to Kouichi as last time. He goes downstairs and Mei is downstairs. Despite the fact that Mei wanted to open up last time now she thinks it is better if Kouichi knows nothing. At home Kouichi tries to get answers out of his Aunt. She has the world’s worse headache and can’t even form sentences. She tries to tell Kouichi the key to surviving Class 3 but ends up screaming at the bird instead. Before school all of Class 3 is talking about what they need to do. They don’t know if the curse is starting or not but think their situation is similar to Class 3 from two years ago. Izumi blames herself for not handling Kouichi better and him acknowledging Mei. Kouichi walks in and everyone ignores him. During break Kouichi hunts down Teshigawara and asks him what is going on. Teshigawara acknowledges he promised to tell him the truth in June…but Izumi is standing right there and is saying NO! Kouichi gets a phone call while Teshigawara and Izumi argue over what to do. Nurse Sanae is on the phone with news her brother freaked over the word Mei. She gets an elevator while talking to Kouichi and….the cable snaps and she plummets to the ground. Kouichi listens in horror as all the metal squishes her like a pancake. THE END!

WOOHOO! Another death. This show is moving right along isn’t it?

Is why this show is called another? I laugh.


Thanks for the important details!

I really liked how this episode opened. I wanted people to talk about what happened with the umbrella and Yukari’s neck. And I thought it was going to be Class 3 talking about what to do now. Which they did but it didn’t open the show. Instead it was other students in the school. Everyone knows of this rumor/story but no one seems to want to talk about it. Well now that we got a dead body in the staircase it is time to start talking.


Looks like some people believe though...

As Mei hinted to Kouichi his classmates might not believe the story/rumor. So it might be a while before we get the whole story from them. So I think opening the show up with other classes talking about Class 3 was important. Now we know that family members of Class 3 students are in danger from the curse. Well…I guess with dead momma we might have already figured that out. Still they actually flat out said it when no one from Class 3 has really said…anything.


I think at this point Kouichi would believe anything. Or would be grateful that people are looking at him.

Well until later in the episode. And only because Kouichi hadn’t arrived yet to the classroom. I suppose they all could be calling each other or talking after school but my point is we haven’t gotten a straight answer out of them. And it seems to them they aren’t quite sure what is going on yet. Like is this the curse or is it an awful accident? They talked about things are happening similar to two years ago so obviously classes do talk. And they also hinted that maybe this is all happening because Kouichi acknowledged Mei.


Nope nothing going on here!

Which I am also starting to understand. Maybe Class 3 hasn’t talked about Mei and the curse yet because merely telling him about it will start it. Everyone who grows up in town KNOW not to say or acknowledge the “Misaki” of that class. Yet if they tell Kouichi not to talk to Mei they are acknowledging the fact she exists .Which she doesn’t. So I can see how many people are on edge and not talking about the curse but I can also see how keeping this from Kouichi is making him antsy.


She seems a little TOO clueless....

HOWEVER it seems not everyone in town knows about the curse. Or how it affects class 3. Unless Nurse Sanae was pretending to be all confused. I would think in a smallish kinda town with tons of weird and unexplained deaths that happen to ONE certain junior high…everyone would know. It seems to me that the town might trying to control the amount of people affected by the curse by putting children of Class 3 in Class 3. I could be wrong but if that thinking is right I would think that families would be aware of what is going on and know to keep things on the hush hush, not spill the beans to the new kid in town.


Well now she will never know the truth.

So because of that I thought Sanae was really in what REALLY is going on, if the dolls and Mei are a smoking gun. But given how the episode ends…I guess Sanae was telling the truth and really had no idea what was going on. I did think it was weird how close she was becoming with Kouichi. Like he was in the hospital as a patient and you are way older than him. I thought it was creepy and there was more to that relationship. Guess not.


What the hell?! TELL ME NOW!

I am slightly disappointed in Mei though. I thought homegirl was going to tell Kouichi something. Last week she was all smiling and waiting to say something but Kouichi was pulled away by a phone call. Now she is all smiles and saying that she won’t tell Kouichi. All the while saying how other people won’t tell him because they don’t believe the truth yet. Well which is it Mei? At the very least you could tell him why people are pretending you don’t exist. Surely you know that. But I guess you rather be mysterious and what not.

Not going to lie when the doll fell down in the shop I thought someone with long hair was going to die. I guess the matter of death was similar though. Splat. Still maybe that is a red herring.

Speaking of birds…..that bird is annoying. And apparently getting on someone’s nerves. Is what the bird is saying a clue to what is going on or did Reiko just have a headache and was taking it out on the bird? Seeing how the other birds in town are looking ominous too I am going with….spoiler face!


Kill the bird!

But Aunt Reiko was acting like she was having brain problems. Like the synapses were misfiring or something. I know she said she’s been having headaches but homegirl couldn’t put three words together. And then she blames the bird. THE BIRD. I think Kouichi would believe Aunt Reiko if she said she rather not talk about her time in Class 3 than her lies that she doesn’t remember. I don’t think people forget things like this.


Yeah now that suspect things we can't tell you anything!

I found it interesting that Izumi flat out said LOOK we are not telling you the truth. Someone STUPID promised you the truth but you aren’t getting it so keep on walking. That is slightly more honest than pretending nothing exists right? Although I want to know why Izumi thinks if she was at school that first day would have stopped Kouichi from talking to Mei? Is she magic? Not that it matters since he talked to Mei in the elevator.


Take that Blood-C!

Now we are up to the MOG moment of the week. It was really MOG for me as I was thinking the nurse was up to no good. Well now she is down on the floor. Like a pancake. And the writers wanted to make sure we knew she was dead as we were shown her head hitting the ground twice. And then the ceiling collapsed on her and made a jelly sammich out of her body. She is gone folks.

And Mei is not responsible. Which is funny as Sanae thinks while Mei’s situation is WEIRD she didn’t think Mei and umbrella gate was connected. Maybe the person who is responsible is the person who was at the scene both times? Of course neither Mei or Kouichi were there when Momma Umbrella got in a car accident.

So what will happen next week? Well obviously Kouichi will be on the phone and it will magically get cut off. That is a no brainer. But will someone else bit the dust? If someone is to die once a month as June already reached their quota? I think that it is pretty much busted as Momma and Daughter Umbrella are both dead. So maybe more people will die next episode.


Eternia said...

I am happy that the body count increased, but I am also sad that it was the nurse. I would be happier to see her and Kouichi get into bed first (lol). Because it can really happen! Their relationship is too suspicious!

That obaa-san is probably a NPC, just like in RPGs. Or she's going senile already. Or she's just a living doll.

Christina said...

Eternia- Their relationship was WAY suspicious. Like how did they get SO CLOSE in the hospital? Doesn't she have friends her own age to hang out with? And she really knew NOTHING about the curse!?

I am sad to see her go, as she was pretty much the only person finding things out and telling Kouichi.

Granny was weird. I am going to go with living doll or something. XD