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Another episode 4

I am so tired. X____X

My husband…I love him dearly…but he has kept every single uniform the military has ever issued. EVER. Do you know how many uniforms that is? Dear Lord. So tired. But now my closet is o so clean! Today has been a productive day.


HAHA! Too bad for you!

So I meant to blog this earlier but I got caught up in throwing everything away in the house. Now it is time to eat ice cream and blog. Up now is Another episode 4. Spoilers for DEATH!


Guess that means Kouichi's dad needs to watch out!

Episode Summary: Students from other classrooms are talking about Yukari and her untimely death. Turns out her mother had just been killed in a car accident as well. They whisper about whether or not this was the curse and how it can affect family members and friends as well. Once the curse starts one person will die per month so they decide to keep their distance from Class 3. Kouichi is absent from school as he had a doctor’s appointment. His new lung is doing well so that is positive. He meets with Nurse Sanae after her shift. She mentions she has a brother in Kouichi’s class but she is not close to him. She promises to ask her brother about the curse and Mei as she is not familiar with that. But she adds her two cents in about the deaths and Mei, saying that while Mei might be creepy the death might not be connected to her. On the way home Kouichi meets up with a RANDOM classmate. He has to be reminded who Izumi is but recognizes this actor girl. While talking a piece of glass nearly kills them both and the girl freaks out all over the place.


You said the word of the night! Take a drink!

So after that creepy event Kouichi decides to visit the doll shop to calm down. The lady behind the counter says the EXACT same speech to Kouichi as last time. He goes downstairs and Mei is downstairs. Despite the fact that Mei wanted to open up last time now she thinks it is better if Kouichi knows nothing. At home Kouichi tries to get answers out of his Aunt. She has the world’s worse headache and can’t even form sentences. She tries to tell Kouichi the key to surviving Class 3 but ends up screaming at the bird instead. Before school all of Class 3 is talking about what they need to do. They don’t know if the curse is starting or not but think their situation is similar to Class 3 from two years ago. Izumi blames herself for not handling Kouichi better and him acknowledging Mei. Kouichi walks in and everyone ignores him. During break Kouichi hunts down Teshigawara and asks him what is going on. Teshigawara acknowledges he promised to tell him the truth in June…but Izumi is standing right there and is saying NO! Kouichi gets a phone call while Teshigawara and Izumi argue over what to do. Nurse Sanae is on the phone with news her brother freaked over the word Mei. She gets an elevator while talking to Kouichi and….the cable snaps and she plummets to the ground. Kouichi listens in horror as all the metal squishes her like a pancake. THE END!

WOOHOO! Another death. This show is moving right along isn’t it?

Is why this show is called another? I laugh.


Thanks for the important details!

I really liked how this episode opened. I wanted people to talk about what happened with the umbrella and Yukari’s neck. And I thought it was going to be Class 3 talking about what to do now. Which they did but it didn’t open the show. Instead it was other students in the school. Everyone knows of this rumor/story but no one seems to want to talk about it. Well now that we got a dead body in the staircase it is time to start talking.


Looks like some people believe though...

As Mei hinted to Kouichi his classmates might not believe the story/rumor. So it might be a while before we get the whole story from them. So I think opening the show up with other classes talking about Class 3 was important. Now we know that family members of Class 3 students are in danger from the curse. Well…I guess with dead momma we might have already figured that out. Still they actually flat out said it when no one from Class 3 has really said…anything.


I think at this point Kouichi would believe anything. Or would be grateful that people are looking at him.

Well until later in the episode. And only because Kouichi hadn’t arrived yet to the classroom. I suppose they all could be calling each other or talking after school but my point is we haven’t gotten a straight answer out of them. And it seems to them they aren’t quite sure what is going on yet. Like is this the curse or is it an awful accident? They talked about things are happening similar to two years ago so obviously classes do talk. And they also hinted that maybe this is all happening because Kouichi acknowledged Mei.


Nope nothing going on here!

Which I am also starting to understand. Maybe Class 3 hasn’t talked about Mei and the curse yet because merely telling him about it will start it. Everyone who grows up in town KNOW not to say or acknowledge the “Misaki” of that class. Yet if they tell Kouichi not to talk to Mei they are acknowledging the fact she exists .Which she doesn’t. So I can see how many people are on edge and not talking about the curse but I can also see how keeping this from Kouichi is making him antsy.


