Saturday, January 14, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 12: Is there a saying stronger than WTF?

So folks. 2012 sucks. Just sucks.

Do you know what I drove today? My mom’s granny mobile. Why? Because my car is probably dead. Or dying. Normally when the check oil light comes on in a car it means head on over the your local scammer…err car place and get an oil change. But with me, my car, and my luck it means your car will go 10 more miles and then threatened to turn into the plane from LOST. You know that awful noise it made when the plane was going down? That is exactly what my car sounded like.


Shu has a first class ticket on the crazy train! Time to ride folks!

Did I say I was going to be poor until February? I meant March. Maybe April. BOOOO! I hate you oh responsibilities and realities of being an adult.

But you know what I am rich in? Crazy. So much crazy in the anime world right now. What am I talking about? Why the massive train/boat/car/plane wreck that is Guilty Crown episode 12. Spoilers for an episode that was thought up on an acid trip, sugar high, and bout with insanity!

Episode Summary: I….how do I even do this?! Maybe I should just write what I think happened….


No. Don't tell him your name. Jump back into the ocean right now if you value your life.

So Gai is bleeding to death and Shu is like NOOOOO I was just started to like you. Random kid has an unconscious Inori and tries escaping into some purple crazy rip in space. Gai informs Shu that he can follow Random Kid because…well because folks. So Shu does. Meanwhile Shuichirou is showing Segai some of what is going on in the world. The entire city is actually someone’s void. The void of the first victim of Sparkle Crystals. Shuichirou then tells Segai he can’t go any further in the…whatever this area is and leaves him behind. For some reason Segai gets in contact with Shu’s mom and they are able to hook up a computer to see what is going on in that weird space. Shu reaches weird space and sees Random Kid hooking Inori up to something weird….almost like a crazy hairnet type deal. Or a bridal veil. Shuichirou and Random Kid explain that Inori is only a shell and they are filling her with the soul of Mana, the first person infected with Sparkle Crystal. Then Shuichirou is going to marry InoriMana in some weird ceremony performed by Random Kid and start a new generation of people…after they infect the rest of the world. Gai eventually tumbles into this weird world and demands that Shu finally remember! So…HE DOES!

Turns out Mana was Shu’s sister (unclear on if she was a stepsister or real sister but Shu’s momma is not his real momma). Anyway Shu and Mana were hanging out chillin at the beach when Gai (who couldn’t remember his name at the time) washes up on shore. After Mana gives him CPR life is amazing. Shu teaches Gai how to be AMAZING and strong while…well will Mana looks at Shu like she wants to jump him and ride him all night long. Turns out Mana got infected somehow with the crazy crystal and wants to mate with Shu. This kinda disturbs Gai who may have liked Mana had she not gone so crazy. On one particularly crazy day Mana manages to confused Gai enough to injury himself. Shu runs in to protect Gai and calls Mana a monster. Mana screams and loses control of her powers. She blows herself up and becomes Lost Christmas. Gai protects Shu (which…still makes no sense as Shu should have been totally infected too) but leaves to become stronger somewhere else.


The scene is already so bright there is no room for sparkles.

Now Shu is like NOOOOOOOO. Well no about Gai dying. Not so sure he has put together that maybe Inori is the good side of Mana thus he is still in love with his sister. But putting that aside they need to stop Mana for taking over Inori’s body because that would be really bad folks. Gai and his bleeding to death self keeps on telling Shu he can do it!!! Shu magically acquires a new power which is pulling out someone’s Void and handing it to them. With that Gai sets to work trying to “free” Inori and Mana. Gai gets miserably mangled in the process. In the end Shu has to take Inori’s Void and stab both Gai and Mana. Because you can stab a spirit folks. The real Mana briefly wakes up to see Gai before they die. Random kid then appears to kill Shuichirou and runs off. Shu manages to get Inori out before everything gets TOO crazy. Inori wakes up and both cry over the fact that Gai is dead. THE END!!


Hmm Eve...I see. Because Eve tried to destroy the human race before starting a new one....

So….you know that crazy girl Yuno from Mirai Nikki? Pink hair, loves Yuki, likes to chop people up into tiny pieces? This show is a figment of her imagination. The reason why she is crazy is when she goes to sleep she dreams Guilty Crown. Because only someone that insane could think up this entire crazy universe.


