Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 16

Why hello folks. Home from another WONDERFUL day at work. Oh so wonderful indeed. Are all jobs like this out there and everyone else is better at pretending that things are okay? Just bleh folks. No matter what I do it is never enough. The people making the problems and mistakes aren’t to blame but me, the one reacting to said problems and mistakes. And it gets very frustrating over time.

Now my only amusement is watching my cat stare in horror over a balloon. I thought cats loved balloons but apparently not this one. She lives in fear of the deflating object in the corner.


Well it's not like you just lost a major battle or anything....

Speaking of frustrating…time for Shakugan no Shana episode 16! Spoilers for riding in first class!

This episode was SO BORING. I don’t even think I can write up an episode summary that is how boring it is. Sorry folks. I liked season 1 and thought season 2 was okay. But this season has dragged on forever. Almost like they could have made it 13 episodes instead of 26 long and painful ones.

The bulk of this episode was dedicated to the main cast discussing what they are going to do in regards to GRAND ORDER. I say main cast when two people WHO JUST SHOWED UP are getting just as much screen time as Wilhelmina and Margery. Seriously who are these two people?!


I get that. What I don't get is why you and the main cast are so close when WE the viewers just met you.

Okay I had to look up their names. Sale and Chiara. Apparently they are important. I don’t know. Sale apparently is a fake Flame Haze but giving us more details might cause interest in the show and we can’t be having that. I just find it funny that last episode everyone was riding Chiara’s giant bird thingy and now they are all in the airport. Also is the first time everyone else met these people? Obviously not since no one did the introduction thing. So everyone knows each other and telling the viewers what is going on is lame. Lame.


Which was....yesterday?

But for everyone else…it was a snooze fest. I thought they already decided they wanted to do. Being that they were the conscious ones and all. They were fleeing the fight and listening to Centerhill talking about protecting the new world. I ASSUMED that they all agreed to carry on the fight while in the midst of fleeing. That is what is sounded like to me.


Who the hell made her leader?!


Morale is overrated!

But in this episode Granny Panties decided to plant seeds of doubt in their minds. Do you really want to do this? Can you win? Because we already lost 80 percent of our troops. Dear lord did they really lose that many? They were popping up out of the snow like daises so I guess it is possible. Still why did Granny Panties have to talk people out of something they already agreed too? Was she basically trying to tell them WELP not our problem so why bother dying? Gosh I hate her.

Oh and that was the reason why everyone was so sad last week. Because if the Baddies leave Earth Flame Hazes won’t be able to seek their revenge. :( So sad right?

But Granny Panties getting yelled at might be amusing. It was downright embarrassing what happened in battle, with her not really fighting and all. Given her WE CAN DO IT speech this week…yeah they need a new leader.


Yes we know this. Now...what is the plan?

By the way…what exactly is Shana’s plan? This sorta goes hand and hand with I thought everyone agreed to keep on fighting the baddies. So basically everyone listened to Centerhill , agreed to help protect/stop the new world, and Shana will lead the charge since Centerhill “died”. So…what exactly was Shana’s plan? I guess I didn’t hear it. Really my post is starting to sound redundant because that is how the last few episodes have felt. Shana thought long and hard in the car ride to the airport to make a decision/plan she already made? Oh okay.

So….the few interesting…or vaguely not boring parts of this episode. Yuji’s parents are all being romantic. It is a bit sad to see that they don’t remember Yuji at all and are only focusing on the new baby. Maybe a happy ending will result in Yuji returning to his family?


So many people in one body! Poor Yuji :(

Pheles was up and around and being mysterious this episode. I can say for certain but it looked like she was being sneaky at the end of the episode, with what appears to be three defected baddies. In any event she was talking to her dead boyfriend at the beginning of the episode. Well at least his spirit. Sounds like she is going to do something she will regret but it will fulfill his wishes. Could it be she will destroy the Reijo Maigo? That will destroy Johann but protect everyone from YujiSnake. But why does it appear she is looking for someone else? Maybe former baddies she is friends with that will help her with her mission?


They need to leave us alone, don't they know we are retired?!

And that is the last interesting part of the show. The random…people at the farm. Apparently they have been summoned to fight in this war but they seem to want to live their lives in peace and be farmers. I see. Drink on that lemonade.


Will you plan still work if everyone is rendered blind?

In any event…BORING. So sleepy from watching this episode. Please pick up the pace and make this show interesting to watch again. I am not sure where the magic went but I am feeling a little disappointed here.


Eternia said...

They are really milking this out as long as possible. Episode 1 to 16 can be summarized in one paragraph only, seriously. *snooze, snooze* Why don't they fly home directly with the help of that 'mahou shoujo'?
But they are going through international airport instead! Do they even have visa and passport?! Don't they get questioned by the airport officer : "How could you 'check out' from our country when you have never 'check in'? Which route did you come from!?"

Christina said...

Eternia- I really think this series would have been better with 13 concise episodes rather than 24/26 long drawn out ones. I think I would have a much better opinion of the show and things wouldn't be so BORING.

Clearly these people are rollin in dough since they were hanging out in first class....and had that fleet of planes that dropped off all the Flame Hazes. They must have paid off someone big in the airport to overlook such silly things like passports and tickets.