Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, Same Job, Lots of Crazy

For the past few months I have tried my hardest to be more positive at work. Which is pretty hard to do since it is just my attitude that has changed. Nothing at work has. Same horrible co-workers, same horrible customers. Well I guess the only thing that has changed is I lost one of my days because my co-worker was called out on being lazy. So clearly I was the one who needed to leave, not the guy new to that day. Clearly.

So while I know it is just pizza and it is not the end of the world….I am still an angry pizzeria delivery girl. Yes other people have bigger problems out there but that doesn’t negate the fact that I work with and deal with morons.

Maybe I am just feeling more sensitive because of our family lose last week. Like why can’t people just treat each other with respect? Like how they would want to be treated? People don’t know what troubles others are going through. So when I am feeling crummy because my precious kitty died I really wish people would sit back and not overreact to stupid situations. It is just pizza folks.

I am not invisible. People might think I am with the way they drive but no folks I do actually exist. So is there a reason why twice in one month the same woman has talked about me IN FRONT OF ME but then acted like I was the rude one? I mean…I guess it was nice that she explained her reasoning on why she was never going to tip any of the drivers. Nice in the way that we know she will always act like that and it is nothing that we ever did. But today when said woman went “Oh mom THIS girl is who I was talking about” and then all eyes were on me…yeah I am pretty sure that was really, really uncalled for. X__X What did I do anyway to be THAT girl?

I am on the phone with a customer. Line 2 is on hold. There is a customer at the register. There are three pizzas that need to be cut. So when the other driver walks in and the third line starts ringing what does he do? Calmly puts up his money and goes to the back to do three dishes. Customer at the counter is like @_@ and the woman on the phone asks me why the other line is ringing so loudly. But when the boss man was told of this information he said I should have put the third line on hold. Oh I see.

I was accused of being racist. In my world I tend to call it being busy but I will let you judge. Boss man LEAVES the store for two hours. Two employees are in the back doing “prep” (aka cutting up and doing random crap). One driver is on the road but has LOST his delivery ticket so he has no idea where he is going or how to get a hold of the customer. The other driver is on the road but FORGOT part of his order. The oven person is literally dancing in front of the ovens while practically burning pizzas. Momager is busy trying to train our new AND ONLY pizza maker in the store (like it was hour 6 of him being in the store). So that left me to answer the phones, ring up customers, rearrange the furniture in the store because 20 customers came in at the same time to dine in, cut the pizzas, make salads/breadsticks, and deal with an angry customer on the phone because Driver number 1 (well I am number one but you know XD) didn’t give them all their order and promised to return over an hour ago. So dear customers I was not ignoring you because of your color. I am simply TOO BUSY to keep on asking you how your meal was. I took your order, made sure the stupid oven boy didn’t burn it, and dropped it off at your table saying if you need anything else just ask me. Since you did not ask I sorta just…you know…did the 438973 million other things I just said. But thanks for calling the store and saying I have poor customer service skills. Because the economy isn’t bad enough already with customers lying on me and trying to get me fired.

Dear customer you amuse me. I am afraid of large dogs. Especially your large dog which looks like you treat poorly. Tied to a post with what looked like a cord. So maybe I was slightly startled on how close the dog was to the front door. But that is not the reason why I was standing on the side, away from the dog. The reason I was off in the grass and not directly in front of the door was because your dog took a huge dump in front of the door. So when you were busy laughing at me for being scared of a dog I was busy laughing at you for stepping in dog poo. XD

Please do not call me a liar. You asked me the price of a one topping pizza. I told you. You then proceeded to order what many would consider a supreme pizza (5 toppings and over). When you came to the store you had a fit over the price difference. I appreciation you trying to explain to me the girl on the phone told you a certain price and that I should honor it. Because obviously I wasn’t present for the first conversation. Thanks for jogging my memory. And calling me a liar.

No we do not have French Fries. Or wings. Or whatever you just said-eggplant. Yes I am telling you the truth. I am a liar again? Because you are looking at our website and it says spaghetti and pasta meals? Oh I see. Well we don’t have a website. Never have and probably never will. But now I am lying about us not having a website? Okay then. Why don’t you just come in and pick up your French Fries, antipasto, and whatever the eggplant thing is. Your total is $100. Thank you.

Why yes water is free. Pretty sure by law we have to give tap water out for free. But our water is not brown and fizzy. Pretty sure that is what most people call soda. So why did you tell my boss that we overcharged you for your pizza and two waters when clearly both of you have sodas? And why did my boss believe you and apologize for the mistake and refund your money? Oh yes because this is the Twilight Zone.

When I pick up the phone I don’t want to be screamed at. Just not a fun experience. But let me find out why you are screaming. You want to know where your pizza is. Well according to your order you got a carry-out special. Deliveries tend to have things like addresses, totals, and methods of payments. So…your pizza will be in the store. I say will be because you ordered about 10 minutes ago and it hasn’t made it to the oven yet. So even if it was a delivery we are not magic. Oh now I am a liar because you ordered an hour ago and you gave the person your address. Well according to our phone records you called 10 minutes ago. And while my co-workers are very, very dumb they would not forget an entire address. They might spell it wrong, get the numbers wrong, and not tell you your total but they would never forgot the entire thing. But then boss man came around and issued you a credit for your nonlate pizza. Yay free food!