I am pretty sure about the step sibling thing.....they could both be related by blood and have a stepmom though....

I was already to scream EW INCEST and poke my eyes out with a stick. But then it turned into HAHA just kidding. I believe that Shu’s dad married Mana’s mom. Thus the two are not really related and it is not “real” incest. Everything is okay now folks.

OR NOT! It looks to me like Mana was a few years older than Gai. Or “Triton”. Freak renaming people like that. But yes Mana looks like she could be a few years older than Gai and Shu. Meaning she should know better. Because I am not blaming the crazy crystal disease on all of her….feelings. No no some of that I think was truly how Mana felt.


And Gai tried to save you because....

Either way folks my eyes were very @__@ the entire episode. I feel as if Gai and Shu were sexually assaulted in this episode. What the hell is this crystal disease all about? Turning teenagers into sexual deviates, making them into rock monsters, and creating weapons inside their hearts? Who the hell thought up this crazy disease?!


Name calling will bring about the end of the world.

Oh and speaking of Forgotten Christmas…..yeah. That was just one girl screaming because her plans on sleeping with her stepbrother failed. We never saw Mana touch said magical rock of doom nor do we know if anyone prior to that touched the doom rock. So it might be possible Mana was the only one infected or infected enough to….well scream out a blast of rocks and crazy. Let the record show that a devastating attack on Japan was caused by someone being called a monster. I smell an anti-bullying campaign folks!


Shu jumping over a broken part of a bridge=Gai bringing an entire group together to fight and possibly die against the ruling power. Totally equal folks.

Also let the record show that Shu used to be AWESOME and Gai was the one who was scared to make moves and stand up for himself. Due to the completely insanity Shu witnessed he lost his mind and his memories. The reason why Shu didn’t continue being awesome because Gai decided he needed to leave. Um how about you stay with Shu and become stronger together? Such crazy. Shu you were brave I’m sorry.

Oh have I mentioned that Inori might not be a real person? Shocking I know in an anime with a crystal disease, a random portal to….a marriage chapel, and weaponized souls/hearts but yes folks. It was hinted at/flat out said that Inori was simply a vessel to house Mana’s floating soul. And if anyone guessed that before this episode…well you might want to look in the mirror…Yuno.



Can I talk about that random marriage from hell and My Little Pony land? Because really folks. Really. When we last saw our heroes Inori was being kidnapped by some random kid. Random kid has not been explained yet but given how the main bad guy has been (maybe) killed he might get more limelight in the next few episodes. But putting that aside when random kid kidnapped Inori I thought maybe he was just going to hide her out, maybe take her to the top of Tower de DeadBodies/Crystals. I really didn’t think that she was going to be taken into…..err….wherever they were and married off to old man Shuichirou. There was blood lips stick and Inori writhing in pain (pleasure?) and random kid acting like this was a real marriage ceremony. Like seriously folks I have no idea what I just saw. Why does Shuichirou think that this was a great plan? Infect the entire world and mate with a fake human housing the cause of the crystal disease? How does this sound like a step towards a positive future? Or any future at all?!


This marriage has to happen or else their union won't be supported by God. DUH FOLKS! Needs to be official. Can't have any bastard crystal babies running around.

I would also like to question the rationale behind a fake body for Mana. Mana….blew up. Like goodbye body hello floating in space. Mana was just a soul. Wasn’t all the power in her body? So…how would putting Mana’s soul in Inori’s body bring about the dawn of a new humanity? Of course this is a show about souls being weapons…maybe it is the soul that is infected and the body just suffers the side effects. I guess since we really don’t know what Inori is we can only speculate for now.

Speculating into crazy land that is. I don’t even know if this post is making any sense at this point. We got a incest loving step sister, Shu’s momma isn’t his real momma, Inori isn’t a real person, Shu was actually brave before…you know, the entire city is someone’s void, and Gai dies.


A very happy ending for those two indeed. The story can only go up from here.

