Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another episode 8: What deadly curse? Let's go to the beach!

I swear I have gotten things done today folks. Not so apparent judging by my blogging but….yeah. Or maybe I have been wasting time reading other people’s adventures and trips in Japan. XD Now I need to make a new list of things I want to see and do. And start saving money.

On the upside my car is looking amazing on the inside. Maybe I will take pictures tomorrow. Of at least the ceiling. It is like pin central. If I ever get in a car accident (HOPE NEVER AGAIN!) the car is not going to hurt me. It will be the rain of pins that will be crashing down on my head. XD But it is starting to look cool.


Super Happy Fun Time!

Up now is something I watched over 24 hours ago WEEE! Hopefully I remembered everything correctly and that I didn’t forgot anything important. But we shall move along anyway. Another episode 8. Spoilers for FUN at the beach!


Weeee driving around on dangerous cliffs is fun!!!

Episode Summary: After a misleading start Kouichi is seen question Aunt Reiko about her classmate Matsunaga (Mr. Cigarette Man) and how he was able to stop the curse. As usual she can’t remember anything but will go question him later. Well it turns out Cigarette Man is working at a beach resort so instead of waiting for the body count to increase Izumi, Teshigawara, Yuuya, Kouichi, Aunt Reiko, Sugiura, AND A RANDOM STUDENT all decide to go to the resort and get some answers. Izumi makes a big show of not wanting to ride in the same car as Teshigawara. There is a bit of tension on the highway but they eventually pass the city limits and everyone feels safe. Reiko then drives like a crazy person and Izumi tries flirting with Kouichi. Izumi also explains that she chose to be the class protector because she couldn’t allow such a curse to exist. When they arrive Cigarette Man is nowhere in sight. But everyone is like OH NO let’s go to the beach. Kouichi is like X__X but follows the group anyway.


Perhaps dating should be put on hold....until next year...when you are a survivor of this curse?

Mei is at the beach too as her family’s other home is nearby. While everyone else has fun throwing people into the ocean Mei tells Kouichi about her sad and fake family life. Eventually people break into teams to catch their own food but they catch a whole lot of crap and it all lands on someone in the process. Reiko eventually declares them losers and gets them real food to eat. Cigarette Man shows up but seems confused, as if he has seen Reiko recently when she thinks it has been 15 years. But he tries thinking back to 15 years ago. He remembers a shrine and leaving something behind for other classes. When Cigarette Man starts remembering more a beach ball flies out into the ocean and RANDOM KID goes after it. A few false alarms happen but eventually a boat comes along and runs over RANDOM KID tearing him into pieces and filling the ocean with blood. Everyone looks on in horror as the curse has attacked them outside the city. THE END!


Spin cycle horror movie style!

Well that was slightly boring right? That seems to be the verdict around the internets too. Might be a short post.


You don't even get a name. :( So sad.

So being the amazing sci-fi horror freak I am…and the fact that I have a brain I think it was fairly obvious who was going to die this episode IF someone was going to die. Might as well threw a red shirt at him and called it a day.


Dude he looks like a zombie. X___X

Okay folks. I have been looking on the internets while avoiding spoilers and I can’t find out what this dude’s name is. I am sure I could find it if I really, really tried. But I am afraid that if I go too deep I will be spoiled. I even braved going to Wiki where spoilers are apparently lurking but even their episode summary doesn’t say his name. So….I am going to call him John Doe. I was going to go with Red Shirt Yuki but that is just too silly. John Doe it is.


Episode 8 and we still got most of the Mains? Amazing. Me thinks that will change next episode. XD

So yes folks. When John Doe was in the car with all the other Main characters…..yeah. It was game over for John Doe. Tomohiko (the boy with glasses) is way more of an important character than John Doe. Even Ms. Drama student has had more interaction with Kouichi than…John Doe. While I don’t know what John Doe’s real name is I have seen him in the classroom. You know glaring at Kouichi and what not? Izumi said that some students blame Kouichi for acknowledge Mei so it is not out of the possibilities that John Doe is one of these people. And come on people. He hasn’t been on any meeting regarding how to stop the curse and what not. So why the heck was he even there?! Oh yes to die.