She seems a little TOO clueless....

HOWEVER it seems not everyone in town knows about the curse. Or how it affects class 3. Unless Nurse Sanae was pretending to be all confused. I would think in a smallish kinda town with tons of weird and unexplained deaths that happen to ONE certain junior high…everyone would know. It seems to me that the town might trying to control the amount of people affected by the curse by putting children of Class 3 in Class 3. I could be wrong but if that thinking is right I would think that families would be aware of what is going on and know to keep things on the hush hush, not spill the beans to the new kid in town.


Well now she will never know the truth.

So because of that I thought Sanae was really in what REALLY is going on, if the dolls and Mei are a smoking gun. But given how the episode ends…I guess Sanae was telling the truth and really had no idea what was going on. I did think it was weird how close she was becoming with Kouichi. Like he was in the hospital as a patient and you are way older than him. I thought it was creepy and there was more to that relationship. Guess not.


What the hell?! TELL ME NOW!

I am slightly disappointed in Mei though. I thought homegirl was going to tell Kouichi something. Last week she was all smiling and waiting to say something but Kouichi was pulled away by a phone call. Now she is all smiles and saying that she won’t tell Kouichi. All the while saying how other people won’t tell him because they don’t believe the truth yet. Well which is it Mei? At the very least you could tell him why people are pretending you don’t exist. Surely you know that. But I guess you rather be mysterious and what not.

Not going to lie when the doll fell down in the shop I thought someone with long hair was going to die. I guess the matter of death was similar though. Splat. Still maybe that is a red herring.

Speaking of birds…..that bird is annoying. And apparently getting on someone’s nerves. Is what the bird is saying a clue to what is going on or did Reiko just have a headache and was taking it out on the bird? Seeing how the other birds in town are looking ominous too I am going with….spoiler face!


Kill the bird!

But Aunt Reiko was acting like she was having brain problems. Like the synapses were misfiring or something. I know she said she’s been having headaches but homegirl couldn’t put three words together. And then she blames the bird. THE BIRD. I think Kouichi would believe Aunt Reiko if she said she rather not talk about her time in Class 3 than her lies that she doesn’t remember. I don’t think people forget things like this.


Yeah now that suspect things we can't tell you anything!

I found it interesting that Izumi flat out said LOOK we are not telling you the truth. Someone STUPID promised you the truth but you aren’t getting it so keep on walking. That is slightly more honest than pretending nothing exists right? Although I want to know why Izumi thinks if she was at school that first day would have stopped Kouichi from talking to Mei? Is she magic? Not that it matters since he talked to Mei in the elevator.


Take that Blood-C!

Now we are up to the MOG moment of the week. It was really MOG for me as I was thinking the nurse was up to no good. Well now she is down on the floor. Like a pancake. And the writers wanted to make sure we knew she was dead as we were shown her head hitting the ground twice. And then the ceiling collapsed on her and made a jelly sammich out of her body. She is gone folks.

And Mei is not responsible. Which is funny as Sanae thinks while Mei’s situation is WEIRD she didn’t think Mei and umbrella gate was connected. Maybe the person who is responsible is the person who was at the scene both times? Of course neither Mei or Kouichi were there when Momma Umbrella got in a car accident.

So what will happen next week? Well obviously Kouichi will be on the phone and it will magically get cut off. That is a no brainer. But will someone else bit the dust? If someone is to die once a month as June already reached their quota? I think that it is pretty much busted as Momma and Daughter Umbrella are both dead. So maybe more people will die next episode.

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Mirai Nikki episode 16

XO It feels like forever since I blogged. In my defense....um...I guess I have no excuse. XD Just found all these interesting things to read and listen to on the internet. But I had watched Mirai Nikki and Another right when they came out. Just I was taking my time blogging them or what not.


Such a lovely face. XD

But now I have motivation to get stuff done today. Go to the bank and what not. Get stuff done! So it is time to blog. Up first is Mirai Nikki episode 16. Spoilers for Yuki being in danger again!


Everyone involved with Yuki is insane. That is all.