Oh yes folks. Gai is dead for real. Last episode he looked pretty much dead with that huge slice in his chest but now he is super dead. Like dust in the wind dead. Which was pretty much expected after such a serious wound but now I am unhappy. I thought he was in love with Mana and maybe he was at one point. But she turned into a crazy crystal person who was trying to jump Shu’s bones. Maybe Gai could see past the incest loving sister and really liked Mana. Before she turned really insane. But it just felt….bleh after finding out who Mana really was. I guess in my mind she was this innocent victim that Gai was fighting for. But really Gai was suicidal the entire time and just wanted to take out Mana once and for all. Although….how did he know Mana was still alive?


I see. I see all and understand all. Yes I do.

At this point nothing makes sense. Nothing at all folks. I see that people are saying that this episode explained a lot. I mean…I guess it explained that ONE picture from Shu’s childhood that I thought was Inori. But no folks. This really doesn’t explain anything at all. Just gave us a rushed view of Shu’s childhood and some floating eyeballs in crazy space. Like nothing is really explained about the marriage ceremony, why the first person infected was the most powerful, WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS DISEASE, and who the random kid was.


Are they crying because Gai died or because none of this makes sense?

But it’s okay folks. But Gai went out sparkling and Inori and Shu cried over his death. Obviously this is the best show ever and I am just a meanie for being confused. But I am sure that Shu has another sparkle power that will allow him to bring Gai back to life. After all he was able to allow Gai to use his own (Gai’s own) Void when everyone else passes out. So anything is possible in a show that makes no damn sense YAY!


Run, be the new leader, same thing.


Eternia said...

Really, this anime ist a total train wreck. I can write better story. Bleh.
I honestly thought that next episode would be the ending, but states that it has 22 episodes total. Is there really a point to continue this anime? Ouma Shuu stabbed Mana and Gai, didn't he? Mana's ghost has been killed by Inori's void, am I seeing it right? Since that incest oneechan who's the center of the baddies' plan has died, what's the random kid plan to do next? Find out some other means out of nowhere to threaten the world once again? Or, is he an alien who want to take over the world? lol?

"But really Gai was suicidal the entire time and just wanted to take out Mana once and for all. Although... how did he know Mana was still alive?"
Duh, he's GAI, Mr. Knows All & Sees All.
Come to think of it, what kind of bonehead would design a remote controlled robot who gives real time feedback (pain) to it's owner as it's damaged? It should simply shows her a chart of damaged parts.
But asking logic from a train wreck would be too much...

Ruben said...

I read your post about Kiki and after 16 years of being together, it must be pretty sad, on the bright side he is not going to suffer anymore.

"This marriage has to happen or else their union won't be supported by God." XDDD... You totally made me laugh with this.

Before reading what Eternia said, I also thought that this random kid could be an alien and I also think the crazy crystal came from another world, but we will see.

And Gai just survived episode 11 to die in episode 12 :S... now what, Shu is gonna be the new leader?

Keith said...

That Yuno comment made me lol. Thanks for the funny read!

My only thought after watching this episode was also WTF. I guess this is what drugs can do to a plot, or the writer's brain. There's no other way to make sense of the story.

Stay clean everyone :P

Christina said...

I would first like to say...I am so glad people are feeling the same way I am. I see people either going X__X or saying this was the best episode ever. Good to know there are some people feeling the same way I do.

Eternia- If this is only the halfway point I am almost afraid to see what comes next. can this top anything? Are we even on Earth? Maybe this disease is making people turn back into their normal state, rocks! Or maybe this is all just a very bad video game. This is one show where anything can happen...but it is done so in such a way that it seems stupid. Like oh okay everything can be explained away without putting effort into plot points and what not.

As for feeling pain while piloting the mechas...that is stupid. They have the technology to operate them from somewhere else but one needs to be nearly naked (if you are a girl) to pilot it and you can get hurt in the process. Oh okay.

Ruben- Thank you for your kind words. It still hurts a lot but it is better than him being in pain.

I hope he is alien for no reason other than his eyebrows scare me. Mugi from K-On....that is cute. Random kid not so much. But since we got crystal diseases and weaponized hearts why not add in aliens to the mix. Maybe some time travel and zombies too for good measure.

Keith- XD You're welcome. Poor crazy Yuno. Even when we are not watching her show her craziness leaks over.

That marriage made no sense at all and I feel as if it took place to give Shu the time to "remember" his past. Like lala the baddies are patiently waiting off on the side giving Shu enough time to have his meltdown. Thanks for being polite.

Drugs are really, really bad folks.