And all of this happened in one week folks. Like I am trying to have a Happy New Year and this is what I have to deal with. And yes one of my co-workers had a ticket FLY out of his car when he was taking a turn. The same co-worker who got in a car accident and then LEFT the scene of the crime. And yet he is still at work and I am in trouble for….well I don’t know what for. But this is my job folks. I am tired. Le sigh. Good thing I have my anime and manga to escape to. If I didn’t I would probably go crazy…..


Eternia said...

Oh, wow. English is not my native language, I have a little difficulty putting all those information in my brain. But I can sum it up that your workplace is hell. :-)

Funny, because I know quite some other people online, who also work in fast food industry. They also complained how the customers are all jerks. Could it be that all pizza eater are god damned pricks?
Oh, that's probably too much of a prejudice. :-P

Luckily I mainly face little kids, books and computers. There are time that I thought kids are noisy and annoying. But they are much, much easier to deal with compared to adults~

Christina said...

Eternia- I think your English has always been great in the comments! Kinda makes most Americans look pretty pathetic (including me) for only knowing one language. XD

I try to keep my job complaints to a minimum in front of my husband because he agrees it is hell. But given how bad the job situation is (two friends have been looking for MONTHS for jobs) I don't think I can be picky at this point. Which is probably why a lot of bosses can afford to treat their employees like this. Also a new person who will come in and deal with this crap.

I think pizza places in general are horrible to work at. People think that it is in the realm of fast food when really it takes a lot longer to make a pizza. Then add in all the different ways to make a pizza and that people are expecting it to taste a certain way (Chicago, New York, Ect.) it is just a recipe for disaster. But having a boss who walks out on the Friday dinner rush is just....too special for words.

I don't think I could work with kids. I don't have enough patients to work with adults (who probably act like children). But maybe it is easier to deal with since children can't help but be "special".

Marona said...

Sorry about the sucky work condition. I'm still trying to secure a job to pay bills.

But I was wondering if you were aware that they're releasing a 13 episode remake of Ai no Kusabi in about eight days. I am really excited since I just started the series. I hope you'll be watching and even rewatching the two episode OVA. Right now I'm reading through the novel and it is somewhat tedious but I'm enjoying it. I essentially reward myself every time I finish a volume by watching more of the OVAs or working through the drama CD.

I know this is completely unrelated to the post but I wanted to let you know about this b/c the series is rather cathartic. The music alone has me in tears sometimes.

Perhaps you should look into another job? I know it can take a while, but it's something you can do in the meantime.

I know I'd been looking since summer before an opportunity presented itself. It took my mom at least three months to find a temp position after she quit her hellish job. What you find may not necessarily be better, but it's worth a shot. Perhaps you can advertise your skills. Like house cleaning, custodial work, some type of service position that doesn't involve children, etc.

Since I'm near a school I look for people who need research subjects. I even found an opportunity where they'd give you almost 1k for about a month of research. But transportation is my main issue in that case. And I'd have to stay at the facility some times . . . which could conflict with my schedule. But yes, look into other options in the meantime.

Eternia said...

Being able to speak multi-language is a good advantage, christina. Other than Indonesian language, I also know English and Chinese. Not to mention the various local dialects.
I tried learning Japanese. But my progress is very slow because there's just not enough time. I attend evening collage, other than working in a publishing company and teaching Sunday's school.

Christina said...

Marona- As sexy as that series sounds (well and was based on the sexy scenes I have seen on youtube) ...it was sad. X__X Like really, really sad. And violent. I am all up for Yuno slashing everyone and blowing up buildings but for some reason that was just too sad for me. I am probably not explaining it well. And I am probably a hypocrite as horrible things happen to straight couples all the time in animes. Just I don't know. But they are very sexy people. XD

As for my job...meh. Meh I say. In theory this should be a great job. If we just had better people (like we did the first year I worked here) this job would be so much easier. I think it would be easier to deal with stupid customers if I didn't have to deal with crazy in the kitchen. Because I can get time off whenever I want and don't have to show up that early to work.

But obviously it the boss who allows things to happen. And if things don't change well maybe I either need to accept it and live in my own little world or move on. Maybe I should just dream that my mom wins the lottery and lets me become the new manager. Because that will probably happen sooner than the old boss changing. XD

Christina said...

Eternia- Dear lord you are amazing. X__X Such a lazy culture I live in. :( Many people are against having Spanish signs all over the place and are pushing to have an official national language. When really other countries all over the world have bilingual citizens as the norm. Bleh. Bleh. Can I blame my dad for not teaching me Spanish? I think I will. XD

I think you shouldn't be too hard on yourself for not knowing a 4th language. ;)