Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 14

Car is still broken. Le sigh. The husband has been driving me to work and momager has been letting me use her car. I consider myself pretty lucky (well lucky considering the situation) to still be able to work with a broken car. It is easy to see how people can be so far behind on their bills when just one thing happens in their life. So things are…okay for now. I need my car fixed my Wednesday night for things to be really okay. And not cost 500 dollars as well.

But since I am going to be stuck at home with limited mobility I shall become a cleaning machine. Or a lazy bum on the couch. We shall see folks.


Err....spoilers for that not being the truth.

But for now it is anime time! Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 14 to be exact! Spoilers for the longest escape ever!


Check out my amazing new outfit!!!

Episode Summary: YujiSnake has made a grand entrance riding on top of his amazing snake body. He explains later in the episode that his body is still too weak for him to inhabit. I see now. All of his baddie people are having the best party ever at his return. Well except for the old dude guarding the portal. He seems very happy just to see the god’s return before he dies. YujiSnake announces to all what his Grand Order really is: To create a new universe into the void he just left for all his baddie friends. Everyone...doesn't really react to this information. Shana and her group make it to Granny Panties who is now hiding INSIDE the safety of the castle. Granny says they must make a fast decision on how to proceed but tells Wilhelmina and Shana to change clothes as their appearance might ruin moral. Khamsin and Rebecca are put in one team to help with the escape process while Wilhelmina and Shana are put in another team. Some random baddie goes around and plays on his instrument telling the amazing tale of Mr. Snake. The only one to question this random singing person is Mr. Robot.


Face it Mr. Robot....serious questions are silly. XD

While most of the Flame Hazes fight with sticks and pointy spoons the main characters use amazing attacks. Even the old dude with a scar on his face is able to use other people’s powers to make a pretty strong shield. Granny Panties is leading most of their troops on a luxurious walk to a safe point. YujiSnake is sadden by all this fighting and vows to put an end to it. He then announces again his plans. He is going to create another world and not harm Earth while doing so. Then he will gather up all the baddies and they will leave on this other plane without harvesting Power o Existence from the humans. Thus the Flame Hazes will not be forced to fight. Almost all of the Flame Hazes lose their minds at the thought of being useless and start to run away. The baddies then take that opportunity to kill a great deal of them. Our main people are the only ones that are able to fight and join in battle while trying to protect as many as possible. THE END!

This is one giant HMMM folks. HMMMM!

I am either missing the point or most of the humans/Flame Hazes are really, really stupid. Or both. Let’s see here folks.


Behold! I has arrived!

It has been hinted at/straight out said by the Yuji side of YujiSnake that he is has “sided” with the baddies to protect his people. Now since Yuji has been on team Shana since day one I would think that he hasn’t turned on her. Usually when you are in love with someone you don’t join sides with someone who could potentially kill her. No no he would want to protect her and the best way to protect a Flame Haze is take away the thing that might kill her.

So when YujiSnake came and announced his plan (TWICE!!!) why wasn’t there more rejoicing? Why is everyone still depressed? And why did the battle continue on the baddies side of things?


I am taking all the baddies away...and you still aint happy?!

If we take things at face value this sounds like a good idea for everyone. YujiSnake wants to create a new world on the Yellow Brick Road, away from Earth and Original Baddie Central. In this new, identical world the baddies can have all the Power o Existence they want. That means they will leave Earth and all the humans will be safe from becoming Torches. Everyone gets to live separate lives on separate planets. YAY!


We must stop him from leaving us jobless! Fight the unemployment rate!

The first time YujiSnake said this to everyone… was like the Flame Hazes didn’t register what he was saying. He probably could have said “I have returned Meatballs and Spaghetti for everyone!!!” and the Flame Hazes would have reacted the same. Didn’t anyone want to question what the heck he was talking about? Didn’t they assume that he was coming back to eat them all? So when he said this why still all the crazy?


Well you were already melting...

Then the second time YujiSnake announced this….everyone just melted. It was the worse news ever. It was like YujiSnake told them he set their houses on fire while peeing in their cornflakes and running their mommas over with a stolen bus filled of handicapped children heading towards a brick wall. The world was officially over folks.

But here is the thing…or what I came away thinking. YujiSnake is head bad guy so maybe they don’t believe anything he says. Or for some REALLY old people they remember that part of this “New Creation” involves the destruction of the old world. That would make sense for Mr. Snake and not Yuji. So if everyone was upset that HEY you are just trying to trick us but really we are dead anyway…I would be more understanding.


Can I just slap every single one of them?

But that is not what I felt happened. I don’t think most of the Flame Hazes were like NOOOO it is the end of the world. I think they were all like WAIIIIII no my life has no meaning! If I can’t fight the baddies my life has no purpose WAIIII! Like it was seriously a pity party of…well thousands of people because in this battle when baddies and Flame Hazes die they turn into two people because that is how crowded things got. But putting that aside…What the hell folks?! They either need to be upset the world is ending or hopefully because maybe the war is over. Not sad because they are out of a job. Who cares if people are protected because of this new system. No no folks we are sad because now everything we have been fighting for is over with.