Episode Summary: At the hospital Random Cop dude and Akise leave Yuki in the capable hands of Minene who has gone Bob Harper on him and is making him exercise. She is going to whip him into shape so he can take on 7th. During this workout Yuki’s Dad walks in and is instantly jealous that a hot nurse is on his son. After that insanity Dad explains he is there to visit his son after all his drama. It is decided that Minene will train both men and if Yuki wins he gets any wish granted. He automatically wants his parents to remarry because he is FIVE YEARS OLD! Dad agrees with this insanity because he is stupid. Akise and Random Cop go to see how Yuno is doing but as usual she has snuck out of her room and is spying on Yuki. Yuno comes to the conclusion Daddy is an okay guy and won’t have to stab him. Elsewhere Marco and Ai are busy whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Ai does get a little dramatic when her diary shows Marco talking to another girl but he is really buying her an engagement ring so all is okay. Throughout the day Yuki and his Dad compete in different events. Both suck and are weak but Yuki manages to beat his Dad every time. But Minene keeps on rewarding his father with all the points and telling Yuki to just enjoy being with his dad.



During the last competition (which is worth 100 points) Dad reveals that he divorced his wife because he was in debt. Yuki is all depressed now because that means they can’t get remarried. During the run Minene gives Yuki a pep talk about life and stuff. She drives off and talks to Random Cop. Apparently all of this training is to fool 7th into thinking they have a plan going on and that will stop 7th from destroying their cellphones. But now Random Cop owes Minene or something. When Yuki reaches the top he finds a note from his dad saying he had to do some work. In reality Dad has made it back to the hospital room and is looking for Yuki’s cellphone. If he can destroy the phone he can erase all his debt. Yuno hears this all so things could get bad. Random Cop has made it to 8th’s place and is investigating what is up with her.


Yuno with a knife? Is it 2 o clock already?

Yuki and his Dad are in the room chillin when Yuno comes in with her knife. Yuki tries to protect his Dad but Yuno informs him of what is going on, that Dad is actually employed by 11th. 7th then calls Yuno and says to bring Dad to them so they can get the lead on 11th. Yuno tricks Dad into saying the people who hurt them have their cellphones but she knows how to find them. They bring Dad to Marco and Ai AKA the bride and groom on top of a huge tower. Marco punches Dad and leaves the cellphones out in the open for anyone to get. Yuki tries to save his Dad and that ends well. For Marco’s fist. Dad gets up and destroys Yuki’s cellphone. But Yuno has already figured out Ai was really holding the phones and manages to steal them back. Ai and Marco’s partner calls and says he is going to blow the tower now. Of course the part he blows first is the floor under Yuki’s feet. Yuno and Dad both run towards Yuki, with Dad stating he will buy Yuki a new cellphone meaning he doesn’t know about the Diaries. THE END!

Another episode and Yuno is the most amazing person ever. Does this girl have any weaknesses? I think not.


This plan seems rather...mild.


Breaking them up would have been a better plan!

I am a bit sad though. I thought maybe Akise was slightly amazing. I thought maybe he was the one planting false information on Marco to Ai. Like who is this home wrecking girl you are talking to! I thought you loved me! Like mog was this Akise’s plan, to break up this couple and protect Yuki? But no. Way too early for that I suppose. Marco is just buying her a ring folks. Which is news to him but he seems happy about it.


Yuno can fly folks. She gets stabbed one day and can fly the next!

Yuno is the most amazing person ever. As long as there is a bathroom around she is ready to go! She can get stabbed one episode and be fine the next. Even though I promised to pay more attention to the timeline…I lied. XD So I don’t know how long it has been since Yuno got stabbed…or where she got stabbed but it seems to me she recovered rather fast. Like sneaking out of the building ready to stab people type of okay. Did you see her jump over the pews in the “church”? She recovers quickly. She must take a lot of vitamin C.


Mao, Kousaka, and Hinata say NOOOO to this plan!

I thought it was interesting that Mao, Hinata, and Kousaka were not shown in the episode. Not visiting Yuki or anything. Maybe Hinata and Mao are off in the ACTUALLY injured ward and Kousaka is busy trying to pick up burnt remains of his life. Just thought we see a glimpse of them or a mention of them. You know Yuki they are YOUR FRIENDS. Maybe you should care and talk about them?


It is time to get involved MOM!

I am going to be honest. I had no idea that Daddy had secret motives for visiting his sick son. I was really focusing on why momma wasn’t there. Then I remembered she doesn’t care about her son. Sorry I mean giving her son space. So that is why momma wasn’t there. Someone was kind enough to call Daddy though. Oh you mean 11th sent him? Well okay no one cares about Yuki.


