Monday, January 9, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 13: Don't wait up for us dad!

I have three dollars in my wallet. And like negative $300 on my credit card. I am so rich! Yay being an adult. I want money to pay my bills and go shopping but the idea of going to work makes me want to stay in bed all day. Woe to living in the real world.

In other non-related news apparently being a Lego fan is almost as expensive as being an anime fan. And the sad thing is Legos are supposed to be marketed to younger kids, not adults who have jobs. XO What are they thinking making sets that cost so much? Good thing my husband doesn’t have 382973 hobbies like me or we would really be poor.


And no one cares about you because you are not in the closing credits.

But at least for now watching fansubs on the internets is free. XD Sorry anime, I will support your creators in other ways. Promise. Super promise. But it is time for Mirai Nikki episode 13 and all its glory! Spoilers for Yuno acting insane. I KNOW shocking!



Episode Summary: Yuki and Yuno are taking a bus to visit Yuki’s dad. Or at least I thought so. But before the bus reaches the right stop Yuno decides they are going to get off somewhere else. She runs and gets Yuki a soda and that is the last we see of them for 20 minutes. Akise has stopped by Yuki’s house to warn Yuki that Yuno is crazy. Unfortunately this is episode 13, not one. Akise runs into his old friend Random Cop. Let me go look up random cop’s name real quick since he didn’t die last episode. Ew his name looks weird. Nishijima..runs into Akise. Together they go over Keigo’s notes and learn nothing new. But Nishijima and Akise come to the grand conclusion that Yuki is probably in danger. So Nishijima hooks Akise up with free spa tickets in the area where he thinks Yuki and Yuno are. Akise then recruits Fatherless Hinata, Stabbed Mao, and Dumbass Kousaka on this vacation/rescue mission. Because they are all friends. The girls come on the trip to provide some fan service in the bath scenes. Soon they are told that Yuki and Yuno have gone missing, with Yuki probably being held against his will. Hinata is like OH NO we must rescue him.


You are too stupid to be alive.

The town they think Yuki is in has tons of busted down hotels due to the bad economy. So our four teenagers set to work checking each and every hotel. They manage to limit it down to buildings that have electricity as Yuno would probably request a working toilet in her next hideout spot. Nishijima and Akise also use the information that Yuno’s family used to own a hotel in the area. Even though the boys are attacked by random traps in one hotel Hinata receives a text from Yuki saying he has been kidnapped and needs rescuing right now. She runs off while Mao locates the boys. Akise is like um this is probably a trap. Mao is like no it’s not look Hinata just sent me a text saying she saved Yuki. So off they go into trap land. Kousaka is unable to hold open doors while Akise and Mao investigate a room. They find a doll of Yuki and gas tanks. This will probably not end well. Hinata is tied up somewhere but looks alive. Yuki on the other hand looks really, really, REALLY bad. He is tied to a chair looking starved and drugged out. Princess Yuno is happily sitting there with all the TV monitors. In the chairs next to her are the two skulls she has been carrying all along on this trip. YAY INSANITY! The end!

Oh! So when the internet said that episode 13 was going to be amazing they meant THE END!!! The last 5 seconds. I see folks.

Before that the episode was just okay. Almost boring and special at times.


Love is blind. And stupid. Just listen to the crazy person apparently.

Now I may be wrong but wasn’t Yuki’s grand plan to take Yuno to his dad’s place so they can see the stars? Like that is why he was boo hooing a year ago, that his parents got divorced and they never got to see the stars. Because clearly the stars can only been seen at his dad’s place….okay even me snarking that makes no sense as Yuki went to the same school last year. So really I am not sure why going to Dad’s place to see the stars is so important.


Well Yuki's dad isn't seeing him right now. But at least he is alive right having been spared Yuno? XD

But still. That is where Yuki said he was going right? Let’s go see my dad and the stars? I don’t recall him saying oh let’s just get off the bus when we aren’t supposed to. Not sure WHY he allowed that to happen. The rest of what happened to Yuki can clearly be explained. Yuno poisoned the soda. But why did Yuki allow Yuno to take them off course? Oh right…now he is in love.

Without Akise’s random (or maybe not so random…) questioning if Yuno’s family owned a hotel I would have really been X__X at Yuno wanting to stop in such a random place. I am just going to assume that Yuno and her stalker ways have already researched where Yuki’s dad lives. So Yuno knew in advanced when Yuki suggested that they go see his dad that they were going to pass Hotel De Yuno. And since 5 days have passed since Keigo swirled away into oblivion she had plenty of time to think of her insane plan.


See. This is what I expect from Yuno.

Which is insane by the way. And I am not even talking about the skulls. Because at this point Yuno and her dead parents (right?) don’t really phase me. I did think she was bringing them along to bury them (again…obviously) but putting them in King and Queen chairs doesn’t surprise me. No no folks the crazy I am talking about is the drugging/kidnapping of Yuki. Why Yuno? WHY?!


This not so much.

