Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 15

I think I work on a soap opera set. Which is bad for two reasons. One being that soap operas are slowly but surely being phased out of society. But I am questioning the casting judge if this is the case. Either I am one of the few normal people on this show and that is a mistake or hiring a lot of stupid people is a mistake. I feel as if small issues I do are blown up to epic proportions while major issues other people do are brushed under the rug. Thus a soap opera right?

Meanwhile protect throw everything away in my house is underway thus my post is late. I feel so accomplished. And I think my husband is getting so decent exercise from hauling all this crap to the compactor. XD


Am I huge giant spoiler?!

But now it is anime time. Up now is Mirai Nikki episode 15. Spoilers for….Yuno ruining things? XO


Does anyone in this show see her big head?

Episode Summary: Yuki is hiding under the covers wishing his life was over. Dues sends everyone a message updating them on the cheating status of 8th. It is implied that a meeting will take place to talk about this rule bending but one never takes place. Or maybe Yuki wasn’t invited. Either way Yuki takes his concerns to Akise. They call a group meeting together with Kousaka, Mao, and Hinata. They demonstrate with Kousaka’s phone that the Apprentices are not really Diary Users and that they really are gathering intel for 8th with her sharing information with them. To combat this they are going to hid Yuki somewhere and draw out the fakes. Akise is like this will be hard because of Yuno and Yuki thinks back to the slap heart round the world. To prove how insane she really is Yuno helps Momma Yuki make dinner and leaves before Yuki notices. Yuki is so scared out of his mind he doesn’t question why his mom hates him and cares nothing about why he got arrested. Trying to put that behind him Yuki vows not to depend on Yuno anymore. He depends on everyone else instead.


Please note the skipping Yuno in the corner.

Akise’s plan is as follows: Take Yuki to Kousaka’s house because he is rich bitch! Force the apprentice Diary Users to chase after Yuki. Then throw a switch that will turn off the nearby cell tower which will cut off their real connection to 8th. This all sounds like an amazing plan…except Yuno is insane and cuts the power to the house. Everyone is like MOG CRAZY LADY! But instead of letting Yuno stay on the lawn and kill the attacks Yuki orders her to come upstairs so he can tie her up. Kousaka and Akise run to turn the power on manually while the others plus Random Cop dude try and fed off two of the three apprentice diaries owners that have broken in. Random Cop is taken out by Marco and his Counter Diary while Ai tracks down Yuki with her…Flirt Diary. Mao and Hinata are hit by knives in this escape leaving Yuno and Yuki to run to the attic. Ai and Marco find the two and are ready to attack when Akise turns off the phone tower making their apprentice diaries useless. They go OH NO…then pull out their real Diaries. They are actually 7th and their Diaries protect each other.


Yuki should have ran away when this all went down.

Yuki is like oh crap and decides to let Yuno go. Yuno gets a compliment and works quickly to overpower them. Ai runs out of knives to the couple flees. They take Mao and Hinata with them either because they don’t want to involve innocent people (after they stabbed them) or because they wanted the knives in their bodies. Either way the house catches on fire due to 7th’s planning. They go back inside to kick some butt. Yuno is leading Yuki out of the house and gives him permission to use her and lie to her again because she loves him. Ai and Yuno have a show down but Marco protects Ai from a deadly blow. Yuno is then injured and Marco screams at Yuki for being a loser boyfriend. Yuki admits he is a spineless jellyfish and Marco throws him down the stairs. Yuki wakes up in the hospital with Yuno, Hinata, and Mao injured and both of their Diaries stolen. YAY FOR FUN! But wait Minene shows up in the hospital and demands answers out of Yuki. The end!

A lot of the chatter for this episode seems to be about the opening and closing theme songs. Sure people are talking about the plot but it kinda floors me how much they are talking about the songs.


This is the laugh of a winner! Or crazy person. Either way SUCK IT BITCHES!

