Friday, January 27, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 14: No New Homework! New Lockers for all!

I think I have the laziest cat in the world. Well I did before but I always thought Kira was more active than Kiki. But she has proven me wrong. In my quest to throw away everything in my house I found a cat toy she used as a kitten. So I placed some cat treats in the opening at the top, somewhere she could reach when she was little. You know to bring back memories and maybe make her happy.

She is crying right now because she can’t get the treats out. I am the worse momma ever.


Inori might have anger issues.

While I ignore the sounds of lazy cat let’s blog some anime! Up now is Guilty Crown episode 14. Spoilers for people reacting stupid to life and death situations.


Well at least he acknowledges the truth....

Episode Summary: Arise is trying to hold a student meeting and convince the students everything will be okay. Some students believe her, some cry, and others demand she hand out guns and storm AntiBodies. While some people demand Arise go and inspect the wall herself the rest of the student council watches….from the student council room with Shu thinking about what Gai would do. Since there are no trench coats in sight we will never know. Eventually a few of the students decide that Arise sucks as leader and they will overthrow her. While the other main characters try to stick together and hand out vaccines Tsugumi thinks that trashing Arise’s leading abilities will solve everything. She stomps out when people do not agree with her. Elsewhere a few of the boys have decided they will overthrow Arise no matter what because they have a gun! Inori gives Tsugumi a little pep talks. This makes her put a smile on her face and hand Shu a Void Measuring Pen. Seriously it scans people and rates how strong their Void is. Everyone decides to hold down Tsugumi so they can see her Void. Mr. President Shuuichirou (who…I guess is not dead) is talking to Segai with how they are going to proceed from now on. A brief message is played at the edge of the wall telling the trapped residents to move back as they are decreasing the infected zone. They proceed to kill everyone on sight and THEN push back the wall. Even Daryl thinks that was unnecessary. Segai might not be down with this either but the viewer is probably more interested in Shu’s momma hoppin in a mecha.


So if you are not dead...what happened to you?

Some of Funeral Parlor has gone to Akise’s grandfather to plan a rescue mission. Sounds like a plan. Elsewhere the internets have partially been restored inside the zone. The mean message board is filled with lies that if Funeral Parlor members are brought to the wall the person bringing them will be released. Yahiro, the only serious person left in the school, informs Shu of this. Inori, Ayase, and Tsugumi are in danger as Gai made them all get tattoos that said Hey! We are Funeral Parlor. Inori is okay as she…takes care of her attackers. Ayase and Tsugumi are taken hostage and Arise is unable to reason with the kidnappers. Just as the boys are about to strip them Shu is like I GOT THIS! He then explains to everyone that he is a member of Funeral Parlor. He says he will show them the truth. He uses Tsugumi’s Void (which creates clones dolls of someone scanned…) to show what would happen if anyone turned a Funeral Parlor member in. The result is everyone is killed. With this knowledge Shu begs everyone to calm down so they can think of a plan. Yahiro shouts that Shu should be president and everyone agrees with him! But things quickly turn sour when First Lady Yahiro decides to rank everyone by their Void, something that upsets President Shu. THE END!

What the hell am I watching? Like seriously folks this show is giving me a headache.


Yeah. Things might get better folks. Maybe. And maybe it will rain cotton candy today too!

First off….are people really questioning what is going on? There is a HUGE wall around that section of the city. They saw news reports that declared them all dead or too cancerous to save. Cancerous folks. That is medical term for sparkle crystals. And no one from the government has come to rescue them or give them supplies. I am pretty sure that means NO ONE IS COMING! So why is that still up for debate?!

Maybe had Arise been more realistic and honest about the truth people might have trusted her more. But that is just a maybe.



Also I don’t care. And do you know why? Because Arise is 17. WHAT THE HELL DOES SHE KNOW ABOUT THIS?! Any of this?! With the exception of the Funeral Parlor students none of those morons know anything about leading a group of people in a life or death situation. I suspect they might know a lot about nail polish, idols, and ice cream but not strategies and surviving in a “war zone”. So while Arise might have no answers or the wrong answers she wasn’t elected to lead you guys to the promise land. She was elected to help get you cool class trips and make sure people weren’t getting bullied.


Okay maybe was the biggest WTF moment of the show. Like the enemy just DROPPED a pen that ONLY Shu could use? Yes I believe this.

I think that was my biggest WTF with this episode. Arise is just a normal student. Because obviously all the damn teachers made it home before Lost Christmas Part Two thus no one is around to protect the kids. But anyway Arise was probably elected because she was smart, rich, and pretty. Not because she could shoot a gun or demand answers from government officials. I get that something horrible and terrible is happening and that in situations one turns to people in important positions for answers. But she is a STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT! To get all evil and hostile from someone who is a “kid” like you is insane. What was she supposed to do?!

And really folks. I am not sure about the rest of the quarantined area but the school was receiving supplies. Not from the government but from Arise’s people. So maybe it would be in your best interest to not bite the hand that feeds you. Especially when it is the only food you are getting for a while. I know desperate people do desperate things but maybe if these kind people are giving you supplies just MAYBE they are also trying to rescue you too. So sit back and relax.