Then BAM a rock slide happens on the other side of the car weeee!!!

But I will say that the way he died was not what I was expecting. I was certain the semitruck was going to take out that other car. Like haha we are about to lose a bunch of Main cast people here. Just SPLAT right before the leaving DeathCityVille. Would have been hilarious. But then everyone breathed a sigh of relief and all was well.

Many people are asking why the heck the curse could get them away from the city. That is a pretty good question, especially since I have been pushing the whole everyone just leave!!! theory. However if the dead person was among them it could make the curse travel with them. Like I am at a Class 3 function thus the curse still applies. Some people think it is because the curse was mentioned. Guess we will have to wait and see.


I add so much to the plot...with my not remember and everything.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Aunt Reiko is the dead one. Or maybe she is the red herring. All facts are pointing towards her. Not sure how I am feeling about that. I wish there was more speculation on other characters so it could be a true mystery. But Reiko is really laying it on with the “I don’t remembers”. I think we can stop asking her questions now. It is obvious she knows nothing. Even Mr. Cigarette Man knows more than her and he knew one thing! So let’s stop asking her questions yes?

I am going to ignore the super fun slice of life beach scenes. Because even if everyone felt free as a bird to be away from the curse it does not change the fact that several of their classmates, family members, and their teacher had died. Mainly in horrible ways. So watermelon it up people. It’s not like you have seen and heard horrible things the past few weeks.


What an interesting hat!

But I guess Mei was cute. And so was Izumi when things landed on her head.

Oh yeah Mei was there. Because Mei couldn’t go on the journey to find Cigarette Man because she had to spend time with her family. Good thing her family’s house is next door to the beach resort Cigarette Man works out. Can’t have Kouichi bonding with other people you know. Although I did like the Team Nonexistent name……


Aunt Reiko can't even remember what she had for breakfast let alone things that happened last week or yesterday.

So most of the stuff in this episode was about having a fun day at the beach and Aunt Reiko not remembering important things. Then it happens. Cigarette Man finds them and starts talking about the curse. He left something behind to help future generations. People start getting headaches from trying to remember things. The wind blows. The 200 yen beach ball flies into the ocean about a million miles away. John Doe decides to swim after it.


Curse you censors!!!

I suppose we can guess how that ends.


Maybe next time put it in a more obvious place.

Yay for fun at the beach. Next week it looks like Kouichi is going to have a super fun dream with all the dead people coming to haunt me. I wonder if we will get any new deaths or will that dream count as our horror portion of the episode?


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Aunt Reiko and Cigarette Man have been eating the marshmallows at Cafe Guimauve.


Eternia said...

Happy lucky go in the beginning.
SPLAT! in the end.
This episode feels like "Happy Tree Friends"

Xition said...

You already know that if people are dying going alone to fetch a beach ball far far away isn't a good idea and that's not even including the anonymous wind.

Christina said...

Kate- Oh lord not the marshmellows. But that would explain their inability to remember anything. Of course that is probably because the dead one from their year (MOG WHO COULD IT BE.....) hasn't been revealed yet. Thus the curse is still changing things around. Aunt Reiko never looks really traumatized when she can't remember anything does she....

Eternia- WTF is wrong with these kids? In the face of certain death and after seeing such tragedies they are skipping around the beach like happy fools. Even if they thought they were safe at the beach that doesn't explain them being so happy. Relieved yes. Happy no.

Xition- The beach ball probably cost 500 yen! Surly it was a great idea to risk one's life over it! But yes even if I thought I was safe from a curse I wouldn't tempt things by swimming in an ocean alone WAY OUT TO SEA with...a head injury.