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Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice chapter 12: OH SNAP

I know it was just a few days ago that I did a summary on chapters 7 through 12 for Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice. I didn’t think this series was going to be one that would require monthly blogging. But then chapter 12 rolled around and OH BOY does it contain a lot of information.

So instead of waiting to summaries a few chapters I figured I blog this recent X__X now while it is fresh in my mind. Just in case more X__X is yet to come I don’t want these small but important details to be forgotten.

So spoilers for Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice chapter 12 ya’ll. Things are starting to make sense and HAHA maybe Kazumi isn’t as lovable as Madoka?


Sorry I would be wishing my grandmother all better with ten extra years added onto her life. If that makes me selfish so be it.

Kazumi is still explaining her flashback (within a flashback as the girls are explaining to Now Kazumi the past). Juubey is like become a magical girl and make your grandmother to be healed. Kazumi, despite not knowing the Big Wishes, Big Sorrow Rule, just wishes for her grandmother to be healthy in her remaining days. Now…since we all know the rules of being Magical Girls maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh on this rather……small wish. But come on? Respecting grandma’s wishes for going on when it is her time? You are going to have fight witches and put your life on the line for this wish. At least make it worthwhile. It’s not like grandma was going to know you extended her life….


Grandma does not look good folks. X__X Scary.

But the contract is made and grandma wakes up. Kazumi is like crying the entire day but grandma teaches her how to make all sorts of noms and all the things that Kazumi has been saying this whole manga. That people who waste food are villains and not to give up hope blah blah. The earrings that Kazumi is so fond of are actually her grandmas.

A fun fact about this story is when Kazumi had no memories she asked the Pleiades Saints about what her wish was they said that she never told them. Well when this flashback ends it is clear she told the girls before they made their own contract, even to go as far to ask why she didn’t wish grandma better. So was this a lie or a mistake made by the original author?


Let the record state that all these girls asked to be magical girls and Kazumi didn't know about the witch factor. Maybe.

Mirai (who I might add had a Homura change after her wish based on how she looks in the flashbacks) is the very first person to want to become a magical girl. Mirai is also the one who protected Saki when the familiars were attacking them. Important things to remember for later.



Now NONE of the girls were aware of the Big Wishes, Big Sorrow, BIG WITCH rule and yet all of them still made very reasonable and tame wishes. I thought this would have to be the case but no folks. Mirai actually does wish for the teddy bear museum because having friends was all she ever wanted and being with these girls automatically grants this wish. But we still don’t know Nico’s wish and some of the other wishes are lame like a flower blooming forever. Kaoru actually has the most dangerous wish as she wished for someone else but I guess she has managed to get around that tragedy thus far.


Let's pull out our handy dandy notebook!

There is a bit o comedy the next few pages, as the girls fight the witches together. Kazumi really wants to be like Mami thus she is behind the dramatic naming of their group and their attacks. It has been talked about that all the girls HAVE to fight together because they are weak magical girls. I don’t recall the wish having to deal with your magical girl power, just how much despair AKA witchy power you will have later. I just thought the wish affect your add on abilities. But maybe I am wrong and individually these girls would be in trouble. But this way they aren’t using as much power thus their soul gems don’t get as dirty.


Apparently presents killed Mirai's family.

So crazy moment number 1. Kazumi loses her earrings in battle, the ones her grandmother gave her. They are unable to find them so Saki gifts Kazumi some that look exactly like her grandmothers. And Mirai is SO angry about that. Do you see that angry face in the screenie? Yeah I would be scared too. Like chill dude. You are all friends with each other. In fact YOU wanted to join Kazumi first. So shouldn’t your relationship with Kazumi be stronger? In any event Mirai has the jealous. This explains why Mirai didn’t cry any tears for Nico when they thought she turned into a witch. Only Saki matters.

The fun times end though. Kazumi was supposed to bring Yuuri to meet the other girls. Kazumi was no where to be found in this battle which makes me wonder. But yes the other girls watch in horror as Yuuri turns into a witch and they are forced to kill her.


And she knew she had this

Then things get strange. When Juubey channels his inner Kyubey and repeats the whole young magical girls are witches no this does not go over well. Umika grabs Juubey and rewrites his memories. With her eyes.


Rewrite my memories? Then why am I still friends with Kyubey?

Even the other girls are like wtf how did you just do that? Is it simply because she wants to be a writer thus can rewrite things in people’s heads? Sounds like a stretch to me. But I would think an intelligent space traveling people like Incubators would be a little harder to mess with. Yet it still happens and that explains all of Juubey’s weird behaviors. They make Juubey unable to make any other contracts and make him heal their soul gems. I see.

However….if you reread manga chapters you can see (well he does have emotions which isn’t a normal Incubator trait) how he looks over the girls acting all weird and cryptic. He straight up lies to Kazumi but did the other girls tell him to do so? I am on the fence about this brainwashing. Is he really brainwashed or is he playing them for a fool to make the ultimate witch ever? Also I question if the Incubators could also heal the soul gems or is this something new that Umika added in.


Do you like my new contacts? I got them at an anime convention XD

With this new information it is hard to trust if Kazumi memories are true. After all it was Umika who just GAVE Kazumi all her memories back. Could they be the real deal or are they covering up something else? Another point to ponder but with all the other twists thus far maybe this should be accepted as the truth.

OH SNAP THOUGH! Mirai needs to move on over because there is a new crazy in town. When Kazumi gets her memories back her eyes flash a weird thing…sorta like the symbol for EvilNuts. Satomi, the quiet girl who freaks out a lot…freaks out when this happens. Later she approaches Saki and with the craziest face ever…suggest that they kill Kazumi.


Someone needs some coffee, hold the insanity.

X__X And then the chapter ends on that cliffhanger. Now is Satomi really trying to protect the group from what could be a fake witch? Or is she still pissed that Kazumi “tricked” them into being magical girls? Because when Yuuri turned into a witch Satomi did not handle that news well. None of the girls did but Satomi seemed the most upset. So does she have a grudge against Kazumi or has she taken a train to Crazyville? So interesting. SO INTERESTING.

I am also thinking that the EvilNuts have a huge part to play in this manga. Like is this the way Juubey is getting his witch quota made? Or has some magical girl really created them to hurt other people? And if one of those girls in Pleiades Saints? HMMMM! I guess we will find out some of these answers in about a month. BOO!!


Anonymous said...

This look interesting. I watched the Madoka anime and liked it. Would you recommend reading this? Is it somewhat the same thing?thanks :)

Christina said...

Anonymous- This is sort of a spin off from the Madoka universe. The first three chapters will have you thinking that it is not set in the same universe but it is. There is a greater emphasis on friendship in this manga but I think the drama and the potential for crazy is higher.

As time goes on in the manga it is clear that the Madoka universe and the Kazumi universe are the same so there are many similarities. While the costumes are a bit....much at times if you enjoyed Madoka I think you would enjoy Kazumi. Just give it time as the first three chapters are a bit weird and out of place.

Anonymous said...

I think I will read it, I knew there was a spinoff but wasn't sure how it would be. Thank you for your comment and keep the up the good work on your blog.

Christina said...

Anonymous- There is also ANOTHER spin off manga that has already ended. Puella Magi Oriko Magica. That one I think is easier to follow and goes along with the original Madoka story better (or faster I should say).

Thank you for your kind words. Just remember to give the manga a chance as the first 3 chapters seem rather weird. Also I do think the art can be a little iffy at times. That or there are so many girls it is hard to keep track of who is who at times, especially with the costume changes.