Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 13

Tonight was a very trying night at work. Very trying. Is it sad that the newest employee (like today was his second day) was more helpful than almost all the rest of the crew COMBINED?! Yes folks that is how pathetic the people are that I work with. However the customers were no walk in the park either. Demanding to change channels even before they ordered, lying about what was in their cups (really our water looks like Mountain Dew?), and trying to play the race card when really no one likes them because they SUCK! Just a lot of rarw tonight.

But then I came home from work and Kira greeted me warmly. This was especially touching as Kira never does that. It was usually Kiki running to say HI MOMMA GIMMIE FOOD. So to reward Kira I gave her food. XD Even though she should love me for me right?


I know! YujiSnake almost told us something important. That would have been AWFUL!

Any who it is time to blog. And eat this funky Christmas cookie my momma bought me. I feel compelled to eat it so she doesn’t feel bad. But something must be up with this cookie if it is good until May right? But yes. Anime time. Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 13. Spoilers for snake riding!!!


Granny Panties other name must be Captain Obvious.

Episode Summary: Granny Panties is watching the battle safely from her random castle. She looks up at the sky, sensing something might be happening. MIGHT anyway. Shana and YujiSnake have a stare down…and it’s on to a real fight. This time it is Khamsin that is trying his hand with Sabrac. Because Rebecca has decided to suck this rescue mission. Khamsin is jumping around with his chalk stick talking about how since he is a Flame Haze he must fight. Sabrac is thinking to himself what is the point to this battle and isn’t it all just meaningless? Khamsin is briefly able to use his amazing power but is quickly overpowered by the bored Sabrac. Shana and YujiSnake battle. Some sword play and YujiSnake asking Shana to join him with his Grand Order. But Shana is like TELL ME WHAT IT IS FIRST! YujiSnake claims that Mr. Snake told Yuji everything and Yuji still joined him. Then YujiSnake asks his faithful followers how the outside world has been affected by his return. Basically a magicquake happened with only magical things feeling it. Cue everyone in the outside world “feeling” the affect and acting like it’s either the end of the world or amazing. YujiSnake keeps trying to ask Shana if this is the right thing for her to be doing but this leads nowhere.

Well since they are riding the YujiSnake it leads to Sabrac fighting the other Flame Hazes. YujiSnake’s arrival pretty much squishes the land everyone was standing out. Khamsin and Wilhelmina scramble to save the group while Sabrac drifts away. Rebecca shoots at him and he turns into a glow worm. Instead of accepting rescue from the other baddies Sabrac chooses to die, thinking that being around YujiSnake makes him feel small and insignificant. He thinks back to someone who said they felt the same way around him. After that dramatic moment Granny Panties decides she needs to have one too. She says a prayer and kicks up a lightning bolt towards the gate to crazyland. Fecor (look at that, I found your name!!) uses his “body” as a shield and dies in the process. Shana and YujiSnake decide to stop fighting so YujiSnake can make his magnificent return to the outside world. But not before Shana gives him a kiss and promises to save Yuji. THE END!

Okay folks. I think YujiSnake has reached new levels of annoying. A level I didn’t think was possible. Come walk with me, talk with me.


Well....if you want Shana to be on team YujiSnake maybe you shouldn't conceal things from her.

Since day one Yuki had a plan. Whether or not it is the same plan as Mr. Snakes that has yet to be seen. Well actually…EITHER plan has yet to be seen! It is just Grand Order this and Grand Order that. But the Grand Order has not been explained yet. Someone has hinted to me what it COULD be in the comment section of my blog but for the show itself no answer. Just it shall be folks! Grand Order!


Sure since you have been so forthright with the information!

So….why does YujiSnake keep on insisting that Shana join him? What has YujiSnake done to convince Shana to come on over to his side? Absolutely nothing. And it is starting to make me mad. At the point I am just going to assume that Yuji has something POSITIVE planned. It has only been hinted a million times, if only so slightly. Wants to free Shana from her duties, protect his family, blah blah. At this point Mr. Snake may not be bent on world domination, just protection of his people.

But I just want them/him to shut up! If he is not going to tell Shana what he is planning then BE QUIET! Play the role of the villain. Be the bad guy. Then when the moment comes everyone will go MOG and realize all along you were trying to help them and they will feel bad. Like you were doing this all for us you poor martyr. But no one likes a martyr that keeps talking and talking. Just be quiet! And stop being mad at Shana for not wanting to go along with this stupid plan you haven’t explained yet.