Well don’t relax near the edges of the wall. That would be a bad idea. I am not sure WHAT AntiBodies Crazy Faces are thinking. Like why are they pushing the wall back and making the area smaller? Wouldn’t it be easier and more cost effective to just gas the people who don’t exist? They die, you clean up the bodies, and you still have all the buildings! That seems much easier than pushing back the strongest wall ever and breaking everything.


Have a nice day!

Speaking of which…is there a reason why Anti Sense killed everyone near the edge? Like here is a warning but it is too late for you to run away? What was the point then?! What was the point of letting anyone live if you were just going to blast away survivors? To scare the others?! I have no idea what the point of that was. Just to be stupid and cruel. But mainly stupid.


This does not please Daryl.

Daryl is weird. Like really weird. I am pretty sure he was running around killing people for touching him but a candy apple from Tsugumi was acceptable. Now he is all conflicted on what to do. Does he fall for the cat ear wearing freak or follow the hopes and dreams of his father and murder everyone in his way.

Did I see Shu’s momma operating a mecha? I think I did. I smell a rescue. Whether or not it works is another question for another post.

So back to the school drama. I am very impressed with the fact the students can use google but can’t communicate with the outside world. Of course the AntiSense are just trying to feed them stupid information and it works. I guess what I am most impressed with is that AntiSense knowing that all the Funeral Parlor people had tattoos on their backs. I know they captured one (apparently nonimportant person because where is he NOW?!) Funeral Parlorer a while back but have they kidnapped others before? If so…well Gai was just stupid. HEHE folks in a society where people already hate tattoos let’s give each other ones out of friendship! WOOHOO!


No more candy apples for you then!

Tsugumi was being a jerk this episode. She doesn’t know Arisa that well but really. The girl is trying to keep it together. And I didn’t see Tsugumi giving any awesome ideas on what to do with the situation. Just like OH you suck and she walks away. That is really helping. Go cry with your lonely tears somewhere else.


Let me go run and protect Inori, the strongest person on my team!

I thought Shu standing up for the girls was….okay. Just okay. Maybe if he had sprung to action sooner I would be more impressed. But Ayase nearly had her shirt ripped off. And while she is a capable girl she is still in a wheelchair. A girl in a wheelchair was getting picked on and it took quite a while for Shu to stand up for them.


.....This happened....yesterday...somehow I think this might be an oversight with the writers.

And why? Everyone in the whole school saw him and his mighty power. Actually…after seeing what Ayase did in the last episode was pretty amazing. So why weren’t people scared of her? This makes no sense. Just threaten them a little and they will fall in line!


Ah yes Tsugumi's true self is really a lonely, clone doll with a magical girl fetish.

Or…Shu used Tsugumi’s stupid void (like seriously….this is the most useful Void ever….way too powerful) to show everyone the truth about the government. And through that truth he protected his girls, got people to calm down, and was elected leader of a bunch of crazy teenagers who were willingly to kill everyone else in the room to survive.

Yes. I want to be King of these people.


Can you make up your mind if you are emo or not?

Next week it looks like Yahiro’s heroism will be short lived. Which…I am not understanding. Why else did they find the magical Void Sensing Stick if they weren’t going to use it to measure power. Now maybe if Rank 1 Voids are treated poorly by Rank 4’s I can see that being unfair. But protecting the powerful and giving appropriate tasks to certain rank people sounds okay to me. Who knows what will happen though. Ranking people is probably a bad idea because they aren’t soldiers but stupid teenagers. Poor Shu.


Shu needs to be sneakier if he is going to be Gai Junior.


Anonymous said...

I think the ranking is a terrible idea, just imagine how badly some will treat the lower ranks...
If they were more responsible and mature ok I believe you but we are talking about students who behave like IDIOTS when they're in crisis.

Eternia said...

Not just a terrible idea, it's a cruel idea. Ranking people by power level? They are humans! they are not livestocks or racing horses!

Anyway. There's no need to draw everybody's voids? Shuu only needs draw the strongest and most convenient ones, the rest should just take shelter. Didn't he once shoot down a huge satellite in the atmosphere like it was nothing?! And Arisa's Void can block 266854 missiles by herself?! And Tsugumi's mirage ability doesn't seem to have limit on many shadow clone it can create? They can easily create a ghost army for diversion. With how crazily overpowered these voids are, you only need less than 10 people to take down the military forces of an entire country. And even taking over the world is not a dream. *laugh*

Christina said...

Anonymous- Yeah I think this kind of ranking would work for people who truly want to follow a leader and feel desperate. But clearly they are dealing with morons and this will only lead to beers. Well soda since they are underaged.

But maybe I am amused that Yahiro seems to be thinking rationally. Like I don't want to lose my important people so prepare some red shirts for our meat shields!

Eternia- XD I am just thinking back to the earlier episodes when Shu pulled a vase out of someone. That person will be the first meat shield.

I just think it shows how serious Yahiro is and how ill equipped Shu will be when it comes to making tough decisions.

But yes it would be better to make an army of strong people (AKA the main cast) while the nonimportant people make...nail guns or something. Or at least stay out of the way and NOT TURN ON PEOPLE!