Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 13

I had a really long and horrible day at work today. Let's just say it is a good thing I can't afford a rocket launcher. I would blow that building up. Just... a lot of anger.


Err....a lot Shu.

So instead of trying to come up with something witty...I guess I will just jump right in to it. Guilty Crown episode 13. Spoilers for assholes!


And so begins the stupid.

Episode Summary: It is another lovely day in Japan. The birds are singing, everyone is having a great day, and the biggest problem around is what do eat for dinner. Or it has been two weeks since Crystal Rocks Part Two. Gai is dead, the entire town has been quarantined, and part of Funeral Parlor has been separated from their allies. But despite being separated from his momma and unable to leave the area Shu seems to think everything will work out. Ayase and Tsugumi are trapped within the quarantine zone and have to pose as students for some reason…and don’t get caught. Ayase is wheeling around feeling bad for herself. She falls out of her wheelchair and gets harassed by some boys. Shu and Tsugumi arrive to her rescue but she brushes them off. The gang leaves Ayase to be sad for NO REASON to have an impromptu student council meeting. Arisa is talking about how her grandfather is flying in provisions and that things will improve soon. Souta is tired of everyone being depressed and things that they should have a cultural festival to lift everyone’s spirits. Segai and one of his creepy followers are holed up somewhere waiting to strike but knowing their positions are weak. Outside the office Yahiro is holding his Void. Shu explains he has a new power now and can let other people hold their Voids. Yahiro is not impressed with everyone wanting to have fun and forget about what just happened. Shu thinks the worse is behind them and he will never have to pull Voids out again.


Heaven forbid you be SAD!

Tsugumi is really getting into the festival spirit and is eager to help. Daryl has snuck into the quarantine zone to hunt down Shu. Instead he is captured by Tsugumi into carrying items for the festival. He is rewarded with a candy apple. Really it is all weird. Hare tries to involve Ayase in the festival but clearly that party pooper has Gai on the brain. Get with the program even Inori is planning a concert! Outside the school a group of men watched all upset about the cultural fair taking place at such a time. Good thing the night before Segai gave them some major weapons! At the festival Tsugumi tries to make Ayase have some fun. Well Ayase reminds everyone that Gai is dead and so are a lot of other people and it is not PARTY TIME. Tsugumi leaves Ayase alone to have more doughnuts. Ayase does try to attend Inori’s concert but her heart is not in it. Shu joins her and they have a talk. Both Shu and Ayase feel that they let Gai die and didn’t do enough to protect him. Before they can hug it out the crazy dudes attack. Shu tries to wheel away Ayase so she causes her chair to flip over. Seeing how strong Ayase is Shu says let’s do this! He takes out Ayase’s void which turns out to be some weird…..skater blades that let Ayase run and fly. Together with Inori’s Void they take down the baddies and everyone is like MOG COOL! They go to watch Inori’s concert when suddenly a random TV station pops up. It is Shuichirou (???!!??!) telling the rest of the Japanese people that the quarantine zone is beyond saving and that everyone has the sparkle cancer. This a huge wall goes up around the area and Shu is like WHAT?! THE END!

What the hell did I just watch?

I mean last week I have no idea what happened. Crystal people, towers of dust, weddings from hell, and Gai died. Obviously. Maybe. Unless Shu gains a new power at random again. Overall WTF material.

But this week I understood what was going on and it was remained WTF. All for bad reasons.


That is true. They could just nuke your butts...

I am not sure if most of the students are aware but a bunch of people just DIED! Like what the hell is wrong with you? DIED! Turned to sparkle dust and instantly poofed into the wind. Or to become the marriage chapel to the insane and crazy. Whatever. Dead folks. As in your neighbors, the guy selling your bread because face it the baker always dies, and the old grandmother down the street. All dead.

And you are sitting here two weeks later having a party. I don’t know how much more disrespectful that can get.


Seems very familiar....

Add in the fact that your asses are currently under “quarantine” (see The Crazies and Resident Evil: Apocalypse to see how those quarantines worked out) and I see no cause for celebration. Not seeing it folks.

So while those random…err….random tough guys went way too far with their ideals yeah. I am siding with their initial thoughts. ASSHOLES!


This was Shu's 5 seconds of emo in the episode.

Maybe I am being too harsh. But the only person I would want to talk to after this episode is Ayase. Granted she was in love with Gai and probably feels the closest to him but damn folks. 2 weeks later and we are eating doughnuts and organizing a little mini concert. Just no. In overall bad taste. I get trying to boost morale and stuff but there has to be a time of mourning. And you know…the whole limited rations and sick people all around you thing. Yeah. How about we be respectful?


Hurry find a creepy kid and Alice!