The battle between YujiSnake and Shana wasn’t all that impressive. Probably because neither are trying to kill the other. More like warning blows. But it is nice that YujiSnake’s main people just sat back on the snake and watched the fight. A lot of manners with this group.


I guess she is good at standing around?

Rebecca….I was expecting big things from you. Instead you are running around with a silly laser bream on your wrist. Let the serious people battle while you just play around. Le sigh. She may have landed the death blow on Sabrac but he wanted to die anyway. Does not count.


I drew a picture for you mom!

Khamsin tried to step up game. Not sure why the other two weren’t helping him when he was making progress but maybe they had manners too or something. He was able to make his rock monster briefly but it was more like Play-Doh. He tried at least this week. With his little chalk stick.

Granny Panties….is pretty dang stupid. She is willingly to let countless troops die to protect Shana. Wait hold on….Shana was not on the Yellow Brick Drug Hazed Road yet. She just escaped from Casa de YujiSnake. So really….Granny Panties should have attacked the portal and tried to take out YujiSnake that way. It probably would not have worked but at least I would have more respect for her. Who cares if Shana’s boyfriend was in that portal? We have to protect the whole world! Funny how Granny Panties is thinking slowly and strategically now while countless people are dying and being hurt but she couldn’t do the simple thing like oh TRAP THE BIGGEST BADDIE!


So much embarrassment for you Granny.

So no Granny Panties. I am not impressed with your random….high jump kick to the sky. X__X Seriously that was pretty hilarious. Like Hey God it’s morphin time and she blasts off into the sky. Maybe…maybe next time she could direct all the Flame Hazes to attack the same spot at once? Then there might be a better explosion in the sky? One that would have a higher possibility of destroying the object you are aiming for?


Well I guess Granny Panties has killed TWO people so far. Go Granny.

Not that ANY of that matters as one old dude is the most powerful enemy…ever. Like I was under the impression that Granny Panties was pretty strong. So why couldn’t she overtake that old dude? His spell was protecting the portal and maybe I missed the part where he got a power up or something. Still…very special. Rest in peace old dude.


This would be Sabrac cutting off his own arm so he can die. Okay then!

But the main disappointment this episode came from Sabrac! Last episode he was kicking butt. This episode he was slowly but surely making short work of Wilhelmina, Rebecca, and Khamsin. Maybe eventually they would have overpowered him but….he just gave up. Just gave up man. And he is the person that probably has spoken the most about YujiSnake’s plan without meaning to. All this “I am tired of fighting” and “What are we fighting for?” crap. Yeah there is a lot of meaning there folks. Almost like he is giving it away. More than YujiSnake has anyway.


Well she certainly didn't leave you because you were too quiet.

I think Sabrac was just tired. One wonders why he was even trying to protect YujiSnake. Does he know the real plan? If he knew the real plan why didn’t he take comfort in that? Or was he simply an empty tool? Like his heart was never in this. He was trying to help out the future generation but since he had lost his “special” friend there was no going back for him. So onward to a dramatic death for him.


Just a little dramatic.

What else this episode? I guess YujiSnake and Shana having their goodbye moment was a bit…dramatic. Like we shall continue this later. After all the YujiSnakeQuakes and what not. Not sure why they decide to just stop fighting… oh okay it’s the end of the episode now guess we will pick this up later.

But Shana found herself guys. Everything will be okay. Shana feels better about not making a decision and YujiSnake has a plan. A plan he is not telling anyone. YAY!


Eternia said...

Sabrac's speeches are mainly about 'why are we fighting anyway' so I guess he's already tired of living even before he's drifting away in this void world. Yup, losing your beloved might have such result. :-)
It's really inappropriate and unsightly for an old hag in nun outfit to perform a high jump kick! It's really a comedy! This anime doesn't want to lose to the other two ongoing anime in term of "lol" moments, apparently.
Please wear shorts or trousers if you want to kick! But she's still a granny, so it's still unsightly.

Christina said...

Eternia- Granny Panties gave me so much secondhand embarrassment with her high kick. I would just think that maybe given her gentle appearance and demeanor her attacks should be a little more elegant. Slightly more elegant.

Sabrac was pretty extreme with cutting off his own arm. But I still wonder why he bothered fighting at all after losing his woman. Like okay boss is back now I can die without any regrets? That is a loyal soldier even though he was slightly suicidal.