Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 15

Have you ever met a pack rack? Well if not you sure read one’s blog. DEAR LORD PEOPLE. I decided to get into the New Year, New Attitude spirit and clean the main closet. Oh my lord folks. Oh my lord. I had notes from JUNIOR HIGH in my closet. Birthday cards from my 15th birthday. First generation Beanie Babies. Every diary I have ever written ever. X__X Needless to say a great deal of junk has gone into the donate or trash pile. Dear lord folks X__X what is wrong with me?

So that has been part of my day. Part productive and part surfing the web. I love looking at other people’s blog in regards to Japan. XD That really helped me when I was planning my own trip. If one wants to be really productive just call up the momma (or one’s equivalent to momma). You guys can chat and with your free hands you can tidy up the house. Accomplishing two things at once yay!


The escape part 15!

But now it is time to blog some anime folks. And watch some trashy reality tv shows. Reality shows help with the blogging process. It would be easier if the government wasn’t running around shutting down sites but I guess I will endure. Okay! Shakugan no Shana episode 15 time! I am sensing this might be a short post….


So all the human like baddies have a beast form? I knew it!

Episode Summary: Somewhere else in the world two Flame Hazes are talking about things are really bad. Morale is down and the dude Flame Haze is pretty much drinking away his problems. But the young girl in the party is like we shall help when needed. Insert Granny Panties calling them to action. Shana’s group and the group Granny Panties “helped” escaped are all taking a break. Apparently a bunch of other Flame Hazes got scared and crazy and ran into the woods. In an effort to rescue the crazy people an elaborate plan must be made at the expense of a few of the Flame Hazes. Mr. God Centerhill agrees to help rescue the lost ones but first there needs to be a conversation. Best case scenario and YujiSnake is telling the truth about not affecting our world things still will not be perfect. The new world will have humans that will be used as energy and the cycle will start over again. With that knowledge Shana agrees to fight so Centerhill says he will aid them. He will use his powers to block the enemy from finding them after the escape and stop them from communicating. Samuel (scar dude) will create a tower so their comrades will have a place to gather while also drawing in the enemies. When the time is right Samuel and Centerhill will sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Everything goes according to plan and this leaves the enemy all crazy and separated. Wilhelmina and Shana serve as a distraction as well so Sydonay comes along and eventually reveals his real form to battle. Centerhill comes to aid them and Margery finally arrives to trap Sydonay for 3 whole minutes. Eventually Centerhill stays behind to fight Sydonay while the others are rescued by the two new Flame Hazes we saw at the beginning of the episode. Samuel is eventually overwhelmed and bids his Crimson Lord goodbye as he takes out the tower, the baddies, and himself. Granny Panties and all the troops have made it to their hideout. The wounded are tended to while everyone else talks about how they lost this battle. YujiSnake overlooks everything

OH LORD FOLKS! The escape part 23646346!

I guess I should hand it to the Flame Hazes. This did seem like a complicated and well thought out of escape plan. Even if it took a million hours for it to happen. We got a diversion that is really the true escape, two people sacrificing themselves for cowards and Margery in the background to be the ultimate secret weapon. I don’t give any credit to Granny Panties though.


How many times do you have to rescue the same people?!

Although I am kinda bummed that two cool and seemingly powerful allies had to die to help out cowards and stupid people. How hard is it to run to the designated spot? Well if you were following Granny Panties you weren’t allowed to run. But the ones who were still trying to make it to Heaven’s Road Place…what is wrong with you? In the midst of your unemployment you forgot which way to run? Crazy people.


And this is all of the battle we see. Unless he didn't die of course.....

But yes folks. We got two deaths on our hands. Not that we saw one of them. Look Centerhill I am actually going to use your name. Feel special. Centerhill was one of the Four Gods of the Earth so I thought maybe he was going to put up more of a fight? It appeared he was taken out quite easily by Sydonay. Maybe he was stretched too thin? He was doing other amazing things like oh PROTECTING everyone else. So maybe that is how he lost his arm..and the fight so easily. Would have liked to see that battle play out but apparently we needed more shots of….I don’t know that two headed baddie.


They seriously said goodbye for like 5 minutes.

Samuel (aka scarred dude) also bit the dust this week. Look at that people die and suddenly I give them names. Now again it seems as if his death was slightly lame. The baddie that did damage to him was pretty weak looking. However he was also busy making sure everyone escaped safely. And if you fight 10,000 baddies it is the same as fighting one mega baddie. Or maybe he was just tired of listening to Granny Panties. Either way he and his Crimson Lord had the longest goodbye in history.


For some reason he/they get on my nerves. -___-

I am not sure what is up with the two headed baddies but he gets on my nerves. Well they are getting on my nerves. Are they on the verge of dying or something? Like every week they look like they are in pain and talk about how they won’t be able to say goodbye. But the counter spell against them was pretty awesome. Can’t hear you in the rain buddy!


Why are we decoys? Oh because everyone else is having a mental meltdown?

Shana and Wilhelmina weren’t that amazing this week. Or maybe I have become numb to all this fighting. But they were good distractions AND lived. So they get double the cookies this week!


Didn't you just wake up crazy?

I like how Margery came out of nowhere and saved the day. I must admit I thought they were hiding the Heaven’s Road Place. But then Margery came out of nowhere and trapped Sydonay for 2 whole minutes! All that sleeping came in handy!


This sounds interesting, tell me more.

Those two Flame Hazes at the beginning of the episode…I wish we knew more about them. But since they are were able to talk and see the light at the end of the tunnel they must be “good” Flame Hazes. Also I thought they were going to pilot the plane to rescue Shana and company. Nope. Gotta ride my awesome bird. The male of the pair seemed interesting though, saying he became a Flame Haze because he had to. Like Mami had to become a Magical Girl I imagine.


Like a beautiful marble.

I love how everything is so sparky on the Road. Like yes we are underground and hiding in paradise. Well except the people who are dying on the lawn. It looks like their numbers have really decreased though. Which is surprising considering how many of them were running for their lives last week. Which means it is time for the under dogs to win right?


We got to rescue the clones too now? GOSH!

Speaking of which…I am slightly confused about one issue. Mr. Centerhill and Shana were talking about YujiSnake’s Grand Order. If they were to believe him and his best case scenario he would create a new world without affecting this one. However this new world would be EXACTLY like ours now. In my mind I thought that meant shape/energy wise. But apparently it means everything, including the people. So our clones would live on the new planet and be munched by the baddies. I guess I thought he was making a new world where that concept wasn’t going to exist anymore but I guess I was wrong? Or am I?


He put up a good fight....punching and all.

The episode ends with YujiSnake talking about his other body. Apparently it is only 50 percent operational. I see folks. Well…at least they are done retreating right? Now everyone can go to school and look sad and stuff! YAY!!! But at least they are not escaping folks. The day has finally ended. Thank God.


Eternia said...

That loli in colorful outfit seems out of place, don't you think so. In last week's preview, I was tilting my head, "There is a mahou shoujo in this anime?" LOL.

Christina said...

Eternia- She does seem really out of place. But after seeing all these plain dressed Flame Hazes of nonimportance I guess it was just weird seeing a "themed" Flame Haze.