Monday, January 16, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 14

Random thought of the day: Cheesecake with caramel inside is weird.

The car is still broken. But the good news is all my pictures have been restored to previous blog posts! XD I have taken measures to make sure something silly like that doesn’t happen again. So no more angry boxes of doom folks.


OH SNAP! Spoilers for someone growing balls!

Up now is a crazy show near and dear to the Twilight Zone. And since I live in the Twilight Zone I love the insanity behind it. Of course I am talking about Mirai Nikki! Episode 14 is here folks. I think you might want to eat before watching this episode. Well unless you are okay with imagining the worse with bathroom matter. Then you should be good. XD


Err...glad you care about them now...after you killed them.

Episode Summary o shortness: Mao, Kousaka, and Akise are still trapped in the room with the gas. Akise promises he has a plan to make Yuno release them. Inside Control Center de Crazy Hinata watches in horror was Yuno feeds a tied up and drugged up looking Yuki. Yuno then proceeds to help Yuki to go to the bathroom. Did I mention this crazy is in her underwear? Akise starts talking to Yuno over the camera system. He says he dug up the hole in her house and found the headless bodies. Yuno is not pleased but is even more outraged when Akise asks who the corpse is in the ground that still has their head. Yuno then supposedly alters her memories to forget about the group yet turns up the gas level. Kousaka really starts freaking and wants to type out his last thoughts. But he gets an email congratulating him on becoming a Future Diary Apprentice. Everyone is like X___ X but his Diary tells him all his magical moves, one of them being escaping through the vent. So he does.


Hinata is scarred for life too!

Yuki has started to wake up and takes the viewers on a magic carpet ride through the last week of his life. Basically Yuno just tied him up and that was the end of that. No discussion or anything. Yuki is super weak and can’t even talk. Kousaka breaks into the control room and starts acting all tough an all. Yuno and her different voice is like um who are you? Kousaka introduces himself as a Diary User and Yuno gets all mastermind on him. Kousaka gets distracted while freeing Akise and Mao. This gives Yuno an opportunity to sneak up on Kousaka with a crossbow. She shoots him in the leg and is ready to kill him. Yuki has taken this time to get Hinata to help him escape. Yuki slaps Yuno and basically calls her Diary useless. Yuno switches back to sad lost girl and says she did this all to protect Yuki from the final Diary Users. Yuki is like bitch you crazy and leaves with Akise, Hinata, Kousaka, and Mao. They make great haste as three Diary Users are on their way. Elsewhere we see Diary User number 8. She looks like….some kind of bobble head and is running some type daycare/orphanage. One of her minions have spent three Apprentice Diary Users to go after Yuno and Yuki. While Yuki is escaping he sees the trio on the road. Yuno finds her pants and vows to protect Yuki. THE END!

This is my disappointed face people. DISAPPOINTED!

I was really rooting for you Yuno. I even talked about you in another anime post. Nothing to do with Mirai Nikki but I think you inspired it! And now…now…just sadness.


Psht you should ask about my pee jar!

I actually thought there was going to be a reason why Yuno did this all. But no folks. She is just plain old crazy. I am not sure how she thought locking up Yuki against his will was going to protect him or her. Well maybe I can a little. If she kept Yuki in the dark about her plans no one would be able to track them. Had she covered her tracks a little better no one would have been able to locate them. It was only because of 8th special Diary power and the specific group of people sent to find Yuki that ruined her plans. The actual Diary users had no idea where Yuno and Yuki were which was a good plan.


Yuki going in for the kill!

What I think is stupid is what Yuno did after kidnapping Yuki. Sure she needed to keep him in the dark as he doesn’t have great self-preservation skills. And the more people who know a plan the more likely it will get out. The cops weren’t after Yuki but they could still use him and his sparkly eyed innocence to milk some information out of the boy. But once they are in the building and Yuki woke up why couldn’t Yuno explain the situation to Yuki? Sans handcuffed to the chair. Because waking up handcuffed to a chair is not the best situation to breed trust and faith. I thought there was a reason for Yuno to go so far in her plan but in the end she was just insane. Like she has been the entire time. Only now she doesn’t seem to be thinking clearly while before she was insane and cunning. Yuki had just accepted her love and returned it. Why would she risk ruining her happy ending with such a drastic plan? Protect Yuki yes but let him in on the plan. I think at this point in the game he would have agreed hiding out would have been a great idea. But she didn’t do that…and now she is just a crazy person.


I...wha....aren't you supposed to be smart?!