Yay for hospital security!

Minene was weird this episode. Don’t get me wrong I love her (except when she is going to the bathroom in front of people) but her place in this episode felt weird. There aren’t that many Diary Users left. But I guess as some people have commented on (which I really need to answer SLACKER Tenchi!) she is using Yuki just like 7th is. They still need to know who 11th is. If they all knew that I think Yuki would be squished.


I guess even crazy terrorist need a little entertainment.

But she was still acting weird. Siding with dad and giving Yuki know points. Telling Yuki that he needs to make amends with his dad. Although I did like her sitting on Yuki to do push-ups. Guess she watches the Biggest Loser too. Not following Akise’s plan on how doing a few pull-ups or running up a hill would make 7th think they were up to no good. Yuki takes very boring and detailed notes, not Minene is training me for awesome! It would be more like today I put on a gym suit and did pull-ups with my dad yay!

The visit to 8th’s house was a bit boring. Not much happened so we didn’t learn anything about her motives and what not. Me thinks this “arc” will get extended due to how many players are involved. But her head bothers me still. Do the other characters see it?!


And the wife knew nothing? I doubts that.

I found the reason for the divorce odd. Maybe we learn more about it later but it does remind me of Kobato a bit. I think he divorced momma to protect her from the mean man he borrowed money from. But wouldn’t momma be sad about that? I would think we would see some hints of that in the brief moments we have seen her. But maybe she threw herself into work knowing she wanted to help her husband out. Or maybe she knows nothing.


And for this Dad will have to die. Yay for redemption when you didn't even know what you were doing!

I do not think dad knows that Yuki’s phone is connected to his status as a breathing human being. I think his boss told him that Yuki had important information on that phone and if it was destroyed everything would be fine. So while Yuno was…once again correct to protect Yuki I am not ready to throw Daddy down a well just yet. Yuno is sorta of a kill now and keep killing kinda girl though. Questions are for losers.

I am not sure why Ai and Marco were wearing wedding outfits in the tower. It was kinda weird and out of place. Like they saw how cute and weird Yuki and Yuno looked in their outfits so they needed to one up them. I think though Ai was less effective in battle in that outfit.


Where ever Yuki is I don't want to be! XD

So in conclusion Yuki is falling through a hole in a floor, everyone was right to use Yuki as an 11th magnet, and Yuno is amazing at everything. Did I cover everything? Oh and I predict that Yuki’s dad will die to protect Yuki (redemption!!!!) and that will push Yuki isn’t being a stronger person.

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Spring 2012 Anime List

Today was kinda of a low key day. One of my many sources of wasted time, an online game, went a bit….wonky today and as a result I couldn’t really play. Woe is me. How dare a game I play for free not work properly! RARW!

So back to cleaning. I should make a list of random and weird items I have found since cleaning. Just so much stuff to throw away.

Also I think I might be moving towards a place of forgiveness in regards to someone near and dear in my life. I am going to try and compose a letter as an olive branch. Trying to turn 2012 around and make it a more positive year!

Trying to get something accomplished today I decided to head on over to the Spring 2012 Anime List to see what looked interesting to me. Of course this is just a tentative list. Everything is subject to change! Especially if I read other people blogging lovely thoughts about other shows.


This time with 90 percent more deaths!

Fate/Zero Season 2

Synopsis via MyAnime List: Fate/Zero takes place 10 years prior to the events of Fate/stay night, detailing the events of the 4th Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City. The War of the Holy Grail is a contest in which seven magi summon seven Heroic Spirits to compete to obtain the power of the "Holy Grail," which grants a miracle. After three inconclusive wars for the elusive Holy Grail, the Fourth War commences.
And…so far no one has died! Well Assassin but he sucked anyway.

Second season of the hit show Fate/Zero.

Air Date: April 2012

I think everyone who watched season 1 will be counting the weeks til season 2. Season one set the ton and the story, gave us background and basic facts. Season two should be filled with mayhem and high body counts yes? And obviously something will go wrong as Fate/Stay Night happens only 10 years later, not 60.


Time for more crazy antics!