Because really folks this makes no sense. Yuki has decided to ignore the fake that Yuno is crazy and will allow himself to fall in love with her. After all she has done Yuki has decided that instead of using Yuno as the best bodyguard EVER he will instead give in and admit he has feelings for her. That is what Yuno wanted ALL ALONG. For however long Yuki made that promise to Yuno she has been hoping and waiting for Yuki to return her feelings.


It is hard having a happy ending when the other person is a drooling mess in the corner.

So the second he says he loves her she drugs him and holds him captive in a busted down hotel. WHY?! WHY YUNO?! Is this calculated crazy or pure crazy? It appears whatever Yuno has planned she did not inform young Yuki. But why? The only other Diary User they know now is Minene. And while Yuki has a heart of gold I think he would allow Yuno to kill her. Does Yuno know the other Diary Users and KNOWS Yuki won’t want to fight them? Or has Yuki simply just cracked? Like okay game over time to start our love nest and such? I like my Yuno calculating. This last scene makes me wonder if this is part of some grand plan or did Yuno go to crazy land?


I would suggest Yuno be a girl scout leader is more than enough of her. XD

Not that she wasn’t prepared. Prepared and calculating are obviously two different words in my mind. I am not sure how she KNEW that people were going to look in that town for her and Yuki or how she knew which hotels to booby-trap. But even in her greatest crazy moment she still has enough foresight to think that everyone in the world is her enemy and she better make some gas rooms and killer elevators. Maybe it will be explained later how she knew to get everything ready.


That was my thinking too dear crazypants.

The majority of the episode was dedicated to Hinata, Mao, Akise, and that other dude looking for Yuki and Yuno. To me this was the weakest part of the episode. Maybe even the weakest episode to date. I guess it is the calm before the storm? Still just a little meh for me.


And this sounded like a good idea to everyone because....?

While I know this might be a nitpicky item but….yeah. Hinata your dad died. And Mao you were stabbed. And Kousaka….all these people are INSANE! So why do they all decide to go on a mini vacation with each other and then look for Yuki and Yuno when they all hate each other? Like really folks really. Kousaka shouldn’t be talking to any of these fools, Mao should be hunting Yuno down with a gun, and Hinata should be crying over a grave somewhere. Unless she hates her father which I completely understand. But still folks. What is going on with this happy crap after horrible things happen?

But since everyone has taken their crazy pills let’s just go with this. And the fanservice. And the fact that Mao is a sexual predator. And Mur Mur runs around on Earth handing out wishes for no reason. We will roll with all of this.


Looks like MurMur is on team GIRL POWER! Or Team Crazypants...

Keigo keeping records of all the crazy events in this town is interesting. Was he keeping records for blackmail or to provide an out for Yuki? HMMM. I guess I am more interested in the fact that Mur Mur speed the game along in the way that she did. Dues doesn’t seem to be doing much in this show does he….wonder who is really calling the shots.


Ah yes. Going over things we already know. Good times good times.

While Random New Cop dude seems to have a good head on his shoulder and had an excellent plan to send out Yuki’s friends (if you could call them that) rather than himself I still question why this urgency to hunt Yuno down. Then again I don’t get Yuno’s urgent need to go into hiding. Maybe everyone else is operating with more information that I am. So we shall see.


That seems like a very random question to ask...

What else with this episode….searching all the old hotels was kinda boring. I am filing information back in my head about Yuno’s family owning a hotel. Did the economy go bad and suddenly mommy and daddy had to take out their suffering on Yuno? Akise should probably sacrifice Kousaka next time he gets a chance because he is so stupid. Oh and Yuno is insane. But everyone already knows that right?

So now folks…NOW! Now things are going to get crazy! We have been promised such things. And so they shall come to use patient people. Because you know how everyone was just sitting around waiting for things to get interesting….X__X.


Eternia said...

Well... this episode is the worst of all. Internet people lied to us...

I will quote someone's sentence :
I AM DISAPOINTED <- purposely wrong
I forgive this anime's logic fails because I loved the WTF moments and Yuno's craziness, but it only appeared for 5 seconds! I won't question why she's in underwears, because we already know that she's crazy and that's what we want to see.

But alas, instead of seeing a lot craziness, I am seeing a lot of stupidity instead. Which you have already pointed out. Why are these 3 middle schooler agreed to go on a trip with Akise? Are they really such good friends? Am I missing some episode? If Kousaka is really a normal boy, he would be "No way! I am no longer involving myself with you nutcases!"

But LOVE makes the world go round and round, apparently. Because it's the strongest magic in the world, as Shana said.

dene323 said...

Christina and Eternia, you do have to excuse the internet people, me included, for hyping up this episode in advance. I can understand why you would consider this a slight letdown other than the last 5 seconds. But if you didn't have any expectation going in, and this episode aired before the new year break, the experience would be spiced up a bit right?

According to manga pacing, the episode would have reduced the search part to 1/3, making this episode both shocking and action intensive. However, this is the 13th episode - the half-way mark, and the anime team decided to end it on a cliffhanger, so they added some original materials. This is one of those "slow" setup episodes we are used to now (ep 3, 6, 8, 10) before the coming storm.

At least we have new op and ed to look forward to next week. I will sure miss the current ones though.