Speaking of things that are crazy…have you seen the teaser trailer for Resident Evil 12847: X___X? Because it is insane. We got soccer mom Alice and not so dead Rain and I think they are looking at the spaceship from The Thing at one point. We either got some clone action going on (FOR EVERYONE!) or some time travel or really Alice has been asleep this whole time and everything is a bad dream. With flying dragon zombies. Amazing folks.


Well...this part was kinda dumb....

I was really feeling Ayase in this episode. She was going through a horrible lose, separated from most of her people, living in a quarantine zone, unable to “move” via her Gundam Suit, and was surrounded by happy morons. Couldn’t anyone comfort this girl in her time of need? Now granted it has been two weeks since the incident. Maybe everyone was crying and mopey then. Didn’t see it but maybe I can pretend. The point is Ayase was still in the grieving process and it probably hurt her to see everyone going WEEEEE time for fun.


Clearly he is with morons.

Well Yahiro wasn’t really down for fun. But he wasn’t really comforting in her anyway. It is weird how he is has been accepted back into the fold after all the crap he has done. But you know…at least he was trying to be rational about things.

Unlike Shu. Because he is dumb. Sure he sorta explains away his random new powers and is whining a bit about being the one who killed Gai. But other than that he seems to think everything is going to be okay. Okay. Yeah. Gai he isn’t ready to be the next leader of the safety patrol squad at the elementary school down the street. He is not ready to lead Funeral Parlor. Maybe if you had stayed and grew stronger WITH Shu 10 years ago NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!


Can I hit him just a little?

So yeah Shu. I am not sure why you thought things were going to get better. Maybe because the “baddie” was dead. Guess you forgot about Eyebrow freak. While some people in the baddie alliance were taken out by the sparkle rocks not all of them are dead. So…yeah Shu. You is crazy.


Daryl acting cute was so traumatic I couldn't take a picture of it. So have a screenie of Shu and Ayase having a moment.

And so is Daryl. You are supposed to be a bad ass and someone hands you a candy apple and all is cute in the world? What is wrong with you? You fail. Fail as a spy. Go to the corner with your cat ears and doughnuts. Freak. Oh and you killed your dad. Maybe you should act a little more insane(r) than usual. Honestly a girl bosses you around for a little bit and you lose sight of the mission.


Santa has arrived!!!

I am not sure what Segai was trying to do. Flush out Shu? But he obviously knew where he was. Maybe show everyone else what Shu could do? Ayase and Shu using powers in front of the other students was probably not the best idea. But did he gain anything from that? Who knows.


Yep. Things are fine Shu. Super fine.

In the end Shu was wrong. Umbrella goes Raccoon City on our heroes and everyone is dead folks. Well declared dead. Mr. Groom from last episode is still kicking (or it is eyebrow dude in disguise) and tells the rest of Japan that everyone is just too cancerous to save. And thus a wall was built around the entire infected city.

X__X So I don’t see this going over well with the survivors on the outside. You know all the parents of those kids and other people who had loved ones in this area. But maybe if you survive two crazy disasters maybe your mind is so blown you are willing to believe everything. You are weak and accept this as fact.


Resident Evil: The Anime.

So I guess I got my answer on what is going to happen for the rest of the series. Or at least the next few episodes. Everyone but Ayase sucks though.


Eternia said...

We must correct Shuu's sentence :
"You are wrong, Ayase. I am the one who let him die."
That's a li.e It should be :
"You are wrong, Ayase. I am the one who killed him with my own hand."

Anyway, I think this anime has somewhat high budget; it has good singer, good artist, good composer, too bad it has piss poor story writer.

I can't believe how Tsugumi can go "nyan-nyan" in a cat maid outfit when Gai died and they got separated from the rest of the Funeral Parlor's members.

I can't believe how Ayase can stick a tongue out in front of random terrorist guys, and goes "dere-dere" over Shuu; when she had liked Gai for a long time.

I don't know what is Scarface's intention. Exposing Shuu's secret? Err... can we call it a secret to begin with? His club friends all know about it already. And Shuu didn't seem to be trying to keep it secret. Is it something shocking and worth paying attention when lots of people turned into crystals and went "poof" into thin air? And it's not like it's something omnipotent worth to be called "king". Shuu would still die if he took an arrow in the knee, no, I mean, took a gunshot in the chest?

Christina said...

Eternia- I KNOW! This show had such potential and everything a good show needs...but it is sparkling all over the place and for the wrong reasons.

There should have been way more crying over Shu's death. Or anyone's death. People turned into purple dust and got made into a giant tower. Does this happen everyday? Is that why people are so jaded?

Scarface is weird. I have no idea what his intentions are nor do I understand who the heck disappearing eyebrow dude is. This show has a really weird direction. There still has to be plot before we pull weapons out of boobies okay?