So I will too!!!! XD Before I went on the internets to read other people’s opinions I was all set to talk about the ending song which I thought might be spoilerish. Well according to the manga readers the real spoilers are in the opening. X__X I did notice how almost everyone was blue and Yuki, Yuno, and Minene are grey. Hmmm spoilers for survivors? Most people were complaining about the reused scenes of the Yuno’s fighting each other and Yuki rescuing her. I thought maybe those scenes were so important they had to be included again? But I did like the SONG better with the first opening.

In the closing I thought that was telling us the viewers what was really going on. In the opening we saw a Post Apocalypse Yuno looking all sad and crap. In the ending a slightly younger looking Yuno is walking around some wasteland all alone. HMMM where have we seen that before? Oh yes Homura in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. And what did Homura do when things got bad? Go back in time and attempt to fix them (2329834 times). But while Homura went back in time and ended up in her same body MAYBE Yuno went back in time….and killed her old self to take over her life. Thus explaining the two Yunos in the opening and the extra body in the grave. Older Yuno came back and surprised the family so everyone had to die! YAY FOR YUKI! This could also explain Dues falling apart, as Yuno has destroyed the space time continuum with her jump back in time. It would also explain the very beginning of episode with overdose Yuki. He killed himself in a previous timeline which allowed Yuno to live but she didn’t take her God duties well as the world went to waste. And heck folks that would really explain why Yuno is in love with him.

But I am still holding out hope that Yuno really is insane and these are all her personalities like in Identity. And that in the end Minene is the one who lives.


Are you having tomato flashbacks?

Putting aside the opening and closing….Yuki might have a brain folks. He was actually trying to stay away from Yuno. Maybe he should have told his momma that they…”broke up” but you know. Actually now that I think about it….did Yuki eat that dinner? Because if he did I take it all back. You just got drugged so you should not be eating food prepared by the insane one.


Yes how uncomfortable it must be to actually do some parenting. Woe is you.

The mom is stupid though. She is going to wait for her son to come to her with is problems? That is what you say when someone had a rough day at school NOT WHEN THEY ARE ARRESTED BY THE POLICE! When people DIED! Like okay you want to win the cool mom award. Is there a reason why Yuki doesn’t live with his dad? Is he even worse than the mother?


You should have stuck with your first thought Kousaka. Might have gotten beat up but you still have a house.

Despite the fact that being around Yuki puts them all in danger everyone loves Yuki YAY! Well Akise might really love him. But Hinata, Mao, and Kousaka…why aren’t you running for the hills? Hinata wants redemption and Mao is along for the ride? If someone threw my ALMOST Diary against the ground I would be out of there. Using me as a test. HATERS! But I guess this makes Yuki’s tiny heart happy and proves Yuno wrong. It will be all the more delicious for Yuno when she drinks Yuki’s tears over the deaths of his friends.


The only iPhone in the show (or in any animes....) and it is viciously murdered. :(

Now walk with me folks. Akise’s plan (had he been corrected) sounded like a good one. Several Diary Users questioned why the heck was up with 8th? Since Yuno can read I would assume she was up to speed on there being…fake Diary Users. So to me she should not have known that Marco and Ai were really number 7. So….why did she cut the power in the house? Even if she DID know who they really were it would expose them quicker and give everyone the information they needed to proceed. So why did she do it? Or should I bother asking? INSANE! Let’s just mess up a plan because you’re INSANE. No one can protect Yuki because she is INSANE.


Didn't see that coming!

So back to the couple. Not sure I am really feeling them. Randomly taking off your clothes and making out so…intensely is not my cup of tea. But since they didn’t take a dump on Yuki or pee in the corner I am thankful. They are pretty flashy and over the top. I think they might be stupid though. There were several times where they just waited to attack. Like while Yuki is weighing his options of releasing the insane one they could have attacked. Let’s just take our time and wait for Yuno to have a weapon before we attack. WOOHOO!


She has to say that with her clothes off of course.

When Ai and Marco revealed themselves to be number 7 in made more sense in my head. I guess maybe the hair threw me off but when he combed it back to stupidness I was like OH you are the ones holding each other in the original ending. It is not clear if 8th knew they were 7th but I guess we will find that out over time.