Eternia said...

Huuh, the screen time for those 4 middle schoolers running around an empty town is waaay too long. >.<

Christina said...

Eternia- I agree, they spent a LONG time running around looking in empty hotels. Granted it would have ruined the SURPRISE at the end but...yeah. These kids were trying to kill each other a few episodes ago and now they are running around looking for Yuki and Number One Crazy. If we didn't already know the shadows of the remaining Diary Users I would assume Kousaka is one. But I guess he is just stupid.

But yes Yuno in the underwear with the skulls is almost expected at this point. WHY she kidnapped Yuki when he was actually on team Yuno...that I am interested in.

Dene323- HAHA XD I guess it is understandable. Apparently they added enough fillery stuff (X__X pervy bathing scene) to end on a cliffhanger. So everyone was right, episode 13 WAS amazing...until they decided to drag it out. Then it just turned into the last 30 seconds that were X___X.

So now it will be NEXT week that will be amazing. An increase in body count or just Yuno really going off the deep end? Although I am a bit concerned why Deus would pick Yuki to win. If (my theory anyway) Yuno has already won once shouldn't she be the favorite to win? Maybe Deus can't be trusted as he is falling to pieces anyway.

The opening and closing songs have been amazing. I don't see how they can be topped but heres to hoping they rock too.

Eternia said...

Kousaka IS STUPID.
And trusting that stupid boy to guard the door means Akise is stupid as well. If I were Akise, I would hold an iron bar (they almost killed by pick-axe, remember?), guard outside the room and looking left and right warily, let the girls check on Yuki instead, and told Kousaka to guard together with me (I can use him as meat shield in time of emergency, lol)
Body count increase...
Are these 'friends' gonna die?
I don't know because I dropped the manga.
But I guess nobody is going to mourn for these stupid 'friends'.

Christina said...

Eternia- I would have sent Kousaka in to see if that was really Yuki and have Mao guard the halls. That way Yuno would axe down Mao first and Kousaka would be hit with the trap in the room. Then Akise could maybe escape and leave the stupid people behind.

But Akise and his disappearing jacket must not have gotten enough sleep or vitamin C. He needs to take a few pages out of Yuno's book and think ahead.

Eternia said...

That's a good alternative, seriously!
Mao's scream of death would be good signal to "RUN AWAY!"

dene323 said...

Come on, even Akise has a weakness, obviously it's anything concerning Yukiteru... bad taste I know, but try explaining that to Yuno as well. So yeah, it's not that he can't think ahead and detect traps; he couldn't think straight in this situation because his love interest has been kidnapped by his rival and god knows what she has been doing with him...

By the way, anyone noticed how long the poor kid has been in that chair? The couple went on the road trip on June 19 (5 days after the hospital incident), that afternoon Yuno bought a soda for Yuki (fade out) next scene cut to hotspring fanservice -> flashback to Akise inviting the girls (JUNE 28...) It's quite subtle

Christina said...

Eternia- At least Mao would be good for something that way.

dene323- I am going to admit I have not been paying very close attention to the timeline. But now this is starting to make sense. No wonder Akise and company were worried about Yuki. And this explains how Yuno had enough time to set up traps. And why Yuki looks pretty dang bad.

Of course it doesn't explain WHY Yuno would do such a thing now that Yuki was on team Yuno and this actually makes them bigger targets. But she is crazy. XD

dene323 said...

The presentation of the timeline has been very subtle so far. For comparison purpose, the corresponding manga chapter wrapped up the same way as the end of episode 12 (a frame showing those “other stuff” in her bag). The next chapter however, started with Akise inviting friends to go on a trip, and almost immediately informing others that Yuki has been missing for days.

The split second transition from road side “doping” to hotspring scene looks like an intentional red herring added by the anime team. I say intentional because they chose to portray both events with sunset as the background, a seamless transition. I think it might be a little counterproductive. On the one hand they want to mislead viewers and increase the WTF effect at the end, but by confusing people about the timeline (most people wouldn’t bother tracking the time stamps), it risks lessening the gravity of the situation.

Eternia said...

To be honest, I have never kept track of the displayed date. Because it's a pain in the butt! It's not possible to memorize those dates, I will be forced to pause the anime, open MS Word or have a paper and pen at hand.
I don't know that he's gay in love! :-P Then, the other kids should at least suggested him to bring some weapons? For god's sake, your opponent is a crazy person! These kids must think they are invincible, visiting her hideout empty-handed. If only they bring something, they can simply bust open that door. *sigh*

Christina said...

dene323- After missing some important parts in the first episode I vowed to pay closer attention. Then I proceed to ignore the entire timeline. X__X But it is hard to keep track of a show when you only watch it once a week. Maybe Yuki should say things like "Three weeks ago I met Yuno and my life changed forever". XD Break it down for us.

Eternia- I hear you on the dates and such. As it is I pause this show a lot to read the TINY print on the cellphones. Like let me read your future in 3 seconds!

Not bringing a weapon when Yuno is involved is a giant mistake. That or the cop really hates them. No kids, no guns for you. XD