I thought Akise was going to be amazing folks. I heard things about him. Great things. But for Kousaka to have the idea via his “apprentice” Diary to escape from the vents…that makes me sad. Of course Akise is only 14 and not American. I mean that in a way that every single show ever here in America has an escape scene through a vent. But with the realization that Akise came without a weapon and couldn’t think up such a simple solution. Maybe I will give him a pass though. Akise seems to operate better when he thinks he has the upper hand. Being placed in a life or death situation with no back-up plan was probably a new experience for him.


Couldn't it be the Random Cop dude...or Yuki's mom...someone else?

Can I just state how sad I am it is Kousaka that is the “apprentice” Diary User. Like really….could there be a worse person picked? I guess in my mind I thought he was going to be a minor character with Mao and Hinata being character arc people. Now that they have the potential to stick around I just roll my eyes. Kousaka just seems…way too excited to be a potential diary user. Not cunning and way too full of himself.



I think I have figured out the 8th’s Diary User power. I am not saying I have for sure but if I am right I am not upset for figuring it out so soon. But to me it looks like 8th is running something similar to an Orphanage. Therefore she has a lot of access to young and impressionable minds. Like how 6th was able to use the eyes of her followers 8th is too. Only she has taken it a step further and extends her power to other people. I don’t believe for a second these are real diary users or could become real diary users. Well maybe if 8th died. But as long as she is still alive she is in charge.


WEEE! Look at us stretching out the plot since a lot of Diary Users are already dead.

So in other words I think the scene with MurMur and Kousaka didn’t mean anything. Maybe MurMur did that to throw Kousaka off. Not that he really remembered this anyway….But anyway I think MurMur did that to throw people off if someone had brains enough to question things. What happened is 8th wanted to track down Yuno (and possibly Yuki) and somehow knows that Yuki has FRIENDS. She gave Kousaka a Diary power so she could find out where Yuki and Yuno were. I am not sure why Kousaka was selected instead of Hinata or Mao but that is probably not important. What is important is that Kousaka isn’t really a Diary User and I would bet that the people in the car at the end of the episode aren’t either. There is way too much show left to have all the Diary Users revealed now. So while there are a lot of potential users in the works I think the only official one Diary User will be revealed in the next arc.


A miraculous recovery!

So back to Yuki being kidnapped. Last week it looked like he was knocking on heaven’s door. This week someone manages to kick him the key and he is magically fine. No folks. He looked pretty much useless. And I don’t blame him. If I was tied to a chair for a week with barely any food and stuck with a crazy person I might be looking awful too. So maybe it would have been a little more realistic had he staggered a bit. I mean…he isn’t Yuno after all.


Poking out my EYES folks!

So. Yeah. Yeah folks. Yuno is so prepared in life and in this game she brings along in her bag of weapons a penis shaped container. A penis shaped container. I have no idea what it is really is used for in real life but the point is Yuno went to the store with the sole purpose of using this when she tied Yuki to a chair eventually. A PENIS SHAPED CONTAINER! I might be scarred for life. I mean….in some shows we often wonder what characters do in…dire situations in regards to bathroom problems but seriously folks. Who the hell wrote this and why is he/she obsessed with bathroom antics?



Yes. This is what will send Yuno over the edge. Good thing we know her weakness folks!

Now trying to move on to other crazy things…Yuno and her parents. I think we all knew since the door opened that those bodies were Yuno’s parents. That the first scene in the series was about Yuno and her family. And many have speculated that the smaller body is Yuno’s sister. But now I am not so sure. Why wouldn’t Yuno take her sister with her? I am assuming the parents did something awful to Yuno and she killed them. That or Yuno was already crazy. So would Yuno take her parents with her and leave behind a possibly innocent sibling? Someone she doesn’t want to talk about? I am thinking that isn’t the case. So what other secret is Yuno keeping? HMM folks did these people get in Yuno’s way the first time she played the game (allegedly) and she had to unfortunately take them out? Or is it futile to try and make sense of anything Yuno does or says?

Yuno’s aim though….it is funny how it changes from episode to episode. She can killed 6 armed cops but only shot Kousaka in the leg. I see. I see folks.


That would probably make more sense AFTER she did the gas increase, not before.

Also I am not really feeling this Yuno can change her own memories thing. If she had “forgotten” about the group in the room she wouldn’t have turned the gas up higher. She does have a different voice now which I appreciate better than the random eyeball changing thing. She did seem like a different person when talking to Kousaka but when Yuki slapped her and escaped she was sounding like herself. I guess the memory thing isn’t important, it is just best to think of her as an insane person.


And then she snaps and kills everyone?