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?: Jigoku Hen

Synopsis via Wikipedia: Ayumu Aikawa is a zombie resurrected by a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe after being killed by a serial killer. As he tries to make the best of his undead life, he encounters a mahou shoujo named Haruna and inadvertently takes her magic powers, being forced to become a mahou shoujoin the process. With Eucliwood, Haruna, and a vampire ninja named Seraphim living with him, Ayumu helps battle demons known as Megalos while trying to figure out the mystery behind his own death.

Air Date: April 2012

I think the first season of this show was pretty funny. Was it a masterpiece? Of course not. But the show didn’t take itself seriously and played up to stereotypes in a funny way. A harem where everyone hates the guy instead. But now that the main baddie is dead how will the story progress?


The prettiest girl in school needs your help! Hurry make a nail gun and kill the zombies!

Accel World

Synopsis via Wikipedia:

In the year 2040, Neuro-synchronization, a technology system that allows humans to manipulate their five senses has become widespread where people can access the internet and enter virtual worlds. Haruyuki "Haru" Arita is a short, fat boy who is constantly bullied, causing him to have a low-self esteem. To escape the torments of real life, he logins in the school's virtual world network where he plays squash alone where he always gets the highest score. One day, Haru attract the attention of the Student Council Vice-President, Kuroyukihime, who offers him to join a secret program called Brain Burst which allows a person to make time appear to stand still in their surroundings by "accelerating" their brainwaves in the real world. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how many times a person can accelerate which uses Brain Burst points and the only way to get more points is to fight other Brain Burst users in a Fighting game and defeat them. However, if a user loses all of his/her points, the Brain Burst program will uninstall itself and the user's memories of Brain Burst will be deleted. Kuroyukihime wants Haru's help as she wishes to reach Level 10 and meet the creator of Brain Burst and learn it's true purpose. But in order to do that, she must defeat six Level 9 users who just so happen to be "The Six Kings of Pure Color", the leaders of the six most powerful factions in the Brain Burst world. For helping him, Haru agrees to help Kuroyukihime to not only repay her but overcome his weaknesses.

Air Date: April 2012

Longest synopsis ever! The MyAnimeList has a shorter one but it wasn’t as detailed (obviously) as this one.

We don’t often get main characters whom aren’t…well super model looking. Even the heroines that are supposedly unlucky with guys are still rather attractive. So to have a short nerdy looking guy as the hero will be a nice change of pace. The plot does seem a little complicated. So many rules. Maybe the way they are introduced over time will make more sense. I am not sure how accelerating your own time would be a positive thing but maybe that will be explained too. I just hope the show isn’t full of fat and short jokes. But a show about how people can look different and still be heroes will be nice. Building self-confidence and making new friends is always good, especially when there is a virtual reality game where anything is possible!


So many video games that I have never heard of or played!

Shining Hearts

Synopsis via MyAnimeList:

One day, a mysterious girl named Kaguya was washed ashore the island of Wyndaria after a great storm. She encounters Rick, a swordsman who wound up working at the island's bakery. Apparently, Kaguya is suffering from having lost her memories and emotions. In addition, the usually peaceful Wyndaria is now swarming with pirates who came seeking for the special spirit stone that is worn around Kaguya's neck. Knowing the situation, Rick and his co-workers, Nellis, Amyl, and Aerie decided to bring back peace to island and help Kaguya regain her lost memories and emotions.

Air Date: April 2012

I am going to be honest here. I picked this show because….3 shows seemed like such a low number. I felt as if I needed to add another show to my line-up. This sorta reminded me of Tales of the Abyss. I do like Final Fantasy like games. But sometimes they don’t translate well into animes.

So this is a MAYBE anime. Maybe a swordsman who works at a bakery has an interesting back story. Maybe someone who is being chased by pirates will be someone fun to watch. Maybe I like shows where people have amnesia and turn out to be loser vampire wannabees who sing songs about flowers and gumdrops. We shall see folks.

This is my list for now. Things might change once I learn more about these series. It is only January after all. XD Pretty early for this post right? I am EARLY for once? Let me write this down!

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Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 16

Why hello folks. Home from another WONDERFUL day at work. Oh so wonderful indeed. Are all jobs like this out there and everyone else is better at pretending that things are okay? Just bleh folks. No matter what I do it is never enough. The people making the problems and mistakes aren’t to blame but me, the one reacting to said problems and mistakes. And it gets very frustrating over time.

