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New Anime Series! Black Rock Shooter episode 1!

I am SO tired folks.

It got so bad at work tonight when a customer was yelling at me I merely just said…Sir I am doing the best I can. All of my co-workers nearly passed out as this guy was going to town on me and I responded with something…tired and mature, not full of rage like normal! Surly the world was ending folks. Why did I say I work the Super Bowl again?


My hair is too awesome to animate so I will wear a hat most of the time!

So let’s get to this blog shall we? The last new anime of Winter 2012! Winter in Florida means 60 degrees in case you didn’t know. Spoilers for….well Black Rock Shooter 2.0?


What nice gears for eyes you have!

Episode Summary: In a world filled with bright colors and jarring images a young girl (Black Rock shooter) fights….well crazy things. Mostly a huge red eye that is staring at her. When Black Rock Shooter is injured during fights she bleeds sparkles for a bit but then is relatively unharmed. Black Rock Shooter walks around this crazy world without speaking a word. In the real world a normal girl who doesn’t shoot eyeballs is starting junior high. She takes great pleasure in stating the obvious, like that tree is BLOOMING and that bracelet is RED. Mato becomes very interesting in one of her new classmates Yomi. Mainly because her skin is white and her name might mean little bird or something. She tells her old friend Yuu all about this new potential friend. Mato is seen later reading a children’s picture book because she likes birds and colors. Meanwhile Yomi goes home to her depressing house and has a conversation via paper cup with a crazy person. At school Mato tries to talk to Yomi but Yomi runs away. Yuu takes Mato to see the school’s guidance counselor who mainly likes making tea for people. Mato, Yomi, and Yuu start seeing what clubs they would like to join at school (Mato some kind of sport, Yomi the art club, and Yuu the BasketBall Manager).


Only at my house! Leave wheelchair girl at home.

After school Mato discovers that Yomi shares her great love of that stupid picture book. Yomi has the first edition with limited edition pictures and character goods and nendoroids so Mato is like LET ME SEE THEM! Yomi is hesitate but invites Yomi over to see pictures…of a bird..and colors. All is going well until a girl in a wheelchair shows up and scares the crap out of Yomi. The girl is named Kagari and is none too pleased to see Mato. She proceeds to treat Mato like crap and Yomi gets embarrassed. Mato puts on a brave face while at Yomi’s home but cries in her own bed that night. Mato seeks the advice from that guidance counselor when Yomi ignores her during class. Ms. Guidance Counselor things Mato is young and hasn’t experienced rejection before. But not to worry because pain can’t hurt humans. Something else takes on that pain for them. Enter Black Rock Shooter who is now being attacked in the Other World by a Kagari monster. Mato seeks Yomi out and Yomi warns her not to get close. Mato promises not to get hurt and wants to get to know Yomi. Yomi cries happy tears. THE END!

Well that was crap.

No seriously this was supposed to be the show of the season and instead we get a preschool sparkle hour or something. Does anyone else feel 5 after watching this episode?


Yay Mato gets a cookie!

First off the opening scene with Mato was embarrassing. It really was like she was 5. Red, White, One Fish, Two Fish. I know junior high is a new experience and she was trying to take them in. But I felt as if we were being taught a different language slowly. It was trying way too hard to be…thoughtful and serene.

Maybe it was just the version I was watching or my computer sucked but the episode seemed jumpy. Very, very jumpy. Like all the characters had spaz attacks and couldn’t move fluidly. Like some real old timey cartoon where everyone KNOWS it is a cartoon. Do you know what I mean? Like it was an old show meant for kids thus it is was not important to have scenes and people move naturally.


I was SUPER mature when I was in 7th grade. I played with sand creatures!

While I recognize this show is about 7th graders and their 7th grade little problems…the way Mato and Yomi become friends embarrassed me. Super embarrassed me. I am so happy my husband was sleeping so he didn’t accidentally walk by and see me watching a show about a children’s story book. Really people REALLY.


She just has this book laying around her room? Something she looks at everyday?!

And look. I KNOW I am watching a cartoon, something most adults find childish. I collect little plastic dolls and read books with pictures and wear Hello Kitty shirts every single day. My idea of a perfect Honeymoon was going to Disney and meeting fictional characters. One of my goals while in Japan was to get the Tsubasa Artbook.


Well at least she is not a Brony. It could be worse...

Yet…yet folks…none of that compares to a 7th grader (TWO 7th graders) being so obsessed with a book about a bird going around the world discovering colors. That book was probably designed to help small Japanese children learn to talk. And while it might be cute to keep that book on the shelf and remember good times…to actively be looking at it and bonding over it with a new friend is so pathetic I have no idea how to put it into words. Maybe I need to eat some ice cream because obviously I am in a mean mood.


This was pretty creepy. Please tell me there were cellphones in the cups.

Now when Yomi picked up that paper cup phone I was like OH SNAP we got some voices in our heads going on here. But no, she just has a crazy person obsessed with her. Curious to see how the paper cup thing really works though.


Did the accident break your hair too?

Kagari needs a hairbrush. I couldn’t take her seriously as an enemy or evil person because I was going MOG THAT HAIR. But maybe that was the point. Like see this person obviously is a loon because she doesn’t even brush her hair! The unkempt masses have found their folks.


I hate you so have ALL the cookies.

I felt as if the plot was pretty laid out to us. Again with feeling like I am 5. That or I am now used to shows that have me guessing who Yuno is going to kill next, how many umbrellas are going to decapitate people, or what other new mess Guilty Crown is going to throw at me. But I am just going on a hunch folks, a HUNCH, that Yomi might have caused (indirectly or directly) the accident that has caused Kagari to be in the wheelchair. JUST MAYBE FOLKS!


How long will these smiles last...

So since the theme of this show is going to be jealously Kagari took that idea and ran across the world with it. You could taste the jealous. And it tasted like brown cookies. THE UGLY ONES! So we are going to have a cycle of jealous crazy 12 year olds. So it is going to go Kagari is jealous of anyone talking to Yomi, Yomi will be jealous of Yuu, and Yuu will become jealous of Yomi. WEE Junior High is fun!

Moving onto the “other world”….I thought it was less impressive than the OVA version. Of course the budget was bigger for the OVA (or I assume) so that could explain that.


So many baddies in this one episode X__X.

What I didn’t like was how….much of it there was this episode. I was expecting such as a small glimpse of the world. Maybe Ms. Black Rock Shooter walking around and a dark figure following her. But no. We got a floating red eye of doom trying to kill her. We got some creepy lights on the ground. We got Kagari Other World Version cutting Black Rock Shooter into pieces. Just a lot going on there folks.


I wasn't lying about the sparkles. XD

Also is Ms. Black Rock Shooter MADE of sparkles? She was getting run over and cut into pieces yet she was still fighting. Yes we know that she is the Mato that takes “damage”. That perhaps this is the world where feelings actually do damage but as we all know feelings can’t really kill you, just hurt you. I just thought it made Black Rock Shooter look like a zombie. Like weee I can get cut into pieces and come out just fine.

In conclusion I am pretty disappointed. The art was flat, the friendship over See Spot Run was….sad, and everything felt rushed. Yes I am saying rushed instead of slow please write that down, I maybe never say it again. Just so bleh folks. BLEH!!!

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