Although…I really thought she go totally off the wall when Yuki turned on her. Like take out a knife and kill everyone there. I guess she was reached her little breaking point and deep down she is just a 14 year old kid. But she is usually quick to blame everything on everyone else so I am surprised she didn’t pick up a knife and stab everyone in the face. No deaths this episode Yuno? Were you really that surprised Yuki didn’t like being tied up against his will? At least you pulled yourself together rather fast to go and save Yuki but seeing the crazy fire go out in your eyes was a bit weird.

But now that Yuki is clearly not on team Yuno what will happen now? A bunch of “apprentice” Diary users may be rather amateurish but Yuki’s skills so far have been lacking. Yuno better run fast to make it back to Yuki in time. I appreciate the fact that Yuno took the time to get dressed though. Thanks Yuno.


Eternia said...

-Minene peed while Nishijima's standing behind the half opened door.
-Yuno peed all over the floor and put on her panties without wiping her ... first.
-Yuno used a xxx shaped tube to help Yuki pee, because he's chained to the chair.
Not only the author is high on drugs, he's also a pervert. I might be scarred for life if I watched this show when I am 14 years old. Hahaha.

Akise's stupidity is even more apparent here. If you can get cellphone's signal in that trap room, you should secretly text Nishijima for help, rather than trying to blackmail her. Heck, you can even stand on the camera's blindspot and call her in whispering voice. Just stupid! I guess he's not Shinichi Kudo, he's not detective boy, he's just a self proclaimed detective.

Back to my old talk, "yes, there are stupid and smart people in this world" but, 9/10 of people in this anime are stupid. Woohoo.

No, that remaining corpse is not her sister. Since I love looking for spoiler but you're not, I will keep it secret. :-)

Awet M said...

I suspect many of your questions are intentionally left unanswered by the show's creators/manga's author to be answered later, only to open another can of worms for us to continue speculating.

Also, I suspect Eternia's right: look at the OP again. That double isn't just something pretty.

dene323 said...

Yukiteru’s (or I should say impressionable viewers’) relationship with Yuno has always been a roller coaster ride and it will continue until the end. A quick summary so far:

ep 1: creepy stalker! (down)
ep 2: crazy but devoted girl who would risk her own life to protect me! (up)
ep 3: lovely girl (up), but literally had skeletons in her closet!!!!, straight out of a horror movie with the mail-slot “good night”… (nose-dive)
ep 4: manipulative, evil, ruthless, but should I trust her or the seemingly innocent 6th?
ep 5: Yuno has been right, like always… (up)
ep 6: Still a stalker, but cute… (up for Yuki, down for viewers because of the murderous intend for Yuki’s mom just below the surface)
ep 7: saved me yet again! (up)
ep 8: Yuno has been right again, should have trusted her (up)
ep 9: Yanderes are possessive… forced me to tell a “fatal” lie to protect my friends (down)
ep 10: cute in a wedding dress, let me forget about what’s behind the door (up), then I saw that huge hole Yuno dug, both physically and metaphorically (down)
ep 11 – 12: almost sacrificed herself to save me again… I LOVE YUNO (way up).
ep 13 – 14: this is what you get with a yandere… GO TO HELL! (nose dive to negative territory)

For people cursing Yuno now, mark my words this ride is far from over.

Ruben said...

Almost another bathroom scene XD.

Now, with Akise there is something strange, he found out the weak spot of Yuno, but he couldn't see the vent over their heads? O_o ... I suppose it is like Eternia says, Akise is not like Shinichi =S

And after episode 3, I thought the other corpse was Yuno's sister, but apparently there is a mystery around that other person.

Christina said...

Eternia- Don't forget the little kid arc! Yuki was taking a dump on the toilet! I am surprised in the first episode Yuki didn't pee his pants when 3rd was after him.

Yeah if they were receiving text messages there was no reason why he couldn't send one back out. But if homeslice couldn't think of the air vent that was probably beyond him.

Awet M- That would be kinda interesting if that was Yuno in the grave. But since the other Diary users turn into spirals that would be random if she left behind a body. HMMMMM. Unless everyone is already dead and that is why they are able to play in this game.

dene323- Are you seriously telling me there is a possibility that there will be an UP on this relationship? That somehow Yuki can forgive Yuno? I mean I guess she could save him again but seriously X__X But I love your roller coaster analogy.

Ruben- In this next arc someone will probably get peed on. I mean what else is left to show bathroom wise?! Just gross.

I did think it was a sister but if memory serves me right wasn't the voice calling out for Yuki before they got killed? HMMMM. Since Yuno is insane it is hard to figure her out let alone the bodies she has all around the house.