Now my only amusement is watching my cat stare in horror over a balloon. I thought cats loved balloons but apparently not this one. She lives in fear of the deflating object in the corner.


Well it's not like you just lost a major battle or anything....

Speaking of frustrating…time for Shakugan no Shana episode 16! Spoilers for riding in first class!

This episode was SO BORING. I don’t even think I can write up an episode summary that is how boring it is. Sorry folks. I liked season 1 and thought season 2 was okay. But this season has dragged on forever. Almost like they could have made it 13 episodes instead of 26 long and painful ones.

The bulk of this episode was dedicated to the main cast discussing what they are going to do in regards to GRAND ORDER. I say main cast when two people WHO JUST SHOWED UP are getting just as much screen time as Wilhelmina and Margery. Seriously who are these two people?!


I get that. What I don't get is why you and the main cast are so close when WE the viewers just met you.

Okay I had to look up their names. Sale and Chiara. Apparently they are important. I don’t know. Sale apparently is a fake Flame Haze but giving us more details might cause interest in the show and we can’t be having that. I just find it funny that last episode everyone was riding Chiara’s giant bird thingy and now they are all in the airport. Also is the first time everyone else met these people? Obviously not since no one did the introduction thing. So everyone knows each other and telling the viewers what is going on is lame. Lame.


Which was....yesterday?

But for everyone else…it was a snooze fest. I thought they already decided they wanted to do. Being that they were the conscious ones and all. They were fleeing the fight and listening to Centerhill talking about protecting the new world. I ASSUMED that they all agreed to carry on the fight while in the midst of fleeing. That is what is sounded like to me.


Who the hell made her leader?!


Morale is overrated!

But in this episode Granny Panties decided to plant seeds of doubt in their minds. Do you really want to do this? Can you win? Because we already lost 80 percent of our troops. Dear lord did they really lose that many? They were popping up out of the snow like daises so I guess it is possible. Still why did Granny Panties have to talk people out of something they already agreed too? Was she basically trying to tell them WELP not our problem so why bother dying? Gosh I hate her.

Oh and that was the reason why everyone was so sad last week. Because if the Baddies leave Earth Flame Hazes won’t be able to seek their revenge. :( So sad right?

But Granny Panties getting yelled at might be amusing. It was downright embarrassing what happened in battle, with her not really fighting and all. Given her WE CAN DO IT speech this week…yeah they need a new leader.


Yes we know this. Now...what is the plan?

By the way…what exactly is Shana’s plan? This sorta goes hand and hand with I thought everyone agreed to keep on fighting the baddies. So basically everyone listened to Centerhill , agreed to help protect/stop the new world, and Shana will lead the charge since Centerhill “died”. So…what exactly was Shana’s plan? I guess I didn’t hear it. Really my post is starting to sound redundant because that is how the last few episodes have felt. Shana thought long and hard in the car ride to the airport to make a decision/plan she already made? Oh okay.

So….the few interesting…or vaguely not boring parts of this episode. Yuji’s parents are all being romantic. It is a bit sad to see that they don’t remember Yuji at all and are only focusing on the new baby. Maybe a happy ending will result in Yuji returning to his family?


So many people in one body! Poor Yuji :(

Pheles was up and around and being mysterious this episode. I can say for certain but it looked like she was being sneaky at the end of the episode, with what appears to be three defected baddies. In any event she was talking to her dead boyfriend at the beginning of the episode. Well at least his spirit. Sounds like she is going to do something she will regret but it will fulfill his wishes. Could it be she will destroy the Reijo Maigo? That will destroy Johann but protect everyone from YujiSnake. But why does it appear she is looking for someone else? Maybe former baddies she is friends with that will help her with her mission?


They need to leave us alone, don't they know we are retired?!

And that is the last interesting part of the show. The random…people at the farm. Apparently they have been summoned to fight in this war but they seem to want to live their lives in peace and be farmers. I see. Drink on that lemonade.


Will you plan still work if everyone is rendered blind?

In any event…BORING. So sleepy from watching this episode. Please pick up the pace and make this show interesting to watch again. I am not sure where the magic went but I am feeling a little disappointed here.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 14: No New Homework! New Lockers for all!