Well that is a bitch harsh. Yuki has been through quite a bit. Did you see the pee cup?! I wouldn't rescue her either.

I am not sure how I feel about Marco manhandling Yuki. On one hand I would want my boyfriend/husband protecting me at all costs. It just seems like the natural thing to do. But on the other hand Yuki was just being honest. And Yuno is an insane killing machine. She took out SWAT team members okay. I am not sure how much protecting she needs or if she even wants Yuki to do so. And does Yuki really have a reason to protect the insane one? He didn’t have the option of making a mutual diary with Yuno (making Ai and Marco a great protecting machine) and Yuno pretty much is the last and first person I would want protecting me. So while Yuki probably should man up and do a little more to help himself and “partner” out I can see how he didn’t choose this game and protecting someone who just kidnapped him.


Turns out Yuki can't fly. Surprising.

In the end everything was pretty much fail. Not sure WHY Yuno and Yuki are still alive. Shouldn’t 7th have broken their phones? But seeing how 8th love all the children of the world maybe she can’t bear to hurt them and is trying to find a way to get them out of this game. If not…well that was a stupid move. I wonder if the team is going to follow Yuki now. Kousaka is homeless and Mao and Hinata are left bleeding in the hospital. XD My vote is yes since they were blued out in the opening. But Yuki praised Yuno so everything is okay folks!! XD


dene323 said...

So the rollercoaster ride continues.

About your last comment on 7th not destroying their phones / killing them, I agree that's plot armor. On the other hand, it can be somewhat justified. Let's just say every bit of information helps in the survival game. By disabling 1st and 2nd and holding on to their cellphones, not only their lives are at 7th's mercy, their literally become scouts. Yuki and Yuno's diaries are of particular value because they complement each other and provide huge amount of information in their surroundings. From the perspective of 7th, 11th is still unrevealed and 9th is a wild card. So if either of them interact with 1st and 2nd (an attack or just a conversation - like 9th did at the hospital), their identities are immediately revealed to 7th, who can then deduce their personalities and future plans based on the recorded interactions. If they are smart they can even blackmail 1st and 2nd to do their bidding to some extend.

Eternia said...

Eeehh... I want to smack this mom. Why did she mean it's not good to pry into your son's business? Oh, it's all right if he's a grown up. But he's a middle schooler there! And he got involved with the police! Don't you want to know? Seriously? Stupid mom. Failure of a parent.

Deus' letter is kind of weird. Please attend this meeting at blah blah blah church if you want explanation on 8th. Wait a second. How am I going to attend? By taxi? Shouldn't the letter like this? : If you want the answer, please sleep around 20:00 - 20.30 today so that I can summon you to my realm. LOL.

I suspect 7th know about how 1st and 2nd has defeated almost all other future diary holders, aren't they...? Using them as scouts is not really profitable because their information is only about Yuki and his sorrounding, it's useless if the remaining diary users have a fight with 7th while not having any contact with 1st and 2nd. If their future diary works just like Keigo's or Tsubaki's, then I won't complain. 1st and 2nd are useless to 7th. Killing Yuki and Yuno right there is the best course of action. But they won't do it because this erotic couple is stupid. I see.

Christina said...

dene323- I now see how that would be helpful, to use them as pawns. But obviously they do not know how dangerous Yuno is. Which everyone should by now. Keeping one Diary would have made more sense than bother. Of course since all the Diary users want to beat Yuki to get street cred obviously 11th will come and take the bait. And die. Because Yuno is insane.

So yes it is plot armor but I guess slightly understandable. But they will still die.

Eternia- Mom is just sad and embarrassing. I won't pry into your school being blown up, why a 4 year old is missing, why your creepy girlfriend won't eat dinner with you, and why the police are questioning you. Because I am mom of the year yay!!!

Yuki is a disaster magnet. Maybe 7th will just try their luck and see what will happen. Or maybe picking on Yuki is a game. Too bad Yuno always wins. XD