My retreats including running for my life. But that is just me.

Also did anyone see how SLOW everyone was going during the retreat? I have seen grannies in walkers cross the street faster than that. It was like they were walking through the mall chillin and checking out sales. No sense of urgency at all. Because according to Granny Panties running would make them big targets. Oh okay.


Well this is what happens to people who actually fight. They all can't be pristine like you Granny Panties.

Oh and did we see the part where Granny Panties told Shana and Wilhelmina to change their clothes? One second Granny is like we need to make very fast decisions to keep our loses at a minimum then she is saying um can you two ladies go freshen up? Yeah because this is a battle folks. It would just be devastating if other troops saw their reinforcements in a torn dress and a bandaged arm. END OF THE WORLD FOLKS! Like seriously what was that? An excuse to give Shana a new cute outfit?

Okay so YujiSnake told the Flame Hazes that everything was going to be okay and everyone was going to have a chance to live. Then his troops proceeded to decimate the Flame Hazes. Now…5 seconds before YujiSnake made his second epic speech he was looking on at the battle with sadness in his eyes. That he didn’t want anyone to be hurt or disappear from the world without a trace anymore. So….if this is YujiSnake’s true plan wouldn’t it be in his best interests to pull back his troops? If Granny Panties was already leaving why attack them? YujiSnake was risking his troops lives by allowing the attack to continue. He was allowing all the other Flame Hazes to become bloody messes for no reason? If he is trying to have a peaceful resolve why did he allow this to happen?! None of this makes sense?!


MOG how many Flame Hazes are there?!

I am really trying hard to like this series. I know a lot of people do. But now that everyone knows the true meaning behind YujiSnake’s plan….why still all the deaths and destruction? I guess I was expecting some shocked faces but for the Flame Hazes to give up all hope was X___X. And if YujiSnake wanted to protect everyone this was probably not the way to do it. That and I am really questioning why most of the nonimportant Flame Hazes are fighting with basic swords and crap and all the main Flame Hazes seem to have special abilities. Like I can see fighting with a sword but with a COOL important one, not one I could buy at my local anime convention.


I feel like that is when this day started, 3,000 years ago. How many episodes have taken place in the span of this "day"?

I guess the best part of this episode was the random stranger walking around singing about what was happening. And how the little robot dude was questioning why he was important. But then it was never talked about again.


More like Operation Take Yo Time!

This entire episode was dedicated to the Flame Hazes retreated. And since they treated it like a walk in the park they didn’t make it very far. So next episode…most retreating! I guess this is how they are going to stretch the series out so long. Guess we will see if YujiSnake is telling the truth about not destroying the current world with his new one. Soon but probably not in the next episode.


Eternia said...

They are totally milking this out as long as possible, arent't they?
Granny Panties... she's really the biggest thorn in this anime. Who the heck chose her as leader? Granny Panties cs. is walking like when I am walking in the supermarket, looking at what things to buy, thus become very slow. But considering that there are millions of creeps (they suddenly multiplied in this episode!) behind granny's back, this makes my face X_X seeing them walk VERY slowly. She should change the name of Operation Ebb to Operation Eeek! So that they are motivated to walk faster~

To sum it up, 3000 years ago, Sairei no Hebi had tried to create another world which paradise for the Crimson denizens, only that it will cause destruction for the human world; so the Flame Hazes banished him, but he managed to leak out some his power/personality to his subordinates.
But now he has constructed all the neccesary means to create a new world during that time span, and it will not ruin the human world now. Yuji will take all of the uglies to that new world so that they can party forever and drink beers all they want (just like what we saw last time, lol).

Now, why are the flame hazes still resisting? They probably think he's lying. Who would believe the words of an enemy commander who's riding a big ugly snake? They still think that it will ruin the current world.
But when he announced his plan fo the second time, he added some sentences that "Your job is over!"
They went "Ekk, what's the point of continue living now?" :-)

I think Yuji is a pretty normal person, who shouldn't be all noble and hero-like. He only cares for Shana and his direct relative and school friends. All the other flame hazes can go die, especially granny panties! Pfft, they aren't good persons to begin with, remember how they confined Keita? Even though Rebecca saved him, that's just something she did on a whim, and she totally didn't care for his life.

Christina said...

Eternia- I don't see how running makes you a bigger target when they already KNOW where you are. Just like lala look at these lovely rocks, taking a nature walk.

But yes everyone was multiply in this episode, on both sides! Good grief.

That is true about the other Flame Hazes being a little shady. And it does appear that Yuji only cares his friends and family. Tired of death and destruction? Call your troops off!

So I understand how everyone would be like HMMMM your plan sounds shady. But they were acting way too woe is me and that point was really forgotten. It should have been no you liar we are taking you down!!! Not mog no more job for me WAAAAI!