I think I have the laziest cat in the world. Well I did before but I always thought Kira was more active than Kiki. But she has proven me wrong. In my quest to throw away everything in my house I found a cat toy she used as a kitten. So I placed some cat treats in the opening at the top, somewhere she could reach when she was little. You know to bring back memories and maybe make her happy.

She is crying right now because she can’t get the treats out. I am the worse momma ever.


Inori might have anger issues.

While I ignore the sounds of lazy cat let’s blog some anime! Up now is Guilty Crown episode 14. Spoilers for people reacting stupid to life and death situations.


Well at least he acknowledges the truth....

Episode Summary: Arise is trying to hold a student meeting and convince the students everything will be okay. Some students believe her, some cry, and others demand she hand out guns and storm AntiBodies. While some people demand Arise go and inspect the wall herself the rest of the student council watches….from the student council room with Shu thinking about what Gai would do. Since there are no trench coats in sight we will never know. Eventually a few of the students decide that Arise sucks as leader and they will overthrow her. While the other main characters try to stick together and hand out vaccines Tsugumi thinks that trashing Arise’s leading abilities will solve everything. She stomps out when people do not agree with her. Elsewhere a few of the boys have decided they will overthrow Arise no matter what because they have a gun! Inori gives Tsugumi a little pep talks. This makes her put a smile on her face and hand Shu a Void Measuring Pen. Seriously it scans people and rates how strong their Void is. Everyone decides to hold down Tsugumi so they can see her Void. Mr. President Shuuichirou (who…I guess is not dead) is talking to Segai with how they are going to proceed from now on. A brief message is played at the edge of the wall telling the trapped residents to move back as they are decreasing the infected zone. They proceed to kill everyone on sight and THEN push back the wall. Even Daryl thinks that was unnecessary. Segai might not be down with this either but the viewer is probably more interested in Shu’s momma hoppin in a mecha.


So if you are not dead...what happened to you?

Some of Funeral Parlor has gone to Akise’s grandfather to plan a rescue mission. Sounds like a plan. Elsewhere the internets have partially been restored inside the zone. The mean message board is filled with lies that if Funeral Parlor members are brought to the wall the person bringing them will be released. Yahiro, the only serious person left in the school, informs Shu of this. Inori, Ayase, and Tsugumi are in danger as Gai made them all get tattoos that said Hey! We are Funeral Parlor. Inori is okay as she…takes care of her attackers. Ayase and Tsugumi are taken hostage and Arise is unable to reason with the kidnappers. Just as the boys are about to strip them Shu is like I GOT THIS! He then explains to everyone that he is a member of Funeral Parlor. He says he will show them the truth. He uses Tsugumi’s Void (which creates clones dolls of someone scanned…) to show what would happen if anyone turned a Funeral Parlor member in. The result is everyone is killed. With this knowledge Shu begs everyone to calm down so they can think of a plan. Yahiro shouts that Shu should be president and everyone agrees with him! But things quickly turn sour when First Lady Yahiro decides to rank everyone by their Void, something that upsets President Shu. THE END!

What the hell am I watching? Like seriously folks this show is giving me a headache.


Yeah. Things might get better folks. Maybe. And maybe it will rain cotton candy today too!

First off….are people really questioning what is going on? There is a HUGE wall around that section of the city. They saw news reports that declared them all dead or too cancerous to save. Cancerous folks. That is medical term for sparkle crystals. And no one from the government has come to rescue them or give them supplies. I am pretty sure that means NO ONE IS COMING! So why is that still up for debate?!

Maybe had Arise been more realistic and honest about the truth people might have trusted her more. But that is just a maybe.



Also I don’t care. And do you know why? Because Arise is 17. WHAT THE HELL DOES SHE KNOW ABOUT THIS?! Any of this?! With the exception of the Funeral Parlor students none of those morons know anything about leading a group of people in a life or death situation. I suspect they might know a lot about nail polish, idols, and ice cream but not strategies and surviving in a “war zone”. So while Arise might have no answers or the wrong answers she wasn’t elected to lead you guys to the promise land. She was elected to help get you cool class trips and make sure people weren’t getting bullied.


Okay maybe was the biggest WTF moment of the show. Like the enemy just DROPPED a pen that ONLY Shu could use? Yes I believe this.

