Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 16

XO It feels like forever since I blogged. In my defense....um...I guess I have no excuse. XD Just found all these interesting things to read and listen to on the internet. But I had watched Mirai Nikki and Another right when they came out. Just I was taking my time blogging them or what not.


Such a lovely face. XD

But now I have motivation to get stuff done today. Go to the bank and what not. Get stuff done! So it is time to blog. Up first is Mirai Nikki episode 16. Spoilers for Yuki being in danger again!


Everyone involved with Yuki is insane. That is all.

Episode Summary: At the hospital Random Cop dude and Akise leave Yuki in the capable hands of Minene who has gone Bob Harper on him and is making him exercise. She is going to whip him into shape so he can take on 7th. During this workout Yuki’s Dad walks in and is instantly jealous that a hot nurse is on his son. After that insanity Dad explains he is there to visit his son after all his drama. It is decided that Minene will train both men and if Yuki wins he gets any wish granted. He automatically wants his parents to remarry because he is FIVE YEARS OLD! Dad agrees with this insanity because he is stupid. Akise and Random Cop go to see how Yuno is doing but as usual she has snuck out of her room and is spying on Yuki. Yuno comes to the conclusion Daddy is an okay guy and won’t have to stab him. Elsewhere Marco and Ai are busy whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Ai does get a little dramatic when her diary shows Marco talking to another girl but he is really buying her an engagement ring so all is okay. Throughout the day Yuki and his Dad compete in different events. Both suck and are weak but Yuki manages to beat his Dad every time. But Minene keeps on rewarding his father with all the points and telling Yuki to just enjoy being with his dad.



During the last competition (which is worth 100 points) Dad reveals that he divorced his wife because he was in debt. Yuki is all depressed now because that means they can’t get remarried. During the run Minene gives Yuki a pep talk about life and stuff. She drives off and talks to Random Cop. Apparently all of this training is to fool 7th into thinking they have a plan going on and that will stop 7th from destroying their cellphones. But now Random Cop owes Minene or something. When Yuki reaches the top he finds a note from his dad saying he had to do some work. In reality Dad has made it back to the hospital room and is looking for Yuki’s cellphone. If he can destroy the phone he can erase all his debt. Yuno hears this all so things could get bad. Random Cop has made it to 8th’s place and is investigating what is up with her.


Yuno with a knife? Is it 2 o clock already?

Yuki and his Dad are in the room chillin when Yuno comes in with her knife. Yuki tries to protect his Dad but Yuno informs him of what is going on, that Dad is actually employed by 11th. 7th then calls Yuno and says to bring Dad to them so they can get the lead on 11th. Yuno tricks Dad into saying the people who hurt them have their cellphones but she knows how to find them. They bring Dad to Marco and Ai AKA the bride and groom on top of a huge tower. Marco punches Dad and leaves the cellphones out in the open for anyone to get. Yuki tries to save his Dad and that ends well. For Marco’s fist. Dad gets up and destroys Yuki’s cellphone. But Yuno has already figured out Ai was really holding the phones and manages to steal them back. Ai and Marco’s partner calls and says he is going to blow the tower now. Of course the part he blows first is the floor under Yuki’s feet. Yuno and Dad both run towards Yuki, with Dad stating he will buy Yuki a new cellphone meaning he doesn’t know about the Diaries. THE END!

Another episode and Yuno is the most amazing person ever. Does this girl have any weaknesses? I think not.


This plan seems rather...mild.


Breaking them up would have been a better plan!

I am a bit sad though. I thought maybe Akise was slightly amazing. I thought maybe he was the one planting false information on Marco to Ai. Like who is this home wrecking girl you are talking to! I thought you loved me! Like mog was this Akise’s plan, to break up this couple and protect Yuki? But no. Way too early for that I suppose. Marco is just buying her a ring folks. Which is news to him but he seems happy about it.


Yuno can fly folks. She gets stabbed one day and can fly the next!

Yuno is the most amazing person ever. As long as there is a bathroom around she is ready to go! She can get stabbed one episode and be fine the next. Even though I promised to pay more attention to the timeline…I lied. XD So I don’t know how long it has been since Yuno got stabbed…or where she got stabbed but it seems to me she recovered rather fast. Like sneaking out of the building ready to stab people type of okay. Did you see her jump over the pews in the “church”? She recovers quickly. She must take a lot of vitamin C.


Mao, Kousaka, and Hinata say NOOOO to this plan!

I thought it was interesting that Mao, Hinata, and Kousaka were not shown in the episode. Not visiting Yuki or anything. Maybe Hinata and Mao are off in the ACTUALLY injured ward and Kousaka is busy trying to pick up burnt remains of his life. Just thought we see a glimpse of them or a mention of them. You know Yuki they are YOUR FRIENDS. Maybe you should care and talk about them?


It is time to get involved MOM!

I am going to be honest. I had no idea that Daddy had secret motives for visiting his sick son. I was really focusing on why momma wasn’t there. Then I remembered she doesn’t care about her son. Sorry I mean giving her son space. So that is why momma wasn’t there. Someone was kind enough to call Daddy though. Oh you mean 11th sent him? Well okay no one cares about Yuki.


Yay for hospital security!

Minene was weird this episode. Don’t get me wrong I love her (except when she is going to the bathroom in front of people) but her place in this episode felt weird. There aren’t that many Diary Users left. But I guess as some people have commented on (which I really need to answer SLACKER Tenchi!) she is using Yuki just like 7th is. They still need to know who 11th is. If they all knew that I think Yuki would be squished.


I guess even crazy terrorist need a little entertainment.