I think that was my biggest WTF with this episode. Arise is just a normal student. Because obviously all the damn teachers made it home before Lost Christmas Part Two thus no one is around to protect the kids. But anyway Arise was probably elected because she was smart, rich, and pretty. Not because she could shoot a gun or demand answers from government officials. I get that something horrible and terrible is happening and that in situations one turns to people in important positions for answers. But she is a STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT! To get all evil and hostile from someone who is a “kid” like you is insane. What was she supposed to do?!

And really folks. I am not sure about the rest of the quarantined area but the school was receiving supplies. Not from the government but from Arise’s people. So maybe it would be in your best interest to not bite the hand that feeds you. Especially when it is the only food you are getting for a while. I know desperate people do desperate things but maybe if these kind people are giving you supplies just MAYBE they are also trying to rescue you too. So sit back and relax.

Well don’t relax near the edges of the wall. That would be a bad idea. I am not sure WHAT AntiBodies Crazy Faces are thinking. Like why are they pushing the wall back and making the area smaller? Wouldn’t it be easier and more cost effective to just gas the people who don’t exist? They die, you clean up the bodies, and you still have all the buildings! That seems much easier than pushing back the strongest wall ever and breaking everything.


Have a nice day!

Speaking of which…is there a reason why Anti Sense killed everyone near the edge? Like here is a warning but it is too late for you to run away? What was the point then?! What was the point of letting anyone live if you were just going to blast away survivors? To scare the others?! I have no idea what the point of that was. Just to be stupid and cruel. But mainly stupid.


This does not please Daryl.

Daryl is weird. Like really weird. I am pretty sure he was running around killing people for touching him but a candy apple from Tsugumi was acceptable. Now he is all conflicted on what to do. Does he fall for the cat ear wearing freak or follow the hopes and dreams of his father and murder everyone in his way.

Did I see Shu’s momma operating a mecha? I think I did. I smell a rescue. Whether or not it works is another question for another post.

So back to the school drama. I am very impressed with the fact the students can use google but can’t communicate with the outside world. Of course the AntiSense are just trying to feed them stupid information and it works. I guess what I am most impressed with is that AntiSense knowing that all the Funeral Parlor people had tattoos on their backs. I know they captured one (apparently nonimportant person because where is he NOW?!) Funeral Parlorer a while back but have they kidnapped others before? If so…well Gai was just stupid. HEHE folks in a society where people already hate tattoos let’s give each other ones out of friendship! WOOHOO!


No more candy apples for you then!

Tsugumi was being a jerk this episode. She doesn’t know Arisa that well but really. The girl is trying to keep it together. And I didn’t see Tsugumi giving any awesome ideas on what to do with the situation. Just like OH you suck and she walks away. That is really helping. Go cry with your lonely tears somewhere else.


Let me go run and protect Inori, the strongest person on my team!

I thought Shu standing up for the girls was….okay. Just okay. Maybe if he had sprung to action sooner I would be more impressed. But Ayase nearly had her shirt ripped off. And while she is a capable girl she is still in a wheelchair. A girl in a wheelchair was getting picked on and it took quite a while for Shu to stand up for them.


.....This happened....yesterday...somehow I think this might be an oversight with the writers.

And why? Everyone in the whole school saw him and his mighty power. Actually…after seeing what Ayase did in the last episode was pretty amazing. So why weren’t people scared of her? This makes no sense. Just threaten them a little and they will fall in line!


Ah yes Tsugumi's true self is really a lonely, clone doll with a magical girl fetish.

Or…Shu used Tsugumi’s stupid void (like seriously….this is the most useful Void ever….way too powerful) to show everyone the truth about the government. And through that truth he protected his girls, got people to calm down, and was elected leader of a bunch of crazy teenagers who were willingly to kill everyone else in the room to survive.

Yes. I want to be King of these people.


Can you make up your mind if you are emo or not?

Next week it looks like Yahiro’s heroism will be short lived. Which…I am not understanding. Why else did they find the magical Void Sensing Stick if they weren’t going to use it to measure power. Now maybe if Rank 1 Voids are treated poorly by Rank 4’s I can see that being unfair. But protecting the powerful and giving appropriate tasks to certain rank people sounds okay to me. Who knows what will happen though. Ranking people is probably a bad idea because they aren’t soldiers but stupid teenagers. Poor Shu.


Shu needs to be sneakier if he is going to be Gai Junior.

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