But she was still acting weird. Siding with dad and giving Yuki know points. Telling Yuki that he needs to make amends with his dad. Although I did like her sitting on Yuki to do push-ups. Guess she watches the Biggest Loser too. Not following Akise’s plan on how doing a few pull-ups or running up a hill would make 7th think they were up to no good. Yuki takes very boring and detailed notes, not Minene is training me for awesome! It would be more like today I put on a gym suit and did pull-ups with my dad yay!

The visit to 8th’s house was a bit boring. Not much happened so we didn’t learn anything about her motives and what not. Me thinks this “arc” will get extended due to how many players are involved. But her head bothers me still. Do the other characters see it?!


And the wife knew nothing? I doubts that.

I found the reason for the divorce odd. Maybe we learn more about it later but it does remind me of Kobato a bit. I think he divorced momma to protect her from the mean man he borrowed money from. But wouldn’t momma be sad about that? I would think we would see some hints of that in the brief moments we have seen her. But maybe she threw herself into work knowing she wanted to help her husband out. Or maybe she knows nothing.


And for this Dad will have to die. Yay for redemption when you didn't even know what you were doing!

I do not think dad knows that Yuki’s phone is connected to his status as a breathing human being. I think his boss told him that Yuki had important information on that phone and if it was destroyed everything would be fine. So while Yuno was…once again correct to protect Yuki I am not ready to throw Daddy down a well just yet. Yuno is sorta of a kill now and keep killing kinda girl though. Questions are for losers.

I am not sure why Ai and Marco were wearing wedding outfits in the tower. It was kinda weird and out of place. Like they saw how cute and weird Yuki and Yuno looked in their outfits so they needed to one up them. I think though Ai was less effective in battle in that outfit.


Where ever Yuki is I don't want to be! XD

So in conclusion Yuki is falling through a hole in a floor, everyone was right to use Yuki as an 11th magnet, and Yuno is amazing at everything. Did I cover everything? Oh and I predict that Yuki’s dad will die to protect Yuki (redemption!!!!) and that will push Yuki isn’t being a stronger person.


dene323 said...

Yuki has been through quite a bit since the start of the series, deal­ing with fre­quent near death situ­ations, betray­als, killings, con­stantly on a roller-coaster ride with psy­cho stalker/murder/girlfriend/kidnapper… So des­pite the lighter mood in the first half of this epis­ode (epis­ode named “repair”), It’s fair to say he is already on the verge of los­ing his sanity.

His last attach­ment with the “nor­mal” world is the hope of hav­ing a happy and com­plete fam­ily again, so the intro­duc­tion and sub­sequent betrayal of his father would give that final push needed.

Turned out 7th tried but didn't fully utilize the captured diaries as I predicted. It did flush out 11th's attempt on Yuki, so they were probably going to capture Yuki's father for some interrogation, but obviously the captured diaries should be destroyed immediately to avoid direct confrontation with Yuno (they should have learned by now). So I guess it's only a matter of plot armor - I mean pride/chivalry. As for the wedding dresses, well, maybe their cellphones already predicted "dead end" at the tower, so they want to make the most out of it...

dene323 said...

I think two weeks ago I presented that "roller-coaster" analogy and Christina asked "Are you seriously telling me there will an UP on this relationship?"

I guess we know the answer already... Yuki can't survive one episode without Yuno... Remember the question Yuno asked at the end of episode 4? "Choose me and live, choose 6th (or any other alternative) and die"

Eternia said...

The way Marco wanted to have fun with Yuki one more time instead of killing him instantly is weird. Didn't they once freaked out to see Yuno parried all of his wife's flying knives? This is like asking for your own death. STUPID. Since you guys want to die that much, you shouldn't give that surprised face when 'Ta-kun' betrayed you and blew up the building.
Minene's behaviour is weird, for sure. It's as if she's not a diary user. It's as if all of this doesn't relly involve her. If you really only want to observe your future opponents, there's no need to have fun with him and gave good advices to him.

Christina said...

dene323- I think in theory it MIGHT be a good idea to use Yuki as Diary Bait. But as history has shown anyone who comes up against Yuki ends up dead. Using him as bait would work better if Yuno was dead. XD So keep Yuki's phone intact and destroy Yunos!

But they really didn't have to do much work? 11th just fell into their lap. It is like everyone is flocking to Yuki to be killed or something. XD

It seems that Yuki has made a lap on the rollercoaster and he has gotten on again. He is on the DUDE this chick is crazy but I need her part of the coaster. Maybe he will forget that SHE TIED HIM TO A CHAIR AND THERE WAS A PEE CUP!

Eternia- Maybe Minene has had such a rough life this is a game to her, for real. A life and death game with a much of morons that she is smarter than. Well maybe not Yuno but maybe that is part of the fun too. Poor bored Minene.

I think this Ta-kun should have been number 7th. He is all gangsta. He will blow up a building with his own people in it. I just hope 7th doesn't get taken down by a "misunderstanding" like in the beginning of the episode. I know I said it would be funny if Akise did that but now I have changed my mind. I reserve the right to change my mind back.

But allowing Yuno to live was a mistake. Yuki I can see but Yuno...YuNO.

Anonymous said...

what made yuno think dad was employed by 11th? i still dont get that at all.
where did that thought even came from?

also, in the episode before, why didnt yukiterus diary show that they were actually attacked by diary owners? obviously they planed to show their identity anyway, in his presence no less, so it should have been shown in his diary.

i really enjoy this show, but it keeps having these moments that just dont make much sense...

how did yuno build all that remote controlled stuff before? how is she so ridiculously functional?